The brainwashing techniques used by the Conservative government against the British people for the last 5 years has worked a treat.

Katy Bourne, the ex pole dancing instructor turned Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner is being praised for her “hard” and “thankless” task of being a Police and Crime Commissioner.


Admittedly the person who tweeted the remark also describes David Cameron’s performance at the dispatch box as “Phenomenal”, and as such cannot be considered of sound mind, but still his remark reveals a far more disturbing picture of the brainwashed Conservative voters of Sussex.


let-them-eat-cake-katy-bourneKaty Bourne is the first to admit the only reason she’s a Police and Crime Commissioner is because she’s the Conservative candidate. She admitted it on camera when she stopped an old lady in the street to tell her who she is.

The old lady asked what political party she represented and having answered “Conservative,” the old lady promised her her vote.

“Yes, that’s why I’m the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner,” Katy Bourne confirmed.

But to describe Katy Bourne’s job as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner as “hard” and “thankless,” is dumb, stupid and sycophant all rolled into one.

It’s interesting Katy Bourne isn’t keen on correcting the numb skull who tweeted it. It’s all part of the brainwashing technique employed by the County’s Conservatives to perpetuate the myth that what they do is “hard” and “thankless”.

For example Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown never stops chanting the hypnotic mantra that he “works hard for the hard working people of Brighton.” In truth the only organisation he works hard for in the Conservative Party.

Let’s not forget that Katy Bourne is paid £85K a year for a three day a week job. That she has a team of 17 people costing a further £1 million a year to the tax payer to do the work for her and that she gets thousands of pounds in gifts and hospitalities.

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Hardly “hard” and “thankless”, wouldn’t you agree?

Now if you want to talk about a “hard” and “thankless” job, look no further at the role of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Just as the Shadow Prime Minister of Great Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, is told to “put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem” by the necrophile David Cameron; as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner I’m similarly treated with distain by being totally ignored by the people I’m working to help.

I’m as human as the next man and it hurts when I see prospective police and crime commissioner candidates being given free publicity in the local newspapers and on Latest TV, when I get nothing.

The latest candidate to put his hat into the SPCC ring is Labour Councillor Michael Jones.

He’s got his mention in the Crawley Observer newspaper:

Ben Duncan has had his mention in the Brighton and Hove newspaper and an appearance on The Latest TV’s The Vote Show hosted by Frank Le Duc:

The UKIP candidate Patrick Lowe is mentioned in the West Sussex Times:

The Lib Dem candidate James Walsh is mentioned in the Mid Sussex Times:

Not one mention about my candidacy anywhere???


Upon watching Frank Le Duc interview Ben Duncan on The Vote Show, I contacted the founder of Latest TV Bill Smith to ask him if I’d ever be given the same privilege as all the other candidates.

He replied saying I should email both Mike Mendoza and Tim Ridgway.

Mike Mendoza replied:

I am presenting the vote next Monday 29th, and of course on the daily news show. I will get back to you with a time etc.”

And Tim Ridgway tweeted in reply:


To be honest; I’ve given up asking Latest TV and the local newspapers to report on my PCC candidacy.

I got the same treatment during the Brighton Kemptown general election of 2015:

  • Mike Mendoza invited me onto his show AFTER the election, giving me the opportunity of introducing myself to the voters.
  • The Argus newspaper didn’t mention my name in their two page spread on the Brighton Kemptown candidates.
  • Mike Gibson, the editor of The Argus didn’t invite me to their Argus Hustings, in which all the other candidates were invited.
  • No one invited me to the Peacehaven College husting when every other candidate was invited.
  • Frank Le Duc didn’t invite me onto The Vote Show while every other candidate appeared.
  • My election campaign office was attacked by crooks and Sussex Police turned their backs calling it a civilian matter.

Its worthy of note that David Neilson remains in hiding too scared to return to his home.

Read more:

I could go on but even I’m getting bored now!

I’m convinced (having experienced democracy both as a voter and a parliamentary candidate) that corruption is dripping down from the very top of British society. When I say the very top, I’m not mincing my words, I mean Royalty.

The Crown is seeped in fraud, perversion and corruption. Any hope of a just and sound Britain can only happen with a British style revolution.

I thought I could change the system from working within the machine but I now realise how naive I’ve been. I’ve always been a outsider and I’ll remain on the outside looking in.

Suffice to say, its a thankless task but I will continue to serve the people of Sussex in my capacity as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (free of charge) for as long as victims of police corruption continue to contact me.

Take for example the latest request for assistance I received on Saturday 27 February 2016.

Dear Matt,

I would like you help if possible to expose Sussex police for what they have done to myself a disabled women and my children.

My ex-partner who abused all of us took out a fraudulent mortgage and Sussex police have done nothing.

They have wasted hours of my time and I have had to make complaints that aren’t dealt with and 1 has been going on for 2 years.

They took on a perjury crime and showed me the paperwork to state they had to deal with this crime then suddenly ignored my contact and then wrote to say they wouldn’t deal with this matter.

My ex-partner was a heavy drinker and smoker and died in August 2015 of lung cancer. Now the bank who know the mortgage my ex-partner took out is fraudulent are trying to take our home of 20 years away.

Solicitors say it is a criminal offence but I can’t deal with Sussex police as I feel that there is total corruption going on.

Please can you help myself and my children.”

Its a thankless task but someone has got to hold Sussex Police to account and expose the corruption which runs deeps in the heart of Sussex Police.

One thing is for sure; Katy Bourne (paid £85K a year plus perks) certainly isn’t going to do it…




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