This is the question on everyone’s lips following the latest turn of events that proves both Gerry and Kate McCann are lying about their involvement in their daughter’s disappearance.

Following on from the TED talk on spotting the tell-tale signs of lying (in which Gerry is caught out displaying duper’s delight)


Richard D Hall’s latest documentary, in which he interviews statement analyst Peter Hyatt, surely hammers home the final nail in the McCann’s coffin.


The facts that the McCann’s are free, proves a cover-up is in operation involving the Metropolitan police, the British press and other prominent people including Prince Charles.

Unable to afford the services of their spokesman Clarence Mitchell to speak on their behalf, Gerry and Kate remain silent in light of this latest exposure calling into question their version of their story.

As of yet the Metropolitan police have failed to take any action against the McCann’s.



3 thoughts on “When will Gerry and Kate McCann be arrested for perverting the course of justice?

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