I’ve won the Moral Battle


Simply watch Katy Bourne do the YMCA with Sussex Police at Gay Pride without a care in the world.

But behind the smiles and joviality resides a scared and petrified Police and Crime Commissioner, who knows that a neighbouring police force could turn up at any moment and arrest her for misconduct in office.

Alongside Brian Setchfield and John Paterson, we are holding the moral high ground and we’ve beat them hands down.

Let’s get real for a moment.

If someone called you a LIAR in public; what would you do?

Speaking for myself, I’d confront the person and demand they justify their allegation.

Never once has either Giles York, the Chief Constable of Sussex Police or Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner of Sussex Police ever challenged me on my public claims they are liars, frauds and cheats.

Who wins the moral battle? They who shout the truth or they who remain silent to hide their lies?

With truth as my weapon, my hammer and sword, I’ve demonstrated serious failure, incompetence and criminality within the ranks of Sussex Police and NEVER once have Giles York of Katy Bourne challenged me.

Katy Bourne would rather get her lover Mark Streater (the real Police and Crime Commissioner) to complain to Youtube, Google and UK Blasting News to get all information of Katy Bourne’s crimes wiped from the internet.

Who has won the moral battle? Who stands on the higher moral ground?

Katy Bourne hides behind the power of 10 Downing Street to maintain the status quo. The status quo is the continuing theft of government money, with a corrupt police force failing to protect and serve the people of Sussex.

Both Giles York and Katy Bourne have shamed themselves.

Katy Bourne surrounds herself with sycophantic admirers who gladly turn a blind eye to her failures because in doing so, they are rewarded and benefit from the same corruption which Katy Bourne protects and maintains.

hate campaign

Both Sussex Police and Katy Bourne are running scared and are petrified of the information I’m spreading reaching a wider audience.

The only reason they are fighting back is because their backs are against the walls and like rats trapped in the same position, are bearing their gnashes, readying themselves to pounce forward in self defence.

I don’t hide behind anyone.

  • William Mills, Editor of www.the-news.co
  • Mike Gilson, Editor of The Argus newspaper
  • Frank le Duc, Presenter of Latest TV’s The Vote
  • Tim Ridgway, Editor of News at Latest TV
  • Bill Smith, Owner and Founder of Latest TV
  • Emily Walker, Chief Reporter at The Argus newspaper
  • Rachel Millard, Crime Reporter at The Argus Newspaper
  • Ivor Gaber, Professor of Journalism from the University of Sussex
  • Dave Day, Chairman of the Golden Lion Group
  • Giles York, Sussex Police Chief Constable
  • Martin Richards, Ex Sussex Police Chief Constable
  • Katy Bourne, Sussex Police Crime Commissioner
  • Mark Streater, the Real Sussex Police Crime Commissioner
  • Peter James, world famous crime writer
  • Trevor Leggo, Chairman of Sussex Association of Local Councils (SALC)

All these people mentioned above know me personally; never once have I shied away from telling them the truth (as I see it).

While they may say differently behind closed doors, I have always been treated with respect and kindness by them all during face to face meetings and discussions.

These leading figures within the Sussex high-life know my position on corruption and know that I can back up every allegation, with evidence.

No one ever challenges me; no one says I’m wrong.

The only coward in the pack is Mark Streater, who goes behind my back and wins influence with Youtube, Google and UK Blasting News, because his lover Katy Bourne is now protected by the influence of 10 Downing Street.

Read more: Mark Streater is a Coward


Mark Streater once asked me “why I do it?” To which I honestly answered, “I’m doing it to bust open corruption in Sussex Police and become the Sussex Police Crime Commissioner on the back of the publicity and recognition.”

Martin Richard once asked me “when will it stop?” To which I honesty replied, “Never or until I become the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.”

The End is Nigh…

Katy Bourne’s world is about to come crashing down because she’s being sued for elderly abuse.

Corruption, failure and incompetence is never sustainable. At some point lies are exposed and criminality brought to book.

Katy Bourne has been named in an elderly abuse case and once the case reaches the courts, her career is over, once and for all.

Katy Bourne has been referred to the IPCC by the very Police force she is meant to hold to account. She has even been referred to the IPCC by the Police Crime Panel (her critical friends) who are legally tasked with holding her to account.

News Flash – Katy Bourne SPCC in “serious” trouble with the IPCC


(The Police Crime Panel – They get paid for doing it, while I’ve done it for nothing.)

In all probability, Katy Bourne will be arrested and convicted of misconduct in office and will serve a hefty term in prison.



In a damning refusal to award me the compensation for false arrest and imprisonment I rightly deserve, Sussex Police have proved beyond doubt their loyalties lie not with the law abiding citizens of Sussex, but rather with the criminals of Sussex; free to do as thou wilt.
In response to the events of 16th January 2015, at 318 South Coast Road in Peacehaven, in which both Joe Neilson and I were assaulted at our election campaign office; Sussex Police attended and arrested both Joe and I for assault and affray, leaving the criminals laughing in our face.
The events of that day are permanently etched onto my memory. I was in the office sending a text, when all of a sudden I heard Joe scream for help, “MATT, MATT, MATT.”
Upon leaping to his defence, I witnessed a thug punching Joe on his chest. Joe was collapsing to the floor and the only thing stopping these two thugs from entering the property was a box in the corridor which prevented the front door fully opening.
Shocked by the scene in front of me, my military police training kicked in and I adopted the Home Office approved technique of ‘GET BACK AND STAND BACK,’ and shouting at the top of my voice, “GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT,” I simultaneously pulled Joe out of harms way, while shoving the thugs out of the entrance with my right hand before slamming the front door shut and locking it.
You can read my full statement of the events written in the following 12 hours while locked up in a police cell.
Still in shock, (evident by the footage filmed immediately after the incident,) I had no idea who the assailants were or what they wanted. It was only at 00.07hrs of the next day, that during the interview it was explained that our assailants called Mark and Barry, had alleged I had attacked them with a claw hammer and that Joe Neilson had attacked them with a baton.
Bearing in mind we first arrived at Eastbourne’s detention centre at 14.09hrs on the 16th of January, and were interviewed the next day at 00.07 hrs, the promise of a “PROMPT & EFFECTIVE INVESTIGATION” was clearly an empty promise and vindictive of a criminal organisation pertaining to call themselves Sussex Police.
Nearly seven months on, and having sent a letter to the Chief Constable Giles York demanding £14,000 compensation for false arrest and imprisonment, Sussex Police responded denying all liability and maintaining their actions on the day were lawful.
Martyn Milligan of the Civil Claims Unit writes:
“Shortly after mid-day on 16th January 2015, Sussex Police received two separate calls of a disturbance at Flat B, 318 South Coast Road, Peacehaven. One call was made by the occupant Mr. Neilson and the other by Mr Cooke who is the new owner of Flat A. The callers claimed that each had been the victim of an unprovoked assault by the other.
On arrival officers initially spoke to two men who were standing outside the property, these were identified as Mr Cooke and Mr Waters. Mr Cooke and his colleague allege that they had attended the property to begin work on Flat A, but had no means of entering the communal door. They requested assistance from Flat B and the communal door was answered by an elderly man (now known to be Mr Neilson). It wis reported that he became abusive once he was told the reason behind the visit and he swore at the men before taking hold of what was described as a ‘baton’ that was positioned behind the communal door. Mr Neilson is alleged to have taken hold of Mr Cooke and shouted for you to assist. Mr Cooke alleges that you appeared holding a club hammer and they removed themselves from the property before contacting Police.”
Mark Waters

Oh how the story changes.

During the recorded interview conducted at 00.07 on the 17th of January 2015 and attended by interviewer R/I Keane, investigating officer PC Norah Henry and duty solicitor Anthony Waller, it was expressed to me that the assailants were called Barry and Mark Waters and that Mark Waters claimed to have brought Flat A from Barry Cox and that the Barry, who accompanied Mark Waters was his builder.
In fact this position was maintained in all the subsequent court papers. Now all of a sudden, the facts change. Mark Waters is just the goon who works for Mr Cooke! Now it all comes out.
Considering both Joe and I had been refurbishing Flat A since November 2014 in preparation of turning it into our election campaign office, I’m not surprised Joe became abusive to two strangers knocking on his door claiming to have brought Flat A and demanding entry.
Joe Neilson has the documentation showing the previous owner Barry Cox, signed over the ownership of Flat A to him. While this documentation was an internal memo and not rubber stamped by a solicitor, the fact remains that Barry Cox signed over Flat A to Joe Neilson and that as far as Joe was concerned, Flat A was his to do as he wanted. Mark Waters and his expensive legal team acknowledged his fact but argued Barry Cox did so under duress and intimidation.
While Joe and I spent thousands of pounds defending our position in court simply stopping Flat A falling into the hands of the crooks, it was evident we didn’t have the finances to fight Mark Waters in a full blown civilian court case to decide the ownership of Flat A.
Barry Cooke & Mark Waters
Barry Cooke & Mark Waters

Now it transpires Mark Waters isn’t even the owner, Mr Cooke is. The same Mr Cooke who Mark Waters said was his builder. Someone is lying and it certainly isn’t me.

“Mr Cooke alleges that you appeared holding a club hammer.” Now if they lied to Police about who they were at the time of the incident, its probable they lied about me appearing with a club hammer (of which i certainly did not.)
Since publishing various blogs of the events of that day and the subsequent events which followed on my blogspot www.shadowsussexpolicecrimecommissioner.blogspot.co.uk, a person who wishes to remain anonymous contacted me with the following information.
“This morning I came across your blogs concerning the assault on Mr Neilson of Peacehaven, I have had dealings with the assailants in question and I would like to pass on my knowledge of these people to you, I rented a property from one of these people on South Coast road fell a little behind on rent and I was threatened with “the boys” and my legs being broken, since then me and my partner moved from the property and I was told if you fall behind on payments I will come for you I know your address.”
Clearly referring to the goon Mark Waters, the truth becomes crystal clear.
Outside the Indian Restaurant on South Coast Road, opposite the Crown Carvery on Wednesday 8th April 2015 at about 4pm, Mark Waters approached me in his white van and winding his window down intimidated me by letting me know he knew my home address by pinning a posit note of it on the vehicle’s dashboard.

“Why have you got my home address?” I asked.
“Remember I used to live around the corner from you,” he replied.

Back to Mr Anonymous who continues:

“So we began renting the property 1st July 2013 through Mark Waters 239a South Coast road he said he was the landlord but the tenancy agreement stated the landlord was one Mr Paul Bennett of 5 Westdene Drive Brighton all rent and deposit paid was into Mr Bennett’s bank account not Mr Waters which I found strange. The conditions of the flat weren’t great, damp all around my daughters bedroom, missing roof tiles, cracked brickwork, my dad fell ill and I used my rent money to go see my dad before he died. After falling behind I was threatened by Mr Waters over the phone and in person he said he would send the boys round to break my legs, he would get me sacked from my job. I reported to the police but asked no further action because I feared/still fear for my families safety, after this incident myself, my partner and child moved back to Brighton. One month I couldn’t afford to pay my arrears he told me if I didn’t pay he would come through my door for me. He stated that someone called Paul Lucas from Brighton council gave him my address this was over the phone. I wished I had recorded the phone conversation, I recognise Barry the builder from your youtube video he changed the immersion on our boiler (only bit of maintenance done on the property) but I’m unsure if he is actually qualified because he never showed me his i.d, I was apprehensive to email as I fear he could still come for us but my partner said I should iI just hope this doesn’t get me a visit from his cronies.”

So here we have a second independent account of Mark Water’s modus operandi. Pretend he’s the owner, while in fact he’s the goon/thug who does the dirty work while hiding the identity of his boss. Whomever that may be.

Taking about his boss; I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of him on Friday 16th January 2015.


Its all very well Sussex Police siding with Mark Waters & Mr Cooke’s side of the events, but the truth remains that Mark Waters has form. (My sister who is a regular street drinker in Brighton has identified him to be a drug dealer about the same time Katrina taylor was murdered in 1996.) We now know from Sussex Police and independently from Mr Anonymous that Mark Waters isn’t the boss but the goon/goofer/thug. Its pretty safe to assume that Mr Cooke isn’t even the boss too (as he claims to be). In all probability the boss was the one driving the silver Mercedes caught on camera speeding past 318 South Coast road on Friday 16th January.

Connected with Crime Lord Marcel Sulc aka Mark Slade’s criminal gang, Mark Waters is using the very same techniques which his mentor and boss Mark Slade used so successfully during the 1980’s and 1990’s.
Referring to a Guardian Newspaper article written by Martin Bright and Tony Thompson about Mark Slade (King of the Slums) in Sunday 25 August 2002, with the subheading; Landlord Marcel Sulc has got rich by throwing people out of their homes.

And it all comes back to Joe Neilson.

With the assistance of Sussex Police known criminals have fraudulently acquired a property through illegal means, while intimidating an elderly disabled man along the way.

Finally making contact with me, Joe writes:
Joe Neilson
Joe Neilson

“Hi Matt. I am still hiding out.I had to get out quick. My health hernia op they have put on hold until I have X-rays as I have lost a lot of weight. Adult Care has not contacted me. I was right they are involved in cover up. They must be working with Sussex Police.”

Joe Neilson is an OAP scared and in hiding; as is Mr Anonymous who still fears reprisals from Mark Waters and his cronies.
“I had no police help adult care no help I am being set up totally. Plus I need this OP. If at flat I would be died by now. Its was you being at flat the day of attack saved me.”
I was once a Royal Military Policeman in Her Majesty’s Army. I took pride in the fact I didn’t have a criminal record and made sure I never got into trouble because all I wanted to be when I grew up was a policeman. So its all the more upsetting that still Sussex Police align themselves with criminals instead of law abiding citizens.
R/I Keane sent away the footage i filmed for further investigation because she believed I had filmed something which proved my innocence. While I never knew what that was at the time, I can only assume it was the footage of the silver Mercedes speeding past which grabbed their attention.
To be guilty of affray the points to prove are that a person has used or threatened: 
  • unlawful violence;
  • towards another;
  • and his conduct is such as would cause;
  • a person of reasonable firmness;
  • present at the scene;
  • to fear for his personal safety.
Right from the start I used a Home Office approved self defence technique which negates unlawful violence. (In fact I received an injury to my right hand palm in which all seven layers of skin were punctured by an unknown object). And jumping right to the last point that the person(s) at the receiving end of affray must “fear for his personal safety.”
Evident from he footage filmed immediately after the assault, its clear to everyone that Barry Cooke and Mark Waters weren’t at all scared for their own safety, while both Joe and I certainly were.
Martyn Milligan from the Civil Claims Unit writes in his conclusion why I shouldn’t receive any compensation:
“You suggest that you have been ‘exonerated of all wrongdoing’. In fact the reviewing officer has stated that ‘the criminal evidential burden of proof is not discharged in this case and that accordingly, there is not enough evidence to charge the defendants’. In other words, the matter remains as a recorded and undetected crime, but there is insufficient evidence to prosecute.”
And there we have it in a nut shell. Sussex Police think I attacked both Barry Cooke and Mark Waters with a club hammer and that Joe attacked them with a baton. In a nut shell, they have sided with criminals and turned their back on the law abiding citizen.
Of-course Martyn Milligan’s letter ends with the customary threat:
“If you should decide to issue proceedings in this case, they will be defended vigorously. Should proceedings be issued and subsequently fail, and application for costs will be made by the Chief Constable.”
So there we have it. I came to Joe Neilson’s rescue and I saw Mark Waters punching Joe to the chest with my own two eyes. I shoved Mark Waters out of the door with my right hand while shouting at the top of my voice, “GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT.”
Upon calling the police for emergency assistance I was arrested and thrown in a police cell for the next 12 hours.
My partner wasn’t informed because I was under the impression that Sussex Police would conduct a prompt and effective investigation. In fact my partner was never informed of my arrest and spent the next 12 hours thinking I had committed suicide.
Both Joe and I were dumped outside the custody suite in Eastbourne on a freezing morning at about 1am and told to make our own way home at our own expense.
The subsequent civil court action initiated by Mark Waters and which both Joe and I vigorously fought cost us thousands of pounds, which meant my election campaign fund was instead blown on barristers and solicitors rather than canvassing for votes.
The fact remains that Sussex Police still believe I attacked Barry Cooke and Mark Waters with a club hammer, and that my clean civilian criminal record is tainted by suspicion.
I know for a fact Chief Constable is a liar because Mr. Brian Setchfield once rang him to discuss his case of police corruption and wrong doing with reference to events at Hasting’s Bohemia Road Police Station on the 12 February 2009.
In the recorded telephone conversation liar Giles York denies all knowledge of the case and who Brian Setchfield is. This is a lie because I personally informed Giles York about the case both in person, email and via social media, including Twitter and Youtube.
So to end this blog I wish to make a personal statement to Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York:
“You are a liar and a fraud and once I’m Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, I will sack you. You have been warned.”


joe-neilsonDavid Joe Neilson’s nightmare continues unabated. In what is a developing scandal involving East Sussex Social Services, David Joe Neilson appears to have been left abandoned by the very organizations tasked to keep him safe.

While the nightmare started a long time ago, it came back to haunt him on Friday 16th January 2015, with a knock at the door, and upon opening it, a vicious attack by two thugs intent on gaining entry and ending his life.


David has been left fearing for his life; and I don’t blame him.

This is the third attack he’s suffered at the hands of crooks and thieves, which Sussex Police are turning their backs to.

The first attack happened in 1996, where-upon calling for the police, David was arrested and marched off to the police station.

Again, after a 1.8 meter high illegal fence was erected outside his property, an attacker was able to approach David’s back bedroom window, and obscured from public view, was able to entice David outside, where upon he was viciously set upon, beaten and left for dead.


The most recent attack on the 16th January 2015 followed exactly what happened when he was first attacked; he rang the police for help and the police arrested him.

I was there and I can vouch for David Joe Neilson 100%.

During the latest ‘Performance and Accountability’ meeting between the Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York and Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Giles York is heard praising the transparency of Sussex Police. Here is what he said about getting it wrong.

“Certainly my own attitude towards this is, if we have done something wrong, I will be proactive in the apology and I’d give and recognise we’ve done something wrong.”


Its with this in mind, that we challenge Giles York to be “proactive,” in his apology by “recognising” something went seriously wrong on the 16th January 2015, where after a vicious attack against a prospective candidate for parliament was committed on the door step of his election campaign office, the victims were arrested and locked up for 12 hours, while the real attackers laughed and joked with the attending police officers, and smirked their faces off, watching both David and myself, being led away in handcuffs.


Why wasn’t David Joe Neilson flagged up as a disabled OAP?

Susan Joy from East Sussex Social Services visited him after the attack in September 2013 and promised further help and resources would be forthcoming.

No help and resources ever arrived. Susan Joy arrived and spent over an hour discussing David’s needs and circumstances. Social Services would have known that David was feeling:

  • Scared
  • Frightened
  • Isolated
  • Under threat
  • In fear of this life
  • Cold & damp
  • Vulnerable
  • Hungry
  • In pain

They would have known his diet was suffering, that his fibro was worsening and that his general health was deteriorating in light of the constant and relentless covert campaign to silence him once and for all.

The only inference anyone can make is that his records were wiped clean. How else would have Sussex Police approached 318 South Coast Road, with their tasers ready, expecting trouble?

If the proper records were maintained, Sussex Police would have known an elderly disabled man lived at 318 South Coast Road, and that in all probability, if he had rang the police on 999, alleging he had been attacked by two thugs at his door, that he would have been believed and not have been held in detention for the next 12 hours.

After the attack of 16th January 2015, David’s part-time care worker Grant, contacted East Sussex Social Services relaying to them his worries and fears about David’s worsening condition.


  • He had been attacked on his doorstep, only to ring the police for help, to be arrested himself and thrown in a police cell for 12 hours and then told to make his own way back from Eastbourne.
  • This was the third such attack on his person and property.
  • The very people who attacked him, then initiated civilian court proceedings to close down his election campaign office, of which they have no right to do so.

Two social workers came to see David, Daniel Frances & Sean McGough. In much the same way as Susan Joy, they sat down and listened to what David had to say and then after promising him the help and assistance he deserves, went away and plunged a knife in his back while he wasn’t looking.

As hard as it may be to believe, David received a letter from Kelly Clarke, the Operations Manager at East Sussex Social Services who wrote:

“I am writing to you to inform you that a decision has been taken to place a Risk of Disclosure warning marker on your social care record.”

Unbelievably, it would seem that because David records everything that’s said to him, (in fear of evidence being turned, twisted and used against him), East Sussex Social Services have placed a ‘Risk of Disclosure warning marker,’ on him because David could possibly “pose a risk to them.”

“The threat / incident that led to this decision to be taken is due to false allegations made against a social worker on a social network site.”

This sets out in no uncertain terms that because David Neilson protects himself against insidious covert operations against him, East Sussex Social Services have deemed him a threat, and has effectively banned any further social service visits to his home until ‘The Risk of Disclosure warning marker’ is reviewed on 26 February 2016.

Is it too much of a stretch of the imagination to believe there is an orchestrated campaign of disabled and elderly abuse against David Joe Neilson?


This is the ultimate question that needs to be asked; why do they want David Joe Neilson dead?

Again referring back to the most recent “Performance and Accountability” meeting between Giles York and Katy Bourne, we learn from Giles York himself, that “third-parties” are at work in Sussex whom over-rides the better judgement of the Sussex Police Chief Constable.

“So on 2 or 3 occasions, I have had my hand forced to accept back officers who’ve I’ve said no, you should lose your job but third parties say no, you’ve got to have this person back.”


According to David Neilson and confirmed from what I’ve personally seen and experienced while in his company; unknown “third-parties” in Sussex are pulling out all the stops to close his election campaign office down.

Make no mistakes, unknown “third-parties,” in Sussex DO NOT WANT US TO STAND IN THE 2015 GENERAL ELECTION.

  • Whether you or I like it or not; David Joe Neilson is the main murder witness in the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder.

Whether Sussex Police want to acknowledge it or not; David Joe Neilson solved Katrina Taylor’s murder and unknown “third-parties” within Sussex Police and East Sussex County authorities, have actively covered up his role in solving Katrina Taylor’s murder ever since.


No-where else in the UK can anyone being treated in the way David Joe Neilson is being treated…

All three stories got comprehensive local and nation news coverage. Well where’s the concern for David Joe Neilson? You would have thought a story of two parliamentary candidates getting arrested at their election campaign office would have been big news, especially as it turns out the parliamentary candidates were the one’s who got attacked and then arrested and locked up by the police.

I suppose this is where my naivety kicks in. The very reason Sussex Police made such a-balls-up and the very reason David Joe Neilson holds crime files on nearly 300 serving police officers and local authority figures, is the very reason why this story is being suppressed and David Joe Neilson is treated like the invisible man he is.


None of the other Brighton Kemptown parliamentary candidates cares. No one has contacted David to ask if he’s okay. No one has expressed their best wishes. No one has come to his defence or sent their condolences. No one has wished him a speedy recovery or shown any apathy as to the unjust predicament he finds himself in.

David Joe Neilson is the INVISIBLE MAN… No one gives a damn whether he lives or dies.

Tracy Keane is heard saying, “You know you were due back on bail on the 20th, that’s now been cancelled, stood down, we are not going to take any further action on this matter,” but when asked by David about the ‘Gentlemen attackers’ who attacked him, Tracy is quick to distance herself, “And what about them? I was dealing with your side of things and I had nothing to do with those sides of things. This is obviously an ongoing thing with someone else, but as far as I’m concerned with you and with Matthew, I’m not taking any further action on the matter.”


Not only have East Sussex Social Services slapped a ‘Risk of Disclosure warning marker’ against him, Sussex Police have made it be known that he’s on his own too.

As PC Anna Batchelor from Peacehaven’s Neighbourhood Policing Team had this to say to him via email:

“I am not sure why you have e mailed me. There is a live investigation with regards to events on 16th January 2015 as such this cannot be discussed.

If you have any questions regarding the investigation, then you should contact your solicitor and they will liaise with the police officer dealing with the case.”

I expect David’s email would have went something like this:

“HELP ME, I’ve just been attacked by two unknown thugs at my door, and after ringing the police and being arrested; now those two same thugs who tried to kill me have started civil court proceedings to fraudulent steal my front flat and campaign office.”

In the same way Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc built a multi-million pound fortune on fraudulently stealing people’s homes through legal loop-holes, so too is Mark Waters doing the same to David Neilson, and David has got no one to turn to for help.


  • Mark Slade owned the upstairs flat of the Murder house, and sold it onto another crook, who sold it onto Mr Brotherton, who has abandoned the property, having neither lived there nor entered the property since 1996.
  • The front flat and David’s election campaign office was owned by Mr Cox, who as David can prove with the official paperwork, resigned as Director of the Freehold Lease company (which owned the entire Freehold of all three flats,) and signed it over to David.

Whether anyone likes it or not, Mr Cox legally resigned his directorship of the Freehold Company which owned the property and signed over his shares to David Joe Neilson.

Fact; it’s been proven in court and is the reason this fraud must end forthwith.

Mr. Cox had no right to sell the front flat to Mr Mark Waters for the alleged sum of £46,000. The flat was not his to sell and the paperwork David holds proves it and is now in the hands of his new solicitor.

Both David and I have a defiant message for Mr Cox and Mr Waters; We are Coming for You.

I’m personally pressing charges against Mark Waters for assaulting me on Friday 16th January 2015 and I’m suing Mr Cox for fraudulently selling a property which wasn’t his to sell, which as a consequence has caused me great harm and distress having been assaulted, arrested, locked up for 12 hours and left needing counselling for the nightmare I’ve been through.

£250,000 should cover my damages thank you…

  • David asked me today whether I am prepared to stand by his side through this.
  • Of-course I replied “Yes.”

I know his neighbours see him as a mad old fool and I know readers of this blog view him as a paranoid, isolated fantasist.

God knows what that makes me considering I’ve dedicated myself to fighting his corner.

It either makes me as mad, paranoid and isolated as David Joe Neilson or it makes me extremely community minded that I should lay my life on the line to save an old aged pensioner from disabled and elderly abuse from both East Sussex Social Services and Sussex Police.

Someone has got to stick up for the old guy! And it doesn’t look like any other fucker in Sussex is going to help; that is except John Lenard Walson.

With all the heavy doom and gloom of the nightmare which has beset David Joe Neilson, its wonderful to shout out a massive thankyou to John Lenard Walson and Maplin’s electrical store for donating a brand new SENTIENT CCTV kit.

This kind donation will mean David will be able to see whoever comes to his door or lurks unseen behind the fence.

Thanks John and thanks to everyone who’s supported us through these trying times; a big shout out to The Argus reporter Rachel Millard for writing our story.

This isn’t over by a long shot. We are still in business and we are still running for Parliament.



nancy platts 2Nancy Platts, the Labour parliamentary candidate fro Brighton Kemptown has written to the chief executive of Brighton & Hove City Council and Lewes District Council asking what steps are being taken to ensure disabled voters are able to participate in the general election and exercise their right to vote.


The hypocrisy of Nancy Platts is quite astonishing considering she has had nothing to say about the vicious attack on her fellow parliamentary candidate Joe Neilson, who is running as an independent against her in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 general election.

Nancy Platts has the gall to publicly state, ““Ensuring disabled people are able to exercise their vote is an essential part of a healthy democracy and fundamental to their rights,” while saying nothing about disabled people being able to exercise their right to be voted for.

Joe Neilson was attacked at his election campaign office on Friday 16th January 2015, where instead of being helped by the police and social services, was instead arrested for assault and affray and locked in a police cell for 12 hours.


Days after the incident and having appealed to the Social Services for help, East Sussex Social Services slapped Joe Neilson with a “Risk of Disclosure warning marker,” which effectively stops him from approaching social services for help ever again, in fear of Joe Neilson exposing their dirty deeds against him.


Dubbed the ‘invisible man,’ not one parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown has extended their concern or good wishes to Joe Neilson.

This isn’t the first time Nancy Platt’s hypocrisy has shone through.

In July 2014, Nancy Platts expressed her “disappointment and disbelief” on hearing that Councillors on the Fire Authority have been offered an overnight break at a luxury golf and spa resort in Bedfordshire.

Read more: NANCY PLATTS.

Typical of a professional wannabe politician to slam other people for enjoying an overnight break at a luxury golf and spa resort, while upon being elected MP, would be more than happy to indulge in all the freebies available in Parliament, plus taking advantage of the handsome perks such as second home allowances, first class travel, over-sea trips and free pornographic videos on demand.

nancy and edMuch like her Labour Leader boss Ed Miliband who’s costing the taxpayer £63,000 a month to chauffeur him about.

Read more: ED’S £63,000 TRAVEL BILL… EVERY MONTH!

Now we know where Nancy Platts gets her hypocrisy from.

But really, Nancy Platts hypocrisy know no bounds. Do you really think she’s gives a shit about the disabled? If she did she would have sent a message of goodwill to Joe Neilson, but she didn’t. Just like the rest of them.


Read more: JOE NEILSON.