Hi All,

As some of you will be aware I reluctantly made the decision to put aside writing “Book Ends” – my forthcoming exposé of every sensationalised major crime committed in this country since the 1950’s to present – after the “82 second” London fiasco occurred.

Course, I didn’t take that decision lightly as that exposé was and obviously still is nearing completion.

Moreover I am extremely pleased with my efforts and do in fact consider Book Ends to be my best work to date; not to mention by far the most ambitious – which obviously made it all the harder to shelve, albeit I’m hoping only very temporarily.

Mind you, at first glance the ‘official‘ story covering the Lazy-London-Amateur-Dramatics was that transparent to me that I had no intention of shelving “Book Ends” just so as I could waste my time pointing out the bleedin’ obvious.

Moreover, with the story being so obviously fake I quickly guessed – quite correctly as it happens – that every half-arsed writer in the AV would pounce upon it… No real work involved see?

However, as I continued to keep half an eye on the old bollox being written about the event via the Chimp – like I try to do with all fake events even if I am not going to bother writing about them – it slowly began to dawn on me that there is an awful, awful lot more to this latest government-hoax than first meets the eye.

In fact let me tell you right now that this latest “terrorist attack” was purposely littered with errors so obvious that anyone with half a mind to look, could not fail to miss them… Despite my slight amusement by the fact that many had.

So I therefore decided that I best have a proper butchers and after a couple of hours doing so, I was left feeling that I had no real choice but to shelve Book-Ends in favour of documenting Mad-Masood’s-Mad-Moment.

You see, far from being a total balls up carried out by the inept security services, the London Hoax is actually very clever and well put together.

Or put another way, the obvious errors are meant to be found because they can all be explained away satisfactorily when and if the need arises using film and reports that are already in circulation if you look for them hard enough… Conspiracy theorists beware, you are in danger of setting yourselves up for an almighty fall.

However, as it now stands I can prove beyond all doubt that the Westminster-Bridge-Bodge was a hoax and I will do so using the evidence that you are not supposed to see – which the Government paedo-trolls will not be able to explain away… I can even tell you the days on which the event took place – and there are more than two.

And having gathered over 4000 photos and screenshots (although nowhere near that many will be included in the finished product), I am now 17,000 words into detailing the fraud which will prove beyond all doubt that the most senior members of the British Government and the most Senior police officers in the country have conspired to commit a criminal act – for gain – to the great detriment of the very people that they are supposedly in office to serve.

Stay tuned.


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