The Legend of the Sword v’s The Legend of the real King Arthur II.

With the imminent release of Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur movie, The Legend of the Sword, now is the perfect time for a quick ancient British history lesson.


While Guy is peddling the French romantic fiction of a would-be King pulling a sword from a stone, mentored by a grey haired wizard called Merlin; the truth of King Arthur makes for a much better blockbuster. (Does anyone know Mel Gibson’s number?)

The first King Arthur was born during the 4th Century, son of Magnus Maximus, himself the son of Constantine the Great. Born 355AD and dead by 388AD, King Arthur I fought the Romans and went down within the annuals of the Welsh Khumry as a great and illustrious king.

Later in the 6th Century King Arthur II was born, of which so many of today’s legends are based on.  King Arthur II was born in 503AD and died in 579AD, famed for fighting the Saxons, son of King Maurice, who himself was the son of the Paramount King Pendragon King Theoderic.

Both King Arthur I and II were directly related to each other, both in a long line of Kings reaching back to the first King of Britain, King Brutus and further back to the Holy Family, descended from Anne, sister of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ himself. King Brutus, a great grandson of Aeneas of Troy, came to the Island of Britain around 500BC.

Since the beginning of the 18th Century AD there has been a major suppression of British History. To the academic community there is only the tunnel vision mentality of Roman Britain, or Saxon Britain, or Viking Britain, and if any major finds are made by archaeologists they inevitably end up in one of the three mentioned categories, heaven forbid they be Khumric-British – of which there are VAST amounts of evidence and written material to blown the fake history away.

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King Arthur Decoded.

APRIL 28, 2016 – 

Growing up I’ve heard about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Of how Guinevere, Arthur’s wife, ran off with Sir Lancelot. I heard the stories about the sword in the stone; where only a special person could pull the sword from the stone and be the rightful king. But to me these were just that- stories; tales of fiction, similar to trolls and dragons and vampires and space cowboys.

So when I discovered Arthur WAS REAL I was blown away! Not only was he real, but he was an AMAZING man! Not only was he an amazing man but he was connected to THE MOST AMAZING MAN THAT EVER WAS! Arthur was a resonance of JESUS CHRIST. You would think this amazing fact should be known by everyone! But the information is blatantly suppressed due to the ones ruling our world today who don’t want to lose their control if this info was known to the vast public.

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Boycott Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Films

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Comic-Con Trailer – Official Warner Bros. UK          

Boycott Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Films

With the PR machine of Warner Brother’s Movie Studios rolling into full gear, the hype, thrills and spills of Guy Ritchie’s new King Arthur movie is now hitting the internet and going viral.


Guy Ritchie is peddling medieval French romantic rubbish that an ancient British King pulled a sword from a stone to claim his birth-right, while being advised by a grey haired wizard called Merlin.


Covered-up by consecutive European royal families who have invaded our British shores since 1066, the truth about our ancient British kings has been suppressed and lost to the mists of time.

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According to ancient Welsh manuscripts, poems and chronicles, ancient Britain was the leading Super Power in the world, with a mighty and strong royal dynasty of 80 Kings going back to the Holy Family.

In the same way that nothing we are told on TV and the newspapers is real today, so to with our history.

  • Jesus Christ didn’t die on the cross, he survived and brought Christianity to the UK before Christianity reached Rome
  • The Romans never conquered Britain
  • The Ark of the Covenant is buried in Wales
  • King Arthur II is real
  • The Dark Ages happened after asteroid debris hit the UK in 569AD
  • King Arthur II sailed to America centuries before Christopher Columbus did

Everything we’ve been told is a lie, and the King Arthur movies by Guy Ritchie are just another part of the continuing cover-up of our mighty and amazing ancient British history.


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Boycott Guy Ritchie’s Films

The Birth of King Arthur II

The Death of King Arthur II


Nigel Terry

King Arthur has died aged 69 from emphysema, or rather; Nigel Terry who played King Arthur in the 1981 ‘Excalibur’ film by John Boorman has died aged 69 from emphysema. Either way, King Arthur is dead; Long live the King…

If you ask people what Britain was like before 1066 most of them would reply with conviction that Britain was a collection of barbarian druid tribes worthy of no further mention.

Typical of an invading force to start dissimulating the great history that came before their invasion… The cover-up of our ancient British history has been on-going ever since by consecutive foreign royal dynasties.

The Windsor Royal family are no different and the forthcoming Guy Ritchie King Arthur movie will go along way to keeping it that way.

No doubt shares in Warner Brother’s will surely plummet once the realization that Guy Ritchie has wasted millions of dollars to perpetuate a myth, when the money could have been spent on the Truth.

  • King Arthur didn’t run around Londonium and he certainly didn’t become King by pulling a sword out of a stone.
  • Merlin was a fierce Warrior King, who King Arthur II aged 7 and other noble princes of his age were sent to, to be taught the skills of war-fare and kingship.
Nigel Terry RIP

While many pour scorn on 12th century historian Geoffrey of Monmouth, who wrote about King Arthur in his book called ‘The History of the Kings of Britain,’ by accusing him of ‘making it up’; millions more believe the fiction of French writer Chretien de Troyes, who in the 15th century, wrote many Arthurian adventures based on nothing more than his imagination.

The mistake Geoffrey of Monmouth made was joining both the historical King Arthur’s into one.

In fact through-out ancient British history there were actually five King Arthur’s, with King Arthur I and II being the most memorable and influential.


According to a wealth of ancient Khumry manuscripts, King Arthur I was the son of Magnus Maximus Emperor of Rome.

The mistake Geoffrey of Monmouth made reading the ancient Khrumry scriptures was that there were in fact two great kings both named Arthur, who both fought famous European battles.

King Arthur I fought between 383-388 AD, while King Arthur II fought in 561-562 AD.

King Arthur I lived around 355-388 AD in Britain. In 383AD he conquered Gaul, Spain, Southern Germany, Switzerland and Italy, all on behalf of his father Magnus Maximus.

Back in those days only Kings could afford to have swords made. And swords were only forged by pouring molten metal into stone casts. Hence cracking open the stone mould and retrieving the sword, was something only a King could achieve; hence the basis of the Sword from the Stone myth no doubt.

It’s also recounted that when King Arthur I rode through Europe, Paris and down through Switzerland to Italy, he killed Gratian, Emperor of the West and took his sword from his dying hands and paraded it against his enemies, daring them to oppose his rule.

King Arthur I was killed at Sisica on the Sica River in June 383 fighting Theodosius the Great Emperor of the East.


The founding of Christianity in Britain in 35-37AD happened well before Rome knew about it. History reveals that in fact Christianity arrived in Rome with the family of the British King Caradoc I in 51AD. This little known piece of history is actually admitted by the Church of Rome – but not very loudly or too frequently.


The Khumry were in Britain for a thousand years before the Angles and Saxons arrived. The right of British Kingship resides with the descent from the first King of Britain, King Brutus, from which Britain is named.

Taken from ‘The King Arthur Conspiracy by Grant Berkley.’

  • Nothing can be assumed. The first assumption is that the Romans conquered all Britain- wrong.
  • It is assumed that the Roman totally dominated Britain for either 450 or 400 years- incorrect.
  • It is assumed that early Christianity spread from Rome out Westwards across Europe to Britain- bunkum.
  • It is assumed that there was political collapse in a serf-like servile British population after 411AD and that there was then a subsequent Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain- wrong.
  • It is assumed that the ancient British were barbarian “Celts”- a nonsense.
  • It is assumed that the ancient British were of a low culture and illiterate- untrue.
  • It is assumed that they were few in number and were primitive- wrong.

In short, all the most basic and fundamental points upon which any standard approach is made towards ancient British historical study is based upon are provably false assumptions.

So let’s reiterate exactly what’s happening here. Guy Ritchie is filming a phoney version of King Arthur based on the romantic imagination of a 15th century French writer called Chretien de Troyes; while the true story of the King Arthur’s is ready and waiting within the pages of ancient Khrumry manuscripts, ignored and ridiculed as fake for centuries.


Modern day journalist Tim Stanley wrote in The Spectator Magazine that I was wrong when I say King Arthur will return in the nation’s hour of need.

“Wrong, Mr Taylor. King Arthur has already returned: he is running in Salisbury. King Arthur Uther Pendragon, a white-haired druid formerly known as John Timothy Rothwell, discovered that he was a reincarnation of the English hero in the mid-1980s. He ran for Salisbury in 2010 and came second from last, with 257 votes.”

No Mr Stanley, you are wrong. John Rothwell is the reincarnation of King Arthur I, while the nation awaits the return of another King Arthur all together.

Don’t make the same mistake Geoffrey of Monmouth made in the 12th century.

ivor-gaberEven Ivor Gabor, Professor of Journalism and Politics at Sussex University ridiculed me by calling my aims of “A cure for Cancer, volt-free tidal energy and a new King, King Arthur”- “real politics.”


Any professor of worth would be looking into the work of historian’s Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett as a matter of urgency, but whether Ivor Gabor has bothered to, is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure; “That’s real history.”


Prepare to be blown away…

Every foreign royal dynasty since 1066 have tried their hardest to wipe the memory of King Arthur II from the history books; but still his influence and legend grows and grows unabated.

Over a 1001 things we do today can be traced back and accredited to the King Arthur’s. The Plantagenet Royal family moulded their lives on the Arthurian model, as did the Tudor’s and Stuart’s.

King Arthur II will never be banished from our hearts because his influence has been imprinted on our British DNA. Our Brutus DNA. Whether you take my word for it now, or whether you do you own research into Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett later, the ancient manuscripts tell us the Khumry can be traced back to the Ten Tribes of Israel.

The truth written in the ancient Khumry manuscripts reveal British history extends from around 1500BC to the present day.

“There is no history of any nation on Planet Earth that has been so disgracefully abused and so completely distorted and mangled as that of the British nation,” said Grant Berkley in his book ‘The Satanic Protocol,’ which chronicles the murderous attempts to kill and discredit Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett since making their Arthurian research public.


  • A major fleet invasion sailing from ancient Syria arrived in Britain around 1500BC.
  • A second major invasion arrived ashore in Britain around 504BC from Western Asia Minor consisting of a combined Trojan, Khumric and Cornish. (It just so happens that the Ark of the Covenant came with them.)
  • A third and much smaller party arrived in Khumric Western Britain in around 35-37AD, consisting of none other than the Holy Family from Jerusalem. The arrival of Jesus, his mother, wife and Uncle resulted in the setting up and the beginning of the First Christian Church in Western Europe.

Contrary to popular belief, Christianity did not start off in Rome, but in-fact was taken from Britain to Rome in 51AD by King Caradoc I, and his family and the first Bishop of Rome, Linus, son of Caradoc I.

In fact if it wasn’t for King Arthur II we wouldn’t be enjoying a unified Britain, the twelve days of Christmas or the Olympic Games.


  • He united Great Britain under one King, having fought off and defeated the Picts, Scots and Saxons.
  • He subdued the power of the Church over State.
  • The introduced the Twelve Days of Christmas in memory of the Twelve Disciples.
  • He created the Summer Games (fore-runner of the Olympic Games) to keep his Kingdom entertained and his warriors busy.
  • He created the Round Table as a gesture that everyone is equal.
  • He saved his Kingdom together after the Armageddon of the Comet debris strike of 562AD.
  • He sailed to America with 700 ships centuries before Columbus.


In 562AD Britain was struck by debris from a comet and this great catastrophe devastated and destroyed most of Britain heralding in the Dark Ages. The majority of the population, between 9-10 million were annihilated. Britain was contaminated and diseased. Nothing grew for 11 years. The Arthurian Kingdom was destroyed completely and utterly by rocks falling from the sky.

  • King Arthur II evacuated his army to Brittany, while his brother Madoc Morfan sailed west in search of new lands.
  • In 572AD Madoc returned after ten years and told of the wonderful news of finding America.
  • In 573AD King Arthur II’s admiral Gwenon sailed across the Atlantic to confirm Madoc’s claims and in 575AD King Arthur II, his army, friends and family sailed across the great pond in a fleet of 700 ships.


Unlike the 15th century French writer; everything you read from the research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett is recounted in ancient Khrumy literature. And by all accounts, the ancient Khumtry boasts the most comprehensive recording of history anywhere else in the world.

To remind you what Grant Berkley said:

“There is no history of any nation on Planet Earth that has been so disgracefully abused and so completely distorted and mangled as that of the British nation.”

King Arthur II died in America in 579AD and his body was brought back to Britain.  The fact is that there are at least ten clear records that combine to tell of his body being returned to Britain and the resultant state funeral.

Sixth Century Khumric poetry records the bringing home of his body in a leather bag made of deer skins.

I’ve written about King Arthur II’s birth, but his death is equally amazing.


Ancient Red Indian tales talk of a powerful nation of White people who arrived and settled in the Kentucky area of America. The 700 ships would have sailed up the Mississippi and their wood reused to build their homes and shelter.

The problem the Red Indians had was that these White people were very strong and very stubborn. The Red Indians had been walking through Kentucky since time began and now with these White people in the way, they were forced to go around them the long way.

It was inevitable that the native Indians of America would finally combine their forces and having built an alliance, wage an all-out war against King Arthur II and his army.

This is how the Kentucky region became a blood soaked land, in which ancient arrow heads can still be picked up from Kentucky fields today.

Ironically there was so much slaughter that the whole area was avoided at all costs. The Indians considered the land too ‘spirit ridden and defiled with blood’ that they ended up going the long way round after-all.

The remnants of King Arthur II’s mighty army were defeated and slaughtered on Sand Island close to the Ohio Falls.


After a long day fighting, King Arthur II returned to the safety of the camp. It was there while he removed his heavy armour that a young “naked savage” had slipped unnoticed through the camp’s defences and plunged a spear deep into King Arthur II’s heart.

A stone with ancient Coelbren alphabet (the written language of Khumry) inscribed on it translates in English, “Unlucky for the mighty ruler this place distinctly was his end.”


king-arthur-foretold-sosI’m evoking the memory of King Arthur II because he and his ancestors represent everything that is great and good in Britain.

We can be proud again. We can stand tall and say the only reason our great land was invaded and over-run by Europeans was because comet debris destroyed the Arthurian Kingdom. Europe had free run once the land become fertile again.

Neither the Romans nor Normans could completely defeat us. The British were mighty and equal to the might of Rome, not subservient to Rome.

This makes all the difference. The fact that King Arthur II sailed to America centuries before Columbus is simply awe inspiring because it reveals the extent we’ve been lied to.

Evoking the memory of King Arthur II, we are learning for the first time that King Arthur is real and a historical figure we can all believe in.

I equate it to finding Santa Claus’s sledge and rein-deer! The myth is true and that’s simply wonderful.



war king book coelbren forensic historians TKAConspiracy book arthurs cross blacket,wilson,hall kingarthur3


shit-causing-troubleMatt Taylor, Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner during the day and Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown by night, is a man of the people, declaring himself the winner of the expected Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven election in 2015.

With a year to go until the election turns red hot, Matt Taylor has steamed ahead of his opponents in the race to win the most marginal constituency in the UK.


  • Simon Kirby is Doomed.
  • With a majority of only 3%, Simon Kirby is doomed to lose his seat at the next general election.
  • Who is Nancy Platts?
  • Nancy Platts hasn’t uttered a single word since the article “Who is Nancy Platts?” was promoted on the IndyMedia website. Asked to comment on corruption she refused. Typical of a professional political who is only in politics for their own personal gain.
  • Davy Jones from the Green Party?
  • With a dream to recreate the magic which turned Caroline Lucas into the first and only Green MP, Davy Jones has a mountain to climb with the ‘failures’ of the Green lead council still fresh in people’s mind.
  • Ian Buchanan from UKip.
  • No Mr Freemason, we do not need another crooked Freemason, who pledges a secret oath to a secret organization, holding the responsibility of public office. On a personal note to Ian Buchanan; You may as well pull out now. You will lose your £500 deposit for sure.


As the excellent journalist and blogger Harry Blackwood explains in such easy to read language: Hartlepool United’s football mascot becomes one of the very first directly elected mayors in the country.

“The problem with political jokes is they get elected.”

“When H’Angus the Monkey decided to throw his banana into the ring and stand for election to the £60,000 a year post, it was done as a joke. The Hartlepool United football club chairman paid his election deposit and supporters of the club and a local rugby club threw themselves behind his campaign.

Stuart Drummond, the man in the monkey suit, promised free bananas for all school kids in the town and submitted an interesting curriculum vitae to the local newspaper of which I was editor, boasting of a degree and proficiency in a number of languages. It did make us wonder why he was working in a call centre on a pittance but hey, did it matter, he was a joke.

As it turned out it did matter. He won.”



Having shamed Simon Kirby, Katy Bourne and Sussex Police, Matt Taylor’s imagine as a buffoon has been well and truly banished.

Standing on an anti-corruption platform, the ex Royal Military Police has excelled all expectations, with his deputy and campaign manager David Joe Neilson, by creating the Federation of Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners.

Bringing an extra level of public scrutiny to elected PCC’s, Matt Taylor has been the only person in Sussex to consistently and comprehensively report on Katy Bourne and Sussex Police.

With a steady stream of well crafted blogs, (often awash with spelling and grammar mistakes,) Matt Taylor has built up a readership 50,000 a month, with one blog going viral, with over 10,000 hits in a single day.

Read more: Matt Taylor orders arrest of the Queen.

With the entire free press in Sussex turning a blind eye to the scandals in their Police force, Matt Taylor has become the person people contact when they have complaints against Sussex Police.

Scandals include:

  • The Brighton Scandal in which Michael Coughtrey was forced to defend his brother’s honour in face of police lies and cover-up.
  • The Murder House in Peacehaven, in which David Joe Neilson solved the Katrina Taylor murder, only for Sussex Police to turn on him, to protect the Crime Lord who killed her and ultimately freed her killers.
  • Setchfield and Regan, two gentlemen who forced Martin Richard’s early retirement, due to an investigation into his misconduct, only for their story to be ignored by everyone is Sussex, including the Sussex Police and Crime panel.
  • Dr Eccy de Jonge and her covert dossier. I repeat, a Doctor of Philosophy is a victim of Sussex police opening a covert dossier on her, whose purpose was to stain her character in order to cover up their own incompetence in investigation a woman’s fatal road traffic collision.


More to Come.

  • We have yet to hear from Dr Proctor. He’s been sitting on the side-lines and has been watching everything. Son of the infamous writer of Dr Who, Anthony Coburn; he has a story to tell which bangs Sussex Police to rights…


Emerging as the only politician with integrity and clout, Matt Taylor is charging ahead in the popularity polls, with his name becoming recognized as a key player in the alternative movement.


A War Council of the Alternative Movement has been called by Dawn Taylor of the Truth Juice: Free Thinking organization.

Inviting Kevin Annett, Penny Pullen, Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey and Matt Taylor, the first King Arthur Knight’s of the Round Table session will commence for the first time in over 1500 years.


Forget about David Icke, Kevin Annett, Field Secretary for The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), is recognized as an emerging leader within the Alternative Movement.


A War Council of the Alternative Movement is being hosted by Kevin Annett on 06 May 2014, 7:30pm at the The King Arthur Pub, 31-33 Benedict Street, Glastonbury , Somerset. Admission: £10.00


While echoing Harry Blackwood’s call to vote for none of the above.

Read more: Don’t vote it only encourages them.


As Harry Blackwood sums it up:

“I was asked by a couple of Sunday newspapers to write articles explaining how Drummond had won. It was easy to do. Drummond, the man in the monkey suit, hadn’t won. A bloke called ‘none of the above’ had won. There was no question. The seemingly savvy voters of Hartlepool had rejected all of the politicians. They preferred a joke candidate promising free bananas to a politician. They’d have preferred a steaming dog turd on top of a cream cake to a politician.”