An email to Mr Grimwood from John Paterson

Dear Mr Grimwood
This Movie is made for Police Officers and Firefighters, I really do hope you circulate among your colleagues, especially Sgt Mullins, Inspector Lovell, PC Daniel Turk, PC Alistair Bachelor, DI Charlie Watson, [Voldemort], all the staff at Eastbourne custody centre, and all the other officers I speak to on a daily bases.   I was brought up on a diet Dixon of Dock Green, and Dr Who, and that all changed when I was arrested and imprisoned for just doing what I thought was the right thing.
I know that “those at the top” do not want you to view this very important film, otherwise it would be part of every Police Officers training.  I know this 100 percent and I have ALL the evidence, along with many others.
Always remember that the BBC is your worst enemy and my hope is to close it down ASAP.  I have already reported the executives to Ofcom.  The phone call I believe is still on the Lap-Top you took on 8 May 2017 and dare not return it,  so what about buying , me a new one?  after all,  I do not own a TELL-LIE-VISION, and my work is very important.  And as you are aware, us old timers never give-up, we are from different stock.
It is within your grasp to literally change the world to a better place, and I know you can do it. Why?    Because there really is no other way.   Will YOU take-up the challenge?   I think so 😉
Incontrovertible – New 9/11 documentary by Tony Rooke A film for Coppers & Fire Fighters by Coppers & Fire Fighters.
“Simply put, this is not just the best film I’ve seen on 911, it’s the best film I have seen all year.” – Sergeant John Meaders, 32 year ex Californian police officer “One of the best 911 movies ever made!” – Kevin Barrett, Truth Jihad Radio “All family members of a 9/11 victim should watch this film.” – Matt Campbell, victim family member “Incontrovertible is technically brilliant” – Ian Henshall, Author ‘9/11 Revealed’ & ‘9/11 The New Evidence’ “Moving, powerful & informative” – Niels Harrit, Veteran Truth Campaigner “Artfully crafted – manages to convince cumulatively that there are still questions to answer” – Joe Gill – Journalist – Middle East Eye “Absolutely first rate! The film manages to navigate the broad aspects of 9/11, with all the complexity, and even tie it with 7/7 and JFK, while avoiding the pitfalls of discredited speculative theories. I have no hesitation in sharing this with anyone” – David Chandler, retired physics teacher.
Best regards
John Paterson
Ephesians 5:11
Clan Paterson Motto – Huc Tendimus Omnes (We all strive for this)



PM Theresa May embroiled in SPCC scandal – Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD

Theresa May’s judgment has yet again been called into question, having urged the people of Sussex to vote for Katy Bourne, who is now being investigated for criminal charges, relating to making a ‘false statement’ during the 2016 PCC election.

This isn’t the first time the PM’s judgment has been called in question.

Her choice of the Chair-persons to lead the historical Child-abuse Commission, have all resigned. This implies Theresa May choose individuals she knew were compromised or that her judgment is plainly weak and flawed.

Her choice of Boris Johnson as the Foreign Secretary has also been called into question; plus her weakness towards the American administration in covering up the Trident nuclear malfunction and remaining silent about Donald Trump’s ban on movement of people, from countries deemed to harbor and nurture terrorists.

Not forgetting her readiness to kill 100,000’s of innocent men, women and children in the event of a premeditated nuclear strike.

10 Downing Street have yet to comment…

Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD

According to world businessman George Soros, Theresa May will not remain in power long; which raises the obvious question – Who will lead the country once the Witch is gone?

In a brave new world in which Trump Executive Orders are shaping a New World Order; who are you going to call to steady the ship and give the country the leadership it needs to sail these stormy waters?

The Queen had to scrap the bottom of the barrel as it was to get Theresa May, and no-one needs a wishy-washy pacifist Labour leader to go up against Trump do they?

There is only one man to save the day and that Brian Setchfield – TEAM SETCHFIELD ALL THE WAY.

Dedicated to negotiating a new contract between Crown and State, only Brian Setchfield can deliver the leadership Great Britain needs to succeed.


Team Setchfield includes the likes of Field McConnell, John Paterson, George Lees, Gordon Bower and many others. Having exposed the biggest fraud in British history – the 788-790 Finchley Road Fraud, these men (and many more) are waiting in the wings to fill the void, once all the criminal MP’s are processed and thrown in jail.

Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD


John Paterson and Brian Setchfield on Andy Peacher’s Radio Show -Thurs 6 Oct 2016


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