Incredulous as it sounds, it appears that officers within Sussex Police with a personal vendetta against a certain David Russell of whom someone or another served with in the Navy have taken it on themselves to use the resources of Sussex Police and the Law in general to victimise and terrorise David Russell, no relation to the David Russell who served in the Navy.
As David writes, “I thought that my identity had been used only it now turns out that a number of police officers that have a grudge against a David Russell they used to serve with in the navy had set the address up in Midhurst. These matters are being dealt with predominantly by ex naval officers, initially they tried to section me basing their reasons on the medical records of the David Russell that was in the navy. When the mental health team (whom themselves had made a number of complaints to professional standards) suddenly manufactured a whole array of criminal charges including assault on police obstructing police in the course of their duty. I was also seriously assaulted including having a spit hood put on me and my head put down the toilet my hand shut in a cell door to the point that it broke my finger and detained me for 6 days so as the injuries subsided.
I have had money tools materials and a dog taken from me.”
Being contacted by David Russell illustrates perfectly the scale of corruption which Sussex Police find themselves in. Reading between the lines it would appear Sussex Police serves and protects their own interests and not the interests of the law-abiding citizens who are made to pay.
As David continues, “I have been imprisoned and denied a fair trial in accordance to the law and Constitution of England all based on these lies, I am currently on bail and have been over a year regarding this alleged dog attack and my dog has been re-homed to cut a long story short!”
Believe me David’s story cannot be summed up in such few words.
“Its justice I want and my dog and property returned of course!”
I will of-course be returning to David’s story and chronicling it in it’s entirely in due course, as yet another example of Sussex Police corruption which has come across my desk.
Rather than explain it in my words, I’ll just print Chester Hudson’s email in full which spells out in no uncertain terms yet another example of corruption in local government.
Subject: Your investigation E42-5942-99.

To Giles York.

Dear Sir,

You will recall that D. S. Keith Lindsay investigated the cross examination on oath of Ian Macrorie Kay, Assistant District Planning Officer. The evidence presented showed that Mr. Kay’s direct subordinate, Miss J Spice, had been told to stereoscopically laser enlarge a colour aerial photograph in response to an opinion offered by a Q.C. instructed by Geoff Johnson, a Wealden District Council solicitor. I subsequently agreed with Mr. Kay a minute adjustment to my application plan based on that colour enlargement. However, since the referenced colour photograph conflicted with the only evidence that supported the Planning Authority’s position ( and bolstered my position ), for the purposes of procuring a perversion of the course of justice, Mr. Kay presented to the Inspector an defaced and unreferenced monochrome version of the Local Authority’s photograph and went on to pretend when cross examined on oath that he had no knowledge of it’s date or provenance. The Inspector said that he would “take” it, however it did not appear in the list of inquiry documents. Mr. Kay then pretended that he had no recollection of any cross examination of any aerial photograph by either me or the Inspector. I then sent his Chief Executive a tape recording of the cross examination. Subsequently I went into the Wealden offices and found the stereoscopic laser enlargement, triple referenced by Miss Spice, plus the W.D.C. original, plus the monochrome version presented to the inquiry, under a not saying “Return to I M K”. You concluded that there had been no attempt to pervert the course of justice by defacing a WDC original, plus perjury ( and subsequent theft of the monochrome version ), whilst the instructing solicitor supervised and abetted the perversion by remaining mute.

In order to demonstrate that your force showed an appropriate level of professional curiosity, would you please answer the following questions:-

1) Did Detective Sergeant Keith Lindsay interview Ian Macrorie Kay. If so, when?
2 ) Did D.S. Lindsay interview Geoff Johnson, the Wealden solicitor in attendance at the inquiry? If so, when?
3) Did D.S. Lindsay interview the Inspector at the inquiry? If so, had he tape recorded the inquiry, and when was he interviewed?
4) Did D.S. Lindsay interview Miss J Spice, ( the Wealden officer whose line manager was Ian Macrorie Kay ), whose handwritten references were obliterated on the monochrome photograph presented to the Inspector? If so, when?

5) What has happened to all the evidence supplied to you including the tape recording?
For the avoidance of doubt this letter is sent to you under Recorded Delivery docket KF748597900GB.
Chester Hudson.
Ms K Bourne
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner
Sackville House
Brooks Close
East Sussex
BN7 2FZ.
Dear Ms Bourne.
We would like to bring to your urgent attention that we have been in communication with the Acting Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Mr Giles York, over a very serious set-of circumstances, that do indeed, involve the premeditated and fraudulent theft of British Government money that has been stolen from the Public fund by an organised gang of criminals.
We have reported some very serious events that have taken place to the Acting Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Mr Giles York, and, by doing so, have placed the Acting Chief Constable Mr Giles York into a position where he is indeed, in “Full Receipt” and in “Full Knowledge” of all of the very serious events that have taken place at the venue known as the Bohemia Road Police Station in Hastings, East Sussex, on 12th February 2009.
The very serious events that have taken place that we have reported to the Acting Chief Constable, Mr Giles York, personally, via registered mail, include,
(1) “The Theft of Government Money” that has been premeditatedly stolen from the British Government by an “Organised Gang of Criminals” who have committed fraud and deception at the venue known as the Bohemia Road Police Station in Hastings, East Sussex, on the 12th February 2009.
(2) The very serious events also include a particularly nasty, violent, and brutal assault upon a member of the public whilst that particular member of the public was in the care of Sussex Police. It should also be noted “For The Record” and we really must insist that you do record it “For The Record” because, for the avoidance of absolutely any doubt whatsoever, this extremely serious and violent incident will be highlighted at a later stage and will most certainly and indeed, be dealt with through the “Criminal Courts” by the “CPS”. It should also be further noted and again placed “On The Record, that this particular member of the public was violently assaulted whilst not only in the care of Sussex Police, but, was violently assaulted whilst being stripped of his clothes and whilst he was laying naked on the cold floor where serious injuries were inflicted upon him by members of Sussex Police under the leadership and control of the confirmed “BULLY” Police Sergeant, Matthew Presland, Police number (CP806). This confirmed “BULLY” has since that particular violent assault upon a member of the public, has himself, been dismissed from Sussex Police with immediate effect for other offences, to which we do truly believe that you are yourself, in full knowledge and in full receipt of the very serious gross misconduct that this particular Officer had been involved in.
(3) The very serious events also include, Harassment, Intimidation, False Imprisonment, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Solicitor to enter a Police Station by False Representation, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Solicitor to commit Fraud whilst at the Police Station, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Solicitor to Steal Money from the Government, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Solicitor to fraudulently Dupe a Member of the Public, Failure to carry out Police Procedure Correctly and in an Honest and Truthful way, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Gang of Criminals who had previously Committed Fraud in the High Court, in fact, the list just goes on and on and will of course in its entirety, all be exposed and revealed to the General Public without any further notice, that is to say, if you fail to act as a Police and Crime Commissioner who is independent of Sussex Police, where you are duty bound by Law, to hold the Acting Chief Constable Mr Giles York to account, being that he has been placed in “Full Receipt” and is in “Full Knowledge” of all of the serious events that have been repeatedly reported to him as the Acting Chief Constable of Sussex Police.
We look forward to hearing from you by return please, with your intentions and with the method you intend to deal with the very serious matters that we have again, taken the time to report to you, and, bearing in mind of course, the very severity of the entire matter in quantum. Furthermore, we trust that this will all be dealt with long before the Acting Chief Constable Mr Giles York is promoted to the position as the new Chief Constable of Sussex Police.
Yours sincerely
Mr B Setchfield.
In response to the above promotional Youtube video calling Chief Constable Giles York is a liar, Julian Nettlefold posted the following comment:
Agreed they tried to make out my son committed suicide at Beachy Head when he was murdered!”
To which Julian Nettlefold elaborated:
They (Sussex Police) asked me to join them at Beachy Head, come by train and they’ll pick me up! I refused!!!”
It was a month later that I heard from Julian, after she continued the conversation having posted a question on the following video.
Matt could you tell me more about what child abuse was covered up and who was involved, it could be linked to my son’s murder. He was abused by paedophiles in Rye and his murder covered up as suicide at Beachy Head.”
To which Julian elaborated, “I gave seven names of local Rye and London men involved in the abuse, there are 3 boys involved two dead my son and Benedict Bridge and one very ill. The rape happened at Rye in 2005. They were all under age and all went to Vinehall.”
So here we have yet another diabolical example of police corruption, cover-up and murder.
A young man found dead at the base of Beachy head, only for Sussex Police to write it off as a suicide, when in truth its the tip of an ice-berg of yet another paedophile ring being protected and covered up by Sussex Police.
Julian adds, “Matt, I should have added that Trevor Botting, the one in charge of Tristan Da Cuna was the investigating officer in my son’s case.”
Shouldn’t Peter Lindsey, the journalist from The Argus who wrote the ‘Woman who made rape claims to police found dead in hotel room,’ story contact Julian. Its obvious to me that what happened to Julian’s son is yet another example of Sussex Police turning a blind eye to a victim crying out for help.
And to think Katy Bourne wants everyone in Sussex to pay another £5.00 for this level of failure, incompetence and corruption. Its really begs the question; how dumb is Sussex?



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