That’s it folks! The inevitable has happened and the Queen and Country are no more.

The new £1 Trillion note with the face of John Wanoa.

Having wriggled out of her imminent arrest for crimes against Humanity, Elizabeth Windsor is now desperately scrapping the barrel for excuses and has come up with the last ditch attempt of faking Alzheimer’s Disease to evade justice.

Reported in the mainstream press of the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail newspapers and the Globe Magazine, Buckingham Palace staff are on high alert keeping an eye for the ailing Queen and keeping everything under wraps about her rumoured mental problem.

Rumoured not to remember anything, it’s said she:

  • Wanders the Palace garden lost and confused
  • Can’t remember Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding,
  • and thinks Charles is her husband, Phillip.

While Palace officials are keen to maintain continuality in these times of transition by assuring the public her son Charles and grandson William are both pulling their weight, the alarming truth is that events behind the scenes have made it very unlikely that either Prince Charles or Prince William will ever be king.

With everything in place, the Queen has nowhere to run or hide.

  • Chris Spivey the leading Alternative Media’s investigative journalist has exposed Her Majesties secret service to be criminals of the highest order who orchestrate terror attacks on British people while on British soil and use blackmail to control highly place paedophiles within the government.
  • John Wanoa, the leading candidate to take over the monarchy of Great Britain and the Common Wealth, has started to distribute his long awaited legal tender and having located property in Devonport UK, will soon be issuing an arrest for Queen Elizabeth, then ordering the British Royal Military Police to arrest other establishment and banking figures from top to bottom.

New Zealand born John Kahaki Wanoa surrogate King, is powering full steam ahead with his £970 Million Trillion Trillion legal tender distribution scheme which will see every Moai member have an equal share of a £970 million trillion trillion jackpot.

As John’s secretary Jaymie Anna-Marie Stewart explains:

The new £100 Billion note with the face of Jaymie Anna-Marie Stewart
The new £100 Billion note with the face of Jaymie Anna-Marie Stewart

“We are SPLITTING this amount of £970 Million Trillion Trillion POUND NOTES among the members in those 250 Countries equally in smaller amounts of £1 Trillion each country just to fund them all.”

  • Britain UK have £120 Trillion
  • of which £25 Trillion for Aotea New Zealand
  • £25 Trillion for Ireland
  • £25 Trillion for England
  • £25 Trillion for Wales
  • £25 Trillion for Scotland.
The new £100 Million note with the face of Matt Taylor.
The new £100 Million note with the face of Matt Taylor.

Claiming Queen Elizabeth has abandoned Britain UK for the European Union Parliament, John Wanoa is using his birth-right as the surrogate King of England under the authority of the last great King of England William IV, to make amends and set the world back on track.


John Wanoa is acutely aware of the machinations grinding away in the background away from public view and scrutiny.

“I think its crucial to Proclaim King of England Title before Prince William has a chance to get that Title and remember my “ROGAN” Surname Family is my ENGLISH Bloodline to Live there as a CITIZEN as soon as I declare the LAND RETURNS by DEFAULT to KING WILLIAM IV at Devonport and again at WESTMINSTER GROUNDS outside or inside,” he said during a Facebook conversation.

John’s fears have been confirmed with the latest news coming from the mainstream news, telling us that Prince William understands the threat against him and wants to become King as soon as possible, even if it means sacrificing his father to do so.

Published by the Globe magazine we learn that not only is Queen Elizabeth on her death bed, but Prince William has informed the dying Queen that he does want to become the next King of England, having previously told her he didn’t want it.

See for yourself:

It would seem the power struggle between father and son is about to intensify to new heights of hostility.


With the reappearance of Greg Hallett on the alternative media scene, John Wanoa has new competition for the British Throne.

“I am the daughter of the last lawful King, Edward, whose reign was truncated by deceit and betrayal. God will determine the next monarch, not Populism. With kindest regards, Emily Windsor-Cragg.”


Following in the footsteps of Kevin Annett and the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, (ITCCS) John Wanoa has used the legal public arena of Facebook to make allegations against Queen Elizabeth, allegations which the Queen has failed to answer and in doing so has indicated herself in serious crimes against humanity by remaining silent.

King Wanoa knows that only a monarch can sack a monarch. Hence with royal blood pumping through his veins, and the Crown Seal Sovereign title defaulted back to King William IV behind him, John has proclaimed himself as the SURROGATE KING OF ENGLAND MONARCH SOVEREIGN.



An angry John Wanoa retorts:

“Dirty stinking fucking bitch of a white man. Moai natives boot them out back to Europe and Rome. England EU and hang the fucking lot of them bastards, doing this on our lands. John Key (New Zealand PM) first to hang under King William IV law and Prince William will hang as well with his fucking Grandmother fucking poisoned mongrels. Moai and the people hang them on site on the land they can’t prove they own one shot!”


As John Wanoa makes clear:

“The Queen of England abandoned Britain UK for the European Union Parliament as a foreigner with no interest in England soil land title. The Crown Seal Sovereign title defaulted back to King William IV surrogate king of England monarch sovereign government on his estate land at Devonport as the claim to the estate property kings royal revenue of the Queen Victoria trust and all what the queen has stolen is salvaged back from those named criminals and commonwealth countries bank of England HM  treasury and countries she say she owns now belongs to King William IV surrogate king of England. New Zealand land title of 61 Cook Street is Moai crown title as a result of fraud Queen above the judges head in the New Zealand courts and police, lawyers parliaments in the Commonwealth and her corporations are all now part of this debt instrument fixed in the high court of admiralty in London and Devonport King William IV High Court of Admiralty Court marshal creditors surrogate King live breathing ruler!”


With the recent guilty verdict against Ray Teret, a close friend of Jimmy Savile in the news this week, the inference is being made that anyone who was friends with the UK’s most prolific child-abuser, necrophiliac and paedophile, would themselves be painted with the same brush.

Let’s remind ourselves of Jimmy Savile’s most famous friendships:

  • Prince Charles
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Tony Blair

John Wanoa is more aware than anyone of the Crimes perpetrated against the World by the Windsor royal family and the other 300 European royal families and banking dynasties.

As we speak John and his team are linking fraud natural names and surnames to corporation’s names of the Directors to try them online to the Moai Crown King William IV High Court of Admiralty “Kings Bench Court House” For “King William IV Surrogate King of England John Kahaki Wanoa”

By setting up his own court John Wanoa can use Moai Sheriffs Marshals operating as LEVY DEBTOR AGENTS of the “Kings Royal Revenue Collection House” in Devonport England. These online Cases are transferred to any Court in Britain UK and MOAI WORLD COURTS in 250 Countries on the website!member-states/coqy


  • Who invented the Bank of England?

Answer: William Patterson in 1694.

  • Who legislated the Bank of England Acts? And who created the Print Money and Mint Coins Money Act?

Answer: King William IV no one else!

As John Wanoa explains, “The New Zealand government has the biggest problem to identify who they really are and where they get their sovereignty from since the Queen is no longer legitimate but still hanging above the Judges head as their authority when there is none. So the ignorant 4.5 million citizens people do not realize that they are now legally levy debtors of MOAI CROWN KING WILLIAM IV MONARCH SOVEREIGN SURROGATE KING OF ENGLAND by default of the Queen of England departure from the soil land of England to the soil land of Brussels and European union parliament now the Lisbon Treaty 1 November 2014 stripped away UK Westminster parliament power by legislating 43 conditions and sanctions in their EU law.

Now this Moai pound note certificate has bill levy debtor of the “Crown” corporation church and state and governments private corporations and the Queens 300 plus royal families, the Rothschild’s, the Federal States, the Churches, the Elite, the Commonwealth States, NATO, European Union Parliament government, World Bank, “Washington dc”, “City of London”, “Vatican city” private corporations the total amount of £970 million trillion trillion in one lump sum as a bank credit instrument against them as being 1 billion people out of 7 billion people making the 6 billion people the creditors of this note!”


This is now the MOAI WATER MONEY CURRENCY in MOAI POUND NOTE VALUE per Litre of Kg UNIT set against Moai Tidal Turbine Energy converted from Hydraulic Sea Power into Electricity POWER UNITS end Product. Seawater is then Electrically split into Oxygen and Hydrogen Gas by this Electricity and then compressed into Liquid Hydrogen Jet Fuel and Solid Metal Hydrogen Rocket Fuel for space Flight and Submarines Bulk Energy Power Storage. Water as Bottled Drinking Water as a Product and as Filtered purified Household Community Supply Town City Water made from the Air using the Stored power Energy Electricity or Gas or Stored Water. The Share Value of the MOAI Water Currency increases the value of the MOAI Gold Currency and MOAI POUND NOTE Currencies further!

To learn more about John Wanoa and what he means to you, follow him on his Facebook page:



Roger Hayes


Chairman of the British Constitution Group, Roger Hayes is calling for class action against the banks for mortgage fraud.

He said during an interview with Brian Gerrish and Lou Collin’s from UK Column News Live, “Our claim is that banks have defrauded us and the fraud is the interest on money they didn’t lend, was not valid and therefore unlawful.

“We are talking Trillion, not Billions.”

Roger Hayes reminds us:

  • The PPI scandal cost the banks £20 Billion.
  • Bankers are a criminal fraternity.
  • They are stealing from us.
  • They are being aided and abetted by the judiciary and the parliamentarians.

He said, “Now some of these parliamentarians will say to us, “Oh I don’t really understand it, I don’t understand it.”

That’s a nonsense, its willful ignorance; they know exactly what’s going on.”

Citing the fact that politicians inevitably leave office to plump jobs in banking and corporations, Roger makes the claim:

Most of the politicians have off-shore bank accounts, they are being rewarded, paid off, not paid off while they are in position, they are paid off when they leave office.

“That’s where they are being bribed and that’s where the corruption is.”




  • We will ask people to sign up to this class action.
  • We will ask them to pay a small amount of money to support our claim.
  • We will put together a package which will indicate how much they can claim back from the bank. I suggest the average claim will be in excess of £50,000.

At the back of people’s mind will be this:


  • PPI was a fraud against the customers.
  • So was the Libor Scandal.
  • So was the rates exchange Scandal
  • The whole derivative market is a complete scam.

As Roger explains, “The derivative market worldwide is valued at $700 Billion dollars. What’s the size of the world’s GDP? $700 Trillion dollars. It’s a nonsense, it’s a big big scam.”


Roger Roger, “We are going to put our claim before a court in which we will decide what the jury will be and we will claim the banks must pay up all the interest we’ve ever paid them because they did not have the right, its fraud.”

Now how many people do you think are going to get behind us on that one?

Just Sign on the Dotted Line.

“All you’ve got to do is sign on the dotted line,” invites Roger Hayes:

  • We will do a Power of Attorney
  • We will take the banks to a Common Law Court, in which we can guarantee we’ll get justice.

What do you think is going to happen?

Roger answers his own question, “Every politician will be running around as if his head has been cut off, cos we are pointing the finger at them as well.”


If you aren’t a member of the British Constitutional Group I would urge you all to sign up right now.

taylor-bitcoinRoger asks for a £1 donation per month to “keep him on the road,” as he puts it.

As do I.


Kate and George
Kate and George flee the UK

While maintaining the public facade that everything is OK and the trip is to celebrate Carole Middleton‘s birthday, Kate has taken the sensible decision to flee the UK with her baby, for the Caribbean island of Mustique and back into the bosom of the Middleton family, where she feels most safe.

As the ideal location for a royal getaway, due to the island’s privacy and luxury villas, Kate is able to weather out the storm as the Windsor royal family continues to crumble and disintegrate, in the face of sustained accusations of murder, paedophilia and satanic worship.

Prince William stays away.

As with any new bride, who discovers she’s married into the UK’s horror version of the Addam’s Family, speculation is rife that Kate has banned William from joining her and their son on the Caribbean island.

Under the public facade of studying agricultural management at the University of Cambridge, Prince William is in the metaphorical firing line as much as his grand-mother, grand-father, father and uncle.

William won’t spend Valentine’s Day with Kate.

Even on the most romantic day of the year, February 14th, Prince William is using the excuse of being too busy with his studies, to spend the day with his wife and child.

A Midnight Phone-Call.

Following initial news reports of the Queen being guilty of high treason, published on the alternative news source, Guerrilla Democracy News, the editor received a midnight phone call from a with-held number by a young lady asking whether the allegations concerning the Queen and the Windsor family were true?

Read more

While denying to be Kate Middleton, the unknown voice did confess to be connected with the royal family but wouldn’t elaborate more, except to say, “We are all not that bad.”

Read more

Prince Harry
Prince Harry torn between his family and his lover.

With every royal family member feeling the heat, Prince Harry 29, has found solace on Kate’s shoulder, after being ordered by his father, to end a relationship with a mystery girl called Cressida Bonas 24.

An entertainment gossip website recently reported that Prince Charles wants Harry to end his relationship with Cressida as the Prince of Wales thinks Cressida’s family problems can cost the royal family their credibility, restored through the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

“Harry had a meltdown after his father told him to ‘back off’ from Cress because of her family problems,” a source told ShowbizSpy.

Cressida’s stepfather, Christopher Shaw 76, was found dead of a suspected drug overdose at his home recently. Following a recent trend of investment bankers committing suicide, the former investment banker, who reportedly had financial and long term health problems, was Cressida’s mother’s, Lady Mary Gaye, fourth husband.

It actually isn’t Cressida whom Charles has a problem with; rather, he’s not a fan of her family.

Kate and Harry
Kate helps mend Harry’s broken heart

Could it be that they have connections with the Royal family which the Palace could least afford being made public at this time?

According to a Daily Mail article last year, Lady Mary Gaye was one of the most glamorous debutantes of her day and so bedazzled London in the 1970’s that a blue-coloured cocktail — to match her blue-blooded credentials — called The Curzon was invented at Claridge’s in her honour.

Kate helps Harry get over heart-ache.

“Harry told his dad he loves Cressida, but Charles isn’t sure she’s royal material,” the source added.

While Prince Harry is under huge pressure to dump her, friends say he’s ‘broken in two’ at being torn between his family and his lover.

While the cat’s away, the mice will play. While Kate’s away, the Windsor’s crumble.






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The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.

You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world… it’s a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet.

What is Money?

This is the best video yet which lifts the ceiling on what money is.

Bring back The Bradbury Pound.

Our National debt is nothing more than a fraud by the Bankers against the People. And I support bringing back the Bradbury pound as promoted by UK Column and The British Constitution Group, to wipe out our Nation’s debt and reinvigorate our nation’s wealth.

100 Years

It is the centenary of the Bradbury Pound, which, while it could only have come about because of the First World War, represents an historical precedent which offers an opportunity for an optimistic future.

Let’s remember how the Bradbury came about: in 1914 the banks, feaful of a bank run as a result of nervousness over the coming war, demanded action from the government of the day to prevent their impending insolvency. The government issued interest free Treasury Notes in order to keep the banks afloat, signed by Secretary to the Treasury Bradbury, hence the name.

We should be under no illusions that the Bradbury Pound was a bank bailout. But what it did was set a precedent for government issued money, free of the interest payments attached to money raised from private bankers. So while we are not calling for another bailout of this insolvent banking and financial system, we are calling for the use of that precendent as the basis for rebuilding a nation which has been so destroyed the the policies of successive governments over the last 40 years, that it might as well have faught a World War.

This is exactly the opportunity for optimism that we need. Instead of following a path of “austerity” which leads to ever lower living standards, education standards, health care standards and infrastructure standards, we could use the Bradbury to fund an economic rebuilding plan not seen since the end of the Second World War.

The Treasury’s main excuse for not backing the Bradbury policy is that it is, they say, tantamount to “printing money” in the hyperinflationary style of the Weimar Republic. It isn’t, of course. The Weimar hyperinflationary policy is best expressed by Quantitative Easing, which is money printing in exactly the Weimar style.

What is the difference?

Well, one (QE) represents a backward looking, “we must pay the bankers and speculate, speculate, speculate” approach. The past debts must be paid, even thought they were mostly created through fraud and corruption, no matter how many people have to die in order to pay them. So we shut down hospitals, we reduce the quality of our food, we turn our education system into a chaotic mess, because we “can’t afford” to pay.

The other, the Bradbury, is forward looking. The debt in this case is to future generations. We spend newly created money now on things which provide our children and grandchildren the futures they deserve. We spend the money to provide high quality economic infrastructure, health care, education, training. This is the debt we owe. Not to disgustingly corrupt bankers who understood absolutely the implications of what they were doing, but to our children and their children who had no say in whether or not they were born into this mess.

So the Bradbury must not be used to bail out the financial system. It must only be used to build a real productive economic infrastructure which can support a real productive workforce. There really are no downsides, so long as the money is spent on the correct things.

That is why we also need a full “Glass Steagall” style separation of retail and speculative investment banking. While the mess of the financial system is still hanging around our necks, not even the Bradbury policy can help us. We must deal with the present banking system, and in the process deal with the debt which is notionally outstanding. Glass Steagall would see most of that written off, much to the chagrin of the bankers, which is why they are lobbying so hard against it right around the world.

In 2013 the Bring Back The Bradbury Campaign succeeded in getting an Early Day Motion into the House of Commons calling for its reinstatement. Let’s see if we can “encourage” enough support among MPs (who badly need to be reminded who they work for) to see the policy debated in full before the middle of the year, and implemented by the centenary in August.

To get behind the campaign for the reinstatement of the Bradbury Pound.
Please see for more information.