Prime Minister David Cameron paid a surprise visit to Peacehaven on Monday 24 March, on route to a world summit of leaders in the Netherlands.

Ahead of his private meeting with the Queen on Wednesday, David Cameron came to Peacehaven under the guise of a question and answer session arranged by the over 50’s Saga magazine, but the real motive was to:

  • See the infamous Murder Fence outside the Murder House for himself

  • Get an update from MP Simon Kirby on the progress of silencing Matt Taylor

The Brighton Connection.

kirby-cameron2With wide-spread speculation as to why the PM choose to visit Peacehaven rather than Brighton, trending on Twitter, with the Sussex branch of the GMB asking the question, “Why did the Prime Minister only visit one small slice of Brighton and Hove today is the only concerned about Simon Kirby’s seat?”

To which Adrian Newnham reasoned, “David Cameron only visited Peacehaven because of the UK independent party infiltrating in that area and Lewes.”

To which Simon Kirby MP responded, “Peacehaven is a very important part of Brighton Kemptown. PM visited on way to fly off to meet world leaders about Ukraine.”

Now the Real Reason.

Simon Kirby’s contention that the world meeting is about the Ukraine is completely false, because we know from the international news wire that the World leaders are in fact taking part in a Nuclear war game to see how they would respond to a nuclear terror attack.

Prime Minister David Cameron, US President Barack Obama, and other heads of government attending the meeting faced the “fictitious but realistic scenario” of a weapon of mass destruction falling into the hands of terrorists.

During a series of tests in The Hague they were asked to respond to a variety of events using a touch screen to record their answers.

The event has been compared with the 1980s movie War Games, which starred Matthew Broderick as a hacker who accesses a US military supercomputer, almost triggering a nuclear war.

If there was any discussion about the Ukraine, it would be whether to nuke it or not!

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The UKip Threat.

Speculation that the PM visited Peacehaven out of concern of an UKip election victory is bunkum!

Ian_BuchananTake for example to UKip candidate for Brighton, Kemptown and Peacehaven, Councillor Ian Buchanan, member of East Sussex County Council, and a self declared Freemason.

Read more: And then there were five.

Do we really need more serving public officials who pledge a higher oath of allegiance to a secret society with links to paedophilia, over and above their allegiance to the people they are voted to represent?


The Fence covering-up the Murder House.

The Fence of DeathThe Prime Minister would have seen for himself the 1.8 meter high fence erected outside the Murder House, to hide the words ‘MURDER COVER UP’ from passing traffic.

The murder cover-up refers to Katrina Taylor who was killed in July 1996 in a Brighton graveyard, and whose killers were based at the up-stairs flat of the Murder House, situated along the seafront road running through Peacehaven.

Joe Neilson, the main witness in her murder reported to police everything he heard through the floor-boards and directed the police to the murder weapon which he witnessed a gang murder dump down a drain.

murder houseFor 24 hours Joe Neilson was the hero in line for a civilian award for solving a horrific crime. Instead his life became a nightmare, as a consequence of a police cover up, which allowed the killers of Katrina Taylor walk free from prison.

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After 20 years of campaigning for justice, Joe Neilson discovered on return from a business trip abroad, that a 1.8 meter high fence had been erected outside his property, completely shielding his property from the passing public.

murder house covered up outside frt doorAs a direct result of the 1.8 m high fence, an assailant was able to approach Joe Nielson’s property, shielded from public view, and after enticing him out of the house, beat him within an inch of his life.

Read more: Pensioner Attacked.

The sadistic side of David Cameron came to the fore in Peacehaven when he said, “You can tell a lot about a society by how it helps pensioners live out their lives in dignity and security,” knowing full well the circumstances surrounding the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up.

  • Where is Joe Nielson’s dignity as he wets his bed at night, scared that someone is waiting outside to finish of the job?

David Cameron is a sadistic fake and the quicker people realize it the quicker this country can get back on track.

  • Where is the security for Joe Neilson with a 1.8 meter high fence illegally erected outside his house?

Joe Neilson can’t report crime to Sussex Police because Sussex Police are the criminals he must report.

The Snowden Leaks.

We know from the Edward Snowden leaks that Britain’s GCHQ guide to Online Covert Action, which is shared with US agencies like the NSA, states Government targets:

  • Bloggers

  • Activists

  • Journalists

  • Social event organizers

  • Emerging leaders

  • Voices in the public sphere

  • Alternative media online

as the number one enemies of their corrupt state.

Back to Peacehaven.

kirby-cameronIn the Meridian Centre packed with 100 of the Tory faithful, the Prime Minister was asked what he should do with his pension pot?

To which the PM replied, “I’m not qualified to give financial advice!”

His Audacity is Amazing.

The Prime Minister is qualified to make the decision to free up pension annuity bonds, while at the same time confessing to not being qualified to advise pensioners on what to spend it on.

As one audience member raised a laugh by suggesting that the money could be blown on a Saga cruise, the PM retorted, “it is condescending to say that people who had been responsible enough to save for their old age would be so irresponsible that they would blow it all if they weren’t forced to buy an annuity.”

Its like giving a child its Christmas present in April and telling them not to open it until Christmas.

Freeing up the pension millions will do nothing more than stimulate the economy in time for the next General Election, where George Osborne can step up to the dispatch box and say everything is rosy, vote for the Nasty Nazis Party.

Come after the election the housing bubble pops and millions of pensioners are left penniless, the Nasty Nazis party of David Cameron and the Queen, will wash their hands of the mess, putting the blame on the people, as they have always done.

Simon Kirby MP is being groomed for Greatness.

While Mr Cameron praised Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby for his efforts to secure the £420 Million needed for the redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital, the PM maintains, ‘The message is received and understood, but no money yet.’

As the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Rt Hon Hugh Robertson, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Simon Kirby is perfectly placed to further Samantha Cameron’s policy of sexual liberalization wide-world and equality for LGBT groups.

A darling of the Nasty Nazis party, Simon Kirby sits on the 1922 Committee and holds great sway. He is often praised as a “slick mover,” and “an experienced pair of hands.”

Simon Kirby is just the type of man the Nasty Nazis party is keen to promote.

The Truth is coming out.

Make no bones about it; David Cameron and the Queen are petrified of the public finding out the truth.

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With Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven being the most marginally constituency in the UK, Labour’s Nancy Platts is the least of Simon Kirby’s worries.

Who is Nancy Platts?Read more: Who is Nancy Platts?

The Queen, David Cameron and Simon Kirby worry about Matt Taylor, The New Kid on the Block, as does Katy Bourne SPCC and Giles York the acting Chief Constable of Sussex; for the simple reason that he has been classed as a ‘Emerging Leader,’ who must be silenced at all costs.

Read more: Who is Matt Taylor?

In his capacity as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Matt Taylor has done more to clean up corruption in Sussex than any other public official in the last twenty years.

With the imminent arrest of ex-Chief Constable Martin Richards under charges of Malfeasance in Office, Matt Taylor is running as an independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, and the favourite to take over from Simon Kirby in the 2015 general elections.

With a margin of only 3.8%, Simon Kirby is doomed to lose, and they know it.




Matt Taylor, who wants to be the next MP for Brighton Kemptown reassures the LGBT community that their interests are safe in his hands.

Following comments left on the ‘Simon Kirby Provokes War with Russia‘ article, first published on 10 Aug 2013, a Simon Kirby supporter called Becky accuses Matt Taylor of being “Transphobic” and a “Nazi”.


Matt Taylor assures LGBT, You vote is safe with meReacting to the considerable praise bestowed upon Simon Kirby MP by James Ledward in his mid-term report published by the Gay Scene online magazine, I feel compelled to reassure the LGBT community that your interests are as safe in my hands, as they have been in Simon Kirby’s.

Praise includes:

  • Close interest in local and national LGBT issues
  • Passionate defence of equal marriage
  • Impressive, sincere and profound
  • Pivotal role in bringing forward the government’s Equal Marriage legislation
  • Worked tirelessly behind the scenes
  • Serves as the Vice Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for HIV/AIDS
  • Has tabled a number of written parliamentary questions on LGBT issues since 2010
  • Took up the issue of the rights of LGBT people in Russia
  • Long campaigned against the deportation of LGBT people to countries where they could face criminal action
  • Recently appointed as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Foreign Office
  • Successfully lobbied for games to be staged at the Amex Stadium in Brighton during the Rugby World Cup in 2015
  • Secured a £2m investment in local railways
  • Lobbying ministers hard to release the £420m funding for the redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital
  • Regular supporter of LGBT events in Kemptown
  • Supported both IDAHO Day and Hate Crime Vigil events organised by the LGBT Community Safety Forum.
  • Has a stand at the Kemptown Carnival
  • Attends numerous local meetings
  • Spotted pulling pints in ‘Legends’ in his efforts to highlight the importance of bars and clubs to the city’s wider communities and night time economy
  • Proven himself to be a hard working constituency MP
  • Regularly found supporting local community events
  • Pleasantly strong campaigner on LGBT issues
  • Firm up front support on LGBT issues
  • He is not a tribal party politician
  • Demonstrates a willingness to work with local councillors from other parties on behalf of local residents
  • Has a ‘relentless’ press machine team
  • Has advisors around him is truly reflective of the demographic of the unique constituency he represents.
  • Understands that ‘gay people’ transfer into ‘gay votes’.

But even though with such lavish praise poured over Simon Kirby, the harsh reality of The Nasty Party which he represents cannot be denied even from such a die-hard supporter as James Ledward.

“However, his position on Europe, immigration and travellers does not sit comfortably with many in the LGBT community.”


Matt Taylor assures LGBT, You vote is safe with meShowing perfect synchronisation, Simon Kirby’s mid-term report, coincidences with comments left by Becky on the ‘Simon Kirby Provokes War with Russia’ article.

Comments include:

  • Do you stand up for the underdog, or are you part and parcel of the reactionary establishment?:)!
  • Or are you a Nazi who’d prefer a Lili Marleen transvestite to Vera Lynn one?;)
  • So you think that only males are ‘fit’ to be MPs then?!
  • Getting tabloids like the Daily Mail/Heil on your side by being transphobic. I can see you’re really original and different from all the other politicians there, sir!


Having been threatened by a Simon Kirby supporter before, ‘BlackCherry’, a self confessed ‘Shaman’, who said in no uncertain terms that he’ll personally track me down in a dark car park and show me what it means to be a Shaman, I feel compelled to respond to these comments and thank Becky for taking the time to leave them.


I cannot stress enough to the LGBT community that their interests are as safe in my hands as they’ve been in Simon Kirby’s. Don’t let this blind you to the bigger picture. Simon Kirby is a loyal supporter of a Nasty Party which is introducing fatal policies which the country doesn’t want, nor democratically voted for.


Matt Taylor assures LGBT, You vote is safe with meI understand the issues which face minority communities because I was brought up within a minority community. From a single parent family, my open minded mother befriended many people from the LGBT community.

Friends include:

  • David, a dutch man who transgendered into a woman called Diana.
  • Simon Fisher, brother of the famous woman snooker player Allison Fisher, who sadly died a few years ago. (In fact one of my earliest memories of Simon was visiting him in hospital after he was beaten in a homophobic attack.)
  • My sister’s girlfriend died on Boxing Day 2012, having slept rough in an office entrance in Brighton.

So in answer to Becky’s comments, please let me assure everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, that:

  • I am not Transphobic.
  • I am not a Nazi.
  • I do not think that only males are ‘fit’ to be MP’s.