Mr Matthew Taylor.

Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dear Sir.

With reference to the ongoing nightmare that you are attempting to expose and highlight to the citizens of Sussex and to the entire population of Uk.

We are appalled at the level of criminality that has been reported to “SUSSEX POLICE” through the disgraced coward and “Ex-CHIEF CONSTABLE” Mr Martin Richards, who ran away from Mr Setchfield, and, then followed swiftly on by the new “CHIEF CONSTABLE” of “SUSSEX POLICE” Mr Giles York, who is also a coward and who is living a life of pure fantasy by foolishly believing that the “SETCH-GATE” scandal, as it has now been named, will disappear without being dealt with.

It is a true fact, that in all of the very serious circumstances that do seriously still exist within the “SUSSEX POLICE SERVICE” which you will surely agree with us as a candidate in the forthcoming PCC elections of (2016), that the most serious circumstances (which are very far from ideal) have been fraudulently assisted by the (2) Sussex Police Chief Constables named above and also by the entire Governance team of Mrs Katy Bourne’s Police and Crime Commissioners Office. Mrs Katy Bourne has failed and let down every single citizen of Sussex and is herself expecting to face a Criminal Crown Court in the not to distant future.

We feel that we really must highlight to you Mr Taylor as the Shadow Sussex Police and crime Commissioner, and, we would also ask of you in that role, if you would please be kind enough to highlight to all of the citizens of Sussex through any outlets via media that is open and available to you, that in the normal course of events and considering the most precarious position that Richards, York, Bourne, Streater and all of the criminals who are protecting this total madness, it is our view that the citizens of Sussex and even the citizens of the entire Uk are placed into full knowledge of the most serious set-of circumstances that have been unearthed here, because, we do truly believe that the entire matter goes even higher and deeper than that of the above named individuals, where we believe that they are all being directed to remain silent and to ignore the very serious matter by the RT HON Theresa May and the Prime Minister himself, Mr David Cameron. This matter is being directed from the highest Public Servants who are sitting in the House of Commons.

We feel that the sooner the matter is opened up causing the most horrendous alarm bells to ring out loud, then the sooner the most horrendous collateral damage can be assessed by the citizens of Sussex and the citizens of the entire Uk. Once this has finally taken place then the sooner the massive hole that the citizens money is haemorrhaging out of at such an alarming rate, can be finally plugged to enable the Public Fund to hopefully flourish once again without being openly abused by these criminals.

Sir, we are more than happy for you to go Public with this email letter, because, this very serious matter really does have to now be finally drawn out into the open and cause an immediate cessation of the theft of Government Funding that is being stolen, which will in turn, initiate and cause those criminally involved to be dealt with in the most severe way publicly before a Criminal Crown Court.

We do hope that this open email letter has the desired affect, as it really should be highlighted for the benefit of every single citizen in the entire UK, that Sussex Police and its Commissioner have committed the most serious crimes against we the people by protecting such a vile and vulgar “ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS” who have fraudulently stolen from the citizens that they are employed to protect and serve by keeping us all safe from crime.

Finally, this type of criminality is deemed as the most serious crime that any Public Servant could engage themselves in whilst serving the citizens who contribute towards their wages.

Yours sincerely

Team Setchfield.




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