uk column team
UK Column News Team

UK Column News, the leading news source of the alternative view (AV) movement have become embroiled in an embarrassing smear campaign, following claims they have been pawns of a Mi5 sponsored psy-op to discredit the AV movement which they themselves proclaim to champion.



Following a critical response to a UK Column news article written by Mike Robinson, from Matthew Daniel, the team at UK Column including the well respected Brian Gerrish and Lou Collins took it on themselves, (for some inextricable reason), to accredit the article to on-line journalist Matt Taylor.



And UK Column aren’t alone in assuming that because Matt Taylor’s name on his certificate reads MATTHEW DANIEL TAYLOR, that any article published by Matthew Daniel is evidently the work of Guerrilla Democracy New’s editor Matt Taylor; whose got enough work of his own to get on with than writing bitchy letters to the UK Column about Mike Robinson’s journalist skills.


Spooks at Mi5 will be belly laughing in amusement to know they fooled the elite of the AV movement with a well timed article published to exacerbate divisions evident by the clashes between Matt Taylor, Ian R Crane and Brian Gerrish at the AV5 Truth conference.


Proving they’ve been pawns in a secret Mi5 psy-operation, Mike Robinson from UK Column has refused to answer my question:

“You don’t think I was the Matthew Daniel who wrote that critical piece about your Re-Set article, do you?”

Hench-man Darren Nesbitt, one of three Darren Nesbitt’s at AV5, answered the question which Mike Robinson has so far evaded to, “I am I am… you got me.”


Being a £15 a year subscriber of the UK Column newspaper, Matt Taylor read the article ‘Re-set,’ and thought the piece was a well written article, and rated Mike Robinson as a top on-line journalist.

“I remember watching Mike Robinson responding to the criticism he got live on air thinking, ‘cool at least it isn’t me he’s talking to.’ Then to my horror months on, I learn that he was in-fact talking to me, Matt Taylor all along!”


The AV’s leading news team are make up of:

  • The two witches in the back-ground, (who cackled in disrespect during David Boyle’s break-thru speech at AV5)
  • Brian Gerrish, the AV’s version of Jeremy Paxman.
  • Lou Collins, a radio DJ and the AV’s leading lady.
  • Mike Robinson.
  • Malcolm Massey.

These bunch of so called “leading AV” journalists put two and two together and came up with Matt Taylor.

“I should be flattered,” said Matt Taylor, “but I’m not. I’m insulted and shocked. I only write for Guerrilla Democracy News and no one else.”

Other than:

If you want me to write your story because no one else will, then get in touch at:

Defying journalistic logic, the UK Column news team has smeared another AV on-line journalist for no other reason than their own sheer stupidity and ego!

They have behaved like the sheep they proclaim not to be and blindly put two and two together and came up with Matt Taylor.

How on Earth can the work of Matthew Daniel be attributed to Matt Taylor, if not by idiots?

Everyone in the AV community who thought that Matt Taylor wrote Matthew Daniel’s article to the UK Column news is short of a screw.


They have all demonstrated to the Powers that Be what a bunch of stupid people they really are:

Ian R Crane:

  • Get a grip Matt Taylor . . . I think you need to take some time to consider which side of the fence you are sitting; ‘cos right now you are doing the establishment a massive favour!”

Yeah right Ian R Crane, you’ve just done the establishment a massive favour by rubbishing your own movement you fool!

Thomas Sherdian:

  • “Oh do shut up you hot shit, and think about poor me” or words to that effect because he has sensibly deleted all his comments in the likelihood I’d report them on Guerrilla Democracy News.

At least he had the decency to apologize to me upon realizing I wasn’t having a go at him but having a go at UK Column News.

Simon Welsh:

The next big talent to break into the big time diplomatically responded:

  • “I’ve told you I believe that you would not lie to me and you told me you didn’t write it. I haven’t even read the article. X”

To which Matt Taylor replied, “Cool because it means a lot to me to know that someone I’ve met and call a friend wouldn’t think that I would scope so low to bitch about someone in such an insidious way.”

Though the most venomous of all doubters is Darren Nesbitt who wrote:

  • Fuck me you like a giant bisexual child running around on a playground telling tales because he has been reminded he’s being a cock… 
  • But as long as we are being honest … from the moment mick and I met you at the bar, you told us you only had £5 stayed and sunk a dozen anyway and stored all juicy bits in the giant melon you call a head …
  • Then every time someone semi recognized past you stuck the camera straight in there mush and asked the something controversial.
  • That’s journalism is it… a friend of the show putting people on the spot.
  • You fucking retard.
  • Your just a rogue camera man hell bent on getting a reaction.
  • You paranoid cream puff.
  • A boy among men.

I repeat to the UK Column News editorial team, how did you come to the conclusion that I am Matthew Daniel?



Are the spooks belly-laughing in GHQ reading Guerrilla Democracy News knowing that a well timed article bruising the delicate ego’s of the UK Column team, was all it took to drive a wedge through the AV movement?

UK Column News has well and truly shown themselves up to be idiots. And Darren Nesbitt even worse, a bully!

This is either a case of the UK Column and other leading members of the AV elite falling foul of a black psy-op to discredit the good work of Guerrilla Democracy News or a journalistic fuck up by the UK Column news-team.

Either way it doesn’t look good, as Matt Taylor reacts to having his good name dragged through the mud…

“I want a full a public apology from UK Column News for accrediting me with Matthew Daniel’s article criticizing Mike Robinson’s ‘Re-Set’ article.

I also want an apology from Darren Nesbitt.

It would appear that they have all been pawns in a Mi5 sponsored psy-op against the AV movement.

And they call themselves Journalists!?! Didn’t anyone think of asking me?


If anyone else in the AV Elite believed I wrote under the name Matthew Daniel then you owe me an apology too.

  • Ian R Crane
  • Brian Gerrish
  • Lou Collins
  • Thomas Sheridan
  • Guy Taylor
  • Roger Hayes

How many other people have the UK Column news team and Darren slagged Matt Taylor’s name off to?

  • Chris Spivey
  • Bill Maloney
  • Olga Raffa
  • Pippa King
  • Simon Welsh
  • Daisy Jones
  • Alex: G
  • Patrick Henningsen
  • Michael Doherty
  • Greg Nikolettos


As Matt Taylor puts it, “It’s an insult to a writer to have another person called ‘Matthew Daniel’ accredited to you. How would you like it if someone wrote a shit poem and said Simon Welsh wrote it?”


How would any writer or any other creative person like an artist, photographer or musician like it if someone with another name put out a product and other people started a smear campaign believing that another party, (completely unconnected to the person except by part-name), of being that person.


“My name has been dragged through the mud due to the stupidity of UK Column News and the smear campaign they have waged, under the belief that I am the Matthew Daniel who bruised their delicate egos.”

“Its absurd and I’m considering taking legal action against them,” said Matt Taylor.


“Hey lets move on. We’ve had great news today that we are winning the fight against child-abuse in Great Britain. But now we must stop our squabbling and unite to save the children of Palestine.

You think the British establishment was bad raping our children. They are blowing children to bits in Gaza so that British Gas can exploit their land.

Please watch and share the video below, thank you. I am Matt Taylor, not Matthew Daniel.”



Posted by Matt Taylor not Matthew Daniel 




"You are one of us now."
“You are one of us now.”

This is the inevitable question now being raised as the paedophile cover-up in Westminster reaches to the very top of the tree.

The ‘circumstantial evidence’ is of such a great degree, it  goes without saying that ‘firm proof’ is under lock and key.

We know from an article printed in USA Today in October 2003 that Prince Charles held “crisis talks” with son Prince William, companion Camilla Parker Bowles and other aides to determine the next step in quelling a gay sex story.

As my memory serves me correctly, Butler-turned-biographer Paul Burrell said he had an audiotape describing a sexual encounter between Prince Charles and a male aide, allegedly involving Prince Charles in the act of sodomy over a chest of draws.

As expected the British tabloid newspapers pounced on the story, but before any momentum could be made, Michael Fawcett, a former royal aide to the Prince, got an injunction from the High Court preventing the British press from reporting the details of the lurid allegations.

After a week of intense media interest, Prince Charles was forced to issue a stern denial: “This allegation is untrue,” and it “did not take place.”

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky spring to mind!

Although some British press reporters said the scandal was strong enough to leave a black mark on the monarchy, Prince Charles’ spokesman, Patrick Harrison, said the Royal Family were “unruffled” by it all.

Scandal like this runs in their family and they’ve seen it all before.

  • All of Queen Victoria’s children were conceived by banker Lionel Nathan Rothschild.
  • Prince William’s father isn’t Prince Charles, its King Juan Carlos of Spain.
  • Prince Harry is the son of James Hewitt.
  • When Prince Charles was 16, and on Camilla Parker Bowles’ 18th birthday, they conceived a child. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles child was adopted out by a royal servant. His name is Simon Charles Day and he’s a Telecommunications Engineer, living in Australia.
  • Prince Charles had another illegitimate child, born in 1968, with a Balmoral maid.
  • Lord Louis Mountbatten’s illegitimate son is Peter Sellers.
  • Princess Margaret, had a sexual liaison with two West Indian men at the same time, and that was  photographed and it was kept in a Lloyds Bank vault, and that bank vault was raided on the 11th of September 1971, when a gang robbed the Lloyds Bank in London, and they actually produced photos of Princess Margaret having sex with two West Indian men, and then it was Lord Louis Mountbatten who was asked to come forward, and he brought the bank robbers new identities, new passports, and they were allowed to keep the money, and they were allowed to escape out of England without harassment.
Bill Maloney
Bill Maloney

Most damning of all is what Bill Maloney had to say on the subject:


Bill Maloney is quoted to have repeated what was said to him by someone, while in conversation with Lou Collins on her radio show, “Don’t do it Bill, don’t you dare do it. Don’t you dare say anything about Charles being a paedophile and don’t you dare Bill, don’t you dare mention anything about Princess Diana being killed because she was going to spill the beans. Don’t you dare Bill.”

Perhaps this is what all the fuss is about…

Princess Diana predicted her own murder


Princess Diana was killed because she was going to spill the beans that Prince Charles in a nonce.

Lord Tebbit admits there has been a cover-up in Westminster.


Should the words “Protect the System” be changed to “Protect Prince Charles” to make more sense?

Then we have Labour MP SIMON DANCZUK, walking in the footsteps of the late Conservative MP GEOFFREY DICKENS who says in a Daily Mail article, “If MPs have harboured paedophiles, the damage to British democracy will be fatal.”

Or should it read, “If Prince Charles is a paedophile, the damage to the British Monarchy will be fatal.”


Most damaging of all is the Jimmy Savile and Parkinson Interview in which the vile perverted monster Jimmy Savile, boasts how he smuggled a young girl into Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Philip.

Prince Philip is renowned to be a sexual deviant and it’s only natural that a son of a sexual deviant will grow up to be a sexual deviant.

This could be the big secret which justifies the cover-up of paedophilia in Westminster and beyond.

As Tom Pride writes in his blog:

“An official investigation into a political cover-up of child abuse by senior politicians in the 1980s has been delayed indefinitely after experts warned there was a danger of raw sewage coming into contact with the fan system belonging to an air conditioning unit in the Houses of Parliament if the probe goes ahead.”

Michael Doherty, a well known crusader against paedophile abuse, points out the reason why so many politicians are reluctant to put their names to a full public enquiry into Child-abuse.

“Michael Gove refuses wider inquiry into endemic child abuse. …

Michael Gove who himself was witnessed holidaying in Poland with a young boy, by someone I know reported it to Bedfordshire Police. …

The police’s response was it wasn’t anything to do with then and to report it in Poland….”

As Tom Pride continues, Government ministers are reluctant to give in to demands for a public inquiry into alleged VIP paedophile activity after fears that Westminster could become engulfed in a deep quagmire of foul-smelling effluent as a result of an investigation.”


Further Reading:


Kerry-Ann Howitt
Kerry-Ann Howitt

David Icke has been dumped off his throne and replaced with Kerry-Ann Howitt, an AV social commentator.

Like many in the AV movement who would agree, David Icke’s reputation has suffered chronically from the very public bust up with TPV anchor woman Sonia Poulton.

Accused of squandering hundreds of thousands of pounds of publicly funded money, David Icke made a televised appeal for a second chance. Back firing completely, the sight of a tired face grown fat and crooked on the hard earned money of others, ultimately caste him in the same light as the crooked politicians and celebrities which the AV movement works so hard exposing.

In response to a youtube comment by Amanda Barnes, which read:

“That would of been brilliant if you had not added Icke.”

The films makers Guerrilla Democracy News, decided to bow to Amanda’s wisdom and repost the video, (dedicated to Amanda Barnes,) without David Icke.


Posting over 250 videos over 6 years, Kerry-Ann has clocked up a loyal following of fans.  With a lot to say Kerry-Ann intends to keep on speaking her mind for a long time to come.


Bye Bye David Icke
Bye Bye David Icke


Who would you throw out and bring in?

In order of appearance:

  1. Greg Hallett
  2. Pippa King
  3. Kerry-Ann Howitt
  4. Greg Nikolettos
  5. Richard D Hall
  6. Ian R Crane
  7. Sonia Poulton
  8. Andy Thomas
  9. Olga Raffa and the UK Chemtrail Team
  10. The Outlaw
  11. John Harris
  12. Andrew Johnson
  13. Darren Deojee
  14. Jon King
  15. Matt Taylor
  16. Paul Bridger
  17. Mark McGowan
  18. Kevin Annett
  19. Bill Maloney
  20. Truth Juice UK
  21. Chris Spivey
  22. Joe Neilson
  23. Russell Brand
  24. Baram Blackett
  25. Alan Wilson
  26. Scott Chambers
  27. Fabrice Bardsley
  28. Dr Judy Wood
  29. Thomas Sheridan
  30. Roger Hayes
  31. Guy Taylor
  32. David Boyle
  33. Neil Sanders
  34. Michael Doherty
  35. Mike Mitcham
  36. Patrick Henningsen
  37. Alex: G
  38. Brian Gerrish
  39. Simon Welsh
  40. Bez
  41. Daisy Jones
  42. Pandora Sparks


Can you guess the other change to the line up? Who else got dumped and brought in?


Unable to give credit to everyone in the AV movement:

  • Slog the Blogger
  • The Tap Blogger
  • Mark Devlin
  • Tony Goslin
  • Miles Johnson
  • Mike Robinson
  • Lou Collins
  • Alex Jones
  • Adam the Man
  • John Paterson
  • Field McConnell
  • David Hawkins
  • And many others

Guerrilla Democracy News salutes you all.



There is a lot of talk about the Alternative media verses the Mainstream media, but what really is the difference?

Bill Maloney, the film director from Pie’n’Mash films and a prominent campaigner against institutionalized child abuse, says that the alternative media and mainstream media are working together to expose paedophiles in government, so what actually is the difference and how do they actually differ?

Until I become active in the alternative media after watching the Rich Planet TV show, I was a mainstream news junkie, religiously watching Channel 4 News at 7 pm and the BBC Newsnight 10.30 pm. I couldn’t get enough of the mainstream and soaked up everything they offered.

Read more: The Rich Planet Show is back on TV.

Slowly but surely, I began to realize that what I was hearing on the Rich Planet TV show and reading on such sites as Chris Spivey’s; weren’t being reported on either the Channel 4 news or the BBC.

I’ve since come to realise that what the alternative media reports, will never be screened on the mainstream media, for the simple reason that they are all in it together.

People may have the misconception that the infamous D Notices, which are spoken about in hushed tones, are a totalitarian tool to smother the truth, when in actual fact, it’s a gentlemen’s agreement between the government and news paper proprietors to mutually smother the truth, for both their benefit.

So, what is the Alternative Media reporting that the Mainstream isn’t?

Top of the list goes to 9/11 and 7/7.

While it’s commonly acknowledged in the alternative media that both the 9/11 and 7/7 atrocities were false flag events orchestrated by persons, other than the persons officially blamed, the mainstream are maintaining the opposite.

judy wood, where did the towers goDr Judy Wood, who wrote a book about 9/11 called ‘Where did the Towers go?’ points to a secret energy weapon, being used to literally turn the Twin Towers to dust, has never uttered a word on mainstream news.

terror on the tubeThe same applies to Nick Kollerstrom and his book, ‘Terror on the Tube.’ I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched him on Rich Planet TV, but can confidently state I’ve never seen him on mainstream news, except that one time when he was duped by the BBC to appear on one of their programs, only for them to discredit everything he had to say.

The Boston Bombing, has been picked apart by Chris Spivey in his frame by frame dissection of the event, and has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a false flag event, in which no-one got hurt.

Read more: Boston Bollocks Part 2 – The ‘victims’.

And while we are on the subject of Chris Spivey, he’s done the same for the Lee Rigby murder, the NSPCC, the Somerset floods and the Madeline McCann ongoing saga.

Read more: NSPCC is funding child sex abuse.
Read more: The Drummer Man.
Read more: Bloody Flooding Hell.
Read more: Digging for Madeleine

Check out for even more earth shattering stories that you won’t find on mainstream news.

Read more: Who the Fuck is Chris Spivey?

  • Everyone who reads the alternative media knows the most likely location of Madeline’s grave is under Robert Murat’s driveway.
  • Everyone who reads the alternative media knows Lee Rigby was never beheaded.
  • Everybody who reads the alternative media knows the royal family is a bunch of perverted sex-pests and paedophiles.

This is the chasm which divides the alternative from the mainstream.

The Queen of England and the Pope’s ex and present, have been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity by the international recognized International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. In fact the guilty verdict of 2013 against the then Pope Benedict was the reason why he suddenly retired.

Of-course, the alternative media was ablaze with news but the mainstream maintained the lie of ‘retirement due to exhaustion’ and moved swiftly onto the weather and the end of the show.

Nothing to see here Ladies and Gentleman, please move on.

The most recent allegations from Bill Maloney is that Prince Charles is a paedophile. Earth shattering as it seems, but not a whisper on mainstream.

Read more: Secrets of the Windsor’s blown Open.

To recap:

  • 9/11 & 7/7.
  • Lee Rigby.
  • Boston Bombing.
  • Madeline McCann.
  • Paedophile Royalty.
  • Institutionalized child-abuse.
  • Parliamentary perverts and paedophiles.
  • RSO cures Cancer.

And we haven’t even touched upon UFO’s and extraterrestrials.

The most recent news being the moon collision which NASA is covering-up.

Read more: NASA covers up Moon Collision.

To the ‘out-of-this-world’ allegations that UFO’s blew up the Columbia Space-shuttle, three years ago.

It isn’t so far fetched to followers of the alternative media, considering the latest film from Rich Planet TV, which alleges that not only are aliens mutilating cattle, they are also mutilating human beings and the government’s are cleaning up their mess to hide the truth.

Read more: Should we listen to Whistle-blowers?

paedo-ring-in-no-10In truth the Alternative media and the Mainstream media couldn’t be further apart, but there is hope in what Bill Maloney had to say.

The alternative media and the mainstream media are working together to expose parliamentary paedophiles and that’s a start.

Read more: Ken Clarke’s grab-a-cock shocker.

It’s getting embarrassing because what is being feed to us on the TV and in the newspapers, isn’t the same information and news being feed to us on the internet.

No wonder anyone new coming to the Truth Movement are getting confused. Sometimes you can even see the embarrassment on the mainstream news reader’s face when they say something, which has been ridiculed and proven to be incorrect else-where.

Everybody knows there is an alternative view, an alternative take on the world we have come to know. The challenge now is to take the credibility which the mainstream are abusing and use it wisely in the alternative media.

There is a difference between Alternative and Mainstream and its MASSIVE!



ImageThe popular phrase, “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings,” is doubly enforced when two fat ladies sing. You know it’s over then!

Thus as we celebrate the 88th birthday anniversary of our evil Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, we can all rest easy in our beds that in the 88th year since her birth, her reign will soon come to an end.

A portrait of the Queen was taken by the renowned British photographer David Bailey and has been released to mark her 88th birthday.

The photograph of the monarch, smiling, was taken at Buckingham Palace in March 2014 and was commissioned on behalf of the government’s Great Britain campaign. Matt Taylor has satirically added the speech bubble, “I’ve gotten away with it all my life and I’m going to keep getting away with it until the day I die. Why? Because one’s peasants are stupid creatures who swallow the bullshit I feed them. Kevin Annett, Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey and Matt Taylor. I don’t give one’s toss what you say, write or judge about me. I’M ABOVE THE LAW!, I’M ROYALTY.”

A Buckingham Palace source said: “Bailey’s name was suggested by No 10 and the Great campaign and the Queen agreed. The Queen agreed to sit for it in recognition of the work of the Great campaign.”

David Bailey said: “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Queen. She has very kind eyes with a mischievous glint. I’ve always liked strong women and she is a very strong woman.”


The first public comments to appear on the Guardian Newspaper site on which it was published, paints a different sentiment as shown by the peasants, as the Queen calls them.

Read more: David Bailey portrait of Queen released to mark her 88th birthday.

  • What a load of crap. A totally mediocre, philistine, mean woman, who despite her fantastic wealth has employees on income supplement and zero hour contracts, who went along with the use of her armed forces for an illegal war of aggression, who cannot think of anything better to do with her time than hunt pheasants, and who represents the apex of a class system that Britain needs like a hole in the head. Britain will never be a modern democratic state until the monarchy goes, or is cut down to Scandinavian size and influence, and the public school system is abolished. I do wish people would stop taking an interest in this totally uninteresting and undistinguished family.
  • Spot on. And don’t forget she is ultimately responsible for launching empty Dave’s career by penning his first reference – you are about to meet a remarkable young man. We are indeed – the man who destroyed the welfare system, the NHS and the Union in one term of parliament – while she watches malevolently from the sidelines. Her vassal sends a million people to the food banks, and all she can muster is a “mischievous smile”.
  • She is a very strong woman. Must take real strength to sail through life on a comfy cushion with your mouth wide open.
  • Big head, better teeth than her mother, not bad for eighty eight. I suppose when you’ve never done a days work in your life and have a shit load of servants one would look well.
    She’s an historical figure, the nations granny, when she’s gone lets get rid of the rest!
  • So thrilled to see my queen, parasite that she is, looking to hale and hearty at 88. If only other monarchs could follow her sterling example of tolerating wholesome criticism of herself and hers, they might also deserve such excellent health at such an age.
  • The Russian’s had the right idea with what to do with ‘royalty’..


The Queen’s greatest Nemesis, Kevin Annett, the Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, is coming to the UK.

While details are sketchy at the moment, information is trickling through the alternative media grape-vine that Kevin Annett will be making a visit to the legend of King Arthur’s heart-land in Glastonbury.

Publicized here on Glastonbury TruthJuice website, one Rev. Kevin Annett is set to appear at The King Arthur Pub in Glastonbury at 7.30 pm on date to be confirmed.

Read more: Rev Kevin Annett in Glastonbury

Once I have any more information on this historic visit, you’ll be the first to know.

“They’re fleeing for their lives!”

Living in a post-Goliath World by Kevin D. Annett
Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

“At least 50,000 aboriginal children died in the residential schools between 1896 and 1973, according to the government’s own documented mortality rates …” – First press release of Kevin Annett announcing the publication of his book “Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust” on February 1, 2000

“The death records of tens of thousands of First Nations children who died during the time residential schools were operating in Canada have been handed over to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Several provincial governments gave up the records to the commission …” – West Coast Native News, March 30, 2014 (

Then David chose some smooth stones and put them in his bag, and he held his sling in readiness as he drew near to Goliath … – 1 Samuel 17:40

I definitely know the score now. But even as the Goliath of Rome and London is staggering from the blow and is going down, some lingering stupid part of me still finds it not quite believable that the miracle has happened, and the battle is won. Even in victory, our minds linger in the past.

And so that odd part of me found it strange last week that no reporters were calling me up to ask me how I felt for being right, all this time; or that the United Church of Canada wasn’t banging on my door with a formal “We’re sorry!” for needlessly destroying my life over something that was actually true: their own murder of little brown kids.

Well of course they’re not phoning, you dummy! I said to stupid me. They’re fleeing for their lives!

Those Philistines in Church and State are not the issue any more, after all; especially now that they’re in head long retreat after the fall of their Goliath-like Lie, as they spread the distractions and politically correct rhetoric they need to cover their withdrawal. But in their wake, the rest of you now have to decide how you’re going to live in the great void and brilliant light left by their absence.

I met an insider today who worked for decades as a senior RCMP official. He told me that every Mountie in Canada has been told that “under no circumstances” are they to harass or engage or even question me. Why? Because of the recent Stand Down Order that our Common Law Court issued to every agent of the English Crown, after the latter was found guilty of Genocide last year. The Mounties are, in short, afraid of that Order, because, to quote the official,

“We all know what we did”.

The news from Rome is even more revealing. Apparently even the Mafia isn’t using the Vatican Bank to launder their drug money anymore since “even the blind can see that the Church is on its knees, and not in prayer”, to quote an Italian Senator. And apparently, two more prominent Cardinals connected to the Bank are about to throw in the towel.

All of that looks to me like a Titan named Goliath lying prone in the dust, waiting only for one who is bold enough to slice off his head with his own sword.

That blow is coming, but first I want to share what really brought the Beast down.

I just turned fifty eight in February, and my hips don’t work so well these days, which comes from having to walk everywhere with my weighty bags of documents. It wasn’t so twenty two years ago, when I still had a driver’s license and a salary, and when I first heard about the Port Alberni Killing Fields as a young United Church clergyman there.

The particularly incurable kind of war weariness that comes from having fought for so long hadn’t taken hold of me back then. I was as blind as the rest of you in those days, and in that way, quite happy. And a lot of my Indian friends were still breathing then, too: folks who you’ll never hear about except through me, who knew all about the murdered children, and had even helped bury them. But those friends of mine are dead now too. All of them.

Ricky Lavallee was one of them: he with his two stringed guitar and wry grin who always bummed the same two bucks off me for pizza before setting out with a few other survivors and me to create a nuisance on Sundays in the downtown Vancouver churches that hated the sight of us and what we knew of their filth. Ricky and six of us once stopped all the traffic along Georgia street with our banner that cried, “All the Children Need a Proper Burial”, and he was smiling the entire time.

Last year, somebody whacked Ricky in the chest so hard he died, not too long after he spoke publicly about seeing another one of our buddies, Bingo Dawson, get beaten by Vancouver cops so badly that he died, too. But since Bingo “officially” expired from “alcohol poisoning” … well, Ricky quickly became just another inconvenient eyewitness.

Pictures of Ricky Lavallee and Bingo Dawson should hang in every classroom in our new, burgeoning Republic of Kanata, for they, and other fallen heroes, were the force that propelled the stone that brought the criminals down.

… and its Consequences

Well wishers who routinely urge me to “Be Safe” these days really haven’t caught up with events. It’s the bad guys who like to pretend they’re in charge who have to watch their collective ass nowadays, not me, because, like the Mountie said, they know what they’ve done.

As a homeless firebrand in Galilee used to say all the time, the kingdom of heaven is everywhere on earth, yet people do not see it. That about sums up our situation now, in the wake of the legal and soon to be spiritual disestablishment of the Vatican and the Crown of England, and all of the countries and corporations they’ve spawned. We are free to remake the world and ourselves now, but only if we stop seeing and believing the illusions spun in our head by fictitious entities, starting with the so-called courts and governments and churches that can seem so real.

A new friend of mine in the Canadian midwest is a farmer and a hell of an expert on the common law. He puts things this way,
“There was once only the Natural Law governing men and women, the de jure law of God, of equality and peace. But then de facto legal power subverted lawful power, and the de facto force was the unlawful power of self-appointed kings and popes who ruled arbitrarily and not from the natural law. But then Magna Carta came along to restore Natural Law to mankind, yet once again, the de facto power has chipped away at that until justice is effectively abolished in all the so-called courts.

“Today, there are no more de jure courts or governments anywhere: they’re all private contractors for the corporations that run our world. So we are now abolishing those de facto corporate powers with Magna Carta once more, through the common law courts. But this time, the see saw battle has to end. The People have to finally reclaim the law and the earth if they’re to have a future.”
Fine, so many of you awakening people are responding. But HOW?

Our work is showing all of you not only the why but the how of displacing criminal institutions, and not simply by exposing the crimes. For the past year, we have formed training workshops to teach people the common law and deputize them to be the sheriffs and peace officers and jury members who will replace the corrupt, private commercial courts of today. And starting in May, groups around the world will be systematically enforcing the Stand Down Orders issued against the existing criminal authorities, whether they be cops, priests, judges, politicians or popes.

And to give things a really nice push at the higher levels, during the upcoming Easter weekend of April 18-20, we will be spiritually converging on Rome to nullify the authority and rule of the Vatican and the entity that controls it.

The sword is lifted to finally sever Goliath’s head, O people. The problem isn’t the lack of a blade, but the cowardice and conditioning of the mass of people. And that’s why it’s only the remnant of called out warriors who will be able to create the example and spark the enlightenment that will rally the millions who can reshape our world. And so the clarity and will of that Remnant is now the decisive issue.

The consequences of a well aimed death blow: you’ve got to love them! So prove to yourself, to God, and to our descendents, that you are worthy of the freedom that you have been given now by the blood and the sacrifice of a few of us.

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shit-causing-troubleMatt Taylor, Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner during the day and Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown by night, is a man of the people, declaring himself the winner of the expected Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven election in 2015.

With a year to go until the election turns red hot, Matt Taylor has steamed ahead of his opponents in the race to win the most marginal constituency in the UK.


  • Simon Kirby is Doomed.
  • With a majority of only 3%, Simon Kirby is doomed to lose his seat at the next general election.
  • Who is Nancy Platts?
  • Nancy Platts hasn’t uttered a single word since the article “Who is Nancy Platts?” was promoted on the IndyMedia website. Asked to comment on corruption she refused. Typical of a professional political who is only in politics for their own personal gain.
  • Davy Jones from the Green Party?
  • With a dream to recreate the magic which turned Caroline Lucas into the first and only Green MP, Davy Jones has a mountain to climb with the ‘failures’ of the Green lead council still fresh in people’s mind.
  • Ian Buchanan from UKip.
  • No Mr Freemason, we do not need another crooked Freemason, who pledges a secret oath to a secret organization, holding the responsibility of public office. On a personal note to Ian Buchanan; You may as well pull out now. You will lose your £500 deposit for sure.


As the excellent journalist and blogger Harry Blackwood explains in such easy to read language: Hartlepool United’s football mascot becomes one of the very first directly elected mayors in the country.

“The problem with political jokes is they get elected.”

“When H’Angus the Monkey decided to throw his banana into the ring and stand for election to the £60,000 a year post, it was done as a joke. The Hartlepool United football club chairman paid his election deposit and supporters of the club and a local rugby club threw themselves behind his campaign.

Stuart Drummond, the man in the monkey suit, promised free bananas for all school kids in the town and submitted an interesting curriculum vitae to the local newspaper of which I was editor, boasting of a degree and proficiency in a number of languages. It did make us wonder why he was working in a call centre on a pittance but hey, did it matter, he was a joke.

As it turned out it did matter. He won.”



Having shamed Simon Kirby, Katy Bourne and Sussex Police, Matt Taylor’s imagine as a buffoon has been well and truly banished.

Standing on an anti-corruption platform, the ex Royal Military Police has excelled all expectations, with his deputy and campaign manager David Joe Neilson, by creating the Federation of Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners.

Bringing an extra level of public scrutiny to elected PCC’s, Matt Taylor has been the only person in Sussex to consistently and comprehensively report on Katy Bourne and Sussex Police.

With a steady stream of well crafted blogs, (often awash with spelling and grammar mistakes,) Matt Taylor has built up a readership 50,000 a month, with one blog going viral, with over 10,000 hits in a single day.

Read more: Matt Taylor orders arrest of the Queen.

With the entire free press in Sussex turning a blind eye to the scandals in their Police force, Matt Taylor has become the person people contact when they have complaints against Sussex Police.

Scandals include:

  • The Brighton Scandal in which Michael Coughtrey was forced to defend his brother’s honour in face of police lies and cover-up.
  • The Murder House in Peacehaven, in which David Joe Neilson solved the Katrina Taylor murder, only for Sussex Police to turn on him, to protect the Crime Lord who killed her and ultimately freed her killers.
  • Setchfield and Regan, two gentlemen who forced Martin Richard’s early retirement, due to an investigation into his misconduct, only for their story to be ignored by everyone is Sussex, including the Sussex Police and Crime panel.
  • Dr Eccy de Jonge and her covert dossier. I repeat, a Doctor of Philosophy is a victim of Sussex police opening a covert dossier on her, whose purpose was to stain her character in order to cover up their own incompetence in investigation a woman’s fatal road traffic collision.


More to Come.

  • We have yet to hear from Dr Proctor. He’s been sitting on the side-lines and has been watching everything. Son of the infamous writer of Dr Who, Anthony Coburn; he has a story to tell which bangs Sussex Police to rights…


Emerging as the only politician with integrity and clout, Matt Taylor is charging ahead in the popularity polls, with his name becoming recognized as a key player in the alternative movement.


A War Council of the Alternative Movement has been called by Dawn Taylor of the Truth Juice: Free Thinking organization.

Inviting Kevin Annett, Penny Pullen, Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey and Matt Taylor, the first King Arthur Knight’s of the Round Table session will commence for the first time in over 1500 years.


Forget about David Icke, Kevin Annett, Field Secretary for The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), is recognized as an emerging leader within the Alternative Movement.


A War Council of the Alternative Movement is being hosted by Kevin Annett on 06 May 2014, 7:30pm at the The King Arthur Pub, 31-33 Benedict Street, Glastonbury , Somerset. Admission: £10.00


While echoing Harry Blackwood’s call to vote for none of the above.

Read more: Don’t vote it only encourages them.


As Harry Blackwood sums it up:

“I was asked by a couple of Sunday newspapers to write articles explaining how Drummond had won. It was easy to do. Drummond, the man in the monkey suit, hadn’t won. A bloke called ‘none of the above’ had won. There was no question. The seemingly savvy voters of Hartlepool had rejected all of the politicians. They preferred a joke candidate promising free bananas to a politician. They’d have preferred a steaming dog turd on top of a cream cake to a politician.”



bill maloney bbc manThe inner most guarded secrets of the Windsor Royal family have been blown wide open by Bill Maloney, the director of Pie’n’Mash films and campaigner against institutionalised child-abuse, in an explosive interview with Guerilla Media Network radio featuring Lou Collins.

Beamed to an American radio audience, Bill Maloney took the opportunity to go further than he has ever gone before and actually named Prince Charles as a paedophile.

In a truly shocking and disturbing transmission, Bill Maloney revealed that was he warned:

‘Don’t do it Bill, don’t you dare do it. Don’t you dare say anything about Charles being a paedophile and don’t you dare Bill, don’t you dare mention anything about Princess Diana being killed because she was going to spill the beans. Don’t you dare Bill.’

Bill Maloney dares to go where other’s Fear to tread.

With the latest shocking and embarrassing headline to hit the news wire, that another personal friend of Prince Charles, pervert Bishop Peter Ball, 82, will become the most senior Church of England figure to be hauled into court on a child sex charge, the Windsors are petrified that the people will soon be rushing the Palace gates.


Not only was the Queen’s Butler a paedophile, but so is her husband, son and priest. Facing two counts of indecent assault – one in 1978 on a boy aged 12 or 13; the second in the 1980s on a man who was 19 or 20, the disgraced Bishop was invited to live with the Prince on his Duchy of Cornwall property and boasted of Prince Charles as “a loyal friend.”

Read more: Retired Bishop friend of Prince Charles to be charged with child sex abuse.


ImagePalace Guards are showing the pressure of having to guard the world’s most wanted woman, evident by the drama of a Royal Guard pulling his bayonet on an unarmed visitor.

Palace Guards are trained to only leave their post unless a Royal is under threat. So when you see a Palace Guard rush forward 50 yards with his bayonet unsheathed, you know that the Royals are under threat.

With the backing of the Queen, a zero tolerance approach now seems to be her response as the Royal House of Windsor crumbles around her.

Read more: Security fears as Buckingham Palace Queen’s Guard pulls rifle on ranting intruder.


With the British People massing to get the hanging rope out, more and more are waking up to the crimes of Elizabeth Windsor and her family. The calls of discontent are getting louder and louder and the British People are stirring.

While the Queen managed to evade arrest in Rome, Matt Taylor from Brighton warns her that she may not be so lucky again.

Read more: The Queen evades arrest in Rome.

queen-on-bbYOUR LAST CHANCE.

In a personal message to Elizabeth Windsor, Matt Taylor warns her, “This is your last chance to hand yourself in. Surrender yourself at the Big Brother House to spill the beans before the Nation, and I will ensure you get immunity from conviction. Refuse. And I’ll stand aside and leave you to Scott Chambers. Not that Scott Chambers and his friends would even care whether I’m standing in the way or not, and push past regardless, but you will see the fury of the British People at first hand. You will feel the fury of the British people up close and personal.”

As Scott Chambers states in his declaration:

“Discussions are to take place before November 5th (TBC) as this will be when we begin to round you up and place you on trial with sentencing to include being hanged.. (if you can be kept alive to be sentenced). On this day you are also here by stripped of any powers of authority you believe you have over the British People and their Commonwealth friends (including the USA).”


Repeated in it’s entirety at the end, Scott Chambers is the type of ‘Emerging Leader’ which the Establishment are so petrified of.

Understanding that both the Church and Monarchy are now both internationally recognised as a Criminal Organization, Scott Chambers is taking the initiative and publishing his own ‘Declaration of Intent,’ and in doing so positioning himself for the post-Windsor world which is now unstoppable.

Scott Chambers – Declaration of Intent.

scott chambersHello People,

Firstly I’d like to thank all those that over many years have tireless fought against a government determined to not only rule the British people but the people of the world too (God Bless those that where silenced), it has allowed myself to catch up on happenings hidden from the public’s common knowledge at a lighting speed pace (and still I continue to learn of more and more each day).

During this time I’ve looked for the killer yet peaceful blow that is to bring this lot from the ruling power they hold, its one thing to beat them at their own game with all the knowledge we posses among us, its another to leave the loser on the streets to pick off the next unsuspecting man/women.

So what I’ve done is put together what I believe to be a very fair but yet very powerful ‘Declaration of Intent’ for us to gather under and go remove this extremely dangerous lot to the well being of humanity. I’m fully open to all criticism as even with some parts of this I’m not quite sure it needs to be included or that there’s yet another powerful message that can be added to it… Its currently at 2.75 pages long and the push I have for this is to get a copy out to everyone in the UK.

All questions welcome too.

Declaration for Intent in ‘Civil’ Action
for Crimes against God and the Commonwealth of His People.

To the Attention of Elizabeth II, her unlawful Government, its dogs of war and all those who oppose Christ’s return,
(Crown loyalist’s are advised to scatter too the temporary 1sq mile safe haven of the City of London till an updated Magna Carta is drawn up, which see’s no reason to give wholesome land rights to those acting upon the sea)

It is with my word as my honour and with the utmost of power as invested in me by I AM to bring into the light, Prophet ELIJAH who can declare who the King of Kings is to replace Elizabeth Mountbatten (The cursed Queen), along with obtaining the real Stone of Destiny for the King to be crowned upon.

You can find out more about this by visiting

Discussions are to take place before November 5th (TBC) as this will be when we begin to round you up and place you on trial with sentencing to include being hanged.. (if you can be kept alive to be sentenced). On this day you are also here by stripped of any powers of authority you believe you have over the British People and their Commonwealth friends (including the USA).

Our intolerance of your complete disregard to I AM and his people (The British, commonwealth and all those that pay homage to him outside of this, The Palestinians for one, USA, Russia others) can not be allowed to continue on in this manner..

You have been complicate in every one of the most heinous of crimes towards I AM’s people and a full list will be compiled upon your trial. But here’s a little taster
You have breached your contracted and sworn oath to uphold the Laws of God (unless you wish to declare this God is Satan and is not YHWH / I AM).

  • You have allowed the British people to become impoverished by a fraudulent banking system of usury and even allowed your head to be placed on the banks currency.
  • You have allowed the ancient rights, sovereignty and traditions (Christmas) of the British and commonwealth people as outlined within the Magna Carta to be eroded and lost into time as is with the Covenant to I AM himself.

By allowing the above, these sovereigns have been unlawfully criminalized and imprisoned by legislations of the Law Society within your unlawful Government. (shall be released)

  • You have gave no protection to Gods People that I AM specifically asked of you to do and subjected them to debt based slavery within a Babylonian Market System.
  • You have wilfully subjected good men and women of the Military to become intertwined with both the illegal and unlawful wars against the Middle East.
  • Your Unlawful Government is also conspiring with the Law Society to bring Sharia Law upon the land so yet more laws can be written for these crimes to be accepted as ‘normal’.

Further criminal activities and some of the words above can be found by linking

It is also of the understanding that this continued disregard you’s keep perpetrating against I AM with your flattery towards Satan is knowingly going to bring the Armageddon of WW3 and burn all the souls you’ve sought to bring down with you.

This is unless of course, we can talk about forgiveness and you’s all start walking out from behind the shadows so Peace can be upon those who want it.

To the Attention of Fence Sitters and Blind Eye Turners:

All be asked that you support the righteousness in our endeavours with food/shelter too help take back the United Kingdom from the Tyrannical rule of evil men and women.. You may think there is no divine creator and that is your choice to deny him onto you, it is however fact,

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”~Edmund Burke

And those for this are all but good men.

To the Attention of all supporters:

We fully intend to remove this lot as peacefully as we can and any reports of violence is them fighting us off to be detained until a hearing can be called upon.

Removing government can be a daunting thought in that who do we have to stop anarchy, well the answer is quite simple, we have ourselves, its down to each and every 1 of us to make the important decisions in our lives, so it is ultimately yourself that will uphold to the righteousness, I’m not saying their won’t be a few business raided for so called valuables as priced by fraudulent banking means and ownership. If money can’t supply goods then do you think those goods would be there to be stolen in the first place?

All I ask is that thieves just trying to get by in life because they themselves are being robbed by those who wish to imprison them by their laws remain upbeat and help towards a truly Great Nation.

A new light is to be shined upon the world, so in this transition try as hard as you can not to take the piss and take that only of what you need and be thankful of those who put it there. The Good in Men is Love, Kindness and Compassion this is the commonwealth of the people that Elizabeth, Government and all those that wilfully serve for them, parasite on the life force of us.

To the Attention of Outlaws:

To those who believe that during this time you can do what ever the hell you like as you see no reason to be ‘Civil’ in a Civil War, you will be tried without due process as what you give, you shall receive.

Reason for Such Actions.

There is a growing threat to the British God given way of Freedom and Liberty for all on the British Isle’s and towards her commonwealth friends. As each year passes with countless crimes committed by those that are supposedly elected to represent us and those crimes are just scrubbed aside by the very same elected public servants, then we are left with very little options but to come get you lot ourselves. Our so called elected have no honour to even uphold themselves to the very laws they create for us to be governed by but show blatantly that even their own laws do not even apply to themselves, so If they can’t even recognise Gods Law, The British Constitution of the Magna Carta and they can’t even recognise their own laws, then what laws do they recognise?, as to the attention of Outlaws, those who see no laws duly receive in return for what they offered out.

The Great Charter of the Magna Carta came about for this very reason:

Abuses by King John caused a revolt by nobles who compelled him to execute this recognition of rights for both noblemen and ordinary Englishmen. It established the principle that no one, including the king or a lawmaker, is above the law.
(the original Manga Carta was written in a short-hand Latin, so translations into later versions become twisted by those who seek it to favour themselves, this site is the English translation of the 1215 I use – )

The Validity of this Declaration.

Is this for real you’re asking, well its as real as you make it. If you agree that those governing us no longer represents what we The British stand for in our God given freedom and liberties under I AM, then you likely find yourself wanting to be among one of those helping to arrest and sentence a long list of Individuals that have and are continuing too cover up some very unsightly crimes that they do not want us to be aware of, and the more that empower themselves with this declaration the more cause in its righteousness it gains and with it the strength for us too remove them ourselves. As the saying goes, you and what army. And although I’m willing to turn up their on my lonesome to arrest them myself, there is nothing beside me to back it up with, so they carry on with the Notion that this is obviously what every1 wants so why should I go anywhere with you. Christ on the Throne of David is not a Warmonger like that of Elizabeth and her Government, but a True Defender of the Faith, and such things as GeoEngineering, GMO’s, Fossil Fuels, Usury, Destruction of the Environment to build concrete jungles become a thing of the distant past with the ultimate realisation that we’re all here to learn a lesson under the guidance of I AM, then all the more comfortable our lessons will be.

Useful Links

Additional Support

I am also in search of additional support for computer technicians in housing a website based around this declaration so that other important details regarding the removal of Elizabeth and her Government and the effects its most likely to have on services this criminal organisation’s core belief system has set up begin to collapse, along with sections where the overwhelming evidence against those to be arrested (Royal’s, politicians, judges, police chiefs, others) can be held for all to see why these individuals need to be arrested and their alleged crimes investigated and subsequently tried for them, Also with the distribution of this declaration to every individual in the UK (at least) so every1 is fully aware of what’s coming.

Final Recap

There is no need for violence in these days of change, but simply for those that are the real criminals of this land (and that of the entire world too), to come quietly, so to be removed from the positions of authority over the British and against the world, as they are quite clearly abusing this power that we the British people are granting them.

Scott Chambers