As a potential Prime Minister of Great Britain, I fundamental disagree with warmonger David Cameron and condemn any air strikes against ISIS in Syria.

To rain down fatal bombs on targets in Syria on the back of the Paris attacks is an ill thought out response and an exercise which will only make the problem worse and will kill in the long term thousands of innocent men women and children.

An investigation needs to be conducted into the Paris attacks following the claims made in the Alternative Media that the attacks were a false flag event, initiated by NWO death cult agents intent on progressing war, death and destruction for their own nefarious ends.

I condemn too Hove & Portslade Labour MP Peter Kyle for indicating he is willing to support air-strikes. By his own admission he’s volunteered in war ravished countries and his stance indicates he has learnt nothing from his experience and has fatally let down the voters who put their faith in him.

As too I condemn my opponent in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 election Tory Simon Kirby MP. As a government whip and chairman of the 1922 Committee, and ultimately on the payroll of the discredited and corrupt government, Simon Kirby would technically have to resign before voting against his paymaster’s line.

Shame on you Kirby, shame on you for turning your back on democracy and shame on you for condemning thousands of innocent men, women and children to death.

As Prime Minister of Great Britain and as the MP for Brighton Kemptown, I’d vote NO to airstrikes against Syria.



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