3 thoughts on “Hampstead Cover Up: Ella & Abe Expose Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, MI5 McKenzie RCJ Conspiracy

  1. I don’t know much about your case, but you are right to kick these lot of scum into touch as soon as possible. I’ve publicly accused them of all sorts of things in the past, and they’re very bad news. They’re all involved in endangering children and adults who’ve made paeophile allegations in the past. Well done.

  2. Saw this comment on Tap Blog last night, before it was removed…:

    commment left by JA:
    It’s not surprising Sabine been released considering she and Belinda have been ousted as M15 agents – one only has look deeply into their work to know how many cases they have screwed up and how many families have lost their children into the sodomite satanic death cult called the Establishment to figure out who they work for. Ask either of them about common law and they don’t have a clue – but they will happily push you into the evil fraudlent legal and European union systems. Gerrish is the truth movement leader – does he pay council tax, road tax, bla bla tax – you bet – so what is the point if these so called pretenders/leaders keep toeing the line…

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