Bridge of Spies by Christopher Spivey

Bridge of Spies

I’ll tell you what for nothing; when I first temporarily shelved ‘Book Ends‘ to write up this London Bridge malarkey I never for one moment expected to still be writing it now.

Moreover, there is still a good ways to go before I finish it, despite being up to the 40,000 word mark – 38,107 to be exact.

And believe me when I say that I will be glad when  it’s done because what on the surface appeared to be another amateurishly put-together fraud act on behalf of the British government is anything but… Indeed it is enormously complicated and my stress levels have been close to melt-down trying to figure out how it was done.

But I have and you will be shocked by it I can promise you that. Moreover, unlike the hoaxes that I have written about before this Westmonster Horror Show will be documented in one volume as opposed to the usual three or four and often more.

Course, not being able to get anything new on here has also added to my stress especially with a few donations still coming in… Which is just as well since I have to eat like everyone else and my financial situation is absolutely dire. And of course therein lies another reason for me wanting/needing to get the Westminster exposé out of the way.

Unfortunately, concentrating on the task in hand means that I haven’t had the time to thank those of you who have donated over the last couple of weeks, but I promise you that I will get round to doing it as soon as I can.

However, having said that there is one fella – and I won’t say who he is in case he wishes to remain anonymous – who donated a sum far too large to let it go unacknowledged for any length of time and I will be writing to him as a matter of priority – You sir have literally kept a roof over my head (hopefully) and I am extremely grateful to you.

But anyway, my original intention here had been to give you a little look at what you can expect from this forthcoming book-length report on the unforgivable criminal act committed on the nation by senior members of the government & constabulary whilst also giving a little mention to the recent latest batch of bullshit reporting on Madeleine McCann.

I was then going to top my words off with one of the articles given to me as gap-fillers by my friend, the writer & historian, John Hamer.

Now I don’t know if you have read those four or five fairy stories or not about young Madeleine, but the total, total bollox written about her in the Chimp proper got my goat.

However, after the MI5 ‘follow up‘ to the Westminster abomination I have decided to have a word about that instead. Therefore any of you who thought that this was going to be the actual Westminster Bridge-fest I am sorry to tell you that it isn’t… It is a kind of Sequel-Prequel.

Now since the latest round of McCann nonsense articles and Mad Masood’s 82 second moment of mayhem have someone in common – as no doubt yesterdays terrapin hoax (28/4/17) will have soon enough – it would be rude of me not to mention him… Especially so with our un-elected Prime Mincer, The Right Orrible Transvestite, Terry May singing the praises of our Security Services and Boys in Blue.

You see, the person that I am on about who has played a massive role in perpetuating the Westminster bridge fraud, whilst currently trying to do the same for the Madeleine McCann myth and will doubtlessly stick his two penneth worth into the latest Westminster fraud is Top Plod, Mark Rowley – Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Indeed, the ultra vain Rowley took the leading role in the Westminster Am-Drams over Acting Met Commissioner, Craig Mackey… Acting being the operative word to describe the pair of criminals.

In fact have you noticed how many of these pretend investigations have an’Acting’ plod in charge? The Jo Cox caper is another example.

Nevertheless, I would imagine that Rampant Rowley was given the starring role because he is more debonair than the Boris Johnson Buffoon like, Craig Mackey.

And of course Mackey is being kept away from the public after having Masood run straight past his car, before stabbing one of his police officers to death prior to being shot dead, to which Mackey simply said “drive on Parker” without so much as even getting out of his posh-motor to have a butchers-hook.

Mind you, Rowley did appear to do a Stirling job whilst posing model-like to deliver his updates on the Westminster nonsense.

In his fucking element look, standing there with one outstretched leg forward of the other… Yet in reality, Skid-Mark is anything but the cool, calm & authoritative police spokesman that he would have us believe.

Worst still, Rotten Rowley hadn’t even read the Westmonster script properly before facing the world’s press and made one almighty fuck up when asked by a reporter if [allegedly] un-armed PC Palmer (supposedly stabbed to death by terrorist, Mad Masood) was in fact armed at the time of his murder.

And when Rattled Rowley confirmed that Palmer was indeed carrying a firearm before almost immediately realizing his fuck up, his reaction is a sight to behold.

Now obviously the footage of this almighty fuck up wasn’t shown over here, but I still anticipate the video disappearing in the near future if it hasn’t done already. Therefore I videoed the video for posterity… Watch and listen carefully.

I can’t stop watching that… I fucking love it when the mugs trying to mug us mug themselves off.

Course – and as most of you already know –  in order to be in the ‘club‘ you have to compromise yourself. And as such I wasn’t surprised when Rowley turned up as an “Australian” tourist, recounting to the press the horrors that he saw on the 22nd of March 2017.

And that should be a matter of grave concern to everyone… Right, let’s have a look at the follow up nonsense that took place on the 27th of April 2017 – and I am sure that you all realize that the agendas here are:

  • the ban on knives – after all they have already banned the guns.
  • the full time arming of the criminal police
  • and keeping our MP’s well away from the public so as they don’t cotton on to the fact that between a half to two thirds of the scumbags do not even exist
  • not to mention making heroes out of villains.

Now Google the words “Metropolitan Police Corruption” whilst also bearing in mind that the Security Services have been behind every terrorist attack in this country since WW2.

Course, one of the first things that I noticed about yesterday’s old bollox is that they are using it as an opportunity to rewrite history in regard to the Mad Masood mayhem.

Kinda makes ya wonder how Andrea Christie – or as the silly as arseholes press like to call her; Andreea Cristea – got knocked off the bridge in the first fucking place, don’t it?

Not that she really did of course. Indeed no one was hurt at all not even ‘hero’ cop, Keith Palmer… Although someone got rich from the fiction.

In fact Andreeeeeeea turned up the next day as a commuter spreading the “we will never let terrapinism beat us” bollox.

And I should also point out that she is also happy-as-larry, Masood victim, Edy Cochran – or whatever her fucking stage name was – who couldn’t stop smiling at the death of her beloved husband of 25 years, Eddie Cochran.

Absolutely fucking gutted she is.

Now, no doubt that the details will have changed by the time that you read this but this latest terrapin, probably called Terry – despite him not really being a terrapin – had been on round the cock surveillance by the Men-In-Tights:

And like Old Telly May keeps saying; our intelligence services get their information from impeccable sources… Such as the terrapins family:

Those journalist in the chimp are gooder than most are they?

But in the end it seems that the MIT got their man via a crisis actor agency stop and search:

I wonder if that Scotland Yard Spokesman is Mark Rowley?

And indeed, that stop & search came at the best place possible – the central reservation on Whitehall where he was confronted by armed police.

Course, I always thought that once an armed plodothon has identified himself he then repeatedly shouts at his target: “GET ON THE GROUND. GET ON THE GROUND”.

Yet it seems that despite sticking his hands in the air and dropping his zipper bag with the zip undone, causing 3 knives to fall out – two were in case he had to reload I would imagine – the plod decide to bundle him to the ground manually… Which they probably find much more fun.

And after bumming him to the ground one of the vindictive bastards trod on his fingers… And they wouldn’t even let him have a piss in peace.

Mind you our terrapin looks exactly like you would expect a man to look whom, having had his mission thwarted and his fingers stamped on by the arresting armed police, is now facing years in prison – thus robbing him of the final years of his youth.

Nevertheless after routinely stopping and searching him, the plod obviously decided that the Whitehall Central Reservation wasn’t the best of choices to do so after all and moved Terry Terrapin across the road onto the pavement, consequently closing a major underground station in the process.

Moreover, by taking him over to the pavement on the Treasury side the sharp minded plod had to close the road off – a major road at that upon which traffic had been free flowing up until that point.

But at least in doing so meant that they could keep the other side of the road open – the side with one of the two lanes already closed off at the worst possible place (traffic lights) which was already causing a long tail back… They’ve got some brains these fucking heroes haven’t they?

PHOTO: Which side of the road would you close off in order to keep the public safe, the station open and cause the least chaos?

Still at least the Men-Who-Point-A-Lot got there early.

PHOTO: What the fuck is the daft cunt pointing out to his daft cunt mate – That he isn’t an alcoholic or something?

Even though they only had one pair of spaceman’s boots between them. But they were so early in fact that the terrapin – too dumb to do the zipper up on his bag of assorted knives in an area crawling with plod – hadn’t even been carted off to the nick at that point.

Although they wasn’t as quick off the mark as the photo journalists who were there from the off… Sort of telepathic telephoto lenses.

Indeed I really do not think that the Monster Minions know exactly what crime scene forensic officers do!

After all, here they are in their sterile suits and masks, photographing 3 knives that were not used on anyone and couldn’t possibly be in the same place as when they fell out of soft-lad’s unzipped zipper bag, laying on the ground that forms one of the busiest crossings in the world… I mean, what the fuck were they hoping to find? Yet a police photographer could have taken the snappy snaps.

Worse still, not only did Sterile-Trainers-Man forget his space-wellies, he also forgot to bring the fucking evidence markers too.

Mind you, if you think that cunt is dumb what about Space-Boots-Space-Ed who taped his sterile gloves to his sterile space suit presumably to avoid any fibers falling out of his sleeves onto one of the busiest bits of real estate in the world?

Before realizing that as a professional forensic officer he would need to change his gloves multiple times!

And people think that this really happened???

I mean fuck me! He must be as drugged up as the professional paramedics who put Mad Masood into their ambulance the wrong way and as a consequence had to take him off the back lift to turn him round the other way.

Must have been a bastard first ever job for the fellas!

But least said, soonest mended.

And who knows, I may be wrong. I mean perhaps silly bollocks is done up like a dogs dinner because he’s allergic to knives?

Although fuck knows where he found the one in the following photo.

However, did you notice the lack of traffic in the overhead photo that I showed you a while back?

Weird or what when you consider that the traffic coming down Whitehall is going into a bottle neck right on the traffic lights? Yet none of the overhead shots bear any resemblance to the street side photos.

Mind you, there was a lot of strange goings on at the time.

For instance where are all the police motors?

Indeed not even the two unmarked motors that we can see in the overhead photo (two photos up) are there, yet Terry Terrapin is still on the scene. Therefore the fact that the unneeded forensics are there already are a good indication that this is nothing more than a photo-shoot.

And how coincidental is it that we see the same plod van as was used in the Mad Masood caper as well as a coach identical to the suspect coach also used that day?

PHOTO: The coach used on March 22nd 2017.

Well, I say that it is the same plod van as that used on the day of Mad Masood’s road-rage mayhem but it has a different registration number despite having the same 3 letter code which as far as I can ascertain is unique to the vehicle that it is assigned to.

Now as you can see in the above photo, the registration number of the CLL van is BV 16 UXW.

Whereas the registration number on the ‘other‘ CLL van is… Err… Something different which constantly evolved as the van turned.

Yet then again, looking at the photo below the van could possibly have the same registration as that used in the Masood caper (BV 16 UXW).

Although looking at the registration plate on a Mercedes van that also passed the “Forensics Officer”  I am not sure that the 3 letter code, CLL is not also being used as deliberate subliminal message.

You see, the the last three letters on the Mercedes van registration plate appeared to read as the word “Kill” when the vehicle turned.

Not that any of the motors were as they should have been that day. But then again all of the photos and videos are fake.

For instance take a look at the following screenshot taken from one of the Chimps videos.

Now in this photo we see Terry Terrapin being carted off to the plod motor behind the Volvo plod motor. And that 2nd motor is clearly a car.

You only need look at the height of the forensic officer to the right of the motor too see that.

Yet when we see the Ariel shots the motors look very different indeed.

And at the very least that second motor will be 5 ft 7 ins tall or more… But then again we are talking about a lot of CGI here. Either that or there are some very tall funny looking coppers in London!

Nevertheless, as the coppers walked Terry to the motors it certainly appears as if they are going to put him into the Volvo.

Excuse the red circle it is fuck all to do with me. Although it might be something to do with taking the emphasis off the Volvo’s roof because fuck knows what is going on there.

Nevertheless, as they get to the Volvo’s rear door they all simply keep walking… As in; keep walking through the car as if it isn’t there!

And that is where the video ends… However, we now need to look at the Ariel video.

Nevertheless, they then get him into the motor.

And all but close the door but before they do Tel the Pin must ask the plod for a fag or a kiss because the plod then opens the door again. Also  note the Minions are letting it be know that this isn’t real via the letters on the bus roof.

Also note the reference to Mormons who have been mentioned in quite a few Chimp articles of late.

And as for the bird? Well I don’t know if it means anything or not but it certainly doesn’t look real to me.

Which leaves me one more batch of screenshots to show you from yet another video.

A bit trippy that.

Nevertheless, that just leaves me to tell you that Sick Benefit Part 3 is now available as an eBook and can be found HERE for UK customers. And HERE for our American cousins.

And whatever you do, please leave a review… Or do you want me to be poor for ever and ever amen?

Just askin’.



Mad-Masood’s-Mad-Moment by Chris Spivey

Hi All,

As some of you will be aware I reluctantly made the decision to put aside writing “Book Ends” – my forthcoming exposé of every sensationalised major crime committed in this country since the 1950’s to present – after the “82 second” London fiasco occurred.

Course, I didn’t take that decision lightly as that exposé was and obviously still is nearing completion.

Moreover I am extremely pleased with my efforts and do in fact consider Book Ends to be my best work to date; not to mention by far the most ambitious – which obviously made it all the harder to shelve, albeit I’m hoping only very temporarily.

Mind you, at first glance the ‘official‘ story covering the Lazy-London-Amateur-Dramatics was that transparent to me that I had no intention of shelving “Book Ends” just so as I could waste my time pointing out the bleedin’ obvious.

Moreover, with the story being so obviously fake I quickly guessed – quite correctly as it happens – that every half-arsed writer in the AV would pounce upon it… No real work involved see?

However, as I continued to keep half an eye on the old bollox being written about the event via the Chimp – like I try to do with all fake events even if I am not going to bother writing about them – it slowly began to dawn on me that there is an awful, awful lot more to this latest government-hoax than first meets the eye.

In fact let me tell you right now that this latest “terrorist attack” was purposely littered with errors so obvious that anyone with half a mind to look, could not fail to miss them… Despite my slight amusement by the fact that many had.

So I therefore decided that I best have a proper butchers and after a couple of hours doing so, I was left feeling that I had no real choice but to shelve Book-Ends in favour of documenting Mad-Masood’s-Mad-Moment.

You see, far from being a total balls up carried out by the inept security services, the London Hoax is actually very clever and well put together.

Or put another way, the obvious errors are meant to be found because they can all be explained away satisfactorily when and if the need arises using film and reports that are already in circulation if you look for them hard enough… Conspiracy theorists beware, you are in danger of setting yourselves up for an almighty fall.

However, as it now stands I can prove beyond all doubt that the Westminster-Bridge-Bodge was a hoax and I will do so using the evidence that you are not supposed to see – which the Government paedo-trolls will not be able to explain away… I can even tell you the days on which the event took place – and there are more than two.

And having gathered over 4000 photos and screenshots (although nowhere near that many will be included in the finished product), I am now 17,000 words into detailing the fraud which will prove beyond all doubt that the most senior members of the British Government and the most Senior police officers in the country have conspired to commit a criminal act – for gain – to the great detriment of the very people that they are supposedly in office to serve.

Stay tuned.

Read more:

BOOK ENDS Part 1 by Chris Spivey



Christmas is a Time of Mischief

Guerrilla Democracy News loses all credibility due to misinformation attacks.

With Christmas generally accepted as the most rowdiest time of the year, when even Church and State endorse a licence to misbehave and lie to the kids; to act in a way you couldn’t get away with the rest of the year; it isn’t surprising that Guerrilla Democracy News should find itself victims of Christmas ‘Misinformation’ Mischief.


Taking information at face value and accepting no responsibility over the information received, (due to time and resource restraints) I am unable to verify with third parties the news I publish.


Dogman denies posting the comment below.


Read more: Breaking News- Chris Spivey arrested for the 3rd time.

Which then invalids, the comment below, believed to be from Danielle La Verite.


Read more: Alun Palmer is Danielle La Verite’s Tosser of the Week.

Of-course my suspicions were confirmed after getting a message from Stacey Spivey (Chris Spivey’s daughter) offering me a BJ for £3.


By then it was too late. I had released the news and it was being shared across Facebook.

I was left with no other choice but to publish a ‘Disclaimer,’ justifying publishing ‘Fake News’.


Guerrilla Democracy News processes news hot of the press. Due to the lack of resources news cannot always be verified through third parties, confirming the authenticity of the information.

All news is processed at face value.

Guerrilla Democracy News has published ‘Fake News,’ but has never done so intentionally.

For example:

andy-cave-tweetsGuerrilla Democracy News accepts no responsible for ‘mis-information agents’ assuming on-line identities of others, to deceive Guerrilla Democracy News, it’s readers and supporters.


Since then the Christmas Mischief has become Ridiculous.


Thank you for reading… and please share…


available now from




Chris Spivey shits on the memory of Max Spiers – A Special Report by Matt Taylor

Considered an ‘Internet Troll’ by the mainstream media and a ‘hero’ by his supporters, Chris Spivey has poured scorn on the memory of Max Spiers, by claiming he’s a ‘crisis actor’ who never existed.

Max Spiers died in Poland in July 2016, which many people in the Alternative Media believe was murder.

Called the new kid on the block and a Super Soldier, said to be manufactured by the US military for black op military operations; Spiers died unexpectedly having coughed up a black liquid, which many believe was a symptom of poisoning.

In his article ‘The Brady Bunch‘, Spivey writes “Well I’d never heard of him until last week!”

Spivey admits to not playing any attention to what’s written in the Alternative Media, and is clearly ignorant of the players and shakers in the fledgling movement.

Championed by Miles Johnston, the organiser of the Bases Lectures, Spiers was a regular speaker at his lectures and a well known speaker at other Alternative Media conferences and radio shows.

In fact when asked about Spivey’s claim that Spiers was a crisis actor who never existed, Johnston replied in no uncertain terms, “Total Bollox.”

Spivey, who has recently been cleared of possessing illegal pictures of children, is adamant that Spiers is not whom he appears to be.

Essentially Spivey believes Spiers was in fact a made up victim in the Paris attack, as this screen shot from his article  ‘Qui, Qui, Poo, Poo‘  shows.


Spivey is under the impression that a secret style Ministry of Magic, is at work behind the closed doors of Westminster, which create personas by using facial prosthetics to hook-wink the public in believing the personas are real.

For example, Spivey believes Prime Minister Theresa May is a made up persona, accompanied with a fake history, in which all pictures of her childhood and early adult life are photoshopped, and that she wears a prosthetic mask, to hide the fact, she is a crisis actor working on behalf of the insidious shadow government who really rule the world.

Dismissing all claims that he’s got it wrong, Spivey ridicules anyone who believes Spiers was a real person.

Now I have to say that it troubles me greatly that so many supposedly enlightened people buy into this old bollox.

So I will repeat: Spiers was an actor… The Go-Fucking-Fund-Me pages are to scam the public.

Indeed, I had a 2 hour telephone call with Spiers alleged ‘fiance’ Sarah Adams a week or so ago and although I found her to be very pleasant and nice to talk to, I am afraid to say that rather than convince me that ‘Max’ was the genuine article, the complete opposite is true.”

Amazed at the audacity of Spivey to shit on the memory of a fellow activist in the Alternative Media, I’ve been eager to hear other people’s views on Spivey’s connection that Spiers was a fake entity.

I asked Rosette Delacroix, who runs a very successful Youtube channel in which she decodes the hidden messages within films and TV series, for her comment, to which she replied:

Anyone that actually KNEW Max knew that he cared for humanity and children above all. Everything he did was towards truth and exposing the injustices of the world. So with that said, would it make any sense that he worked as a crisis actor??? That would imply he was working FOR the ones he despised and was trying to expose! Does that make any sense at all? NO. He is dead because he cared for us.”

I personally didn’t know Spiers, but as a fellow Brightonian, I did feel we had something in common. We even exchanged a brief conversation on Facebook’s messenger service, in which he enquired about my well documented arrest by Sussex Police in January 2015.


According to Spivey’s arch rival and nemesis Jimmy Jones aka The Outlaw;

It is my view that Spivey and his ilk are simply, egotistical narcissists who target anyone who has seen through the wall of bullshit they have built, and is simply throwing his toys out his pram like the spiteful and overgrown toddler he apparently is. But I could be wrong.”

While Jones could be wrong about Spivey; Spivey could be equally wrong about Spiers. The disappointment arises from the fact that Spivey doesn’t necessarily prove what he says.

Apart from publishing half faces stuck to others, with facial recognition software making a comparison in percentage points to their familiarity, Spivey relies on his strong character and his army of loyal minions to push forward his views, even though his views fly in the face of common sense, reality and reason.

Perhaps a comment left by Strontium Dog on the 2 September 2015 Outlaw’s article ‘A price on her head,’ best sums up Spivey’s secret agenda.

“Could it possibly be that Spivey is there as a plant to publicly discredit the AM so they are all dismissed as aggressive, deranged thickos?”

Further reading:


What do you think? Do you believe Max Spiers was a crisis actor who never existed?

Do you believe Spivey’s contention that people in Government are playing multiple characters, by wearing prosthetic masks to hook-wink the public?


Shoreham Air-Show cover-up? A Special Report by Matt Taylor


Cover up : Noun

1. an attempt to prevent people discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime.

There can be no denying there is a cover-up in place to hide the truth about the Shoreham air-show crash.

Its not a conspiracy theory, it’s happened.

High Court ruling: Police refused access to pilot statements over Shoreham Airshow crash.

An attempt to prevent Sussex Police discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime on the 22 August 2015, at the Shoreham air-show, has been made after The High Court refused Sussex Police access to records held by the Air Accident Investigations Branch (AAIB), about what happened on that fateful day.

Specifically; Sussex Police are being prevented to know exactly what the pilot, Andrew Hill said in the moments after the crash, and what the data from the flight recorder revealed. The Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Giles York has been granted a copy of the cockpit footage, which former AAIB investigator Phil Giles says will provide the police with enough information to conclude their investigation.

With the public left scratching their heads as to why the AAIB are keeping crucial evidence secret, Sussex Police appear to totally understand. Detective Chief Inspector Paul Rymarz said, “We accept the reasons why our request has not been granted in full.”

But the public are none the wiser

A spokesman for AAIB said, “The AAIB is not able to release protected air accident investigation records of its own accord. Only the High Court can allow for their release. We note today’s judgment and will now release the film footage to the Chief Constable of Sussex Police.” 

As the comments from the public point out:

  • “Eleven people died in this awful event. This is a further insult to them and their families. No doubt legal arguments have been devoid of all common sense.”

While some members of the public are left guessing as to why Andrew Hill’s comments immediately after the crash are not being used in evidence:

  • “I’m guessing that these statements were taken without a caution being given. The pilot has rights, as does any other defendant in a potential criminal investigation.”
  • “Your right. But “Unsolicited” comments made outside of caution can also be used too! Especially if there is admission of guilt or innocence.”

The general consensus from the public:

  • “What a shame that the ultimate truth cannot be heard.”
  • “Surprised the High Court haven’t allowed a viewing of the material to check it as it is relevant to the case(s) being investigated.”
  • “Awful decision…… any evidence withheld could effect the outcome of an inquest , or criminal trial. the police should have authority to gain any evidence required to get the truth of what happened in shoreham. the grieving families deserve to know the truth…” 

Even Andy McDonald, the Shadow Secretary for Transport, said:

  • “It is deeply concerning investigating police officers should be hindered in this way. They should have access to any materials necessary to bring justice to the families of those who tragically lost their lives. Far too often families find themselves in an uphill struggle to establish the facts of what happened to their loved ones.”

Andrew Hill – The Miracle Man

Mystery has surrounded the Shoreham air-show crash from the very out-set. Just how Andrew Hill miraculously survived the immense fire-ball without a cut or a graze is a miracle.

At the time the AAIB report said the aircraft broke into four main pieces which came to rest close together approximately 243m from the initial ground contact, in a shallow overgrown depression to the south of the A27.

The report goes on to say that investigators are not sure whether Mr Hill attempted to eject from the craft or was forcibly removed due to the significant impact. Investigators wrote: ‘During the initial part of the impact sequence the jettisonable aircraft canopy was released, landing in a tree close to the main aircraft wreckage. During the latter part of the impact sequence, both the pilot and his seat were thrown clear from the cockpit.’

Andrew Hill has been at the centre of the police investigation into the Shoreham Air-show disaster which claimed the lives of 11 men one year ago.

He spent weeks in an induced coma but miraculously survived and has since made a full recovery.

He was first spotted on his feet again last October when he was pictured walking in jeans and denim shirt, carrying a water bottle.

Police interviewed him under caution last December. He was not arrested. Then five months after the August 22 tragedy, images emerged of him driving a £40,000 Porsche Boxster.

Andrew Hill

Having already uncovered a cover-up involving Sussex Police, it comes as no surprise that they find themselves embroiled in another.

The country’s leading conspiracy researcher Chris Spivey has been vocal in his belief that the Shoreham air-show crash was a false flag event in the same league as the 7/7 London bombing, the Woolwich murder and the Paris attacks.

He said in his article “The Shoreham Plane Crash Part 1” dated 09 September 2015

Chris Spivey

“The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date.

Indeed, it would seem that the more ambitious the hoaxes get, the more the script writers have to try and shore the old fanny up with the usual tell tale signs that point to a fraud having been committed – which is a bit of a Catch 22 situation for them really.

Mind you, it is no exaggeration to say that the Shoreham Flight Shite needed a lot of shoring up and as such every single indicator of a government hoax had to be brought into play… Or at least it did in their minds.

But all the same, having said that I also have to say that the hoax was a mighty ambitious project by anyones standards – especially going on their past Am-Dram efforts – and indeed, it must doubtlessly have taken an awful lot of planning as well as having been a logistical nightmare to set up.”

In light of Chris Spivey’s allegations that not everything is what it seems, I asked Sussex Police to comment on his allegations and this is how they responded:

Dear Matthew,

I write in connection with your request for information relating to Shoreham Air Show.

I can confirm your request has now been considered and I am not obliged to supply the information you have requested. 

Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires Sussex Police, when refusing to provide such information (because the information is exempt) to provide you the applicant with a notice which:   

(a) states that fact, 

(b) specifies the exemption in question; and 

(c) states (if that would not otherwise be apparent) why the exemption applies.

The exemptions applicable to the information refused are;

Section 30 – Investigations and proceedings conducted by the Public authority. 

Section 30 is a class based qualified exemption and there is a requirement to consider the public interest to ensure neither confirming or denying information is held is appropriate.

Overall Harm in Confirming or Denying that Information is held
Modern-day policing is intelligence led which is particularly pertinent with regard to any current investigation.  The National Intelligence Model is adhered to by all police forces across England and Wales.  It is a business process with an intention to provide focus to operational policing and to achieve a disproportionately greater impact from the resources applied to any problem.  It is dependant on a clear framework of analysis of information and intelligence allowing a problem solving approach to law enforcement crime prevention techniques.  To confirm whether or not Sussex Police  has carried out a specific investigation  would undermine the ongoing operation..
The prevention and detection of crime is the foundation upon which policing is built.  The Police Service has a clear responsibility to prevent crime and arrest those responsible for committing crime or those than plan to commit crime.  By confirming whether or not a specific line of enquiry has been used could directly influence the stages of that process, jeopardise current investigations, HM Coroner’s investigation, prejudice future law enforcement, the judicial process and any subsequent civil proceedings.
In order to fully investigate incidents it is vital that the police have the ability to work together, where necessary covertly, to obtain intelligence within current legislative frameworks to assist in the investigative process to ensure the successful arrest and prosecution of offenders who have committed offences.

Section 30
Factors favouring complying with Section 1(1)(a) confirming that information is held
Confirming or denying that information exists relevant to this request would lead to a better informed public improving their knowledge and understanding of the investigatory process and may encourage individuals to provide intelligence in order to assist with investigations and reduce crime which could assist with the apprehension and prosecution of offenders, as all police investigations are publicly funded, confirmation that information is held would provide transparency with regard to the allocation of force budgets.
This in turn would highlight where police resources are being targeted and the public are entitled to know how public funds are spent, particularly in the current economic climate.
Factors against complying with Section 1(1)(a) confirming or denying that any other information is held
Confirmation that information is held would prejudice how investigations are carried out in the future by revealing details of investigative activity.  This would hinder the prevention and detection of crime and affect Sussex Police law enforcement capabilities.  Confirmation would also undermine the partnership approach to investigations. To disclose where these investigations are being undertaken to the world would seriously undermine the prevention or detection of crime and the force’s future law enforcement capabilities.
Balancing Test
The points above highlight the merits of confirming or denying whether information pertinent to this request exists.  The Police Service is charged with enforcing the law, preventing and detecting crime and protecting the communities we serve.  As part of that policing purpose, various tactical tools may be used to gather information relating to high profile investigative activity.
Weakening the mechanisms used to monitor any investigative activity and specifically current and ongoing investigations could weaken that process.
In addition any disclosure by Sussex Police that places an investigation at risk, no matter how generic, would undermine any trust or confidence individuals have in us.  Therefore, at this moment in time, it is our opinion that for these issues the balance test favours neither confirming nor denying that information exists.
No inference can be drawn from this refusal that information is or isn’t held.
Yours sincerely
Roger Brace
FOI Officer 

Or in other words; its none of your business and we wouldn’t tell you anyway!

“The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date.”

While Chris Spivey contends that the people who died that day were MI5 constructs and that the whole event was a staged event for reasons not yet fully understood; others like leading ufologist Richard Lennie and astrophotographer John Walson, pointed the blame to a UFO collision.

Sussex Police were quick to reply to the UFO crash theory by saying how “very grateful” they were for the information, but not so forthcoming when accused of being involved in a cover-up. (of which it appears they are becoming quite adapt in doing so.)

Make no mistakes, a cover-up is in full swing and everyone knows it.

Even local MP’s are calling for changes to the law after hearing that Sussex police were refused access to potentially crucial information about the cause of the Shoreham Airshow crash.

Brighton Pavilion MP and joint Leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas said: “This judgment appears to hinder a crucial police investigation into this tragic incident, and it could set a worrying precedent. We need an open justice system that best learns from the past and prevents tragedies like this occurring.”

While Portslade and Hove Labour MP, Peter Kyle said “We are testing the boundaries of this law but that shouldn’t prohibit giving the families of victims the justice they need. If they can’t sort this out then maybe the law needs to be re-examined.”

Unrelenting in his goal of covering up what actually happened that day, Justice Singh said allowing police access to the statements made by Andy Hill would cause a “serious and obvious chilling effect which would tend to deter people from answering questions by the AAIB with the candour which is necessary. This would seriously hamper future accident investigations and protection of public safety by the learning of lessons which may help prevent similar accidents.”

He also denied access to details of experiments and tests because the reports were likely to be made public in the AAIB’s final findings and because there was “no reason why the police could not themselves investigate”.

James Healy-Pratt, the head of aviation at Stewarts Law lawyer who is representing six victims’ families, welcomed the judgment as a “significant development” which he hoped would speed up the investigation.

He added: “There are no real surprises here and this is the expected result.”

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Rymarz from Sussex Police said the ruling would allow his team to progress the investigation, adding: “We understand legally this case is without precedent in England and Wales and we accept the reasons why our request has not been granted in full.”

“As we have said before, this is an extraordinarily complex investigation, but we remain committed to finding answers for the families and friends of those who died.”

The very fact the AAIB have with-held information which Sussex Police went to the High Court to release, tells us the power struggle which is going on behind the scenes. As the Queen herself once alluded to; there are dark forces at work in this country of which the public have little or no knowledge about.

In much the same way that six healthy fit young men do not drown in rip-tides off Camber Sands, so too, doesn’t a pilot survive unscathed from an infernal fire ball which disintegrates his plane and kills 11 men on the ground.

The AAIB know the truth but they aren’t telling us.

Be it a UFO collision or a false flag event; there is a cover-up in full swing regarding the Shoreham air-show crash and that’s a fact!

Further Reading:



Camber Sand’s Tragedy – A Cover-up?

A special report by Matt Taylor.

Five die at Camber Sands on hottest day of the year!

Isn’t it incredible that five fit and health young men, could all die along the same stretch of beach at Camber Sands?camber-sands

Camber Sands has been visited by sun seekers for a hundred years and then all of a sudden, six fit and healthy young men die with-in a few weeks of each other.

Five friends from London and a 19 year old Brazilian man…

19-year-old Gustavo Silva Da Cruz


Sussex Police and its Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, were quick to blame the deaths on dangerous rip-tides and lethal quick sands, but then again, dangerous rip-tides and lethal quick sands have never claimed a life before, along the miles of soft golden sandy Camber beaches visited by hundreds of thousands people every year.

Something fishy is going on and I don’t believe the official story one bit.

But I just can’t work it out?

There are many absolute truths in life. Truths like:

  • Light will always follow dark
  • A smile will always precede a laugh
  • Water freezes at 0 degrees centigrade
  • Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade
  • Boys are made of snips, snails and puppy-dog’s tails
  • Girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice

Its also an absolute truth that fit young men DO NOT die at Camber Sands because of strong rip tides and dangerous quick sand.

Its an insult to my intelligence that the likes of Sussex Police and Katy Bourne are telling us otherwise.

But for the first time ever I’m flummoxed! – Someone has got to be lying, somewhere along the supply chain.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of the five young friends who died during a day trip to Camber Sands; Are they lying?

A Hindu funeral for Kenugen Saththiyanathan, 18, the youngest of the group and his 22-year-old brother Kobikanthan, of Erith, and friends Nitharsan Ravi, 22, Inthushan Sriskantharasa, 23, and Gurushanth Srithavarajah, 27, began at dawn on Sunday 4th September 2016.



The very fact that so many mourners, friends and family turned up for the funeral, blows away my contention that the lads were refugees fleeing to the British shores.

But still, I cannot see how six fit young men could die in the safe and death-free sea off Camber Sands…

The 19-year-old Brazilian man, Gustavo Silva Da Cruz who died the week before the five lads from South London, was the only fatality of a group of three men who got into difficultly that day. The lucky two men who survived had no links with the Brazilian man.

We know Sussex Police have been known to cover-up false flag events before because of a FOI request in connection to the Shoreham Airshow crash, (which anniversary was about the same as the Camber Sand tragedy a year on.)

Nationally renowned conspiracy researcher Chris Spivey caused up-roar when he said, “The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date.”

Sussex Police were asked whether they would comment and answer whether they had investigated Chris Spivey’s claim, only for them to reply:

“I (Sussex Police) can confirm your request has now been considered and I (Sussex Police) am not obliged to supply the information you have requested.”

Why on Earth would Sussex Police not want to quash claims that the Shoreham Airshow crash was a false-flag event?

Sussex Police continue, “Confirmation that information is held would prejudice how investigations are carried out in the future by revealing details of investigative activity.”


When ufo researchers Richard Lennie and John Walson notified Sussex Police that a ufo caused the Shoreham airshow crash, Sussex Police were said to be “very grateful” for the information.

But it would appear they aren’t so forth-coming in discussing anything to do with allegations of covering up a false flag event, of which Chris Spivey is so renowned for uncovering.

For a moment I toyed with the crazy idea that the five Tamil loving loyalists from South East London, travelled down to Camber Sand’s to commit a terrorist atrocity.

Just imagine the carnage and publicity? On the hottest day of the year, with thousands of jam packed sun-seekers on the beaches, five bombs explode killing hundreds and injuring many more… In today’s political/terrorist climate it could so easily happen.

My first thought was that the bombing mission had gone terribly wrong and that the five friends had either committed suicide together in a suicide pack, or died in the process of planting the bombs, which evidently never exploded.

It just goes to prove what an over-active mind I’ve got….

I now think the more likely answer is that the six men were refugees, coming to England for a better life, just as we’ve watched thousands fleeing to the Mediterranean from war torn Syria over the Summer.

After-all the Daily Express ran an article on the 30th May 2016 with the headline:

BRITAIN is at risk of having a massive migrant crisis like the Mediterranean, experts have warned after a boat of migrants was rescued from the English Channel.

Already this summer the UK’s Border Force rescued 19 people in the English Channel. A group of 18 Albanian migrants were among 20 people rescued from the English Channel just yards from Kent after their inflatable boat started sinking. The group, which included two children and a woman, was within striking distance of British shores when a call for help was made to the UK Coastguard.

Along the same stretch of coast between Dungeness, Dymchurch and Littlestone, rigid inflatable boats (RIB) have been found laden with refugees.


Considering no-one has died from quick-sand or rip-tides off Camber Sand’s in recent history, the more likely reason for six fit and healthy young men to be washed up to shore, is that they drowned out at sea, having fallen off a RIB’s coming into shore.

Let’s not forget that the English Channel is just 20.6 miles at its shortest distance between France and the Kent coast. The kind of migrant boat tragedies seen in the Mediterranean Sea could happen in the Channel, and may well have already happened but is being covered up by a government used to covering up bad news.

The last thing PM Theresa May wants splashed across the newspaper headlines, is that desperate refugees are being washed up dead on our British shores.


With security at the Channel Tunnel and on board ferries and lorries beefed up, its only logical that the people smugglers are resorting to RIB’s to ferry their cargo into Britain.

The President of the French coastguard, Bernard Barron, said: “It’s starting to become a very similar situation to that seen in the Mediterranean and my biggest fear is that the same kind of tragedies we see in Greece or Italy will start to repeat in the Channel.”

It would appear that the Camber Sand’s tragedy is the first sign of the above warning coming true.

Perhaps Mak knows something about it. (An extract from a POF conversation)

  • 01/09, 08:27 – Mak: Ooo what are you writing about?
  • 01/09, 08:33 – Matt: I’m researching the 5 dead at Camber Sands. There must be more to the story. 5 friends don’t all tragically die at the same time.

12 hours later…..

  • 01/09, 22:47 – Matt: Mak, have I said something to upset you or are you just busy?

2 weeks later…..

  • 15/09, 19:00 – Matt: Come on Mak. What did I say for you to dump me so completely?

1 day later…..

  • 16/09, 16:33 – Matt: My research seems to suggest that the dead bodies washed up on Camber Sands could be immigrants fleeing to the UK. Do you know something about this, which is why you’ve stopped communicating or it is just because you think I’m a loony?

30 minutes later….

  • 16/09, 17:05 – Mak: If I did or didn’t I wouldn’t be discussing it with you….. The latter…..!!!!! I am on holiday and out of the country….. Do not contact me again…..!!!!! Ever…….!!!!!