Brighton’s Chief Reporter from The Argus newspaper, Emily Walker, has launched a scathing attack against ex Royal Military Policeman and independent parliamentary candidate Matt Taylor, for waging a vendetta against Sussex Police.

Peter James & Rachel Millard – The Argus

Having reported on Katy Bourne and cases of police corruption since 2012, Matt Taylor has become Katy Bourne’s greatest critic, who claims to be adding an extra layer of public scrutiny and accountability to elected PCC’s.

With all criticism of Katy Bourne being systematically wiped clean from the internet, Mark Streater, Katy Bourne’s reported lover and Chief Monitoring Officer, has made harassment and defamation complaints to Youtube, Google and UK Blasting News.


From being called a ‘fake,’ to a ‘fraud’ to a ‘liar,’ Matt Taylor has publicly called Katy Bourne a variety of defamatory names, but says he has done so because “its in the public interest that this information is made public.”

Emily Walker writes in disagreement, “The majority of what you said is libellous and cannot be substantiated.”

Whilst libel is a civilian matter; neither Katy Bourne or Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York has ever commenced private civilian action against Matt Taylor for being publicly called ‘liars’ since 2012.

Having continuously and repeatedly made the claim that both Katy Bourne and Giles York have lied while in public office, Matt Taylor is under the impression that both Katy Bourne and Giles York acknowledge they have lied by not initiating libel proceedings against him.
Emily Walker continues, “As you now appear to be investigative journalist I am sure you  now understand libel law well enough to see the legal issues of your claims.”

Matt Taylor says in response, “I respect all libel and slander laws and always present serious allegations and claims, with its matching evidence. The truth is on my side and no one can agree with the truth.”

Katy Bourne has recently come under fire for lying about her expenses during the second Police and Crime Commissioner elections in 2016.


The latest scandal to hit Katy Bourne and Giles York is the very serious allegation that Sussex Police officers aided and abetted fake baliffs in evicting a disabled woman and her family from their family home of 20 years.

Read more:

Matt Taylor maintains he hasn’t broken any libel laws and has demonstrated evidence of his claims, by insisting his information has been sourced from the primary witness in the case.

He said, “The evidence is Juliette’s testimony. How can I be guilty of libel when she is happy to repeat her claims in a Court of Law.”
While Emily Walker counteracts, “Whilst I did feel that Juliet’s case warranted investigating to be sidetracked by your vendetta against Sussex Police without any evidence that they were complicit in this clouds the real issues affecting her.”
Accusing Matt Taylor of harassing The Argus staff, Emily Walker makes her distain of his unique investigative journalism,  “As you now appear to be investigative journalist I am sure you now understand libel law well enough to see the legal issues of your claims. In your role as a journalist  should I assume you are now dealing with Juliette’s story and we should stay out of it? There is no need for you to continue to harass other Argus staff about this story.”

Matt Taylor – Investigate Journalist – 

Matt Taylor responds to the claim of vendetta against Sussex Police, Giles York and Katy Bourne, “I dispute that all my claims against Sussex Police are libellous. I take great steps in substantiating everything I claim with evidence.”

Matt Taylor continues to plead for Juliette’s case.

“Please don’t stay out of this story… Juliette and her family need you.
I’m just an amateur journalist picking up stories which people can’t get help from anywhere else.
Please don’t let my involvement in this matter, stop your own investigation.
I will back off and will stop harassing your staff (though I dispute I’m harassing them; I only sent a couple of emails which can be deleted in a moment. To accuse me of harassing Argus staff is a bit strong and you have no evidence to substantiate this libellous claim against me!)
Lets remain friends and not enemies.”

To which Emily Walker kindly replied:

“Ha, okay matt.

Technically if I dont publish the claim that  you are harassing us then it can’t be libel. But the libel lecture’s over!

We can stay friends!”
Other claims by Matt Taylor include:

  • Sussex Police are guilty of a cover-up of the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder in Brighton
  • Ex Chief Constable Martin Richards was allowed to retire early to escape misconduct charges
  • That various staff within Sussex Police regularly use the services of prostitutes in light of the revelation that sacked Sussex Police Inspector often rang up to a dozen prostitutes in an hour on behalf of his colleagues, including Giles York
  • Katy Bourne knowingly lied about her expenses during the 2016 PCC election
  • Katy Bourne has broken her oath of office
  • Katy Bourne and mark Streater has colluded to abuse the Human Right’s of her political opponent
  • Sussex Police knowingly work with criminals for their own illegal and nefarious ends




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