graham-coxPlease accept my apologizes at the very start for the bad language and the bully-boy tactics used against Graham the Crook-Cox; and only do so to express my complete disgust towards the man’s morality and political compass.

As harsh as it sounds and as scornful as I come across to the passing reader, I cannot emphasis to you enough the unsuitability of a man like Graham the Crook-Cox to hold public office and be allowed to maintain the corruption of democracy which his Nasty Nazis Conservative party represents and prospers.

Let me tell you this about Graham the Crook-Cox and let you decide whether he’s a crook or not:

I was present at the January 2014 ‘Vote of No-Confidence,’ motioned by the Labour leader Warren Morgan against the Green Leader Jason Kitcat.

To repeat Graham Cox’s words, of which I dictated from looking down from above in the public gallery:

“Um, I therefore also with a very very heavy heart, find myself having to support this motion, when I don’t actually want to, because if it was a motion that said, ‘Um, I’ve no confidence in the green administration, and I’ve even less confidence in a potential labour administration, perhaps I’ll be a bit happier.”


Do we really need this man in Parliament to vote for his constituent’s interests, while having voted for issues on a local level that he “didn’t actually want?”


He was the Brighton & Hove Police Commander during the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up and is implicated in the Neilson crime files to have played his own corrupt part in promoting the interests of the criminals who control Sussex police.

Evidenced by his smug acceptance piece published in the not-so-independent Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper, he’s quoted as saying:

“Some readers of Brighton & Hove Independent may recall my time as the superintendent in charge of Hove, when we pioneered a more visible form of street policing in which patrolling officers dealt with matters that were previously written off as just minor misdemeanours – such as:

  • Littering
  • Street-drinking
  • Cycling on the pavement
  • Disorderly behaviour.”

Graham the Crook-Cox will be a perfect addition to the kapo ranks of the Nasty Nazis party because he’s proven he’s willing to turn a blind eye to the serious crimes that effect society, (crime’s I hastily add which have gone up under Katy Bourne’s tenure-ship as Sussex Commissioner) such as:

  • Rape
  • Burglary
  • Murder

All you have to do now under Katy Bourne’s leadership is to say sorry for your crime, wear a band and you’re allowed to go home.

This country has gone to rot and its people like Graham Cox who’ve helped it alone the way.

Here’s the last and most insidious reason why Graham Cox is a Crook. Look at him in the picture kiss-arsing the equally insidious Clarence Mitchell, the McCann’s spokesman and general civil servant fix-it-guy, brought in to stand against the honest Green Party MP Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion.

Another reason why Graham Cox is a crook (which has just pinged into my mind) is that while waiting his turn to speak at the vote of no confidence into Jason Kitcat, his colleague sitting next to him accidentally spilt her glass of water over his prepared speech.

Remember I called him ‘smug’ earlier, well here’s why, read what he said after someone in the public gallery shouted “oh here we go,” as he got up to speak:

“Thank you Madam Major, Um, I had a wonderfully elegant speech I was going to read out but unfortunately councillor Mears has poured water all over it, so um (laughter from the floor) you‘ll have to get the real thing!”

  • Number One:

Isn’t it up to the listener to decide whether it’s elegant and not?

  • Number Two:

He admits that without his prepared (oh so “wonderful” and “elegant”) speech, he is left with no choice but to speak the truth, which he evidently did and in the process revealed himself to be a crook because he votes for motions that he “doesn’t really want.”

  • Number Three:

And this will make you laugh; the vote of confidence into Jason Kitcat’s leadership was a piece of local political theatre. The outcome had no legal bidding and while Jason Kitcat lost the vote, life went on exactly the same the next day as he turned up for work the leader of Brighton and Hove council; nothing had changed.

Graham the Crook-Cox has demonstrated he’s willing to go against his moral compass and compromise himself over a motion which bears no significance to anything.

Imagine the damage this man can do with something as critical a Parliamentary vote?

I’ll bet my last penny Graham the Crook-Cox would have voted for:

  • The Iraq Wars
  • The Syrian War
  • To dump European Human Rights
  • Fracking
  • Austerity measures
  • And a no vote for a Public Inquiry into institutional Child-abuse.

Graham Cox is an insidious man and must not be allowed to win the Hove and Portslade election in 2015.

Following the disgraced departure of Mike Weatherley, who won’t be contesting the 2015 election, Graham the Crook-Cox smugly rubbed his opponent’s face in the mud by boasting:

“This was not an easy decision for members as they had three other excellent candidates to choose from. In particular, my colleague Kristy Adams presented a very impressive case. I hope we will see much more of Kristy in the near future.”

Calling himself “Excellent,” has this man’s ego no bounds?


We need independently minded people to join Martin Bell, the crusading independent parliamentarian, to check out and join.


As Martin Bell said, “The Independent Network (IN) is a non-profit organisation that provides support to candidates who are not members of political parties. Independent candidates do not have access to a large national party structure with its human and financial resources. The Independent Network was formed to attend to this inequality and will encourage the electorate to acknowledge the success and influence independents are having in Parliament and in local government.”

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Please can you send me some funds to print leaflets, books and banners which I intend to set up at public places and jumble sales across the Brighton Kemptown area, to attract your independent vote?

Equally we need other independent parliamentary candidates to stand in:

  • Hove & Portslade.
  • Lewes.
  • And every other constituency in Great Britain.

“I grew up in Portslade,” says Matt Taylor the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, “If no-one steps up to the platform and accepts the challenge of stopping both Labour and Conservative MP’s from winning the seat as an independent candidate, then I may have to.”