When will we prevail?

I imagine there are millions of people across the world asking the same question (in an around about way.)

  • When will we win?
  • When will the Evil Empire collapse?
  • When will justice be served?
  • When will the global criminal cabal be exposed?
  • When will the world change?

No matter how you want to word the question, the question remains; when will we prevail?

The world changed on the 11th September 2001 when the Twin Towers collapsed, the Pentagon was struck and flight 93 disappeared into a black scar in the ground. The world changed for the worse and it’s been getting progressively worse ever since.

The world’s evil satanic cabal delivered a fatal blow to everything that is good and right in the world on that fateful day. The silver lining, if ever there’s a silver lining, is that their blatant crimes committed before the world’s eyes, woke millions of people up to the global conspiracy being committed against us all on a daily basis.

The truth of the events can no longer be denied. The Twin Towers never collapsed because two planes flew into them.

The most plausible theory for me is the theory put forward by Dr Judy Woods, as promoted by Richard D Hall.

A jumbo jet never slammed into the Pentagon. If anything did, it was a cruise missile.

Flight 93 never disappeared into a field in Pennsylvania. Where’s the debris?


Anyone who still believes the version of events as promoted by the world’s governments, has got to be the most gullible and brain-dead individuals to ever walk the Earth. Anyone with half a brain-cell can see through the lies and see the truth for what it is. We are being shafted by the (so called) great and good… We are being taken for fools by the people who tell us they have our best interests at heart. We are being taken as food for the wolves in sheep clothing.

Is there any hope for the people who have invested their hope, love and faith in the very people who are intent on killing us by plunging daggers into our backs? Its heart breaking, truly heart breaking.

How are these people going to survive once the lid of the evil cabal is lifted and the truth revealed?

Who’s right and who’s wrong? Them or I? Perhaps I’m the deluded one? Perhaps I’ve got it totally and fatally wrong? It’s a possibility I agree, and something I must be open to, but my gut instinct is telling me I’m right and my confidence in my life’s experience and knowledge of politics, current affairs and world events is keeping me on the present path.

When will we Prevail?

In the same way evangelical Christians wait patiently for the Rapture, so too, Conspiracy Believers wait for the big event that will open the door onto the inner workings of the evil global cabal.

We must never underestimate the power and might at the evil cabal’s disposal. They’ve been working twice as hard as us in maintaining the status quo. They know the consequences of their actions and have pulled out all the stops to keep their evil secrets, secret from the public.

We can all remember the old Road Runner cartoons, in which Wile E. Coyote would run off the edge of a cliff, stand suspended in mid-air, look at the camera, gulp, and then plummet to his fate. Well, this is where I believe the evil cabal find themselves.


Their game is up, they are running on fumes. Too many people are aware of their crimes. The Rubicon has been crossed and there’s no way back. Their fate has been sealed. They are suspended in mid-air and gulping at the camera. It’s inevitable they’ll plummet to their death any second.

I can only guess at the event which finally hammers the nail into their coffin. Perhaps the evangelical Christians are right and the Rapture divides humanity divides the righteous from the wrong?

Maybe a high level whistle-blower sees the light and releases incriminating evidence of such explosive nature, that even the most brain-dead and brainwashed cannot dispute what they are seeing with their eyes.

Whatever the event is, it’ll be splashed across the world, as the events of 9/11 were splashed across the world so many years ago. Whatever the event, it will turn the world upside down and inside out. Whatever the event, we’ll know about it within seconds of it happening.

The Aftermath

We must all prepare ourselves for riots on the streets, open disorder in our institutions and hostile anger from the nation’s pacifists.

The nation will be marching on-mass to both 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, with hang-man nooses in their clutches. Nothing will be the same again. Their evil will be exposed for everyone to see and there will be nowhere to hide, except their underground bunkers, with their oxygenated air and their one hundred years of supplies.

A brave new world will come into view. War poverty and child-abuse will fade into memory. Humanity will be free from the shackles of their evil over-lords and the world will learn to love again.

It’s only a matter of time. Maybe the CIA disclosure of 13 million documents of a declassified nature relating to UFO’s and mind control programmes is the beginning of the end.

Maybe the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination will be the catalyst to changing the public’s perception and attitude to ‘Conspiracy theories?’ After-all, we know from CIA documents that the term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ was first termed by the agency to quell any intelligent discussion about what happened that day.

Whether it happens today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year of within the next decade; it’s going to happen.

So in answer to the question ‘When will we prevail?’ my answer is that ‘we’ve already prevailed.’



How To Blog Like The Best Of The Best – Powerblogger’s SEO.

Don Charisma

A few new bloggers have been asking me for blogging tips … so here you are …

Personally I don’t see other bloggers as competition, so I wouldn’t call researching other blogs as “competitor research” more “colleague research”. Why I say this is MOST, in fact almost all elite bloggers I’ve been in contact with are charming and lovely.

I’ve never thought I was carved from a different piece of cloth than others, we’re all capable of succeeding, we’re all of us talented people. Plus, there’s enough of the pie for everyone, we’re all different and have different styles. Of course there’s the occasional grumpy one in the “elite”, but their only reward is to go into my “ignore” list of bloggers on WordPress.com. Usually permanently as I’m generally too busy to check back and find out if they’ve grown a sense of humour.


Every one of us has…

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man frozen to deathDavid Cameron’s nasty Nazis conservative party have reached new heights of criminality following the release of statistics from Age UK, which reveals more than 200 elderly people die everyday due to the lack of warmth.

Revealing this shocking figure in their issue 10 Winter 2014 Age UK Life magazine, any pretence that the nasty Nazis conservative party are a caring sharing party has been wiped away once and for all.

While David Cameron spends millions on the non-existent Ebola virus and Terrorist threat, one elderly person will die in the UK every seven minutes as a result of the cold.

This is Unacceptable.

heating handsClaiming to be a first world country, the insidious truth is revealed that David Cameron’s drive for more and more austerity measures are nothing more than an ideological smoke-screen to commit genocide against our nation’s elderly.

This winter, one older person will die every seven minutes as a result of the cold.

It’s a sad fact indeed that this Christmas half a million old people will spend Christmas Day alone. It’s equally sad that more than a million older people haven’t spoken to anyone for more than a month.

In David Cameron’s caring and sharing nation, elderly people are faced with a choice of feeding themselves or heating themselves.

Heating and eating should not be an issue.

old couple with hot water bottleWhile every single politician in parliament can reclaim their energy bill costs at the expense of the tax payer, the most vulnerable people in Britain are dying at a rate of 200 a day, one every 7 minutes.

If you don’t see this as ‘GENOCIDE’, you’re a Conservative voter.

As Age UK makes clear:

  • Fuel poverty and poor general health is a lethal combination – and the sad fact is that older people are more susceptible than most to both.
  • Many older people have not had the opportunity or money to plan for their financial future. That means they are forced to make careful choices about how they spend what little money they do have.
  • In too many cases, that has meant people doing without the things that will ultimately prove to be the difference between living and dying.

In a modern 21st Century Britain no-one should be forced to make a life or death decision on a daily basis.

old woman in front of heaterAccording to the government’s own health, safely and welfare guidelines, schools must ensure the minimum temperature measured 0.5 meters above floor level doesn’t fall below 18°c (or 15°c while in the gym).

Employers are under a general duty of care to their employees to ensure the temperature in the workplace doesn’t fall below 16°c (or 13°c doing physical work).

Though if you apply the same rules to private accommodation, there are no requirements to provide heat to anyone outside schools and the work place.

We must all make a commitment to help keep older people warm in winter.

frozen to death body on floorBack to Age UK:

“What does that mean? It means every older person being able to heat their bedroom and living room without worrying about the cost. It means being able to afford to buy or cook a hot, nutritious meal every day. It means having warm clothes.”

It means every older person being able to heat their bedroom and living room without worrying about the cost.

In any other time in history every single politician in parliament would be kicked out in shame, following the genocide of their greed, but thanks to television and the propaganda tools at the government’s disposal, David Cameron is able to keep kicking the can along the road, ensuring justice keeps a safe distance away.

When are the People of Britain going to wake up to the crimes being perpetrated against us on a daily basis by the very people we put into power to protect and serve our best interests?


Kerry-Ann Howitt
Kerry-Ann Howitt

David Icke has been dumped off his throne and replaced with Kerry-Ann Howitt, an AV social commentator.

Like many in the AV movement who would agree, David Icke’s reputation has suffered chronically from the very public bust up with TPV anchor woman Sonia Poulton.

Accused of squandering hundreds of thousands of pounds of publicly funded money, David Icke made a televised appeal for a second chance. Back firing completely, the sight of a tired face grown fat and crooked on the hard earned money of others, ultimately caste him in the same light as the crooked politicians and celebrities which the AV movement works so hard exposing.

In response to a youtube comment by Amanda Barnes, which read:

“That would of been brilliant if you had not added Icke.”

The films makers Guerrilla Democracy News, decided to bow to Amanda’s wisdom and repost the video, (dedicated to Amanda Barnes,) without David Icke.


Posting over 250 videos over 6 years, Kerry-Ann has clocked up a loyal following of fans.  With a lot to say Kerry-Ann intends to keep on speaking her mind for a long time to come.


Bye Bye David Icke
Bye Bye David Icke


Who would you throw out and bring in?

In order of appearance:

  1. Greg Hallett
  2. Pippa King
  3. Kerry-Ann Howitt
  4. Greg Nikolettos
  5. Richard D Hall
  6. Ian R Crane
  7. Sonia Poulton
  8. Andy Thomas
  9. Olga Raffa and the UK Chemtrail Team
  10. The Outlaw
  11. John Harris
  12. Andrew Johnson
  13. Darren Deojee
  14. Jon King
  15. Matt Taylor
  16. Paul Bridger
  17. Mark McGowan
  18. Kevin Annett
  19. Bill Maloney
  20. Truth Juice UK
  21. Chris Spivey
  22. Joe Neilson
  23. Russell Brand
  24. Baram Blackett
  25. Alan Wilson
  26. Scott Chambers
  27. Fabrice Bardsley
  28. Dr Judy Wood
  29. Thomas Sheridan
  30. Roger Hayes
  31. Guy Taylor
  32. David Boyle
  33. Neil Sanders
  34. Michael Doherty
  35. Mike Mitcham
  36. Patrick Henningsen
  37. Alex: G
  38. Brian Gerrish
  39. Simon Welsh
  40. Bez
  41. Daisy Jones
  42. Pandora Sparks


Can you guess the other change to the line up? Who else got dumped and brought in?


Unable to give credit to everyone in the AV movement:

  • Slog the Blogger
  • The Tap Blogger
  • Mark Devlin
  • Tony Goslin
  • Miles Johnson
  • Mike Robinson
  • Lou Collins
  • Alex Jones
  • Adam the Man
  • John Paterson
  • Field McConnell
  • David Hawkins
  • And many others

Guerrilla Democracy News salutes you all.


Exercise Citizen – major incident training exercise

Sourced from the Sussex Police website 14 May 2014

Emergency services and other agencies are carrying out a live exercise at locations in Brighton, Eastbourne and Mid Sussex today (14 May).

This is a large-scale exercise testing real-time response to a number of major incidents.

7:7Most training takes place out of view but this exercise will take place in public, albeit in designated areas, to make it as realistic as possible.

The activity will be centred around Brighton, Eastbourne and Mid Sussex. Residents and businesses nearest the activity have been made aware although they should not be affected. Exercise planners do not want to be specific about what the exercise involves or where the locations are to make the spontaneous response to these emergency situations realistic.
Exercise director Steve Voice, Sussex Police, said: “Local people may notice considerable emergency service activity in these areas today. They can rest assured that far from having anything to worry about, this is actually a prudent test of our major incident plans and how we work with partners.

“It is extremely beneficial to the police and other agencies to test contingency plans, as directed by the Home Secretary, in a practical way and to continuously improve our service.

“The scenarios we are testing are exceptional and are of a magnitude that allows us to test all the likely resources available.

“The exercise will be conducted in designated areas and disruption, other than maybe short delays to traffic caused by emergency vehicles responding to the exercise, will be kept to a minimum. The public will not be affected and can expect business as usual with emergency services responding to routine and emergency calls.”

Nearly 20 partners – colleagues from fire, ambulance and police as well as some local authorities, health services, Highways Agency and others – are taking part in the exercise in line with their statutory duty, under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, to plan, train and exercise a co-ordinated response to incidents that may affect Sussex.
Following the test in responding to the major incidents the exercise will continue tomorrow (Thursday) in Brighton with police working with HM Coroner in testing victim identity and recovery.

Senior Contingency Planning & Resilience Manager at South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) Steve Carpenter said: “Exercises such as this are vital to test the already robust plans we have in place in the event of a major incident. We’re looking forward to working with our fellow emergency services as well as NHS and voluntary service colleagues to rehearse our plans in a realistic environment. The exercise will further strengthen our strong relationships and enhance our preparation to assist local communities in the event of a serious incident.”

Group Manager Glenn Jones from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “We are delighted to be part of this major exercise. We work closely with other emergency services on a regular basis but – thankfully – incidents are rarely on a large scale. It is therefore vital we get the opportunity to experience different situations and test out how we can co-ordinate our response alongside other emergency services. We want to ensure we are effective in keeping those living, working and visiting this area safe.”

7:7-bombsThe exercise is being planned through the Sussex Resilience Forum which ensures organisations across the area are working in a coordinated way to help prevent and prepare for major emergencies and to advise local people what they can do to be aware and prepared.

The Sussex Resilience Forum is made up of blue light services, local authorities, health services and other responders who all form various working groups to draw-up and test plans for emergencies which may affect Sussex, the most recent being flooding.
We would appreciate media publicising the exercise on the day to offer reassurance to the public who may see increased blue light activity. We don’t want them to worry but to understand that it is important that agencies test plans in a realistic setting.


Britain’s monetary system, like our sanitation system, is a public good.

Ann Pettifor
Ann Pettifor.

By Ann Pettifor 20/1/14

Like many others I flinched with embarrassment when the Chancellor visited China. George Osborne sublimated his dislike of Marxist-Leninism and democratic centralism, and effectively bowed before the Communist government of China. That did not bother me as much as his portrayal of Britain as “second-rate” and so impoverished as to need to turn to Chinese investors for finance.  He needed reminding: China is a country with very large numbers of poor, financially insecure people – far poorer than the people of Britain.

By luring Chinese investment into Britain the Chancellor implies that Britain “has no money” to maintain and develop its own future energy needs. We are too poor it seems, to even invest in our own housing needs.

So the Chinese government has obliged via a state-owned company, Greenland Holdings Group. A valuable site in Wandsworth was acquired for £600 million by the Chinese who plan to build hundreds of homes and some shops on the site. To top that, they plan to add a cultural touch and build a museum for the poor (sic) people of Wandsworth.

It seems too there is no money to plough into Britain’s future energy supplies. So Secretary of State for Energy, Edward Davey flogged off a nuclear power station to French and Chinese state-owned corporations – and offered British taxpayer-funded subsidies to sweeten the deal.

And now a French company which according to Greenpeace, can’t frack in their own country because the French government has stopped the French countryside being ripped up, have turned their sights on the UK countryside where “the UK government seem happy to allow the  industrialisation of our green and pleasant land.”

All this because our politicians wrongly believe “there is no money” to finance society’s needs, and in particular the transformation of our economy away from fossil fuels.

As I note in a new e-book: Just Money – in a well-managed financial system, money provides the stimulus, the finance needed for innovation, for production and for job creation. In a well- managed economy, money is invested in productive, not speculative economic activity. In a stable system, economic activity (investment, employment) generates profits, wages and income that can be used for repayment of the original credit.

There are many constraints on the ‘production’ of this social construct that we call credit or money, and they include inflation on the one hand, and deflation on the other. When the private banking system is not managed, commercial bankers can create more money than can usefully be employed. This can lead to too much credit or money chasing too few goods, services or assets. Equally, as now, the private banking system can contract the amount of credit created, deflating activity and employment. But if the private banking sector is properly managed by public authorities there need never be a shortage of finance for sound productive activity.

Free market economists solemnly believe that money is “gold coin and bullion” to quote Murray N Rothbard; that credit is just a “surrogate for gold”; that bankers are mere intermediaries between savers and borrowers, and market forces alone can manage, discipline and regulate the supply and exchange of money.

Politicians like George Osborne believe – or pretend to believe – that in order to generate the finance needed for investment, Britain first has to mobilise “savings” – cut spending to release new money. Secondly, that it is not possible to raise finance except by taxation.

The creation by central bankers of trillions of dollars of ‘bailout’ finance via a process defined as ‘quantitative easing’ reminded wider society of the power central bankers have, to create credit “out of thin air”. Yet it is a power that the Bank of England, for example, has exercised since its founding in 1694.

Because our politicians have so little understanding of how the monetary system operates; because they insist on framing the public finances in terms of kitchen table economics, they pretend that we are poor; and agree to the sell-off of some of Britain’s most treasured assets and capabilities. They have done so at considerable future cost to the British people.

This wrecking of our economy, and of Britain’s future prospects will continue until we the people gain a better understanding of the monetary and financial system – and demand of our politicians that the public good that is our financial system must be used – just as our sanitation system is used – in the interests of society as a whole, not just private wealth.

You can download a PDF copy of Ann Pettifor’s new e-book, Just Money, by clicking here.