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A man facing eviction from the council flat he had lived in for nearly 20 years hanged himself on the balcony moments before bailiffs smashed their way in.Richard Perkins had been told the council was not obliged to rehouse him after his tenancy agreement came to an end. Housing officers and court bailiffs battled to […] […]

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patrick-loweUKIP 2015 Moulsecoomb and Bevendean councillor candidate Patrick Lowe, is the latest to declare his intention to stand in the 2016 Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Famous for being thrown out of a community meeting on the orders of Labour Councillor Anne Meadows for being ‘disruptive’, local printer Patrick Lowe once championed Katy Bourne in the 2012 PCC election, before deserting the Conservative Party for UKIP.

In a recent interview with BBC Sussex political reporter Ben Weisz, Lowe is quoted to have called Katy Bourne a “liquidator” of the police.

Perhaps he knows something we don’t, considering the strange anomaly that according to Companies House, the status of Sussex Police HQ stands as ‘DISSOLVED.’

Once a staunch supporter of Katy Bourne, Patrick Lowe has done what he does best and having turned coat is clearly plunging the dagger into his former friend’s back.

As we all know, a ‘Liquidator’ is a person appointed by the shareholders or unsecured creditors, to manage the winding up of a firm by selling off its assets. Who then assumes control of the business, collects and auctions off its free (un-pledged) assets in a reasonably short time, pays the unsecured creditors from the proceeds of the sale, and (if any money is left) distributes it among the shareholders in proportion to their shareholdings.

sussex police dissolved

Clearly evident that Katy Bourne has failed in her duty to hold the Chief Constable to account, useless at setting the Police Priorities and disingenuous in setting the Police Precept; it makes sense that her role has been of a ‘liquidator’ all along.

Part of her inner circle and having campaigned on her behalf during the 2012 PCC elections, Patrick Lowe would have been aware of the real agenda and having chosen his words wisely, spilled the beans to mark his first public interview declaring his intention to stand in the Sussex PCC elections.

While Patrick Lowe may complain that he’s being victimised for his ‘political beliefs,’ the truth could be as simple that he’s a turncoat and tell-tit.

With absolutely zero experience of policing its going to be interesting to see how his campaign progresses and how he performs in the coming PCC hustings.

The PCC elections are set for May 5th and nominations close on April 7th at 4pm.

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Mr Matt Taylor


HM Treasury,

1 Horse Guards Road,

London, SW1A 2HQ

Dear Cabinet Office,


I stood in the Brighton Kemptown parliamentary election as an Independent candidate promoting sustainable housing, alternative medicine and tidal energy.

I wish to appeal for a full refund of my £500 deposit for the following reasons:


On the 16th of January 2015 I was attacked by two assailants at my election campaign office in Peacehaven. Having called the police for emergency assistance I was arrested for affray and deprived off my liberty and freedom for the next 12 hours.

The episode was caught on camera and can be viewed below:



As a consequence of this; all my election fund was regrettably spent on solicitor and barrister costs, fighting the closure of my election office through the civilian courts.


Upon handing over the £500 deposit I did so with the understanding that I would be afforded the same opportunities as the other parliamentary candidates.

Shockingly I was excluded from two major hustings, in which all the other parliamentary candidates were invited.

At the Argus Hustings, organised by the local newspaper, I was excluded.

Read more: The Argus Travesty of Democracy.

I was again excluded from a Peacehaven Community School husting in which all the other parliamentary candidates were invited.


Due to the financial disaster of prioritising between saving my election office or printing leaflets, I did not take advantage of the free Royal Mail leaflet delivery service.


Everything that could have went wrong went wrong. If I had known that I wouldn’t be afforded the same privileges and courtesy bestowed upon the other parliamentary candidates, I simply would not have stood as an independent parliamentary candidate in the Brighton Kemptown election.

While I accepted I would not win the election, I hoped that with the same exposure as the other candidates I would at least win back my £500 deposit.

I came last in the vote with 69 votes, and believe I helped considerably is aiding and abetting Simon Kirby’s victory of 690 votes more than his nearest rival, Labour’s Nancy Platts.

The anti-promotional video below demonstrates that I helped secure a Conservative victory in Brighton Kemptown.

As a freelance content provider, £500 is a lot of money to needlessly lose.

Please may I appeal to your more generous nature and request a full refund of the £500 deposit I gave Britain PLC to stand as an Independent Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown.

If I had been afforded the same rights and privileges as the other candidates, I would have been happy and no appeal would have been submitted.

I trust you agree, that in light of the three reasons highlighted, it is only fair and proper that I should receive a full refund.

Read more: I’m broke, homeless and pissed off.

Many thanks for your time and I look forward with hope for your response, with a £500 cheque attached.

Yours Sincerely,

Matt Taylor