King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Comic-Con Trailer – Official Warner Bros. UK          

Boycott Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Films

With the PR machine of Warner Brother’s Movie Studios rolling into full gear, the hype, thrills and spills of Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur movie is now hitting the internet and going viral.


Guy Ritchie is peddling medieval French romantic rubbish that an ancient British King pulled a sword from a stone to claim his birth-right, while being advised by a grey haired wizard called Merlin.


Covered-up by consecutive European royal families who have invaded our British shores since 1066, the truth about our ancient British kings has been suppressed and lost to the mists of time.

Read more: Simmering in Shit since 1066

According to ancient Welsh manuscripts, poems and chronicles, ancient Britain was the leading Super Power in the world, with a mighty and strong royal dynasty of 80 Kings going back to the Holy Family.

In the same way that nothing we are told on TV and the newspapers is real today, so to with our history.

  • Jesus Christ didn’t die on the cross, he survived and brought Christianity to the UK before Christianity reached Rome
  • The Romans never conquered Britain
  • The Ark of the Covenant is buried in Wales
  • King Arthur II is real
  • The Dark Ages happened after asteroid debris hit the UK in 569AD
  • King Arthur II sailed to America centuries before Christopher Columbus did

Everything we’ve been told is a lie, and the King Arthur movies by Guy Ritchie are just another part of the continuing cover-up of our mighty and amazing ancient British history.


Find out more by watching these short Youtube movies:

Boycott Guy Ritchie’s Films

The Birth of King Arthur II

The Death of King Arthur II


One thought on “Boycott Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Films

  1. Why do you assume that HRH Philip Arthur Luis Douglas Windsor is dead? I assure you that firstly, he doesn’t go by the name King Arthur II, he goes by Doug. Even in ancient times he went by Doug and when referred to as King it was always King Douglas II, not Arthur. They change his name continually to destroy all truth of him, but I assure you that they can never destroy the Orion Nebula which also says his name is Doug. In addition, though they have tried everything from poison to having him drawn and quartered, he has survived all attempts- even when they tried to kill him in a lava flow he escaped unharmed. The few times that they have successfully killed him, they only succeeded in fooling themselves, he has power over death and the spirit, they cannot for all their trying kill him so they have opted instead to make him out to be the enemy of humanity and trample truth to the ground by changing history. But the name of Dark Ness, they can never destroy regardress of how much they may lead others astray.

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