Twelve things to remember about David Cameron

Following on from the Huffington’s Post article which chronicles ex-Prime Minister David Cameron’s odd habits, here are a further 12 to jog your memory and tantalise your taste buds.

1. David Cameron sleeps in his sister-in-law’s bedroom

Pretending to be asleep in his sister-in-law’s bed

2. David believes any attempt to expose the Parliamentary paedophile ring currently operating in Westminster, is nothing more than a witch hunt against homosexuals.

“There is a danger, if we’re not careful, that this can turn into a sort of witch-hunt, particularly against people who are gay.”

Cameron trying hard to hide his smirk while reading a list of alleged Parliamentary paedophiles handed to him by This Morning presenter, Phillip Schofield

3. David Cameron vowed to leave no stone unturned in the quest to expose prominent paedophiles in high office, but then goes onto leave every stone unturned.

“If there’s anything more to look at it must be looked at. Really, there must be no stone unturned in these matters. So, I welcome what the Home Secretary has announced and let’s make sure that anything that can be discovered, any additional fact that can discovered is actually found.”


Cameron showing fake concern about Parliamentary paedophiles

4. David Cameron attended parties during which copious amounts of cocaine was snorted.

Did you know that Samantha Cameron’s nick-name between the Chipping Norton set is Snowy?

5. David Cameron enjoyed a close relationship with a convicted paedophile; 10 Downing Street advisor Patrick Rock.

Cameron kept quiet about his close advisors arrest for possessing child pornography, before finally admitting it after 3 weeks once the newspapers ran the story.

Patrick Rock & his close friend and confidant David Cameron

6. David Cameron believes anyone who doesn’t believe the official stories of the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks and the 7/7 London bombings, are ‘non-violent extremists’

“And ideas also based on conspiracy: that Jews exercise malevolent power; or that Western powers, in concert with Israel, are deliberately humiliating Muslims, because they aim to destroy Islam. In this warped worldview, such conclusions are reached – that 9/11 was actually inspired by Mossad to provoke the invasion of Afghanistan; that British security services knew about 7/7, but didn’t do anything about it because they wanted to provoke an anti-Muslim backlash.”

David Cameron at the U.N

7. David Cameron once suck his penis into a dead’s pig head as part of an initiation ceremony into an elite secret society.


8. David Cameron started out in politics on the recommendation of Buckingham Palace.

A phone call was received by Tory HQ from Buckingham Palace stating, “I understand you are to see David Cameron… I am ringing to say you are about to meet a remarkable young man.”

Dodgy Dave walking into No’10 with Norman Lamont

9. Loose lips sink ships; David Cameron was once overheard gossiping with the former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, that Queen Elizabeth II “purred down the line” when he informed her that Scotland had voted against independence.

Queen and David Cameron
Cameron with his distance cousin, Her Majesty the Queen

10. Multi-millionaire David Cameron, claimed for his BBC television licence out of the public purse.

He also claimed £21,000 for his mortgage, £2,300 for food and £4,980 for cleaning.

Cameron enjoying the perks of life

11. David Cameron faced extraordinary claims of being a follower of Molock, an ancient Jewish God whom followers sacrificed their first born child to elicit favours

Cameron and his son, Ivan

12. David Cameron was pronounced dead by a radio presenter, getting him mixed up with David Bowie.




David Cameron must show us his bank statements.

Ironically I agree with anyone who hides their wealth to avoid paying tax. I would if I was fortunate enough to be in the same position. I find it abhorrent to pay anything to that cocaine fiend we call the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

After-all what exactly is our Income Tax being spent on other than repaying the interest on a fraudulent national debt and war?

  • Surely our National Insurance pays for the National Health Service.
  • Road Tax pays for the up-keep and building of our roads.
  • Council Tax pays for our schools, the Fire Service and other essential local services such as the up-keep of parks and the collection of rubbish.
  • Everything else is paid for by the 17% VAT which is added to everything we buy.

By rights none of us should be paying Income Tax.

I personally don’t give two hoots that Dodgy David Cameron squirrels his money away in invisible Tax Havens; where he keeps his money isn’t a top priority for me.

The fact that he’s covering up Parliamentary and Institutionalized child-abuse is. The fact that he’s propping up a paedophile and satanic worshipping Royal family is. The fact that he’s covering up the 788-790 Finchely Road fraud is. Where he keeps his money isn’t?

dm1When he’s eventually arrested and tried for Crimes against Humanity, all his wealth will be returned to the public purse declared as ill gotten gains and all this will be academic.

Its the fact that Dodgy Dave has made such a big deal of other people dodging tax that makes my blood simmer and ignites my desire to see he’s brought to justice.

And that’s the clincher for me and why Dodgy Dave must show us his bank statements

We are all in this together they say- What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Not too long ago I had the Taxman on my back demanding I justify what I do for a living and to justify why the Government should continue paying me Working Tax Credit and Housing Benefit. I was required to explain my freelance work as a writer, declare my earnings, and explain my working week hour by hour.

But that wasn’t all the Taxman wanted:

“Please provide bank statements for all accounts held by you and your partner, including business accounts, from July 2013 onwards.”

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

As HB assessment team leader Matt Kearns from the Brighton and Hove City Council explains, “The Council is committed to ensuring that people receive their correct entitlement to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction, and in doing so safeguard public funds.  We therefore have a duty to investigate any potential discrepancies.”

“Safeguard Public Funds.”

The Council have a “duty to investigate any potential discrepancies.”

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Upon complaining on the grounds that:

  • Its an additional cost I can ill afford.
  • Its an invasion of my privacy.
  • It implies I’ve lied to you.

Matt Kearns was quick to assure me:

“Your claim was subsequently picked up by our Control Team, who check a percentage of all claims for quality monitoring purposes.”

Our caring and sharing Government routinely demand to see their citizen’s bank statement to safe guard our nation’s public fund because they have a duty to do so.

In which case Dodgy Dave MUST show US his bank statements.

dm3I’ve shown them my bank statements going back to July 2013, isn’t it fair that Dodgy Dave show’s us his?

I’ve suffered the indignation of showing complete strangers my bank statements, airing my dirty laundry in public to justify the Working Tax credit and Housing Benefit I’m entitled to.

Isn’t it time Dodgy Dave does the same to draw a line under his Tax Dodging scandal?

“We are satisfied with the details you provided about your self-employment, but confirmed we still need to see your bank statements from July 2013 to ensure the accuracy of your claim.”

Surely the same can be said about Dodgy Dave; “We are satisfied with the details you provided about your tax return, but confirmed we still need to see your bank statements from 2010 to ensure you haven’t received income from anywhere else.”

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

As Matt Kearns is keen to stress, “I believe the request for bank statements from July 2013 to be a reasonable one in line with our commitment to assess claims accurately and in protecting the public purse.”

Thus I make the same request and believe its reasonable in line with the nation’s commitment to protecting the public purse.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Dodgy Dave is leader of the Conservative Party and I’m the leader of the Moai King William IV Party.

Read more:

I’m a living breathing soul, as he is. I’m a law abiding citizen, unlike he is…

If anyone should be showing the authorities their bank statements its Dodgy Dave and not I.

As I made clear to Matt Kearnes:

“The Chief Constable of Sussex Police Giles York once said in public, that he had no problem will the public knowing how much he earned but had a problem of the public knowing what he spends his money on.

Its an invasion of my privacy, not because I’ve got anything to hide but because its like airing my dirty laundry in public.

If you are so worried about protecting the public purse I recommend you research the massive fraud by numerous prominent political figures in the UK who have and who continue to defraud Britain PLC out of billions of pounds a year.

Google John Paterson/Gordon Bowden 788-790 Finchley Road.”



Hot on the heels of being announced dead on breakfast radio, Prime Minister David Cameron finds himself in renewed controversy having been accused of having sex with a dead child as part of an initiation into an ultra-secret society.

Months after publically denying claims by former Tory donor Lord Ashcroft that he inserted his penis into a dead pig’s head, claims have surfaced in a popular ‘Alternative blog’ that “the truth of the matter is he actually fucked a dead child.”
Unable to verify the person or persons behind The Coleman Experience, the shocking claim was published on 21st December 2015 in a blog titled, “It ain’t over ’til the goy-fuckers swing.”
The damaging extract reads:
David Cameron– all-round cunt who likes to hide his Jewish roots and is being blackmailed up to his fucking eyeballs. Was recently the subject of gossip that he was initiated into the Bullingdon club by fucking a dead pig. The truth of the matter is he actually fucked a dead child.”
Need we be reminded?

10 Downing Street remain silent on this latest and most damaging claim of necrophilia and it would appear a news blackout has been ordered and is being adhered to, by a compliant national press.

How much longer David Cameron can survive in 10 Downing Street and avoid arrest is anyone’s guess.
Its only a matter of time. Tick tock…



Announced on Heart FM radio by breakfast presenter Fiona Winchester, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has died at his home surrounded by his family.

While information is sketchy at the moment, whistleblowers within 10 Downing Street report he died following a stab wound to his back which punctured his heart.

Police are currently searching for Cameron’s close ally and friend Chancellor George Osborne to help with enquires. No further information has been made public at this point.

Coming only days after damaging revelations were reported by BBC news of an imminent scandal which was posed to break, David Cameron cancelled all public appointments and over-sea trips.

Reported to be the biggest scandal in British history, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) were said to be liaising with the British Army’s Special Investigation Branch (SIB) to start making arrests of “prominent figures at the core of the British Establishment.”

Gordon Bowden, ex RAF officer has released a statement today claiming that following a 13 year investigation into corruption, he has uncovered detailed and forensic evidence suggesting billions and billions of pounds have been stolen from public funds, via the setting up of 250,000 phoney oil and gas companies registered from a few addresses in Finchely Road, London.

He said, “The United Kingdom is riddled with fraud.”

Speculation is rife that members of the Royal family have been implicated in the scandal and that Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip have been flown by helicopter to an undisclosed location.

Extra guards have been posted outside Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has warned of mass public disruption once the full extent of the scandal is made public.

Buckingham Palace have yet to comment.

London Major Boris Johnson was last seen jumping on his bike saying, “I’m out of here mate!”

We will up-date you with any further information as it happens.