When will Gerry and Kate McCann be arrested for perverting the course of justice?

This is the question on everyone’s lips following the latest turn of events that proves both Gerry and Kate McCann are lying about their involvement in their daughter’s disappearance.

Following on from the TED talk on spotting the tell-tale signs of lying (in which Gerry is caught out displaying duper’s delight)


Richard D Hall’s latest documentary, in which he interviews statement analyst Peter Hyatt, surely hammers home the final nail in the McCann’s coffin.


The facts that the McCann’s are free, proves a cover-up is in operation involving the Metropolitan police, the British press and other prominent people including Prince Charles.

Unable to afford the services of their spokesman Clarence Mitchell to speak on their behalf, Gerry and Kate remain silent in light of this latest exposure calling into question their version of their story.

As of yet the Metropolitan police have failed to take any action against the McCann’s.




clarence mitchellOld news to many but new to me, the Conservative Party have put forward Kate and Gerry McCann’s spokesman and advisor Clarence Mitchell up for MP against Green MP Caroline Lucas in the Brighton Pavilion 2015 election.


While in the west of Brighton Tory MP Mike Weatherley has jumped ship citing the hardships of battling Cancer and has effectively handed the constituency on a plate to Labour’s candidate Peter Kyle.

Read more: Mike Weatherley hands Hove & Portslade to Peter Kyle on a plate.


The decision to field Clarence Mitchell of all the people demonstrates beyond doubt the insidiousness at the heart of the Conservative Party to lie, cheat and steal from the British public at every opportunity.

Beating marketing communications specialist and the deputy leader of Sevenoaks District Council Michelle Lowe and solicitor Jean-Paul Floru to be selected, Clarence Mitchell boasts of having a varied and wide-ranging career across the media, government and the private sector.

Formerly a BBC reporter, Clarence resigned from a senior post in the civil service in 2007 to handle the intense international press interest in the case of Madeleine McCann, on the recommendation of the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Having spent up to 14 hours a day with the McCann’s, Clarence is better placed than anyone else in Britain to know the truth of the Madeleine McCann mystery.

The sheer fact that Gordon Brown, (named as one of forty paedophile MP’s,) tasked him to represent the McCann’s should have sent the alarm bells ringing.

the-truth-will-outIn defense of the McCann’s Clarence Mitchell once said this:

“All I saw was a loving family that has been plunged into a dreadful situation – two parents trying to cope amidst their loss. To suggest that they somehow harmed Madeleine accidentally or otherwise is as ludicrous as it is nonsensical. Indeed, it would be laughable if it was not so serious.”

Anyone who claims to be “proud,” of aiding and abetting a mother and father cover up the manslaughter of their child is clearly an insidious individual and should not be entrusted with high office.

Earning £70,000 a year to lie and cheat on the McCann’s behalf, the battle lines are being drawn between Good and Evil this summer.

caroline-lucasCaroline Lucas is seen by many to be the most honest MP in parliament, is representing the Good corner, why the money grabbing, cheating, sleaze-ball liar Clarence Mitchell represents the Evil corner.

Clearly demonstrating she is a threat to common decency and the will of the people, that the Conservative party has shot themselves in the foot by putting up a candidate who by Common Law should be in jail for crimes against Humanity.

Clarence Mitchell says he’s “hugely honoured” to have been selected to represent the people of Brighton Pavilion in Parliament, and describes Brighton as “unique, wonderful, diverse, tolerant and a hugely creative city,” before putting in the boot against the Green party with a parting remark, “Brighton has suffered from years of failed Green policies, both locally and nationally.”

Boasting that only he can fulfill Brighton’s enormous cultural and economic potential, Clarence Mitchell has got a fight on his hands.

Of all the candidate’s the insidious Nazi party could put forward and they put forward: CLARENCE ‘INSIDIOUS’ MITCHELL.


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