PM Theresa May embroiled in SPCC scandal – Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD

Theresa May’s judgment has yet again been called into question, having urged the people of Sussex to vote for Katy Bourne, who is now being investigated for criminal charges, relating to making a ‘false statement’ during the 2016 PCC election.

This isn’t the first time the PM’s judgment has been called in question.

Her choice of the Chair-persons to lead the historical Child-abuse Commission, have all resigned. This implies Theresa May choose individuals she knew were compromised or that her judgment is plainly weak and flawed.

Her choice of Boris Johnson as the Foreign Secretary has also been called into question; plus her weakness towards the American administration in covering up the Trident nuclear malfunction and remaining silent about Donald Trump’s ban on movement of people, from countries deemed to harbor and nurture terrorists.

Not forgetting her readiness to kill 100,000’s of innocent men, women and children in the event of a premeditated nuclear strike.

10 Downing Street have yet to comment…

Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD

According to world businessman George Soros, Theresa May will not remain in power long; which raises the obvious question – Who will lead the country once the Witch is gone?

In a brave new world in which Trump Executive Orders are shaping a New World Order; who are you going to call to steady the ship and give the country the leadership it needs to sail these stormy waters?

The Queen had to scrap the bottom of the barrel as it was to get Theresa May, and no-one needs a wishy-washy pacifist Labour leader to go up against Trump do they?

There is only one man to save the day and that Brian Setchfield – TEAM SETCHFIELD ALL THE WAY.

Dedicated to negotiating a new contract between Crown and State, only Brian Setchfield can deliver the leadership Great Britain needs to succeed.


Team Setchfield includes the likes of Field McConnell, John Paterson, George Lees, Gordon Bower and many others. Having exposed the biggest fraud in British history – the 788-790 Finchley Road Fraud, these men (and many more) are waiting in the wings to fill the void, once all the criminal MP’s are processed and thrown in jail.

Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD



Blogger in Need – A Special Appeal by Matt Taylor

No one likes to be silenced, ignored and put into a corner!

I’ve been blogging since 2012 and across my three top blog platforms, I’ve attracted over 3 million views, having posted about 2,000 blogs. A top writer in the alternative media, I’m making my own contribution in bringing the sick and evil regime which controls our lives, to it’s knees.

Which brings me to my Blogger in Need Appeal

Sussex Police in conjunction with Katy Bourne, their Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) have banned my blog on grounds of harassment.


Nothing could be further from the truth

It all started when I called Katy Bourne a liar. Which is my God given right to do so, considering on the day before the 2016 PCC election she wrote on a sponsored Facebook post; that she’s never “claimed for expenses during her term in office.”

I know its a blatant lie because her office publicly published her expense claims which shows that she had indeed claimed expenses while during her term in office.

What would you have done?

Katy Bourne is paid £85,000 a year to hold the Chief Constable to account, to set the police priorities and to administer a £250 million budget. Can she be trusted with this immense responsibility while she lies about £385 worth of expenses?

According to the official definition of harassment, anyone can call another person a liar if;

  1. Its the truth

  2. Its a honest opinion

  3. Its exposing a crime

I tick all these boxes…

Its the truth, so much so that the Independent Police Complaint’s Commission (IPCC) have launched a criminal investigation into Katy Bourne, which is on-going and is expected to report it’s findings soon.

Its in my honest opinion because when I first discovered Katy Bourne had claimed expenses, (after promising the public she wouldn’t), I wrote her an email highlighting this error, to which she acknowledged her “error” and refunded a £322 train fare to Birmingham.

I’m exposing a crime, because as the IPCC investigation acknowledges; to make a false statement to influence a PCC election is a criminal breach of s106 of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983.

As I’ve made clear on many occasions. I have not harassed anyone. I have simply delivered an extra layer of public scrutiny, which Katy Bourne welcomed when she pledged her Oath of Office.

This isn’t about me, its about victims of police crime

Since taking on the mantle of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC) following the election of Katy Bourne in 2012, many people have approached me with their stories of police corruption; which have all been chronicled and reported on the SSPCC blog platform.

  • David Joe Neilson; who remains in hiding because he’s too scared to return home in fear he’s killed.
  • John Lenard Walson; whose historical child-abuse has been covered-up by Sussex Police, which means he cannot claim the compensation he’s rightly entitled to.
  • Julliette; who Sussex Police turned their back on, and lost her family home of 20 years, due to the fraudulent actions of her dead ex husband.
  • Brian Setchfield; who witnessed a possible murder at a Hasting police station, but who has since been ignored when making enquires into the police crimes committed on that day.
  • John Paterson; jailed for 6 weeks at Lewes Prison for exposing police brutality after being arrested, assaulted and jailed for no legal reason.


The fact that my blog has been banned, means that these stories have been banned too.

My SSPCC blog was originally banned in July 2016; but I successfully argued for it to be reinstated due to the IPCC investigation, which vindicated my claims Bourne lied to the public.

Now rather than approach me personally, Bourne, the Police and Mark Streater (her number one) prefer to complain about me behind my back, and use more devious means to silence me.


You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the 24 cases of misconduct Streater investigated in relation to Sussex Police; he found all 24 cases to be ‘unsubstantiated,’ requiring no further action.

I think he banned my SSPCC blog in July 2016 because he knew the IPCC were about to launch an investigation, and the publicity their announcement would bring, would entice the public to Google Katy Bourne, which would show up the hundreds of blogs I’ve written about her; and as a result would cut short her fledging career.
In-fact since the announcement was made by the IPCC, dozens of news outlets reported on it, including the BBC, Sky News and the Police Oracle; not including the dozens of Sussex based newspapers and on-line magazines.
Its interesting to note, that many of these articles have now been removed. As one member of the public points out:
All and any mention of Katy Bourne has been wiped clean from the UK Blasting News platform, leaving the BBC the only one whose article remains.
A complaint that the electorate was misled over the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner’s expenses is being investigated by the police watchdog.

Since getting my blog back up and running, I thought I’d won and that it’ll be the end of it…

Hence I posted a further three blogs calling into question the involvement of Sussex Police in the 2015 Shoreham air-show crash and the 2016 Camber Sands tragedy.


While some people, like Andy Morton for example thinks it’s best to ‘simply’ label me a ‘crackpot conspiracists’ and deny me the ‘oxygen of publicity’; the truth remains that I’m flagging up pertinent and important issues.

Using underhand techniques to silence me will back fire.

Sussex Police have banned a blog on grounds of harassment against Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC)
I need everyone who reads this to share it, please. We need to show Sussex Police that banning any blog (which criticises their actions) is not acceptable.
Once we lose our freedom of speech and expression, then we have lost our Soul. Our essence of being and our reason for being.
I blog about Katy Bourne and Sussex Police because I am seeing glaring discrepancies in what they do and say; which other journalists aren’t picking up on.
I still find it unbelievable that I’m the only person in Sussex to pick up on her expenses discrepancy.  The so-called Fourth Estate is failing in it’s duty to hold elected officials to account.
  • First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
  • Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
  • Then they came for the blogger, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a blogger.
  • Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


Camber Sand’s Tragedy – A Cover-up?

A special report by Matt Taylor.

Five die at Camber Sands on hottest day of the year!

Isn’t it incredible that five fit and health young men, could all die along the same stretch of beach at Camber Sands?camber-sands

Camber Sands has been visited by sun seekers for a hundred years and then all of a sudden, six fit and healthy young men die with-in a few weeks of each other.

Five friends from London and a 19 year old Brazilian man…

19-year-old Gustavo Silva Da Cruz


Sussex Police and its Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, were quick to blame the deaths on dangerous rip-tides and lethal quick sands, but then again, dangerous rip-tides and lethal quick sands have never claimed a life before, along the miles of soft golden sandy Camber beaches visited by hundreds of thousands people every year.

Something fishy is going on and I don’t believe the official story one bit.

But I just can’t work it out?

There are many absolute truths in life. Truths like:

  • Light will always follow dark
  • A smile will always precede a laugh
  • Water freezes at 0 degrees centigrade
  • Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade
  • Boys are made of snips, snails and puppy-dog’s tails
  • Girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice

Its also an absolute truth that fit young men DO NOT die at Camber Sands because of strong rip tides and dangerous quick sand.

Its an insult to my intelligence that the likes of Sussex Police and Katy Bourne are telling us otherwise.

But for the first time ever I’m flummoxed! – Someone has got to be lying, somewhere along the supply chain.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of the five young friends who died during a day trip to Camber Sands; Are they lying?

A Hindu funeral for Kenugen Saththiyanathan, 18, the youngest of the group and his 22-year-old brother Kobikanthan, of Erith, and friends Nitharsan Ravi, 22, Inthushan Sriskantharasa, 23, and Gurushanth Srithavarajah, 27, began at dawn on Sunday 4th September 2016.



The very fact that so many mourners, friends and family turned up for the funeral, blows away my contention that the lads were refugees fleeing to the British shores.

But still, I cannot see how six fit young men could die in the safe and death-free sea off Camber Sands…

The 19-year-old Brazilian man, Gustavo Silva Da Cruz who died the week before the five lads from South London, was the only fatality of a group of three men who got into difficultly that day. The lucky two men who survived had no links with the Brazilian man.

We know Sussex Police have been known to cover-up false flag events before because of a FOI request in connection to the Shoreham Airshow crash, (which anniversary was about the same as the Camber Sand tragedy a year on.)

Nationally renowned conspiracy researcher Chris Spivey caused up-roar when he said, “The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date.”

Sussex Police were asked whether they would comment and answer whether they had investigated Chris Spivey’s claim, only for them to reply:

“I (Sussex Police) can confirm your request has now been considered and I (Sussex Police) am not obliged to supply the information you have requested.”

Why on Earth would Sussex Police not want to quash claims that the Shoreham Airshow crash was a false-flag event?

Sussex Police continue, “Confirmation that information is held would prejudice how investigations are carried out in the future by revealing details of investigative activity.”


When ufo researchers Richard Lennie and John Walson notified Sussex Police that a ufo caused the Shoreham airshow crash, Sussex Police were said to be “very grateful” for the information.

But it would appear they aren’t so forth-coming in discussing anything to do with allegations of covering up a false flag event, of which Chris Spivey is so renowned for uncovering.

For a moment I toyed with the crazy idea that the five Tamil loving loyalists from South East London, travelled down to Camber Sand’s to commit a terrorist atrocity.

Just imagine the carnage and publicity? On the hottest day of the year, with thousands of jam packed sun-seekers on the beaches, five bombs explode killing hundreds and injuring many more… In today’s political/terrorist climate it could so easily happen.

My first thought was that the bombing mission had gone terribly wrong and that the five friends had either committed suicide together in a suicide pack, or died in the process of planting the bombs, which evidently never exploded.

It just goes to prove what an over-active mind I’ve got….

I now think the more likely answer is that the six men were refugees, coming to England for a better life, just as we’ve watched thousands fleeing to the Mediterranean from war torn Syria over the Summer.

After-all the Daily Express ran an article on the 30th May 2016 with the headline:

BRITAIN is at risk of having a massive migrant crisis like the Mediterranean, experts have warned after a boat of migrants was rescued from the English Channel.

Already this summer the UK’s Border Force rescued 19 people in the English Channel. A group of 18 Albanian migrants were among 20 people rescued from the English Channel just yards from Kent after their inflatable boat started sinking. The group, which included two children and a woman, was within striking distance of British shores when a call for help was made to the UK Coastguard.

Along the same stretch of coast between Dungeness, Dymchurch and Littlestone, rigid inflatable boats (RIB) have been found laden with refugees.


Considering no-one has died from quick-sand or rip-tides off Camber Sand’s in recent history, the more likely reason for six fit and healthy young men to be washed up to shore, is that they drowned out at sea, having fallen off a RIB’s coming into shore.

Let’s not forget that the English Channel is just 20.6 miles at its shortest distance between France and the Kent coast. The kind of migrant boat tragedies seen in the Mediterranean Sea could happen in the Channel, and may well have already happened but is being covered up by a government used to covering up bad news.

The last thing PM Theresa May wants splashed across the newspaper headlines, is that desperate refugees are being washed up dead on our British shores.


With security at the Channel Tunnel and on board ferries and lorries beefed up, its only logical that the people smugglers are resorting to RIB’s to ferry their cargo into Britain.

The President of the French coastguard, Bernard Barron, said: “It’s starting to become a very similar situation to that seen in the Mediterranean and my biggest fear is that the same kind of tragedies we see in Greece or Italy will start to repeat in the Channel.”

It would appear that the Camber Sand’s tragedy is the first sign of the above warning coming true.

Perhaps Mak knows something about it. (An extract from a POF conversation)

  • 01/09, 08:27 – Mak: Ooo what are you writing about?
  • 01/09, 08:33 – Matt: I’m researching the 5 dead at Camber Sands. There must be more to the story. 5 friends don’t all tragically die at the same time.

12 hours later…..

  • 01/09, 22:47 – Matt: Mak, have I said something to upset you or are you just busy?

2 weeks later…..

  • 15/09, 19:00 – Matt: Come on Mak. What did I say for you to dump me so completely?

1 day later…..

  • 16/09, 16:33 – Matt: My research seems to suggest that the dead bodies washed up on Camber Sands could be immigrants fleeing to the UK. Do you know something about this, which is why you’ve stopped communicating or it is just because you think I’m a loony?

30 minutes later….

  • 16/09, 17:05 – Mak: If I did or didn’t I wouldn’t be discussing it with you….. The latter…..!!!!! I am on holiday and out of the country….. Do not contact me again…..!!!!! Ever…….!!!!!



Appeal against the removal of SSPCC Blog.

Dear Google Blogger Team,

On the 12 July 2016 you removed my blog, from the internet, citing HARASSMENT as the reason for doing so.

I am unable to contact you directly concerning this matter because I can’t find an email in which I can contact you. I have decided to make this appeal public because I know representatives from Google regularly monitor my blogs and trust that this appeal reaches the appropriate person(s) and department.

Screenshot from Live Traffic Feed showing views from Mountain View, California


My blog has been active since 2012, in which I’ve written hundreds of articles about Sussex Police and the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, of which the blog was created to hold to account, adding an extra layer of public scrutiny and accountability. I am immensely proud of the work and effort I’ve put into this blog since 2012, I believe I am doing a worth while job which is in the public interest.

Once I discovered you had removed my blog I appealed your decision and on the 22 July received the reply as below:


But within moments, another message was delivered contrary to the above:


At no point has anyone in Google’s Blogger Team informed me of who or whom I have alleged to have HARASSED…

Google HQ/Mountain View, California

I can only assume that Mark Streater from the Office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (OSPCC) was the person who made the complaint and that the allegation of HARSSMENT was against the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC) Katy Bourne.


I assume this because following a Freedom of Information request to the OSPCC about certain Youtube videos being removed from public view, it was revealed that Mark Streater was the person who made the complaint.

Through the lack of information from The Google Blogger Team, I am left to assume the allegation of HARASSMENT was made based on the many articles in which I call Katy Bourne a liar.

Calling Katy Bourne a liar is not HARASSMENT; its the truth and in the public interest to do so.

Katy Bourne has provably been caught out lying during the 2016 PCC elections about her expenses claims, and this has been vindicated and confirmed by both Sussex Police and the Crime Panel, by referring my complaint against her to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for further investigation.

The following article, (which I would have published on BlogSpot, but am now forced to publish on your rival’s blog place,) confirms what I’ve written above.

News-Flash Katy Bourne SPCC in serious trouble with the IPCC

Calling Katy Bourne a liar is not HARASSMENT, as confirmed by Sussex Police and the Sussex Crime Panel (set up to hold Katy Bourne to account).

By law the exceptions of HARASSMENT are three-fold:
1; Honest opinion.
2; The truth.
3, A matter of public interest.

I have proved to the satisfaction of Sussex Police and the Sussex Crime Panel that I am exempt from any defamation and harassment laws, because I meet all three exceptions of the defamation and harassment Laws.

Whoever complained to you citing HARASSMENT did so to cover-up the FACT that Katy Bourne lied during the PCC elections about her expenses. In theory Google could be prosecuted for covering up a crime.

You have made a serious error in removing my blog and I appeal you to reinstate the blog, as you originally agreed to do on the 22 July 2016.

You can contact me over this matter by emailing me directly at

I look forward to a response by The Blogger Team…

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Taylor


I’ve won the Moral Battle


Simply watch Katy Bourne do the YMCA with Sussex Police at Gay Pride without a care in the world.

But behind the smiles and joviality resides a scared and petrified Police and Crime Commissioner, who knows that a neighbouring police force could turn up at any moment and arrest her for misconduct in office.

Alongside Brian Setchfield and John Paterson, we are holding the moral high ground and we’ve beat them hands down.

Let’s get real for a moment.

If someone called you a LIAR in public; what would you do?

Speaking for myself, I’d confront the person and demand they justify their allegation.

Never once has either Giles York, the Chief Constable of Sussex Police or Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner of Sussex Police ever challenged me on my public claims they are liars, frauds and cheats.

Who wins the moral battle? They who shout the truth or they who remain silent to hide their lies?

With truth as my weapon, my hammer and sword, I’ve demonstrated serious failure, incompetence and criminality within the ranks of Sussex Police and NEVER once have Giles York of Katy Bourne challenged me.

Katy Bourne would rather get her lover Mark Streater (the real Police and Crime Commissioner) to complain to Youtube, Google and UK Blasting News to get all information of Katy Bourne’s crimes wiped from the internet.

Who has won the moral battle? Who stands on the higher moral ground?

Katy Bourne hides behind the power of 10 Downing Street to maintain the status quo. The status quo is the continuing theft of government money, with a corrupt police force failing to protect and serve the people of Sussex.

Both Giles York and Katy Bourne have shamed themselves.

Katy Bourne surrounds herself with sycophantic admirers who gladly turn a blind eye to her failures because in doing so, they are rewarded and benefit from the same corruption which Katy Bourne protects and maintains.

hate campaign

Both Sussex Police and Katy Bourne are running scared and are petrified of the information I’m spreading reaching a wider audience.

The only reason they are fighting back is because their backs are against the walls and like rats trapped in the same position, are bearing their gnashes, readying themselves to pounce forward in self defence.

I don’t hide behind anyone.

  • William Mills, Editor of
  • Mike Gilson, Editor of The Argus newspaper
  • Frank le Duc, Presenter of Latest TV’s The Vote
  • Tim Ridgway, Editor of News at Latest TV
  • Bill Smith, Owner and Founder of Latest TV
  • Emily Walker, Chief Reporter at The Argus newspaper
  • Rachel Millard, Crime Reporter at The Argus Newspaper
  • Ivor Gaber, Professor of Journalism from the University of Sussex
  • Dave Day, Chairman of the Golden Lion Group
  • Giles York, Sussex Police Chief Constable
  • Martin Richards, Ex Sussex Police Chief Constable
  • Katy Bourne, Sussex Police Crime Commissioner
  • Mark Streater, the Real Sussex Police Crime Commissioner
  • Peter James, world famous crime writer
  • Trevor Leggo, Chairman of Sussex Association of Local Councils (SALC)

All these people mentioned above know me personally; never once have I shied away from telling them the truth (as I see it).

While they may say differently behind closed doors, I have always been treated with respect and kindness by them all during face to face meetings and discussions.

These leading figures within the Sussex high-life know my position on corruption and know that I can back up every allegation, with evidence.

No one ever challenges me; no one says I’m wrong.

The only coward in the pack is Mark Streater, who goes behind my back and wins influence with Youtube, Google and UK Blasting News, because his lover Katy Bourne is now protected by the influence of 10 Downing Street.

Read more: Mark Streater is a Coward

Mark Streater once asked me “why I do it?” To which I honestly answered, “I’m doing it to bust open corruption in Sussex Police and become the Sussex Police Crime Commissioner on the back of the publicity and recognition.”

Martin Richard once asked me “when will it stop?” To which I honesty replied, “Never or until I become the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.”

The End is Nigh…

Katy Bourne’s world is about to come crashing down because she’s being sued for elderly abuse.

Corruption, failure and incompetence is never sustainable. At some point lies are exposed and criminality brought to book.

Katy Bourne has been named in an elderly abuse case and once the case reaches the courts, her career is over, once and for all.

Katy Bourne has been referred to the IPCC by the very Police force she is meant to hold to account. She has even been referred to the IPCC by the Police Crime Panel (her critical friends) who are legally tasked with holding her to account.

News Flash – Katy Bourne SPCC in “serious” trouble with the IPCC

(The Police Crime Panel – They get paid for doing it, while I’ve done it for nothing.)

In all probability, Katy Bourne will be arrested and convicted of misconduct in office and will serve a hefty term in prison.

Vendetta against Sussex Police


Brighton’s Chief Reporter from The Argus newspaper, Emily Walker, has launched a scathing attack against ex Royal Military Policeman and independent parliamentary candidate Matt Taylor, for waging a vendetta against Sussex Police.

Peter James & Rachel Millard – The Argus

Having reported on Katy Bourne and cases of police corruption since 2012, Matt Taylor has become Katy Bourne’s greatest critic, who claims to be adding an extra layer of public scrutiny and accountability to elected PCC’s.

With all criticism of Katy Bourne being systematically wiped clean from the internet, Mark Streater, Katy Bourne’s reported lover and Chief Monitoring Officer, has made harassment and defamation complaints to Youtube, Google and UK Blasting News.


From being called a ‘fake,’ to a ‘fraud’ to a ‘liar,’ Matt Taylor has publicly called Katy Bourne a variety of defamatory names, but says he has done so because “its in the public interest that this information is made public.”

Emily Walker writes in disagreement, “The majority of what you said is libellous and cannot be substantiated.”

Whilst libel is a civilian matter; neither Katy Bourne or Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York has ever commenced private civilian action against Matt Taylor for being publicly called ‘liars’ since 2012.

Having continuously and repeatedly made the claim that both Katy Bourne and Giles York have lied while in public office, Matt Taylor is under the impression that both Katy Bourne and Giles York acknowledge they have lied by not initiating libel proceedings against him.
Emily Walker continues, “As you now appear to be investigative journalist I am sure you  now understand libel law well enough to see the legal issues of your claims.”

Matt Taylor says in response, “I respect all libel and slander laws and always present serious allegations and claims, with its matching evidence. The truth is on my side and no one can agree with the truth.”

Katy Bourne has recently come under fire for lying about her expenses during the second Police and Crime Commissioner elections in 2016.


The latest scandal to hit Katy Bourne and Giles York is the very serious allegation that Sussex Police officers aided and abetted fake baliffs in evicting a disabled woman and her family from their family home of 20 years.

Read more:

Matt Taylor maintains he hasn’t broken any libel laws and has demonstrated evidence of his claims, by insisting his information has been sourced from the primary witness in the case.

He said, “The evidence is Juliette’s testimony. How can I be guilty of libel when she is happy to repeat her claims in a Court of Law.”
While Emily Walker counteracts, “Whilst I did feel that Juliet’s case warranted investigating to be sidetracked by your vendetta against Sussex Police without any evidence that they were complicit in this clouds the real issues affecting her.”
Accusing Matt Taylor of harassing The Argus staff, Emily Walker makes her distain of his unique investigative journalism,  “As you now appear to be investigative journalist I am sure you now understand libel law well enough to see the legal issues of your claims. In your role as a journalist  should I assume you are now dealing with Juliette’s story and we should stay out of it? There is no need for you to continue to harass other Argus staff about this story.”

Matt Taylor – Investigate Journalist – 

Matt Taylor responds to the claim of vendetta against Sussex Police, Giles York and Katy Bourne, “I dispute that all my claims against Sussex Police are libellous. I take great steps in substantiating everything I claim with evidence.”

Matt Taylor continues to plead for Juliette’s case.

“Please don’t stay out of this story… Juliette and her family need you.
I’m just an amateur journalist picking up stories which people can’t get help from anywhere else.
Please don’t let my involvement in this matter, stop your own investigation.
I will back off and will stop harassing your staff (though I dispute I’m harassing them; I only sent a couple of emails which can be deleted in a moment. To accuse me of harassing Argus staff is a bit strong and you have no evidence to substantiate this libellous claim against me!)
Lets remain friends and not enemies.”

To which Emily Walker kindly replied:

“Ha, okay matt.

Technically if I dont publish the claim that  you are harassing us then it can’t be libel. But the libel lecture’s over!

We can stay friends!”
Other claims by Matt Taylor include:

  • Sussex Police are guilty of a cover-up of the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder in Brighton
  • Ex Chief Constable Martin Richards was allowed to retire early to escape misconduct charges
  • That various staff within Sussex Police regularly use the services of prostitutes in light of the revelation that sacked Sussex Police Inspector often rang up to a dozen prostitutes in an hour on behalf of his colleagues, including Giles York
  • Katy Bourne knowingly lied about her expenses during the 2016 PCC election
  • Katy Bourne has broken her oath of office
  • Katy Bourne and mark Streater has colluded to abuse the Human Right’s of her political opponent
  • Sussex Police knowingly work with criminals for their own illegal and nefarious ends