Sussex Police find themselves facing multiple negative news headlines yet again. Is it any wonder considering the police force is riddled with corruption and incompetence, with a Police and Crime Commissioner with zero experience of policing but plenty of experience pole dancing?

Its all about Priorities.

Ex-pole-dancing instructor Katy Bourne is tasked as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner to set the priorities for Sussex Police.

Evident by the recent Argus newspaper headlines, Katy Bourne is showing her true Conservative colours by coming down hard on the most needy in society and allowing the most vile and criminal to go about their business in complete safety.

As the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (who’s done more than anyone in Sussex to hold Sussex Police to account) I often resort to satire as a reflection of the anger and frustration I feel being ignored and side-lined by Sussex Police and the Sussex press.

Within month’s of Katy Bourne being elected I posted a cutting edge satirical graphic accusing Katy Bourne of making Sussex safer for paedophiles and Freemasons.

facebook farce

I’ve been proved right with the news that Sussex Police are knocking on the doors of paedophiles suspected of viewing indecent images of children to warn them they are being monitored.

I’ve accused Sussex Police of aiding and abetting criminals and I’ve been proved correct after its been revealed Sussex Police officers have visited 24 homes since November 2015, to urge suspected paedophiles to stop viewing the images, often handing over warning letters.

Make no mistake that downloading child pornography is illegal and against the Law. (The Protection of Children Act 1978 to be precise.)

Katy Bourne has make it safer for paedophiles in Sussex by warning them that the police are on their case and their arrest is imminent.

Its all about Priorities.

While on the other side of the coin undercover Sussex Police officers are being sent out to catch homeless people begging with more than one arrested every week.

This is the madness of Sussex Police laid to bare for everyone to see.

As the Argus reports:

“Rough sleepers are being criminalised by Sussex Police operations to arrest and prosecute those living on the streets and desperate for small change.”

I know all about homelessness and beggars because my sister is homeless and begs on the streets of Brighton. You may have even walked past her outside the Co-op store on Lewes Road or perhaps outside the Taxi rank on Eastern Street in the centre of Brighton.

where emma sleepsRead more: My sister is Homeless. 

We’ve seen this happen before during the ITV reality show The Nick featuring Sussex Police. A dangerous rapist was on the loose and a danger to Sussex residents. On sending out a team of 5-6 police officers to apprehend the dangerous rapist, they pass a homeless heroin addict coming out of his hiding hole and decide to stop the search for the dangerous rapist and arrest the homeless beggar instead.

“Its good to nick someone you know,” the Police Sergeant said. Well as long as it isn’t a paedophile or a rapist, all is good with the world…

Its all about Priorities.

Unlike Katy Bourne who was educated at the private all-girls Roedean school, who sold her pole dancing business for a million squid and who married a stupid banker who lost $14 billion of his investors money, I know what it means to be on the receiving end of the worst which life has to offer.

Its all about Priorities.

Katy Bourne is responsible for setting the police priorities every year and she’s prioritised begging over paedophilia.

Read that again to experience the full impact of what’s going on in Sussex Police.

More resources are being put into arresting beggars than is being put into arresting paedophiles who view and download child pornography.

Damn everyone who voted Tory!

Sussex Police’s Deputy Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney is happy to admit they are soft on paedophiles, as she told The Argus: “Sometimes we can intervene very quickly and say, ‘stop doing that, we saw you did that once.’”

But God help a beggar asking for 10 pence.

As The Argus reports:

“In a recent case magistrates questioned the public interest in taking to court a rough sleeper who asked for ten pence in the street.”

Keep in mind the example above was just one of more than 16 defendants called before Brighton Magistrates’ Court in the past two months.

A total of 62 were arrested last year with each case costings the public purse more than £16,000 each.

No wonder Katy Bourne has raised the Police Tax by £10 since she was first elected.

Sussex Police defend their actions by saying they’re “forced to prioritise for arrests the cases that posed the greatest threat because the scale of indecent images online was so vast.”

The scale of indecent images viewed online is so vast because Sussex Police have historically been allowing paedophiles to get off with it scot-free.

The tactics have come under fire by critics who have questioned the “pointless system” that costs the taxpayer thousands of pounds and sees beggars fined hundreds of pounds only to have to go back on the streets.

Katy Bourne defended the tactic as “the right way” to address the problem, she said: “The reasons that people beg varies greatly. It is a complex issue which I am pleased to see Sussex Police are addressing in the right way by working closely with other support agencies.

Its all about Priorities.

I remember reporting on this back in February 2014, when Sussex Police couldn’t decide whether or not to return the child pornography pictures back to the paedophiles they seized the pictures from.

Read all about it- Sussex Police Give Back Pictures of Children to Convicted Paedophiles.

The Scale of the Problem reaches Unprecedented Levels.

Deputy Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney is quoted to have said, “There are people who are curious and frankly would be horrified if anybody ever knew. And we are very quick with those people when we know about them to say, ‘look, we know what you are doing, you know what you are doing and that is that’”.

Who would these “curious” people be who would be so “horrified if anyone ever knew?”

  • Warren Morgan, Brighton and Hove’s Labour Party Leader? He looks the type???
  • Perhaps Simon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown???
  • How about Nicholas Soames MP, Grandson of Winston Churchill?
  • Frank Le Duc, Brighton reporter?
  • How about Caroline Lucus, MP for Brighton Pavilion?

(Its not always men don’t you know!)

What type of person would be “horrified if anyone ever knew” they were downloading child pornography no matter how “curious” they were?

The list of suspects is endless. Freemasons maybe?

In my humble opinion anyone who is “curious” about child pornography is sick in the head and needs locking up for the benefit of society at large.

It is all really awful.”

Deputy Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney goes on to say, “There are others who are downloading images, and then there is contact offending. It is all really awful and it is about where the threat and the harm is on that continuum and that is where we try and judge where our intervention is.”

God help us and God help Sussex Police by voting me as their next Police and Crime Commissioner.

In true nasty Tory style, Sussex Police (under the stewardship of devote Tory Katy Bourne,) is prioritising begging over paedophilia.

I’ve been proved right when I accused her of making Sussex safer for Paedophiles and Freemason.


My name is Matt Taylor and I’m standing as an Independent candidate in the May 5th 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Over the last four years I’ve done more, (in my capacity as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner,) to hold Sussex Police to account than anyone in Sussex.

I’ve proved beyond a shadow a doubt that Katy Bourne has failed in her duties which she was elected and paid £85K a year to carry out…

Katy Bourne, Martin Richards and Giles York may consider me as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if they want, but that’s their problem not mine. I’ve asked the questions that no one else in Sussex has had the courage or nerve to ask.

Latest TV reporter Frank Le Duc interviewed Katy Bourne and told her that there had been a trend of police officers retiring early to escape misconduct charges and to keep their police pensions, to which Katy Bourne wholeheartedly agreed.


Why is it then an unreasonable question to ask why Martin Richards retired 9 months early?

Why is it unreasonable to ask why after 24 complaints against Martin Richards (while he was Chief Constable) that all 24 were found to be “unsubstantiated,” having been investigated by Mark Streater, who himself was a Sussex Police officer of 30 years and a close personal friend of Martin Richards?


I’ve demonstrated I am the REAL DEAL and have got what it takes to turn Sussex Police around.

The choice is yours but if you want me to be your Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, you’ll have to cough up the £5000 I need as a deposit to stand in the election.




“Joe isn’t going to make it to the 7th of May, let alone a full parliamentary term. This is why I am confirming my intention to stand as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 general election. I fully intend to win it and become the next and best MP Brighton Kemptown has ever had.”


Without your kind donations to my Election Campaign I have no chance of winning the Brighton Kemptown Election on Independence Day 7th May 2015.



IAN-BUCHANANOut of all the parliamentary candidates standing in the Brighton Kemptown constituency in 2015, Ian Buchanan has been the most silent.

  • Simon Kirby is busy getting his team to write letters to NHS England to pressure them into making a decision on the future of the Eaton Place surgery.
  • Nancy Platts is busy calling on Conservative MP’s to vote to save fire-fighter pensions.
  • Davy Jones is busy hosting his weekly radio show on Free Brighton Radio.
  • Joe Neilson is busy building an alliance of interested parties against labour, Conservative and the Green party combined.

Read more: Joe Neilson Independent Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

kirby-outside-hospitalAs of today with only 119 days to go to the May 7th election, you would have thought we would have heard more from him. Though digging deeper into whom Ian Buchanan is and what he stands for, we get an idea of why he’s keeping such a low profile.

With no election campaign website, anyone who wants to know about Ian Buchanan must go to the East Sussex Gov UK site to find out more about him.

Once you get there, it makes for uncomfortable reading and answers the question why he’s keeping such a low profile.

Right off we learn he earns his money from property rentals being a multiple landlord.

Now while not every landlord is a bad person, we know from experience that land-lords are more often than not- bad people.

Being a multiple landlord implies he’s packing in as many residents he can into as few properties as possible, to extract the maximum rental potential.

We will only find out what kind of landlord he is once we talk to his paying residents. While I’m sure every property meets the standards of adequate fire precaution, cleanliness and safely, it’s still unclear whether his residents are private or DSS funded.

All too often we hear horror stories about multiple landlords. The exploits of Brighton’s most notorious landlord, Nicolas Van Hoogstraten is still fresh in everybody’s mind. Then of-course we have Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc, who puts Nicolas Van Hoogstraten to shame with his empire of multiple properties in Hastings and beyond.

(Its worthy of note that Parliament had to bring in new laws to counter-act the criminal (but yet perfectly legal) practices of Mark Slade. See

We know from public knowledge that the leader of Brighton’s Conservative Party, fellow multiple landlord Geoffrey Theobald OBE, had dealings with the notorious Nicolas Van Hoogstraten; it isn’t too much of a stretch of imagination to imply Ian Buchanan may have had similar dealings with very dodgy characters.


The question is asked, as required by Section 30 of the Localism Act 2011, and other interests, as required by the Council’s code of conduct “any body one of whose principal purposes includes the influence of public opinion or policy (including any political party or trade union):”

To which Ian Buchanan answers:

  • Mason
  • Knight Templar
  • UK Independence Party

We know from the official Knight Templar website ( that Knight Templar’s follow the highest chivalric ideals of the medieval Order of Knights Templar which was founded by Hugh de Payens in 1119.

It’s all very well that men should exhibit bravery, courtesy, honour and gallantry towards women. I expect millions of men do so with being a Knight Templar.

Who are the Knight Templar’s really? We know that the Queen is subservient to the Order of the Garter, of which all her family are members. The Pope past and present are also members.

Suffice to say both Freemasons and Knight Templar’s are deeply smeared with controversy following allegations of satanic practises and child-abuse.

As the picture at the top of the page asks, do we really want our public representatives pledging allegiance to arcane organizations above and beyond allegiance to the constituents they are elected to serve?

My answer is a resounding “NO,” though I am interested in hearing yours.


It would seem for all intents and purposes that Ian Buchanan is happy to take a back seat and rely on the popularity of the UKIP leader Nigel Farage to get him into power.

It’s easy to hold onto the coat-tails of nationalism. Being a Knight Templar and a follower of Hugh de Payens, it’ll be interesting whether Ian Buchanan is aware of ancient British history and that the legendary King Arthur II was in fact a real historical figure.

The Plantagenet Royal family who ruled for 245 years from 1154-1399 are famed to have modelled their Kingdom on the golden Arthurian era. The point I’m trying to make is that if you want to get all patriotic, it’s very easy to do so.

British history has a wealth of patriotism to hang on to. Though the fact UKIP are exploiting the patriotism expressed over 21st Century immigration is an indication that UKIP is nothing more that the far-right wing of the Conservative party.



Following in the footsteps of Conservative MP’s Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell defection to UKIP, local Moulsecoomb Labour councillor Leigh Farrow has jumped on the band wagon and done the same.

The reaction of the local community should be a warning to all UKIP defectors that UKIP under the leadership of Nigel Farage isn’t all its cracked up to be.

farrowposter-smallPeople aren’t stupid, they can see through the façade of UKIP nationalism and see a nasty political party of the same ilk as the Conservative party hell-bent on the privatisation of the NHS, austerity and the continuing bashing of the poor and vulnerable to cover-up for own in competency and failures in government.

It’s always somebody else’s fault when it comes to the Conservative and UKIP parties. Blame the:

  • The Poor
  • The Disabled
  • The Elderly
  • The Nurses
  • The Police
  • The Fire-men
  • The Immigrants
  • The Labour Party
  • The Muslims
  • The Single Mothers




Katy Bourne set to resign or be sacked?

The façade of competence can no longer be maintained. Even The Argus newspaper has to admit that Sussex Police are ‘SCANDALOUS.’

The failure of Martin Richards, Katy Bourne (her Team) and Giles York is clear to see. Their failure to police Sussex has been exposed and laid bare to the readers of The Argus newspaper.

The Argus sub-headline: The most serious crimes in Sussex are being investigated by unqualified officers because of a ‘critical shortage’ of police.



Exercise Citizen – major incident training exercise

Sourced from the Sussex Police website 14 May 2014

Emergency services and other agencies are carrying out a live exercise at locations in Brighton, Eastbourne and Mid Sussex today (14 May).

This is a large-scale exercise testing real-time response to a number of major incidents.

7:7Most training takes place out of view but this exercise will take place in public, albeit in designated areas, to make it as realistic as possible.

The activity will be centred around Brighton, Eastbourne and Mid Sussex. Residents and businesses nearest the activity have been made aware although they should not be affected. Exercise planners do not want to be specific about what the exercise involves or where the locations are to make the spontaneous response to these emergency situations realistic.
Exercise director Steve Voice, Sussex Police, said: “Local people may notice considerable emergency service activity in these areas today. They can rest assured that far from having anything to worry about, this is actually a prudent test of our major incident plans and how we work with partners.

“It is extremely beneficial to the police and other agencies to test contingency plans, as directed by the Home Secretary, in a practical way and to continuously improve our service.

“The scenarios we are testing are exceptional and are of a magnitude that allows us to test all the likely resources available.

“The exercise will be conducted in designated areas and disruption, other than maybe short delays to traffic caused by emergency vehicles responding to the exercise, will be kept to a minimum. The public will not be affected and can expect business as usual with emergency services responding to routine and emergency calls.”

Nearly 20 partners – colleagues from fire, ambulance and police as well as some local authorities, health services, Highways Agency and others – are taking part in the exercise in line with their statutory duty, under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, to plan, train and exercise a co-ordinated response to incidents that may affect Sussex.
Following the test in responding to the major incidents the exercise will continue tomorrow (Thursday) in Brighton with police working with HM Coroner in testing victim identity and recovery.

Senior Contingency Planning & Resilience Manager at South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) Steve Carpenter said: “Exercises such as this are vital to test the already robust plans we have in place in the event of a major incident. We’re looking forward to working with our fellow emergency services as well as NHS and voluntary service colleagues to rehearse our plans in a realistic environment. The exercise will further strengthen our strong relationships and enhance our preparation to assist local communities in the event of a serious incident.”

Group Manager Glenn Jones from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “We are delighted to be part of this major exercise. We work closely with other emergency services on a regular basis but – thankfully – incidents are rarely on a large scale. It is therefore vital we get the opportunity to experience different situations and test out how we can co-ordinate our response alongside other emergency services. We want to ensure we are effective in keeping those living, working and visiting this area safe.”

7:7-bombsThe exercise is being planned through the Sussex Resilience Forum which ensures organisations across the area are working in a coordinated way to help prevent and prepare for major emergencies and to advise local people what they can do to be aware and prepared.

The Sussex Resilience Forum is made up of blue light services, local authorities, health services and other responders who all form various working groups to draw-up and test plans for emergencies which may affect Sussex, the most recent being flooding.
We would appreciate media publicising the exercise on the day to offer reassurance to the public who may see increased blue light activity. We don’t want them to worry but to understand that it is important that agencies test plans in a realistic setting.



BBC-Screen_Shot-matt-taylor-winsThe Brighton Kemptown election is hotting up.

Conservative Simon Kirby, the sitting MP is riding high on the crest of the wave, following the news that the Royal Sussex County Hospital will get their promised £420 million investment and Labour’s Nancy Platts is pulling out all the stops to save local fire stations from closure.

With under a year to go, the 90,000 constituents of Brighton, Kemptown, Peacehaven, Ovingdean, Woodingdean and Rottingdean have a choice to make.



• By re-electing Simon Kirby we will continue to suffer from the Nasty Nazi policies of austerity.

• To elect Nancy Platts would mean much the same.

• Davy Jones, the Green Party candidate hasn’t much to say.

• And UKIP Ian Buchanan is a Freemason, what more is there to say?


Standing as an independent candidate on an anti-corruption platform, I am that “Something Different” you’ve been waiting for.

Unlike either Simon or Nancy, I am a man of the people, because having been brought up in a single parent household, in a council house, working in low-paid jobs and having gone to state schools, I know better than anyone the hardships and issues which the common people face.


We are at the edge of a cliff, looking over into oblivion. Before us are three spikes in the road.

• The Conservative road of more to the few and less to the many.

• The Labour road of pretending to give more to the many, while in fact giving more to the few too.

• The Independent road of the many getting it all and the few getting locked up in prison.


Simon Kirby has demonstrated where his loyalty lays by voting for austerity for the last 4 years.


• Fracking across the country, polluting our national water supply and contaminating our country-side.
• More unnecessary austerity which robs the people of their wealth and drives thousands to suicide and food banks.
• More statute regulations which will curtail our freedoms of speech, assemble and thoughts.
• More corruption in national and local government.
• More pain and injustice to the common people.
• More war, death and destruction.


• A lame duck in Parliament.
• Personal advancement for Nancy and her friends.
• The same policies as the Tories but with a different spin.


• An independent voice in Parliament.
• A brave voice which supports the common people.
• A crusader against corruption.
• A cure for Cancer.
• A debt free economy.
• Wealth and prosperity for all.


Unlike Simon Kirby and Nancy Platts, I’ve already made good on my promises and by setting up the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner office (SSPCC) in 2012, have shown my dedication towards anti-corruption.

Unlike any other politician in Sussex, I’ve listened to what the people are saying and I’ve acted upon their words.

The people of Sussex are telling me that corruption is strife and that they are worried for the future and their children’s future.

Having taken their complaints to Simon Kirby and others, they have realized that no one else cares.

martin richards in blackUnbelievably and in my capacity as SSPCC, I broke the news that the ex Chief Constable of Sussex, Martin Richard’s retired early due to a misconduct charge.


Having (proverbially) screamed from the top of my voice from the rooftops, not one soul in Sussex has bothered to investigate this scandal.


As your MP my voice would be heard because I’d no longer be shouting from the proverbial roof-top, but I’d be shouting in the centre of Parliament, where my voice will have to be heard.

If you think corruption doesn’t affect you, then you are a fool. Corruption affects every single one of us. And I’m the only option you have in the general election of 2015 to put a stop to it.


Now a lot of you would have noticed my campaign against Queen Elizabeth II. And I expect I would have lost a lot of your votes, even before I’ve had a chance to win them.

I’ll be the first to admit that I became intoxicated with the hits. The more I wrote about the Queen the more hits I got. It took my campaign manager to remind me that I need votes not hits.

So if you subscribed to Getting Ready for 2015 for controversial articles about the Queen, don’t despair.

Following a blog restructuring, I’m happy to say that my more controversial articles have been tendered out to the alternative news agency Guerrilla Democracy News.


queen shakenIf I have offended you with my controversial articles about the Queen, I’m sorry.

As the daughter of King Paki from New Zealand chastised me:

“May I ask what is it that you hate the Queens family and why do you disrespect them… much?

If you derail the train….something gonna happen and you as our Maori King we as the people will suffer because of your pig headed crap….so if I am missing something here please explain…and let me be the judge of it….Just don’t get it.”

I chose to support Kevin Annett and the International Tribunal of Crimes and Church and State (ITCCS) because as an anti-corruption politician, I believe no one should be above the Law, including royalty.

I’ve demonstrated that I am ready and willing to take on anyone and everyone who’s involved in corruption, including the Queen of England.

Now while this stance may lose me votes, for the simple reason that people just can’t imagine our Queen ever breaking the Law, I’ve done it because people are saying the Queen has broken the Law.


Tell Simon Kirby you are a victim of institutionalised corruption and he’ll shrug his shoulders and say he can’t help, as he did when I wrote to him about my concerns about an O.A.P who just happens to be the main witness in the Katrina Taylor murder of 1996..

Read more: Open Letter to Simon Kirby Ref: Katrina Taylor Murder Cover up.

Tell Nancy Platts the same thing and she ignore you.

• Read more: Who is Nancy Platts?

Both Labour and Conservative are in it together. Vote for one and you’ll get the other.


new-matt-taylor2I need your vote because I can do more for you in a position of power, than what I can without power.

It’s with this in mind that I need you to book me. Book me and give me the opportunity to convince you I’m the best person for the job.

• If you are a chair person of a local group, book me.
• If you are someone who wants to know more, book me.
• If you have an event, book me.

I need as many votes as I can get, so please book me and let me convince you that I’m the best for the job.


Calling all like minded independent minds- We need you to stand against the Conservative MP Mike Weatherley in Hove and against the Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker in Lewes.


Please get in touch and let’s start talking.




ImageThe popular phrase, “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings,” is doubly enforced when two fat ladies sing. You know it’s over then!

Thus as we celebrate the 88th birthday anniversary of our evil Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, we can all rest easy in our beds that in the 88th year since her birth, her reign will soon come to an end.

A portrait of the Queen was taken by the renowned British photographer David Bailey and has been released to mark her 88th birthday.

The photograph of the monarch, smiling, was taken at Buckingham Palace in March 2014 and was commissioned on behalf of the government’s Great Britain campaign. Matt Taylor has satirically added the speech bubble, “I’ve gotten away with it all my life and I’m going to keep getting away with it until the day I die. Why? Because one’s peasants are stupid creatures who swallow the bullshit I feed them. Kevin Annett, Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey and Matt Taylor. I don’t give one’s toss what you say, write or judge about me. I’M ABOVE THE LAW!, I’M ROYALTY.”

A Buckingham Palace source said: “Bailey’s name was suggested by No 10 and the Great campaign and the Queen agreed. The Queen agreed to sit for it in recognition of the work of the Great campaign.”

David Bailey said: “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Queen. She has very kind eyes with a mischievous glint. I’ve always liked strong women and she is a very strong woman.”


The first public comments to appear on the Guardian Newspaper site on which it was published, paints a different sentiment as shown by the peasants, as the Queen calls them.

Read more: David Bailey portrait of Queen released to mark her 88th birthday.

  • What a load of crap. A totally mediocre, philistine, mean woman, who despite her fantastic wealth has employees on income supplement and zero hour contracts, who went along with the use of her armed forces for an illegal war of aggression, who cannot think of anything better to do with her time than hunt pheasants, and who represents the apex of a class system that Britain needs like a hole in the head. Britain will never be a modern democratic state until the monarchy goes, or is cut down to Scandinavian size and influence, and the public school system is abolished. I do wish people would stop taking an interest in this totally uninteresting and undistinguished family.
  • Spot on. And don’t forget she is ultimately responsible for launching empty Dave’s career by penning his first reference – you are about to meet a remarkable young man. We are indeed – the man who destroyed the welfare system, the NHS and the Union in one term of parliament – while she watches malevolently from the sidelines. Her vassal sends a million people to the food banks, and all she can muster is a “mischievous smile”.
  • She is a very strong woman. Must take real strength to sail through life on a comfy cushion with your mouth wide open.
  • Big head, better teeth than her mother, not bad for eighty eight. I suppose when you’ve never done a days work in your life and have a shit load of servants one would look well.
    She’s an historical figure, the nations granny, when she’s gone lets get rid of the rest!
  • So thrilled to see my queen, parasite that she is, looking to hale and hearty at 88. If only other monarchs could follow her sterling example of tolerating wholesome criticism of herself and hers, they might also deserve such excellent health at such an age.
  • The Russian’s had the right idea with what to do with ‘royalty’..


The Queen’s greatest Nemesis, Kevin Annett, the Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, is coming to the UK.

While details are sketchy at the moment, information is trickling through the alternative media grape-vine that Kevin Annett will be making a visit to the legend of King Arthur’s heart-land in Glastonbury.

Publicized here on Glastonbury TruthJuice website, one Rev. Kevin Annett is set to appear at The King Arthur Pub in Glastonbury at 7.30 pm on date to be confirmed.

Read more: Rev Kevin Annett in Glastonbury

Once I have any more information on this historic visit, you’ll be the first to know.

“They’re fleeing for their lives!”

Living in a post-Goliath World by Kevin D. Annett
Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

“At least 50,000 aboriginal children died in the residential schools between 1896 and 1973, according to the government’s own documented mortality rates …” – First press release of Kevin Annett announcing the publication of his book “Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust” on February 1, 2000

“The death records of tens of thousands of First Nations children who died during the time residential schools were operating in Canada have been handed over to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Several provincial governments gave up the records to the commission …” – West Coast Native News, March 30, 2014 (

Then David chose some smooth stones and put them in his bag, and he held his sling in readiness as he drew near to Goliath … – 1 Samuel 17:40

I definitely know the score now. But even as the Goliath of Rome and London is staggering from the blow and is going down, some lingering stupid part of me still finds it not quite believable that the miracle has happened, and the battle is won. Even in victory, our minds linger in the past.

And so that odd part of me found it strange last week that no reporters were calling me up to ask me how I felt for being right, all this time; or that the United Church of Canada wasn’t banging on my door with a formal “We’re sorry!” for needlessly destroying my life over something that was actually true: their own murder of little brown kids.

Well of course they’re not phoning, you dummy! I said to stupid me. They’re fleeing for their lives!

Those Philistines in Church and State are not the issue any more, after all; especially now that they’re in head long retreat after the fall of their Goliath-like Lie, as they spread the distractions and politically correct rhetoric they need to cover their withdrawal. But in their wake, the rest of you now have to decide how you’re going to live in the great void and brilliant light left by their absence.

I met an insider today who worked for decades as a senior RCMP official. He told me that every Mountie in Canada has been told that “under no circumstances” are they to harass or engage or even question me. Why? Because of the recent Stand Down Order that our Common Law Court issued to every agent of the English Crown, after the latter was found guilty of Genocide last year. The Mounties are, in short, afraid of that Order, because, to quote the official,

“We all know what we did”.

The news from Rome is even more revealing. Apparently even the Mafia isn’t using the Vatican Bank to launder their drug money anymore since “even the blind can see that the Church is on its knees, and not in prayer”, to quote an Italian Senator. And apparently, two more prominent Cardinals connected to the Bank are about to throw in the towel.

All of that looks to me like a Titan named Goliath lying prone in the dust, waiting only for one who is bold enough to slice off his head with his own sword.

That blow is coming, but first I want to share what really brought the Beast down.

I just turned fifty eight in February, and my hips don’t work so well these days, which comes from having to walk everywhere with my weighty bags of documents. It wasn’t so twenty two years ago, when I still had a driver’s license and a salary, and when I first heard about the Port Alberni Killing Fields as a young United Church clergyman there.

The particularly incurable kind of war weariness that comes from having fought for so long hadn’t taken hold of me back then. I was as blind as the rest of you in those days, and in that way, quite happy. And a lot of my Indian friends were still breathing then, too: folks who you’ll never hear about except through me, who knew all about the murdered children, and had even helped bury them. But those friends of mine are dead now too. All of them.

Ricky Lavallee was one of them: he with his two stringed guitar and wry grin who always bummed the same two bucks off me for pizza before setting out with a few other survivors and me to create a nuisance on Sundays in the downtown Vancouver churches that hated the sight of us and what we knew of their filth. Ricky and six of us once stopped all the traffic along Georgia street with our banner that cried, “All the Children Need a Proper Burial”, and he was smiling the entire time.

Last year, somebody whacked Ricky in the chest so hard he died, not too long after he spoke publicly about seeing another one of our buddies, Bingo Dawson, get beaten by Vancouver cops so badly that he died, too. But since Bingo “officially” expired from “alcohol poisoning” … well, Ricky quickly became just another inconvenient eyewitness.

Pictures of Ricky Lavallee and Bingo Dawson should hang in every classroom in our new, burgeoning Republic of Kanata, for they, and other fallen heroes, were the force that propelled the stone that brought the criminals down.

… and its Consequences

Well wishers who routinely urge me to “Be Safe” these days really haven’t caught up with events. It’s the bad guys who like to pretend they’re in charge who have to watch their collective ass nowadays, not me, because, like the Mountie said, they know what they’ve done.

As a homeless firebrand in Galilee used to say all the time, the kingdom of heaven is everywhere on earth, yet people do not see it. That about sums up our situation now, in the wake of the legal and soon to be spiritual disestablishment of the Vatican and the Crown of England, and all of the countries and corporations they’ve spawned. We are free to remake the world and ourselves now, but only if we stop seeing and believing the illusions spun in our head by fictitious entities, starting with the so-called courts and governments and churches that can seem so real.

A new friend of mine in the Canadian midwest is a farmer and a hell of an expert on the common law. He puts things this way,
“There was once only the Natural Law governing men and women, the de jure law of God, of equality and peace. But then de facto legal power subverted lawful power, and the de facto force was the unlawful power of self-appointed kings and popes who ruled arbitrarily and not from the natural law. But then Magna Carta came along to restore Natural Law to mankind, yet once again, the de facto power has chipped away at that until justice is effectively abolished in all the so-called courts.

“Today, there are no more de jure courts or governments anywhere: they’re all private contractors for the corporations that run our world. So we are now abolishing those de facto corporate powers with Magna Carta once more, through the common law courts. But this time, the see saw battle has to end. The People have to finally reclaim the law and the earth if they’re to have a future.”
Fine, so many of you awakening people are responding. But HOW?

Our work is showing all of you not only the why but the how of displacing criminal institutions, and not simply by exposing the crimes. For the past year, we have formed training workshops to teach people the common law and deputize them to be the sheriffs and peace officers and jury members who will replace the corrupt, private commercial courts of today. And starting in May, groups around the world will be systematically enforcing the Stand Down Orders issued against the existing criminal authorities, whether they be cops, priests, judges, politicians or popes.

And to give things a really nice push at the higher levels, during the upcoming Easter weekend of April 18-20, we will be spiritually converging on Rome to nullify the authority and rule of the Vatican and the entity that controls it.

The sword is lifted to finally sever Goliath’s head, O people. The problem isn’t the lack of a blade, but the cowardice and conditioning of the mass of people. And that’s why it’s only the remnant of called out warriors who will be able to create the example and spark the enlightenment that will rally the millions who can reshape our world. And so the clarity and will of that Remnant is now the decisive issue.

The consequences of a well aimed death blow: you’ve got to love them! So prove to yourself, to God, and to our descendents, that you are worthy of the freedom that you have been given now by the blood and the sacrifice of a few of us.

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