The skeptics will often say that its no use helping any orphan, because there are so many orphans in the world, if you can’t help them all, don’t help any at all.

This logic is fatally flawed because there is no reason why every single orphan in the world can’t be housed, feed, loved and educated.


With the advent of Facebook and other social media platforms we are now able to contact with people in ways and means unimaginable only 20 years ago.

It was through facebook that I met Gloria, Fred and Misbah. Gloria and her brother Fred look after 250 orphans in Uganda, while Misbah looks after 30 orphans in Pakistan.


It was a couple of days after making contact with Gloria and Misbhan, that I was contacted by another lady who looks after street kids in Uganda and another from Gaza, who looks after Palestine orphans.

The skeptics are right in that its a global problem, which requires a global answer, but while our so called elected politicians (the perceived great and good) continue to waste trillions of £££’s and $$$’s on war, death and destruction; the number of orphans and widows will continue to grow ever higher.



Both orphans themselves, Gloria and Fred now run a center which cares for 250 orphans and 40 widows. With only enough money to send 10 orphans to school, Gloria and Fred know more than anyone what it means to look after people less fortunate than themselves.

Gloria and Fred

While £60 can be spent with ease on a dinner for two in any British city restaurant, £60 can go along way in Uganda, feeding the hungry and educating the illiterate.

As Gloria reminds me, “£40 can pay school fees for an orphan for a term.”

Gloria and Fred are inspirations to us all because they are walking the walk, having talked the talk. We in the West often take the moral high ground and lecture how kind hearted we are and how much we do for those less fortunate than us, while really giving nothing in return.

Here is Gloria and Fred who have just got on it with and opened a center which cares for 250 orphans and 40 widows, who would otherwise have died by the wayside.


While they rely on donations as much as they can, donations aren’t be guaranteed, and the widows make bags, hats and purses out of palm leaves to sell at the market.


By utilizing the best of Facebook, having a solid business plan, a hit video and engaging with the world; Gloria and Fred are being heard across Facebook and winning support every step of the way.


Add Gloria, Fred and Misbah as your Facebook friends:

A kind lady called Michelle Mc Cown has opened a Go Fund me page to build houses for the windows.

I prefer to send money direct to the Uganda orphans and widows by Western Union, even though I get charged £2.90 every time I do. I’ll be looking to try other providers to see if their charges are cheaper.

Both Gloria and Fred have opened their eyes to the power of social media and are doing a great job in keeping those under their care, fed, clothed, medicated and educated.

Many of the widows have aids, as does one of the orphans. They all need medicine to survive and without Fred and Gloria, they would have surely died.

Every donation goes directly to feed, clothe, medicate and educate orphans and widows.

I’m donating as much as I can. Can you too?

  • Robina Qaoser
  • Pakistan
  • +92 304 7570527




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