Do they know it’s Christmas time?


Both orphans themselves, Gloria and Fred now run a centre which cares for 250 orphans and 40 widows.

With only enough money to send 10 orphans to school, Gloria and Fred know more than anyone what it means to look after people less fortunate than themselves.

While £60 can be blown with ease on a dinner for two in any British city restaurant, £60 can go along way in Uganda, feeding the hungry and educating the illiterate.

As Gloria reminds me, “£40 can pay school fees for an orphan for a term.”

Gloria and Fred are inspirations to us all because they are walking the walk, having talked the talk. We in the West often take the moral high ground and lecture how kind hearted we are and how much we do for those less fortunate than us, while really giving nothing in response.

Here is Gloria and Fred who have just got on it with and opened a centre which cares for 250 orphans and 40 widows. While they rely on donations as much as they can, donations aren’t be guaranteed, and the widows make bags, hats and purses out of coloured palm leaves to sell at the market.

By utilizing the best of Facebook, having a solid business plan, a hit video and engaging with the world, Gloria and Fred are being heard across Facebook and winning support every step of the way.

Add Gloria and Fred as your Facebook friends:

A kind lady called Michelle Mc Cown has opened a Go Fund me page to build houses for the windows.

Both Gloria and Fred have opened their eyes to the power of social media and are doing a great job in keeping those under their care, fed, clothed, medicated and educated.

Many of the widows have Aids, as does one of the orphans. They all need medicine to survive and without Fred and Gloria, they would have surely died.

Every donation goes directly to feed, clothe, medicate and educate orphans and widows.

Please donate as much as you can this Christmas. Contact Kuteesa Gloria +256700397493

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Educate an Orphan Appeal.

While in Pakistan the orphans are in danger of dying from illness, fever and flu; over in Uganda, Africa, Gloria Kuteesa nearly died of Malaria.


Its tough being an orphans in today’s world and its tougher looking after them.

Thankfully Gloria is making a full recovery, having been in hospital hooked up to a drip.

Mind you, there’s always a silver lining and while Gloria was staring death in the face, her brother Fred, was visiting the local school sorting out education for the 250 orphans under his care.

The good news is that the local government school has offered free education to all the orphans. The only catch is that they only have to pay 45,000 Ugandan Shillings- (£11.00) top-up fees, per child, per term.

This means all the orphans will be able to have an education, while being feed at school too.

This is great news and a wonderful break-thru, because it was costing Fred £40 to educate just one orphan per term. (A saving of £29 is nothing to be scoffed at…)

We are all familiar with the Chinese proverb, “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”

Can’t we say the same about illiterate orphans.

“You give an illiterate orphan a book and read it. You teach an illiterate orphan to read and he will teach other illiterate orphans to read for a lifetime.”

Fred, Gloria, up-to 40 widows and 250 orphans, all need our prays, money and love. Fred and Gloria are doing God’s work and their dedication and commitment to those less fortunate than themselves is admirable and plain to see.

Both orphans themselves, they know the meaning of having something to eat, a warm dry bed and the ability to read and write.

Don’t think Fred and Gloria are expecting to do all this, relying on help from the West alone. They are doing all they can by making bags, hats and purses to sell at the local market to make ends meet.

I’ve donated twice on two consecutive months and hope to carry on donating for the rest of my life. I’m genuinely in awe of what both Fred and Gloria have achieved. If they aren’t looking after these orphans, the orphans would be wandering the streets, starving and wide open as pray for those who would take pleasure in hurting and exploiting vulnerable children.

Lets not beat around the bush; if it wasn’t for Fred and Gloria, most of these orphans would be dead.

The same goes for Misbah in Pakistan. A lone Christian surrounded by Muslims, caring for the orphans whose parent’s were killed by bombs and murder squads for being Christian.

We are under no illusion that we live in a terribly evil and unjust world.

These orphans, as with every kid in the world, are the innocent victims of their elder’s decisions and sins.

I feel much better knowing my money is being spent on feeding, medicating and educating orphans both in Pakistan and Uganda, than the bullshit we usually flitter away our money on at home.

I wish I could do more to help, but a modest financial donation each month is all I can afford at this moment in time.

Please, please, please, if you have money available, please send it to Fred and Gloria. Remember £11.00 will pay for the Top-Up fees to send an orphan to school.

Send your donations through Western Union or Money Transfer.

  • Kuteesa Gloria
  • Lugazi, Uganda
  • +256700397493

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The UK's most controversial Parliamentary Candidate.
The UK’s most controversial Parliamentary Candidate.

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