Guerrilla Democracy News loses all credibility due to misinformation attacks.

With Christmas generally accepted as the most rowdiest time of the year, when even Church and State endorse a licence to misbehave and lie to the kids; to act in a way you couldn’t get away with the rest of the year; it isn’t surprising that Guerrilla Democracy News should find itself victims of Christmas ‘Misinformation’ Mischief.


Taking information at face value and accepting no responsibility over the information received, (due to time and resource restraints) I am unable to verify with third parties the news I publish.


Dogman denies posting the comment below.


Read more: Breaking News- Chris Spivey arrested for the 3rd time.

Which then invalids, the comment below, believed to be from Danielle La Verite.


Read more: Alun Palmer is Danielle La Verite’s Tosser of the Week.

Of-course my suspicions were confirmed after getting a message from Stacey Spivey (Chris Spivey’s daughter) offering me a BJ for £3.


By then it was too late. I had released the news and it was being shared across Facebook.

I was left with no other choice but to publish a ‘Disclaimer,’ justifying publishing ‘Fake News’.


Guerrilla Democracy News processes news hot of the press. Due to the lack of resources news cannot always be verified through third parties, confirming the authenticity of the information.

All news is processed at face value.

Guerrilla Democracy News has published ‘Fake News,’ but has never done so intentionally.

For example:

andy-cave-tweetsGuerrilla Democracy News accepts no responsible for ‘mis-information agents’ assuming on-line identities of others, to deceive Guerrilla Democracy News, it’s readers and supporters.


Since then the Christmas Mischief has become Ridiculous.


Thank you for reading… and please share…


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4 thoughts on “Christmas is a Time of Mischief

  1. Well I see the trolls have been out yet again in full force. They are just jealous cos it was ME who Ian Watkins was shaggin like a rabbit and not those skanks!
    Anyway he only has about 2 weeks to live since he has been having treatment for leaukemia for months now at Wakefield General. The press knew but have kept it hush hush and are always phoning me but they can go to hell! I have been the victim of illegal trolling and illegal defamation. These Watkins fans keep uploading my scripted interview from years ago (which I got paid 20 grand for by the way!) and this in itself is illegal and the police are now involved. I was forced to do that interview at gunpoint by freemasons in the porn industry. I tried to get Ian arrested many times when he refused to retweet me and I was off my face on cocaine but the masonic cops never listened to me. Insstead I had to keep seeing him for 7 years and meeting up for coffee etc just to gather more intel on him!!
    Now he is dying and I am heartbroken and confused.
    Chris Spivey turned his back on me even after I gave him a handjob aswell for FREE!
    Ritchie Allen is also a user who only used my fame to get more views on his crap podcast. He had no listeners before he interviewed me! I have countless celebrities tweeting me all the time and I have been offered a 6 figure deal for my life story..But I am better than that.
    Ignore the trolls and haters. It is all lies!!!

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