A Bridge Too Far Part 3 by Christopher D Spivey.


“In this third and final installment exposing the Westminster Bridge attack as a fake Government orchestrated play act I will prove to you that no one died, no one got hurt and the attack itself was nothing more than an illusion.”

Christopher D Spivey



Is Prime Minister Theresa May an Imposter?


Prime Minister Theresa May is facing fresh controversy today following startling claims made by a Chris Spivey, prominent writer in the Alternative Media, that she’s an imposter, installed in Number 10 Downing Street for evil and nefarious ends.

Battered by claims of a shambolic and botched reshuffle, May finds herself at a centre of a new conspiracy theory that claims she does not exist, but is in fact a made up persona, played by at least four different people, one of which is Margaret Thatcher’s son, Dennis Thatcher.

Fake News

In a world of fake news and computer generated imagery (CGI), Spivey claims that the world’s ‘One Percent,’ controls the world’s population by stealth, fear, corruption, bribery and blackmail.

“Every single one of us could have a better life, if we but knew it. The reason we don’t is because we live in a world that is an illusion… An act.”

All the World’s a Stage

Biting at the heels of the world’s most famous conspiracy theorists such as David Icke and Alex Jones, Spivey has been at the centre of controversy himself when in 2015 he found himself in hot water for claiming the Lee Rigby Woolwich murder was a government sponsored hoax, orchestrated to foster anti-islamic feelings.

Labelled an ‘Internet Troll’ by the mainstream media, he was found guilty of harassing the Rigby family across an 11 month period, but has since continued to publish controversial articles on his blog which boasts an impressive readership in it’s millions.

Convinced the world is not what’s it’s advertised to be, he blames all the world’s ill’s on a secret criminal elite, hell bent on keeping the world’s population in servatitude and fear.

“Get rid of this 1% and we can all enjoy life as it should be. Without these evil parasites, living off our misery there would be no wars, no starving and no homelessness.”

While Theresa May may have more pressing things to address today, this conspiracy theory is set to run and run.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

With more and more people turning to conspiracy theories to explain the world around them, Spivey spearheads a growing number of writers and activists who are disputing the official story being feed to us by the established mainstream media.

Whether the world is flat or round, whether aliens are amongst us or whether man has really been to the moon, the fledgling Truth Movement continues to be lambasted and persecuted as a minority section of society, derided as ‘Tin Foil Hat Wearers’.

Could it really be true that the world’s populace have been lied to on an industrial scale? Only time will tell.

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Theresa May in New Conspiracy Theory Scandal


If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the embattled PM Theresa May? Think again… Things just got a lot worst. In fact it’s fair to say, things have just got a lot more surreal…

Read on if you dare!

According to the nation’s most controversial conspiracy theorist, (and no, I’m not talking about David Icke), but in fact Chris Spivey; Theresa May doesn’t really exist. She’s a creation of a secret department in the British government; a created persona used for their own nefarious ends, just as Diana Spencer and Madeleine McCann.


Unrepentant on his conviction of Harassment in 2015 against the family of murder Lee Rigby and with a readership reaching into its millions, Spivey understands that such a bold claim is hard for the vast majority of readers to get their head around, but maintains his belief that it’s the truth.

In a world of fake news Spivey appears to be propelling the concept of fake news, into a new and unexplored stratosphere.

As he writes in his latest article, ‘Stupid Is As Stupid Does’;

“Now, whilst you would think that it would be impossible to fake a whole life, it is in fact much easier than you would imagine, especially when the whole world believes the lie… Yet like Diana, the un-elected Prime-Mincer, Terry May is nothing more than a series of photoshopped images and a hand full of actors who vaguely resemble the public’s perception of what Un-El-Tel looks like.”

Credible only in Hollywood blockbusters and cash starved B-Movies, the grand conspiracy theory Spivey puts forward far outweighs David Icke’s life long belief that the Queen is a shape-shifting reptilian.

Is it really possible that secret government department uses various actors and actresses to play the public figures which the public adore, praise and vote for?

Spivey believes so; as does millions of others in the sub-culture we have come to call the Truth Movement;

“So let me tell you again. Teresa May does not exist. He/She doesn’t need to because he/she is like all of our politicians i.e surplus to requirements. I mean they certainly don’t do any work. In fact try writing to your politician to ask for help with a problem and all you will get in return is a reply from a minion.

Indeed our MP’s are nothing more than front men put in place to mask the biggest [on-going] fraud by far to have ever taken place in this country… And indeed all other countries are the same.”

Using facial comparison software and over-laying facial profiles with others, Spivey even goes as far to claim one such actor playing the role of Theresa May is none other than the son of the nation’s most famous female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

“Now as I say, May is played by at least 4 different people and at least one of them is a man… Probably and quite ironically, Mark Thatcher.”


According to Spivey, even May’s husband, Philip, is happy to explore his feminine side.



And then again; May’s arch enemy George Osborne is also in the frame.


Whether Spivey is a deluded fantasist or an unsung hero; Theresa May is under fire from literally every corner of society.

With evident intelligence and backed up with enough circumstantial evidence to fill a series of books, Spivey is blazing a trail where other conspiracy theorists daren’t to follow.

Promising to publish his book “A Bridge Too Far” – exposing the Westminster Bridge hoax, Spivey is the talk of the Truth Movement, loved by millions and hated by just as many. Fated to be the most famous man in the world if ever his surreal theories are ever proved to be true; he’s currently destined to be just another conspiracy theorist plying his trade and walking in the footsteps of David Icke, and Alex Jones.

Check out Spivey’s work at www.chrisspivey.org, if you dare; but be sure that you’ll never view the world and society ever the same again.

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Bridge of Spies by Christopher Spivey

Bridge of Spies

I’ll tell you what for nothing; when I first temporarily shelved ‘Book Ends‘ to write up this London Bridge malarkey I never for one moment expected to still be writing it now.

Moreover, there is still a good ways to go before I finish it, despite being up to the 40,000 word mark – 38,107 to be exact.

And believe me when I say that I will be glad when  it’s done because what on the surface appeared to be another amateurishly put-together fraud act on behalf of the British government is anything but… Indeed it is enormously complicated and my stress levels have been close to melt-down trying to figure out how it was done.

But I have and you will be shocked by it I can promise you that. Moreover, unlike the hoaxes that I have written about before this Westmonster Horror Show will be documented in one volume as opposed to the usual three or four and often more.

Course, not being able to get anything new on here has also added to my stress especially with a few donations still coming in… Which is just as well since I have to eat like everyone else and my financial situation is absolutely dire. And of course therein lies another reason for me wanting/needing to get the Westminster exposé out of the way.

Unfortunately, concentrating on the task in hand means that I haven’t had the time to thank those of you who have donated over the last couple of weeks, but I promise you that I will get round to doing it as soon as I can.

However, having said that there is one fella – and I won’t say who he is in case he wishes to remain anonymous – who donated a sum far too large to let it go unacknowledged for any length of time and I will be writing to him as a matter of priority – You sir have literally kept a roof over my head (hopefully) and I am extremely grateful to you.

But anyway, my original intention here had been to give you a little look at what you can expect from this forthcoming book-length report on the unforgivable criminal act committed on the nation by senior members of the government & constabulary whilst also giving a little mention to the recent latest batch of bullshit reporting on Madeleine McCann.

I was then going to top my words off with one of the articles given to me as gap-fillers by my friend, the writer & historian, John Hamer.

Now I don’t know if you have read those four or five fairy stories or not about young Madeleine, but the total, total bollox written about her in the Chimp proper got my goat.

However, after the MI5 ‘follow up‘ to the Westminster abomination I have decided to have a word about that instead. Therefore any of you who thought that this was going to be the actual Westminster Bridge-fest I am sorry to tell you that it isn’t… It is a kind of Sequel-Prequel.

Now since the latest round of McCann nonsense articles and Mad Masood’s 82 second moment of mayhem have someone in common – as no doubt yesterdays terrapin hoax (28/4/17) will have soon enough – it would be rude of me not to mention him… Especially so with our un-elected Prime Mincer, The Right Orrible Transvestite, Terry May singing the praises of our Security Services and Boys in Blue.

You see, the person that I am on about who has played a massive role in perpetuating the Westminster bridge fraud, whilst currently trying to do the same for the Madeleine McCann myth and will doubtlessly stick his two penneth worth into the latest Westminster fraud is Top Plod, Mark Rowley – Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Indeed, the ultra vain Rowley took the leading role in the Westminster Am-Drams over Acting Met Commissioner, Craig Mackey… Acting being the operative word to describe the pair of criminals.

In fact have you noticed how many of these pretend investigations have an’Acting’ plod in charge? The Jo Cox caper is another example.

Nevertheless, I would imagine that Rampant Rowley was given the starring role because he is more debonair than the Boris Johnson Buffoon like, Craig Mackey.

And of course Mackey is being kept away from the public after having Masood run straight past his car, before stabbing one of his police officers to death prior to being shot dead, to which Mackey simply said “drive on Parker” without so much as even getting out of his posh-motor to have a butchers-hook.

Mind you, Rowley did appear to do a Stirling job whilst posing model-like to deliver his updates on the Westminster nonsense.

In his fucking element look, standing there with one outstretched leg forward of the other… Yet in reality, Skid-Mark is anything but the cool, calm & authoritative police spokesman that he would have us believe.

Worst still, Rotten Rowley hadn’t even read the Westmonster script properly before facing the world’s press and made one almighty fuck up when asked by a reporter if [allegedly] un-armed PC Palmer (supposedly stabbed to death by terrorist, Mad Masood) was in fact armed at the time of his murder.

And when Rattled Rowley confirmed that Palmer was indeed carrying a firearm before almost immediately realizing his fuck up, his reaction is a sight to behold.

Now obviously the footage of this almighty fuck up wasn’t shown over here, but I still anticipate the video disappearing in the near future if it hasn’t done already. Therefore I videoed the video for posterity… Watch and listen carefully.

I can’t stop watching that… I fucking love it when the mugs trying to mug us mug themselves off.

Course – and as most of you already know –  in order to be in the ‘club‘ you have to compromise yourself. And as such I wasn’t surprised when Rowley turned up as an “Australian” tourist, recounting to the press the horrors that he saw on the 22nd of March 2017.

And that should be a matter of grave concern to everyone… Right, let’s have a look at the follow up nonsense that took place on the 27th of April 2017 – and I am sure that you all realize that the agendas here are:

  • the ban on knives – after all they have already banned the guns.
  • the full time arming of the criminal police
  • and keeping our MP’s well away from the public so as they don’t cotton on to the fact that between a half to two thirds of the scumbags do not even exist
  • not to mention making heroes out of villains.

Now Google the words “Metropolitan Police Corruption” whilst also bearing in mind that the Security Services have been behind every terrorist attack in this country since WW2.

Course, one of the first things that I noticed about yesterday’s old bollox is that they are using it as an opportunity to rewrite history in regard to the Mad Masood mayhem.

Kinda makes ya wonder how Andrea Christie – or as the silly as arseholes press like to call her; Andreea Cristea – got knocked off the bridge in the first fucking place, don’t it?

Not that she really did of course. Indeed no one was hurt at all not even ‘hero’ cop, Keith Palmer… Although someone got rich from the fiction.

In fact Andreeeeeeea turned up the next day as a commuter spreading the “we will never let terrapinism beat us” bollox.

And I should also point out that she is also happy-as-larry, Masood victim, Edy Cochran – or whatever her fucking stage name was – who couldn’t stop smiling at the death of her beloved husband of 25 years, Eddie Cochran.

Absolutely fucking gutted she is.

Now, no doubt that the details will have changed by the time that you read this but this latest terrapin, probably called Terry – despite him not really being a terrapin – had been on round the cock surveillance by the Men-In-Tights:

And like Old Telly May keeps saying; our intelligence services get their information from impeccable sources… Such as the terrapins family:

Those journalist in the chimp are gooder than most are they?

But in the end it seems that the MIT got their man via a crisis actor agency stop and search:

I wonder if that Scotland Yard Spokesman is Mark Rowley?

And indeed, that stop & search came at the best place possible – the central reservation on Whitehall where he was confronted by armed police.

Course, I always thought that once an armed plodothon has identified himself he then repeatedly shouts at his target: “GET ON THE GROUND. GET ON THE GROUND”.

Yet it seems that despite sticking his hands in the air and dropping his zipper bag with the zip undone, causing 3 knives to fall out – two were in case he had to reload I would imagine – the plod decide to bundle him to the ground manually… Which they probably find much more fun.

And after bumming him to the ground one of the vindictive bastards trod on his fingers… And they wouldn’t even let him have a piss in peace.

Mind you our terrapin looks exactly like you would expect a man to look whom, having had his mission thwarted and his fingers stamped on by the arresting armed police, is now facing years in prison – thus robbing him of the final years of his youth.

Nevertheless after routinely stopping and searching him, the plod obviously decided that the Whitehall Central Reservation wasn’t the best of choices to do so after all and moved Terry Terrapin across the road onto the pavement, consequently closing a major underground station in the process.

Moreover, by taking him over to the pavement on the Treasury side the sharp minded plod had to close the road off – a major road at that upon which traffic had been free flowing up until that point.

But at least in doing so meant that they could keep the other side of the road open – the side with one of the two lanes already closed off at the worst possible place (traffic lights) which was already causing a long tail back… They’ve got some brains these fucking heroes haven’t they?

PHOTO: Which side of the road would you close off in order to keep the public safe, the station open and cause the least chaos?

Still at least the Men-Who-Point-A-Lot got there early.

PHOTO: What the fuck is the daft cunt pointing out to his daft cunt mate – That he isn’t an alcoholic or something?

Even though they only had one pair of spaceman’s boots between them. But they were so early in fact that the terrapin – too dumb to do the zipper up on his bag of assorted knives in an area crawling with plod – hadn’t even been carted off to the nick at that point.

Although they wasn’t as quick off the mark as the photo journalists who were there from the off… Sort of telepathic telephoto lenses.

Indeed I really do not think that the Monster Minions know exactly what crime scene forensic officers do!

After all, here they are in their sterile suits and masks, photographing 3 knives that were not used on anyone and couldn’t possibly be in the same place as when they fell out of soft-lad’s unzipped zipper bag, laying on the ground that forms one of the busiest crossings in the world… I mean, what the fuck were they hoping to find? Yet a police photographer could have taken the snappy snaps.

Worse still, not only did Sterile-Trainers-Man forget his space-wellies, he also forgot to bring the fucking evidence markers too.

Mind you, if you think that cunt is dumb what about Space-Boots-Space-Ed who taped his sterile gloves to his sterile space suit presumably to avoid any fibers falling out of his sleeves onto one of the busiest bits of real estate in the world?

Before realizing that as a professional forensic officer he would need to change his gloves multiple times!

And people think that this really happened???

I mean fuck me! He must be as drugged up as the professional paramedics who put Mad Masood into their ambulance the wrong way and as a consequence had to take him off the back lift to turn him round the other way.

Must have been a bastard first ever job for the fellas!

But least said, soonest mended.

And who knows, I may be wrong. I mean perhaps silly bollocks is done up like a dogs dinner because he’s allergic to knives?

Although fuck knows where he found the one in the following photo.

However, did you notice the lack of traffic in the overhead photo that I showed you a while back?

Weird or what when you consider that the traffic coming down Whitehall is going into a bottle neck right on the traffic lights? Yet none of the overhead shots bear any resemblance to the street side photos.

Mind you, there was a lot of strange goings on at the time.

For instance where are all the police motors?

Indeed not even the two unmarked motors that we can see in the overhead photo (two photos up) are there, yet Terry Terrapin is still on the scene. Therefore the fact that the unneeded forensics are there already are a good indication that this is nothing more than a photo-shoot.

And how coincidental is it that we see the same plod van as was used in the Mad Masood caper as well as a coach identical to the suspect coach also used that day?

PHOTO: The coach used on March 22nd 2017.

Well, I say that it is the same plod van as that used on the day of Mad Masood’s road-rage mayhem but it has a different registration number despite having the same 3 letter code which as far as I can ascertain is unique to the vehicle that it is assigned to.

Now as you can see in the above photo, the registration number of the CLL van is BV 16 UXW.

Whereas the registration number on the ‘other‘ CLL van is… Err… Something different which constantly evolved as the van turned.

Yet then again, looking at the photo below the van could possibly have the same registration as that used in the Masood caper (BV 16 UXW).

Although looking at the registration plate on a Mercedes van that also passed the “Forensics Officer”  I am not sure that the 3 letter code, CLL is not also being used as deliberate subliminal message.

You see, the the last three letters on the Mercedes van registration plate appeared to read as the word “Kill” when the vehicle turned.

Not that any of the motors were as they should have been that day. But then again all of the photos and videos are fake.

For instance take a look at the following screenshot taken from one of the Chimps videos.

Now in this photo we see Terry Terrapin being carted off to the plod motor behind the Volvo plod motor. And that 2nd motor is clearly a car.

You only need look at the height of the forensic officer to the right of the motor too see that.

Yet when we see the Ariel shots the motors look very different indeed.

And at the very least that second motor will be 5 ft 7 ins tall or more… But then again we are talking about a lot of CGI here. Either that or there are some very tall funny looking coppers in London!

Nevertheless, as the coppers walked Terry to the motors it certainly appears as if they are going to put him into the Volvo.

Excuse the red circle it is fuck all to do with me. Although it might be something to do with taking the emphasis off the Volvo’s roof because fuck knows what is going on there.

Nevertheless, as they get to the Volvo’s rear door they all simply keep walking… As in; keep walking through the car as if it isn’t there!

And that is where the video ends… However, we now need to look at the Ariel video.

Nevertheless, they then get him into the motor.

And all but close the door but before they do Tel the Pin must ask the plod for a fag or a kiss because the plod then opens the door again. Also  note the Minions are letting it be know that this isn’t real via the letters on the bus roof.

Also note the reference to Mormons who have been mentioned in quite a few Chimp articles of late.

And as for the bird? Well I don’t know if it means anything or not but it certainly doesn’t look real to me.

Which leaves me one more batch of screenshots to show you from yet another video.

A bit trippy that.

Nevertheless, that just leaves me to tell you that Sick Benefit Part 3 is now available as an eBook and can be found HERE for UK customers. And HERE for our American cousins.

And whatever you do, please leave a review… Or do you want me to be poor for ever and ever amen?

Just askin’.



Mad-Masood’s-Mad-Moment by Chris Spivey

Hi All,

As some of you will be aware I reluctantly made the decision to put aside writing “Book Ends” – my forthcoming exposé of every sensationalised major crime committed in this country since the 1950’s to present – after the “82 second” London fiasco occurred.

Course, I didn’t take that decision lightly as that exposé was and obviously still is nearing completion.

Moreover I am extremely pleased with my efforts and do in fact consider Book Ends to be my best work to date; not to mention by far the most ambitious – which obviously made it all the harder to shelve, albeit I’m hoping only very temporarily.

Mind you, at first glance the ‘official‘ story covering the Lazy-London-Amateur-Dramatics was that transparent to me that I had no intention of shelving “Book Ends” just so as I could waste my time pointing out the bleedin’ obvious.

Moreover, with the story being so obviously fake I quickly guessed – quite correctly as it happens – that every half-arsed writer in the AV would pounce upon it… No real work involved see?

However, as I continued to keep half an eye on the old bollox being written about the event via the Chimp – like I try to do with all fake events even if I am not going to bother writing about them – it slowly began to dawn on me that there is an awful, awful lot more to this latest government-hoax than first meets the eye.

In fact let me tell you right now that this latest “terrorist attack” was purposely littered with errors so obvious that anyone with half a mind to look, could not fail to miss them… Despite my slight amusement by the fact that many had.

So I therefore decided that I best have a proper butchers and after a couple of hours doing so, I was left feeling that I had no real choice but to shelve Book-Ends in favour of documenting Mad-Masood’s-Mad-Moment.

You see, far from being a total balls up carried out by the inept security services, the London Hoax is actually very clever and well put together.

Or put another way, the obvious errors are meant to be found because they can all be explained away satisfactorily when and if the need arises using film and reports that are already in circulation if you look for them hard enough… Conspiracy theorists beware, you are in danger of setting yourselves up for an almighty fall.

However, as it now stands I can prove beyond all doubt that the Westminster-Bridge-Bodge was a hoax and I will do so using the evidence that you are not supposed to see – which the Government paedo-trolls will not be able to explain away… I can even tell you the days on which the event took place – and there are more than two.

And having gathered over 4000 photos and screenshots (although nowhere near that many will be included in the finished product), I am now 17,000 words into detailing the fraud which will prove beyond all doubt that the most senior members of the British Government and the most Senior police officers in the country have conspired to commit a criminal act – for gain – to the great detriment of the very people that they are supposedly in office to serve.

Stay tuned.


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BOOK ENDS Part 1 by Chris Spivey



BOOK ENDS Part 1 by Chris Spivey


I read a very revealing article – albeit unintentionally so – about Madeleine McCann in today’s Chimpanzee comic (31/01/17) AKA the Daily Mail.

The article was supposedly in regard to the result of Kate & Gerry McCann’s appeal which they launched after losing their libel action against Goncalo Amaral – the former head of the Madeleine McCann investigation.

However, in reality it was just more old fanny designed to keep the story running… For that is all that the Madeleine McCann saga is; a story.

How do I know?

Well you can say what you like about me but the true facts of the matter are that I am nobody’s fool and I have spent nigh on every waking hour over the past 5 years either writing about or studying & researching the monster elite and their power-games.

Moreover, despite what some state run paedo trolls would have you believe, I do not pick a conclusion for the subjects that I write about and then go in search of – and/or manipulate – the evidence that fits.

Indeed, I look at my subject material from every possible angle, including the official version of events as well as amassing every bit of evidence available and only then do I form a conclusion based on logic, common sense and what that evidence points to as a whole.

I then present my case and you – the reader – are free to decide whether you agree or disagree.

Now, one thing that I am sure we can all agree on is that someone with a sharp, inquiring mind, on a quest for truth and with a good eye for detail cannot spend up to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, over a 5 year period investigating, researching & writing about world events orchestrated by obscenely rich, sick-minded, power crazed, psychopaths – whose thinking patterns bear no resemblance to ours whatsoever – and not become an expert.

Therefore, like it or not, I am an expert on my subject and the only people who would deny that fact is someone with nefarious reasons for doing so… Fair comment?

Of course it fucking is.

Now quite obviously these blatantly staged world events that I write about are brought to life by:

  • sick-minded, strategically placed individuals at the helm of various intelligence agencies, e.g The CIA, MI5 & MI6, Mossad etc, etc,

who – backed by infinite financial resources & manpower – are afforded unrestricted access to:

  • whatever is needed to successfully pull of the hoax, including access to [forged] paper evidence such as passports, life event photos and whatever else is needed to create a back-history for someone who doesn’t really exist

after which the hoax scenarios are then made all the more real by having:

  • access to technology at least 25 years ahead of what is available on the market at any one point in time and then foisted upon us as being fact by the massive, strictly controlled MSM propaganda machine

And all at the behest of:

  • an ultra-secretive, paranoid ‘elite’ – evil beyond belief and driven by an inbred fear of discovery by us; the enslaved masses

Therefore, following my dogged quest for truth thus far it is hardly surprising that what has now become blatantly obvious to me, is way beyond the scope of your average person – which includes the vast majority of those who consider themselves to be enlightened or open minded.

And I state that without ego or boast.

After all, the vast majority of people – having been brainwashed from birth – are far too preoccupied with their own lives, relationships and finances, not to mention handicapped by a deep rooted fear of being ostracised, isolated and ridiculed, along with many other factors, all of which means that they have neither the time, energy or desire to delve below what is presented on the surface as fact.

And that is what allows the Monsters to achieve what they do via ways that – given their resources and forward planning – are simple, yet unthinkable to the “right minded” folk who inhabit our Earth… Which I can of course understand although given the consequences of ‘sleepwalking‘ through life I cannot possibly condone.

After all, what I now know to be true would also have been madness to me as little as two or three years ago, yet it is vital that people drop the “me, me, me” and think in terms of “us, us, us“… Failure to do so does not bode well for the future of mankind.

What’s more, were that fact not to be true, then my life would doubtlessly be a lot easier, a lot more comfortable and I would be a lot more popular and palatable than I am now, having revealed SOME – albeit far from the majority – of my findings.

Yet for me to offer up anything other than what is now as plain as the nose on your face to me, would make me a fraud… Something that I am most certainly not, never have been and have no intention of becoming.

And that is why I am telling you now – regardless of what the all mighty and powerful MSM propaganda machine would have you believe – the McCanns do not exist… In the very same way that Diana Frances Spencer AKA Princess Diana never existed.

Indeed they are all creations brought to life for a specific purpose, which in the case of the McCann’s was so as they could have their fictitious daughter disappear.


Well, unfortunate as the case is, the reasons are far too many to document in enough detail to afford an altogether much more plausible perspective to those who cannot get past the fact that the McCanns are just an illusion.

Therefore it will suffice to say that those reasons are borne out of necessity, fear based control, acquiesce, financial, scientific and ego

As for those of you who can see just how easy it is for those maintaining control to create this ongoing drama, you will be able to work out ‘why’ for yourselves.

Course, anyone at all who is familiar with the storyline surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann need only take a step back and look objectively at what is presented as fact to realise the flaws in the fairytale which are patched up by the reader having to be prepared to suspend credibility.

I mean, what we actually have here is a presented scenario which sees Dr Gerry McCann and his wife Dr Kate McCann nee Healy, together with their 3 year old daughter, Madeleine and her younger twin siblings, Sean & Amelia fuck off on holiday to Portugal with 7 other people (4 of whom are also doctors) and their 5 children… Luckily it wasn’t peak season then, although doctors are well known for being tight.

Course, the fact that they are doctors is very significant because they are generally perceived as being fine, upstanding citizens who wouldn’t kill their children or take part in a hoax that see’s one of their children disappear without trace.

Now, despite these 9 holidaymakers all being professional people – six of them doctors – on the night in question they all decide to meet up for dinner at the restaurant situated on the opposite side of the complex to the apartments that they were staying in.

Moreover, none of them bothered with the resorts baby minding service, figuring that their collective 8 ankle-biters would all stay fast asleep – and besides, they were only across the way so as long as they are checked upon them every 15 minutes – half hour or so, they were of the opinion; ‘what harm could possibly come to the 8 ankle-biters?

Moreover, the McCann’s were that cock-sure that their 3 offspring would be safe, that they left their apartment unlocked… Like you do.

And the fact that one of these middle class parents – whilst off checking her own munchkins – saw a mush carrying a child dressed like Madeleine down the road yet it didn’t play on her mind at all at the time, is a sure sign that no right-minded, responsible parent could have predicted that their actions were a recipe for disaster.

Meantime, hidden in the shadows waiting to pounce was Madeleines abductor who having instinctively known that the McCann’s couldn’t be arsed to lock their road facing apartment front door, was now busy timing the irregular timed parent checks so as he could nonchalantly go and pluck the biggest of the 3 youngsters out of bed safe in the knowledge that she was the one capable of causing the most commotion if she woke up.

And after that, the subsequent events became even sillier and increasingly more illogical… In other words the Monster-Minions sprung into action by introducing contradictory witness testimony thus creating huge flaws in the folly which served as a launching pad for the conspiracy theories needed in order to keep the public divided, enthralled and away from the truth.

Or put another way: Exactly the same formula that is used for all fraud events.

Now I am not going to go into those conspiracy theories or the contradictory evidence because they have all been covered in other articles on here and elsewhere

However it very quickly became quite obvious that the ‘McCanns’ were being protected from the off, by the likes of the then British Prime Mincer, Gordon Brown and the Heir to the British Throne, Prince Charles.

Therefore, even if the McCann’s deliberately killed Madeleine – never mind the now emerging collective thinking along the lines that Madeleine died in the apartment following an accident whilst drowsy, caused by the drugs given to her to make her sleep – the importance and influence of those protecting the ‘family‘ means that her death could have been covered up with a much more plausible explanation than the deeply flawed abduction scenario.

For example they could have claimed that Madeleine was murdered having woken up to the noise made by a burglar in the room.

Certainly, were their any traces of tranquilizers found in her body I hope that no one is silly enough to think that the British government do not wield enough influence over the Portuguese government – working to the same insidious agenda – to be able to have that fact overlooked.

Therefore, you can only logically conclude that the flawed abduction story – with no body to be found – can only have been perpetuated because of the huge amounts of money the story has generated (not just for the McCann’s), along with the many other agendas at play.

And of course the many different scenarios still available for the final outcome will doubtlessly have another insidious, money making agenda attached to it.

However, if by some chance you are not aware of the many, many conspiracy theories surrounding this illusion, HERE would be a good place to start finding out what they are.

Now, something else that I have learned over the years is that all fraud events are indirectly linked – possibly for no other reason than continuity prompts and as a kind of filing system for the scriptwriters, making it easier to keep track on who’s who and what’s what.

For instance there are two other major frauds very strongly linked by the cast members of those taking part in the Madeleine McCann old fanny.

Those two events are the death of Princess Diana (note the death of Diana as opposed to other events that made up her artificially created life and times), along with the murder of Jill Dando.

PHOTO: The many faces of Princess Diana – literally.

And from those 3 strong links will be ever decreasing in strength, weaker links that connect to other government sponsored play-acts such as the murder of 14 year old Billie Jo Jenkins.

Those weaker links will in turn all have their own much stronger links to two, three or four other fake events – which in all probability will have no direct link to Princess Diana’s death, Madeleine McCann’s disappearance or Jill Dando’s murder.

Now before I tell you more, let’s get back to that unintentionally damning article that I mentioned at the start of this piece just so as I can point out how implausible these fake stories are in reality once you stop and look at them with applied logic and common sense.

The article starts thus:

The parents of Madeleine McCann were last night ‘bitterly disappointed’ after losing their eight-year libel battle against a former police chief who accused them of hiding their daughter’s death.

So straight away we learn that this show-case libel battle has lasted 8 years – Eight fucking long years!

Yet the longest Libel battle in English history lasted only two years longer and unlike the McCanns battle was an enormously complex case involving multiple issues requiring witnesses from all over the world – the said libel action being between McDonald’s and two Greenpeace activists. (see HERE)

The McCann article then continues:

The couple learned the ‘devastating news’ on the eve of their younger twin children’s 12th birthdays.

They are tomorrow due to be celebrating Sean and Amelie’s special day.

And of course you have to ask yourself; what has the twins birthday got to do with the news report, especially with it being mentioned in the article before the headline has been explored in detail.

The answer to that is of course, nothing and is only mentioned in order to try and illicit sympathy from the reader and to give credibility to the family being real.

The long-suffering family could now face financial ruin as they face paying Goncalo Amaral’s huge court costs and could be sued themselves by the former policeman.

And that is just total bollocks stated for no other reason than sensationalism and of course to elicit more sympathy still.

However, suffice to say – for the moment – that they do not face financial ruin because the McCann’s have never used their own money to fight the libel battle that they themselves instigated and any court costs that they find themselves liable for will be paid out of the “Find Madeleine Fund“.

Judges ruled Mr Amaral’s ‘exercise of his freedom of expression was not considered abusive’ and ‘was within admissible limits in a democratic and open society, which excludes the illegality of possible damage to the honour of the McCanns.’

Although if he was living in England, Amaral would have found himself in court charged with harassment and sending malicious communications… Unless of course, the new interpretation of the law only applies to me.

The couple had won 500,000 euro damages from their tormentor, whom they branded ‘a poisonous liar’ but, under Portuguese law, this was never handed over to them while proceedings were ongoing.

The payout would have been added to the official Find Maddie Fund set up through public donations and boosted by big-hearted celebrities to finance the worldwide hunt for the missing girl.

Now the Chimp Shit-Rag has worded that segment to read like the McCann’s were making some type of selfless gesture by adding that half a million Euros to the “Find Maddy Fund“… But they weren’t doing anything of the kind because they used the very same fund money to bring the libel action and as such, putting that money in their own pocket would have been tantamount to theft.

The Fund once stood at £1million but is now closer to £300,000 and could be wiped out by the Portugal’s Supreme Court shock ruling.


Yet the loss of the libel case is no loss to the McCann’s who are both doctors and in theory, hardly living in poverty… And if the likes of the many cancer cons highlighted in the shit-rags these days can raise between a quarter of a million Pounds and half a million Pounds in a matter of days, I am absolutely certain that the “Maddy Fund” stood at one time or another, far in excess of one million Pound.

Nevertheless, that last Chimp paragraph demands some explanation in my opinion, such as where the fuck has the £700,000 gone (more on this point shortly) and why are the McCann’s funding their legal battles – and losses – with money that was specifically donated by the public to FIND Madeleine.

Indeed, had the McCann’s not been able to afford the Libel action with their own money then they should have set up another appeal stating exactly what the donations would be used for.

A source close to the family said: ‘It’s not good news. We just don’t know what to do but we need to sit down with our lawyer and discuss it.

A source close to the family“? Now just read that sentence again and ask yourself how “A source close to the family” could possibly have stated that!

After all, to state those exact words would means that the “source” was in fact a very close member of the family… So why is the source not named?

Unless of course it is just more made up old bollox.

The same “source” then continues:

‘We’ve gone to the pinnacle of the Portuguese legal system and we’ve lost. We now have to pay a sizeable amount in costs.’

And logically only Jelly or Kate would be in a position to say those words… So why the secrecy?

As the Scotland Yard search for Madeleine – who disappeared as a three-year-old from a holiday apartment in the Algarve’s Praia da Luz – is being wound down the McCann’s had been keeping the soon-to-be-obliterated fund as a life-line to pay for their own ongoing search the moment the investigation, codenamed Operation Grange, ends.


Now firstly, why are the McCann’s conducting their own ongoing search? Indeed, the Chimp bollox is very guarded – not to mention confusing – when you read it properly.

You see, the paragraph clearly states:“the McCann’s had been keeping the soon-to-be-obliterated fund as a life-line to pay for their own ongoing search” the moment the investigation ends.

Which if “on-going“, can only mean that their own investigation, funded by public donations is currently being carried out alongside – but independent of – the police investigation.

That in turn begs the question as to what that privately financed search could possibly consist of that the police had not already looked into? Although it would explain where some of the £700,000 (minimum) donated specifically to finance the search for Madeleine had disappeared to.

If on the other hand the £300,000 is to fund a search once the police investigation is closed then the search is not “on-going” is it?

And again that also begs the question of what will that search consist of – because whatever it is three hundred grand ain’t going to go far.

Moreover, why describe the new (privately funded by donations) search as “on-going“?

Now that is not me being pedantic. On the contrary, it is a matter that demands answers for the sake of transparency and to verify that the money donated by the public is being used for the purposes of what it was donated for.

And one last observation in regard to this hack’s woeful journalism. The police investigation is not “codenamed” [sic] fuck all. The police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is named ‘Operation Grange‘… No code name is involved, although ‘Operation Grange Hill’ would have been a more appropriate name.

A close family friend said: ‘This news is devastating, not just for Kate and Gerry but for Madeleine wherever she is.’

A close family friend“… Or in other words, another “source“… Is this cunt for real?

I mean, not only is that an insult to the reader, it is also total bollox since Madeleine will not be devastated wherever she may be.

Yet now is as good a time as ever to ask where all of these friends, neighbours and patients of the McCanns are hiding? After all, I have never seen anyone comment along the lines of: “My name is Jane Poopower and I lived next door to Jelly & Kate in Made Up Close before they moved to Rothley. They were a wonderful family”.

Or even: “Jelly McCann? Wonderful man who saved my life 3 months ago” – Mr Dick E Ticker. Rothley, Leicestershire.

No verifiable past life see? Indeed the only people giving them life are MP’s, Spokesmen, other doctors, “sources” or “close family friends”.

Ex GP Kate and heart doctor Gerry, both 48, from Rothley, Leicestershire, live in hope that ‘a miracle’ will one day reunite them with their daughter. If still alive, she will turn 14 in mid May.

Why is Kate an ex GP? I mean unless a doctor is above retiring age, they don’t become ex’s. Dustbinmen or construction workers become Ex’s but General Practitioners don’t… Not unless they have moved onto something more lucrative anyway.

Yet it would be a bit fucking difficult for Kate McCann to be GP now if she doesn’t really exist wouldn’t it?

As for Jelly? Well he isn’t working with the public anyway so he could be anywhere couldn’t he?

Nevertheless, their work backgrounds make no sense. For example, Kate started off as a gynecologist before becoming an Anesthetist. She then thought “fuck this” and became a GP because she was worried that she & Jelly Baby would never get to see each other.

Course, there are many, many more anomalies in both of the McCann’s work backgrounds but again, you will have to search them out for yourself since this exposé isn’t about the very many [deliberate] contradictions and very many [deliberate] conspiracy theories surrounding the case.

However, the following is a photo of Jelly “returning to work for the first time” on the 2nd of November 2007, following Madeleine’s disappearance.

Or put another way, the above photo of Jelly McCann was taken over 9 years ago… He always looks very compressed to me, as in his height ratio has been lowered whilst his width ratio has remained the same.

Very small hands too.

However, what I wanna know is Gel’s secret to eternal youth.

Notice how the hairstyle never changes or the length. And the suits are always the same style.

Now think of our Prime Mincer, Un-El-Tel. She met newly installed American President, Donny Fart in the same orange outfit matched with the exact same scarf that he-she was wearing at least 5 years ago… Her hairstyle never changes either.

Then Google Dave the Rave Cameron… Same suit, same shirt, same ties, same hairstyle for the past 7 years, probably longer… Getting the picture yet?

Nevertheless, the Chimp article continues:

The appeal hearing in Lisbon which ruled against the McCanns was held in private.

The couple’s lawyer Isabel Duarte had not even been informed it was happening until after the event.

Hey ho, secret courts are the way forward for the Monsters don’t cha know?

Therefore, it is extremely fitting that this blatant propaganda piece should do its best to promote the secret courts as being the norm.

Sadly, the moronic masses have bought into the ‘Human-Rights-Are-Bad‘ old bollox, promoted under the guise that a handful of make-believe tewwowists in English prisons couldn’t be deported – still haven’t for that matter – because to do so would breach the UN resolutions. Therefor those soon-to-be-many, falling foul of the secret courts now have no recourse… Indeed I fucking repeatedly told you the score on this matter back in 2012.

In fact not much further to go now until we are at the point where hypothetically your mother/father/sister/brother/daughter/son could leave for work one morning and you don’t see hide nor hair of them for the next 5 years or so, having not known whether they were dead or alive within that period of time… Kinda like North Korea is reported to be by our national press who would tell you that it was sunny & warm in a hurricane.

After all, the anti-terrorist laws – which I also correctly predicted and repeatedly reported, had fuck all to do with Asian men in bomber jackets – means that you can be snatched off of the street, flown out of the country for a spot of recreational waterboarding, and no one at all is obliged to inform your nearest and dearest of your detention or your whereabouts.

And of course, in a country like ours where it is now a criminal offence to call someone names – even if in doing so, you are not aiming your insults directly at them – it isn’t hard to break the law in order for someone to find themselves up shit-creek without a fucking paddle… They’ve got some fucking brains have my fellow cuntrymen.

Mind you, the dopey cunts are that thick that they are not even aware of the enormity of the damage that they have allowed to go unchallenged over the past 15 years.

Certainly our Unelected, non-existent Prime Mincer (see HERE, if you ain’t read it I strongly suggest that you do) takes not a single blind bit of notice of those who pay its salary.

I mean, the subject of a government petition reaching 100,000 signatures has to be debated in parliament yet just last week a government petition in regard to banning President Fart’s visit to our [un] fair land which had over ONE MILLION signatures was dismissed out of hand by Old Terry, without ever even being put to a parliamentary vote… Or put another way: “Fuck you, ya peasants“.

Nevertheless, the rest of the Chimp shite is just to do with slagging Amaral off and reinforcing the myth that the McCanns are wonderfully honest people.

There are however two other snippets worthy of a mention.

The first of those is the following:

‘The police in both countries continue to work on the basis that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to physical harm.

So, if that then is the case, why is it that in a TV interview with Goncalo Amaral back in early 2014, it was stated that Madeleine had officially been declared dead by the British Authorities:

Anchor: Gonçalo Amaral, is there any cause-effect relation between the fact that these searches, these excavations started shortly after Madeleine McCann was officially declared dead by British authorities?

And furthermore, why were a team of British coppers spending weeks digging up waste ground in Portugal – at British taxpayers expense – in June 2014, if they are still working on the basis that Madeleine is still alive?

You can find that Amaral interview and my report on the crazy-pointless bigus digus by clicking HERE

As for that other snippet worth mentioning?

Well it is quite fitting that the Chimp hack, having started the total load of old shite by mentioning that the news of the McCann’s failed appeal fell on the eve of Madeleine’s twin-siblings birthday, should finish his fairytale with a total load of tosh about Sean & Amelia McCann:

Last year the McCanns revealed they had told their twins ‘everything’ about Madeleine’s disappearance and said the youngsters still remember her and talk about her often. Source

The twins were barely two years old when Madeleine ‘disappeared’… Just sayin’.

Now as I mentioned earlier, the McCanns are a created family… Not real… They don’t exist. Moreover, I told you that the hoax is heavily linked to the Jill Dando ‘murder’ and the Princess Diana car crash that never really happened…

The Persecution of the Truth Movement.


The Truth Movement finds itself as the 21st Century’s most persecuted minority 

Having grown in number since the 9/11 attacks, the Truth Movement is quickly becoming a persecuted minority comparable to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

It was only 50 years ago that homosexuality was deemed an illegal act between consenting male adults and a mere 12 years ago before being a transgender person was recognised as legal in Law.

The LGBT community suffered years of victimisation and persecution, (and still does in Muslim countries) the same of which is happening to the Truth Movement today in the UK and America.

The Truth Movement is being persecuted as once was the LGBT Community

Made up of people from all walks of life and from across the world, the Truth Movement is a collection of like-minded people who disbelieve the official narratives of government and believe what the majority of mainstream society deem as impossible. You only need to check out Youtube to watch the thousands and thousands of videos calling into question the moon landings, the shape of the Earth, the make up of space, technology, history, politics and medicine.

Take for example David Icke and Chris Spivey, both leading men in the Truth Movement. David Icke believes in a reptilian race which has existed alongside modern man, but has been ridiculed and dismissed as a loony; while Chris Spivey has been convicted of harassment for calling into question the alleged murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich, branded a ‘Twisted Conspiracy Theorist’ by the UK’s national newspapers.

Telling the truth is a revolutionary act

In George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984, he wrote, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Nothing could be further from the truth today.


Millions of people across the world don’t believe the government’s version of what happened on 9/11 and 7/7. Just as the LGBT community fought for their beliefs to be adopted by society at large, the Truth community find themselves in the same position.

David Cameron shamelessly spoke at the U.N Security Council, and labelled anyone who believes there’s a global conspiracy being commanded by a Jewish cabal, as non-violent extremists. While millions of law-biding people across the world believe just that, and are thrown to the wolves labelled anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic.

The fact Chris Spivey’s 2015 conviction of harassment against the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby was upheld, equates to the government convicting a homosexual man of homosexuality.

You cannot force a homosexual man to be heterosexual; nor can you force a transgender person to conform to the gender they were born with, but in today’s society, anyone who disbelieves the official government’s narrative can be branded a criminal and be persecuted and ridiculed by a compliant press.

Catch 22

In the same way you cannot force a gay man to be straight, you cannot force someone to deny their truth, once they’ve woken up to it. Spivey’s conviction of harassing the Rigby family was upheld on the strength that Lee Rigby existed and that his murder was not a conspiracy, but Spivey and millions more, will never stop believing that Lee Rugby never actually existed and that his murder was a conspiracy.

Having come to this conclusion through research and a critical analysis of the events on the fateful day in Woolwich on May 22 2013, Spivey published his article ‘The Drummer Man,’ which has never been debunked. He simply conducted his research and published his findings.

While the mother of Lee Rigby, Lyn Rigby says, “It suggests that my grieving family has somehow done something wrong,” the fact that Spivey suggests she has done something wrong, (with the assistance of Crown and State) reveals the Catch 22.

‘The Drummer Man’ article has never been properly investigated in a court of Law, which in itself suggests that yes indeed, something terribly wrong exists at the very heart of the British Establishment and its judicial system.

The Truth Movement demands their rights too…

More Links: