Chemo Kills


The chemo lobby is possibly the most powerful in the world. They’ve changed the laws in most western countries so that only their product, the poison of chemotherapy, is allowed to be prescribed by doctors. And good, life saving treatments for cancer, of which there are many, are concealed from patients, who are pressured into chemo, usually with ghastly results.

The side effects of chemo can be horrific – your organs may pack up, you may lose the sight of one or both eyes, you get “chemo brain” where your brain is often permanently damaged and you can’t function, you may become unable to walk; losing all your hair is irrelevant by comparison.

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ImageSimon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown, is riding high on the crest of success, with the news that the Royal Sussex County Hospital will receive the vital £420 million funding it needs for its major re-development.

Posting on his campaign website, Simon Kirby is said to be “delighted” at the news.

Simon said: “Today’s announcement is great news for local people. Huge congratulations must go to the team at the Royal Sussex who worked so hard to put forward such a compelling case. It is only right that patients and staff will now have the very best facilities they deserve.”

Having started his own petition and work tirelessly by lobbying ministers including George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt and Oliver Letwin, Simon Kirby isn’t being shy in coming forward and accepting the credit.

Image“I have been actively campaigning for a long time now for the £420 million funding to redevelop the Royal Sussex Hospital and would thank everyone who supported my campaign and took the time to sign my hospital petition, which I am sure made a real difference,” he said.
The Chancellor George Osborne, will today announce that the Government has given the green light and redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital in the Kemptown & Peacehaven constituency will proceed.

Pressing home his involvement in the decision, Simon hopes that this won’t be forgotten by the time the election comes around next year.

ImageJustifying the time it took for the government to release the funds, as they had promised to do, Simon continued: “It is right and proper that there was detailed scrutiny before the Government committed such a huge amount of money, but through my repeated efforts I left the Chancellor, Prime Minister and Health Secretary in no doubt as to the importance of this money for patients and staff here in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven.”

While Nancy Platts, the labour candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015 has yet to comment on the news, Matt Taylor, the favourite to take over as MP from Simon Kirby, is said to also be “delighted” over the news, and congratulates Simon on his involvement in securing the vital funds to ensure Brighton has a hospital fit for purpose.

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Matt Taylor slams David Cameron over Fracking.

fuck off little rich boys

Matt Taylor, the next MP for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has responded angrily to David Cameron’s announcement today that he will go “all out for shale.”

The day after sordid details were released of a sexually charged Facebook conversation with a leading Gay leader, Matt Taylor posted on his Facebook status, “Fuck off you little rich boys, “All out for shale” over my dead body.”

Left reeling after the fledgling relationship between him and Chris Cooke, a leading figure in Brighton’s LGBT community, was left in tatters after their private conservation was made public, Matt Taylor responded with scathing criticism of David Cameron’s announcement of huge tax breaks for any council willing to authorize shale gas mining in their boroughs.

He said, “If David Cameron was so interested in bringing down the price of energy for the people of the UK, he would invest the huge tax breaks afforded to the shale industry, in buying solar panels for every roof in Britain.”

As a member of the SEER (Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance) group, Matt Taylor has been instrumental in high-lighting the dangers of fracking to both the water supplies and the environment, by producing a series of youtube videos, which explain what fracking is and the dangers that go with it.

He goes on further to say, “The audacity of David Cameron and the Nasty party he leads is quite staggering. Their evil knows no bounds and I am joining millions across the country in saying ‘NO MORE.’ This is the catalyst our country needs to come together and stop these criminals from destroying our nation’s water supply and environment for hundreds of years to come.

By declaring he is “going all out for shale,” David Cameron has effectively signed his own death warrant and the death warrant of his Nasty party.

Remember the facts of the matter, David Cameron and his rich friends were never voted in with a mandate to frack. In fact they weren’t voted in with a mandate to govern, full stop. They seized power with secret talks behind closed doors, with other rich friends such as Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander.

If there is ever a time to stand up for our country, now is that time. Not only have they inflicted financial Armageddon on future generations yet born, they are planning to inflict an environmental Armageddon on them too.

If anyone thinks fracking is safe, they have a fractured brain! The evidence is loud and clear, fracking contaminates the water supplies and the environment at large. There is no debate, this is proven fact and David Cameron knows it.”


Nancy Platts
Nancy Platts

Nancy Platt’s prospects of becoming the MP for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, lays in tatters today after being accused of lying by it’s sitting MP Simon Kirby.

In a bitter and personal attack, Simon Kirby issued an statement on his website which accused Nancy Platts of “completely misleading comments” about the funding for the redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

He said, “On the 26th November, Ms Platts said in a public tweet: ‘@SimonKirbyMP luckily the last#Labour Govt put £420m aside for a new hospital in#Brighton.’

The part which claims “The last Labour Government put £420 million aside for a new hospital in Brighton”, is the line which has evoked Simon Kirby’s fury.

Simon Kirby continues his attack, “Nancy Platts owes the whole Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven constituency an abject apology. Labour had 13 years to redevelop the Sussex County and failed to do so. Nancy has misled local people when she says the last Labour Government ‘put aside’ the money needed. This is clearly not the case. Nancy would do better if she spent more time learning local facts rather than issuing misleading statements and attending demonstrations at the hospital where effigies of dedicated hospital staff are being paraded. That she would issue such a completely misleading statement on an matter of such importance brings into doubt her credibility as a Parliamentary candidate for Labour.”


Nasty Boys

Publishing a letter from his friend and colleague, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt as proof, Mr Hunt categorically states, “I can confirm categorically that development of the Regional Centre for Teaching, Trauma and Tertiary Care at the RSCH was not approved by the previous Government and it is not the case that this Government has withheld the release of funds for its construction.”


Risking the wrath of the Law, Simon Kirby puts his reputation on the line to attack the reputation of Nancy Platts.

As the sub-section 106(1) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 makes clear, ‘A person who, or any director of any body or association corporate which – 
(a) before or during an election. (b) for the purpose of affecting the return of any candidate at the election, makes or publishes any false statement of fact in relation to the candidate’s personal character or conduct shall be guilty of an illegal practice, unless he can show that he had reasonable grounds for believing, and did believe, the statement to be true.’

Its interesting to note that Simon Kirby has made no comment on the many claims made by the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, Matt Taylor, who accused Simon Kirby of many things including being:

  • A transvestite
  • A drug user
  • An accessory to murder
  • A war monger
  • A freemason
  • A fraud

It would seem that Simon Kirby is ready and willing to risk the Law by accusing Nancy Platts of lying, while remaining stoically silent to the allegations made by Matt Taylor.

It would seem that Matt Taylor’s comments accurately reflect the facts about Simon Kirby, hence no action has been made to counter them.

Whilst Matt Taylor, has publicly joined Simon Kirby in his campaign to secure funding for the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Simon Kirby rounds off his career-ending attack on Nancy Platts with, “The Labour candidate would be better served by supporting my campaign rather than trying to score cheap political points at the expense of local people.”


Supporters of both Simon Kirby and Nancy Platts have gone into over-drive on Twitter to either condemn Simon Kirby’s statement or support it.

One such loyal supporter of Simon Kirby, Shaun Gunner tweets, “I’m looking forward to Nancy Platts’ apology to the public,” while a loyal supporter of Nancy Platts, Caroline Penn counter-acts with, “If anyone is to apologise, it’s ‪Simon Kirby MP for allowing £30m cuts to a hospital already suffering A & E crisis.” Even Neil Schofield, who writes for the Notes of a Broken Society blog tweets, “Astonishing: beds crisis at Royal Sussex and ‪Simon Kirby MP responds with personal attack on ‪Nancy Platts – clearly a very frightened man.”


Who is Nancy Platts?
Who is Nancy Platts?

Nancy Platts has yet to respond, as she has failed to do on many occasions when her credibility as a Parliamentary candidate is called into question. Take for example, Who is Nancy Platts?

Mohammed Asaduzzaman
Mohammed Asaduzzaman

The only question now that remains for the Brighton and Hove Labour Party is whether to dump Nancy Platts as their official candidate in favour of local hero, Mohammed Asaduzzaman, who is now the main contender for the position?


In all this mud slinging, the fact that the Royal Sussex County Hospital (RSCH) has yet to receive the promised £420 million funding is missed.

In Jeremy Hunt’s letter the facts are made plainly clear.

“However, as you [Simon Kirby] is aware, formal approval by the Government has not been given and the case is still under review with the Department and HM Treasury now working closely with the NHS Trust Development Authority and the Trust to achieve this.”

Or in layman words, ‘Not a chance in Hell.’

Read Jeremy Hunt’s letter in full here.