Shoreham Air-Show cover-up? A Special Report by Matt Taylor


Cover up : Noun

1. an attempt to prevent people discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime.

There can be no denying there is a cover-up in place to hide the truth about the Shoreham air-show crash.

Its not a conspiracy theory, it’s happened.

High Court ruling: Police refused access to pilot statements over Shoreham Airshow crash.

An attempt to prevent Sussex Police discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime on the 22 August 2015, at the Shoreham air-show, has been made after The High Court refused Sussex Police access to records held by the Air Accident Investigations Branch (AAIB), about what happened on that fateful day.

Specifically; Sussex Police are being prevented to know exactly what the pilot, Andrew Hill said in the moments after the crash, and what the data from the flight recorder revealed. The Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Giles York has been granted a copy of the cockpit footage, which former AAIB investigator Phil Giles says will provide the police with enough information to conclude their investigation.

With the public left scratching their heads as to why the AAIB are keeping crucial evidence secret, Sussex Police appear to totally understand. Detective Chief Inspector Paul Rymarz said, “We accept the reasons why our request has not been granted in full.”

But the public are none the wiser

A spokesman for AAIB said, “The AAIB is not able to release protected air accident investigation records of its own accord. Only the High Court can allow for their release. We note today’s judgment and will now release the film footage to the Chief Constable of Sussex Police.” 

As the comments from the public point out:

  • “Eleven people died in this awful event. This is a further insult to them and their families. No doubt legal arguments have been devoid of all common sense.”

While some members of the public are left guessing as to why Andrew Hill’s comments immediately after the crash are not being used in evidence:

  • “I’m guessing that these statements were taken without a caution being given. The pilot has rights, as does any other defendant in a potential criminal investigation.”
  • “Your right. But “Unsolicited” comments made outside of caution can also be used too! Especially if there is admission of guilt or innocence.”

The general consensus from the public:

  • “What a shame that the ultimate truth cannot be heard.”
  • “Surprised the High Court haven’t allowed a viewing of the material to check it as it is relevant to the case(s) being investigated.”
  • “Awful decision…… any evidence withheld could effect the outcome of an inquest , or criminal trial. the police should have authority to gain any evidence required to get the truth of what happened in shoreham. the grieving families deserve to know the truth…” 

Even Andy McDonald, the Shadow Secretary for Transport, said:

  • “It is deeply concerning investigating police officers should be hindered in this way. They should have access to any materials necessary to bring justice to the families of those who tragically lost their lives. Far too often families find themselves in an uphill struggle to establish the facts of what happened to their loved ones.”

Andrew Hill – The Miracle Man

Mystery has surrounded the Shoreham air-show crash from the very out-set. Just how Andrew Hill miraculously survived the immense fire-ball without a cut or a graze is a miracle.

At the time the AAIB report said the aircraft broke into four main pieces which came to rest close together approximately 243m from the initial ground contact, in a shallow overgrown depression to the south of the A27.

The report goes on to say that investigators are not sure whether Mr Hill attempted to eject from the craft or was forcibly removed due to the significant impact. Investigators wrote: ‘During the initial part of the impact sequence the jettisonable aircraft canopy was released, landing in a tree close to the main aircraft wreckage. During the latter part of the impact sequence, both the pilot and his seat were thrown clear from the cockpit.’

Andrew Hill has been at the centre of the police investigation into the Shoreham Air-show disaster which claimed the lives of 11 men one year ago.

He spent weeks in an induced coma but miraculously survived and has since made a full recovery.

He was first spotted on his feet again last October when he was pictured walking in jeans and denim shirt, carrying a water bottle.

Police interviewed him under caution last December. He was not arrested. Then five months after the August 22 tragedy, images emerged of him driving a £40,000 Porsche Boxster.

Andrew Hill

Having already uncovered a cover-up involving Sussex Police, it comes as no surprise that they find themselves embroiled in another.

The country’s leading conspiracy researcher Chris Spivey has been vocal in his belief that the Shoreham air-show crash was a false flag event in the same league as the 7/7 London bombing, the Woolwich murder and the Paris attacks.

He said in his article “The Shoreham Plane Crash Part 1” dated 09 September 2015

Chris Spivey

“The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date.

Indeed, it would seem that the more ambitious the hoaxes get, the more the script writers have to try and shore the old fanny up with the usual tell tale signs that point to a fraud having been committed – which is a bit of a Catch 22 situation for them really.

Mind you, it is no exaggeration to say that the Shoreham Flight Shite needed a lot of shoring up and as such every single indicator of a government hoax had to be brought into play… Or at least it did in their minds.

But all the same, having said that I also have to say that the hoax was a mighty ambitious project by anyones standards – especially going on their past Am-Dram efforts – and indeed, it must doubtlessly have taken an awful lot of planning as well as having been a logistical nightmare to set up.”

In light of Chris Spivey’s allegations that not everything is what it seems, I asked Sussex Police to comment on his allegations and this is how they responded:

Dear Matthew,

I write in connection with your request for information relating to Shoreham Air Show.

I can confirm your request has now been considered and I am not obliged to supply the information you have requested. 

Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires Sussex Police, when refusing to provide such information (because the information is exempt) to provide you the applicant with a notice which:   

(a) states that fact, 

(b) specifies the exemption in question; and 

(c) states (if that would not otherwise be apparent) why the exemption applies.

The exemptions applicable to the information refused are;

Section 30 – Investigations and proceedings conducted by the Public authority. 

Section 30 is a class based qualified exemption and there is a requirement to consider the public interest to ensure neither confirming or denying information is held is appropriate.

Overall Harm in Confirming or Denying that Information is held
Modern-day policing is intelligence led which is particularly pertinent with regard to any current investigation.  The National Intelligence Model is adhered to by all police forces across England and Wales.  It is a business process with an intention to provide focus to operational policing and to achieve a disproportionately greater impact from the resources applied to any problem.  It is dependant on a clear framework of analysis of information and intelligence allowing a problem solving approach to law enforcement crime prevention techniques.  To confirm whether or not Sussex Police  has carried out a specific investigation  would undermine the ongoing operation..
The prevention and detection of crime is the foundation upon which policing is built.  The Police Service has a clear responsibility to prevent crime and arrest those responsible for committing crime or those than plan to commit crime.  By confirming whether or not a specific line of enquiry has been used could directly influence the stages of that process, jeopardise current investigations, HM Coroner’s investigation, prejudice future law enforcement, the judicial process and any subsequent civil proceedings.
In order to fully investigate incidents it is vital that the police have the ability to work together, where necessary covertly, to obtain intelligence within current legislative frameworks to assist in the investigative process to ensure the successful arrest and prosecution of offenders who have committed offences.

Section 30
Factors favouring complying with Section 1(1)(a) confirming that information is held
Confirming or denying that information exists relevant to this request would lead to a better informed public improving their knowledge and understanding of the investigatory process and may encourage individuals to provide intelligence in order to assist with investigations and reduce crime which could assist with the apprehension and prosecution of offenders, as all police investigations are publicly funded, confirmation that information is held would provide transparency with regard to the allocation of force budgets.
This in turn would highlight where police resources are being targeted and the public are entitled to know how public funds are spent, particularly in the current economic climate.
Factors against complying with Section 1(1)(a) confirming or denying that any other information is held
Confirmation that information is held would prejudice how investigations are carried out in the future by revealing details of investigative activity.  This would hinder the prevention and detection of crime and affect Sussex Police law enforcement capabilities.  Confirmation would also undermine the partnership approach to investigations. To disclose where these investigations are being undertaken to the world would seriously undermine the prevention or detection of crime and the force’s future law enforcement capabilities.
Balancing Test
The points above highlight the merits of confirming or denying whether information pertinent to this request exists.  The Police Service is charged with enforcing the law, preventing and detecting crime and protecting the communities we serve.  As part of that policing purpose, various tactical tools may be used to gather information relating to high profile investigative activity.
Weakening the mechanisms used to monitor any investigative activity and specifically current and ongoing investigations could weaken that process.
In addition any disclosure by Sussex Police that places an investigation at risk, no matter how generic, would undermine any trust or confidence individuals have in us.  Therefore, at this moment in time, it is our opinion that for these issues the balance test favours neither confirming nor denying that information exists.
No inference can be drawn from this refusal that information is or isn’t held.
Yours sincerely
Roger Brace
FOI Officer 

Or in other words; its none of your business and we wouldn’t tell you anyway!

“The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date.”

While Chris Spivey contends that the people who died that day were MI5 constructs and that the whole event was a staged event for reasons not yet fully understood; others like leading ufologist Richard Lennie and astrophotographer John Walson, pointed the blame to a UFO collision.

Sussex Police were quick to reply to the UFO crash theory by saying how “very grateful” they were for the information, but not so forthcoming when accused of being involved in a cover-up. (of which it appears they are becoming quite adapt in doing so.)

Make no mistakes, a cover-up is in full swing and everyone knows it.

Even local MP’s are calling for changes to the law after hearing that Sussex police were refused access to potentially crucial information about the cause of the Shoreham Airshow crash.

Brighton Pavilion MP and joint Leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas said: “This judgment appears to hinder a crucial police investigation into this tragic incident, and it could set a worrying precedent. We need an open justice system that best learns from the past and prevents tragedies like this occurring.”

While Portslade and Hove Labour MP, Peter Kyle said “We are testing the boundaries of this law but that shouldn’t prohibit giving the families of victims the justice they need. If they can’t sort this out then maybe the law needs to be re-examined.”

Unrelenting in his goal of covering up what actually happened that day, Justice Singh said allowing police access to the statements made by Andy Hill would cause a “serious and obvious chilling effect which would tend to deter people from answering questions by the AAIB with the candour which is necessary. This would seriously hamper future accident investigations and protection of public safety by the learning of lessons which may help prevent similar accidents.”

He also denied access to details of experiments and tests because the reports were likely to be made public in the AAIB’s final findings and because there was “no reason why the police could not themselves investigate”.

James Healy-Pratt, the head of aviation at Stewarts Law lawyer who is representing six victims’ families, welcomed the judgment as a “significant development” which he hoped would speed up the investigation.

He added: “There are no real surprises here and this is the expected result.”

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Rymarz from Sussex Police said the ruling would allow his team to progress the investigation, adding: “We understand legally this case is without precedent in England and Wales and we accept the reasons why our request has not been granted in full.”

“As we have said before, this is an extraordinarily complex investigation, but we remain committed to finding answers for the families and friends of those who died.”

The very fact the AAIB have with-held information which Sussex Police went to the High Court to release, tells us the power struggle which is going on behind the scenes. As the Queen herself once alluded to; there are dark forces at work in this country of which the public have little or no knowledge about.

In much the same way that six healthy fit young men do not drown in rip-tides off Camber Sands, so too, doesn’t a pilot survive unscathed from an infernal fire ball which disintegrates his plane and kills 11 men on the ground.

The AAIB know the truth but they aren’t telling us.

Be it a UFO collision or a false flag event; there is a cover-up in full swing regarding the Shoreham air-show crash and that’s a fact!

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Brighton politicians have reacted in amusement to the idea that the London Major Boris Johnson’s is thinking of standing as a MP in Brighton.


  • “Over my dead body,” says Matt Taylor the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptwon in 2015 who warns, “I may even have to abandon standing in Brighton Kemptown to stand in Hove and Portslade if Boris decides to stand in my home town…” 
  • Peter Kyle for Hove and Portslade said, “I’d love Boris to stand here! I’d be there to welcome him to the constituency and offer him a tour! I want to stand against great opponents and have a really vigorous campaign…bring it on Boris! Sadly he’s too cowardly to stand here!”
  • While Graham Cox, the person who would have had to step aside if Boris did decide to stand as a Brighton MP called the idea a, “non starter”.

Unbelievable to many and a wish come true for a very few, the absurdity of anyone voting for the likes of Boris Johnson becomes very clear when you take a closer look at the buffoon and what he really stands for…

While he loves to play the bumbling buffoon which so many seem to love and admire, the nasty truth is that given his privileged up-bringing and education, Boris Johnson is a very astute politician, very clever very capable and very evil.

  • Let us never forget that alongside with David Cameron, they were members of the Bullingdon Club.
  • Let us never forget this bunch of spoilt rich boys burning £50 notes in front of beggars on the street.
  • Let’s never forget the likes of Boris Johnson and David Cameron for drunkenly smashing up restaurants and wine bars, for no other reason to demonstrate they can and that with enough money to bail them out, they can do what they want and get away with it whenever they want.

These people are fraudsters I tell you. You only need to read the journalism of Chris Spivey and Abel Danger to realize that.

  • Both David Cameron and Boris Johnson have been indicted in “Boiler Room” fraud from within Westminster by Abel Danger, a network of investigative citizens organized by Professor George Lees and John Paterson.
  • Both have been indicted as home-land terrorists for playing their roles in the fake Woolwich Lee Rigby murder, disproved by on-line journalist Chris Spivey.

“I’ve got to tell you this story,” says Matt Taylor, “John my father-in-law is your typical Irish man. He’s retired now having spent his life as a publican in London. One day I had to sit down and listen to him praise Boris Johnson. It was hard work but I did it out of respect. I bite my tongue knowing that Boris Johnson wouldn’t even piss on John if he was on fire burning to death in a street gutter. I mean come on. “Boris Johnson is a right-wing as you can get,” says Vox Politicalthe number one blog for politics.

As Vox Political remind us:

  • He firmly believes in a class divide.
  • He has an extreme hatred for anything that may narrow the gap between those that have, and those that have not.
  • He can barely hide his contempt for the poor and those who have been cursed by misfortune.
  • Homelessness in the capital has nearly doubled under his term.
  • He has driven down wages and blocked pay rises.
  • He shut down shelters and cut funding.
  • He closed charity funded hostels.
  • And, most notably doing most damage while everyone was concentrating on the London Olympics; he literally tried to cleanse parts of London of the poor and low paid.

He has achieved what he set out to achieve and it’s a measure of the fortune spent on him, thatLondon is now the playground of the rich and famous.

“Never has London been so expensive to live in,” Vox Political.

“Johnson time as mayor has seen London become with many ordinary working people unable to afford to live in areas where generations of their family have lived and died, London rents are some of the highest in Europe and owning a property will be nothing more than a pipe dream for Londoners and their sons and daughters and perhaps even their grandchildren.”

  • Johnson is not a middle of the road politician.
  • He is as about as extreme right as you can get.
  • Look at his time as London Mayor a little more closely and you’ll see his Nazis evil.
  • He tried to stamp out workers rights and then demonised workers unions.
  • He blames striking workers for the inconvenience caused to their fellow citizens.
  • He point blank refused to even sit down and talk to workers leaving them little option but to strike, and then he was straight on Sky news with condemnation and bile for the strike action.
  • He actively egged on the nation to be part of that condemnation in a shameless show of elitist arrogance.

“London’s wealth has increased tenfold and Boris is a firm supporter of the banks and hedge funders and has encouraged the billions that have flowed in to the square mile but under Boris none of this wealth has dripped down to the ordinary men and women of London who have seen their wages on average hit by an 9% dip due to the sky high cost of living in London, and for some the bedroom tax that Boris supported has added to that misery.”

“Now where was I,” interrupts Matt Taylor who wants to finish his story about his father-in-law, “While John would happily vote for someone who despises him in return, when asked if I could have his dead wife’s computer desk, (which would otherwise be donated to charity) for our Independent HQ office in Peacehaven, (around the corner from where he lives,) John reacts in defiance and said, “No. No way, you are not having that desk for your stupid politics. No way.” Of-course I called him an idiot and he told me to leave his house. And that’s the end of any respect I had for the man.”

Demonstrating the stupidity of your average voter in falling for Johnson’s buffoonery, its hearty putting into perceptive that only a third of the voters, which in itself is not representative of the nation, taking into account unregistered voters; agree independently that Boris Johnson deserves to be in jail for fraud and not in public office.


  • Having lived in Brighton all his life, born in the Royal Sussex Hostipal, Matt Taylor lived in the Brighton Pavilion constituency from birth to 7 years old.
  • Then to the Hove and Portslade constituency from 7 to 17 years old.
  • And now lives in Brighton Kemptown consititency where he intends to stand as MP.

“If Boris Johnson dares to stand as MP for Hove and Portslade I would jump for joy at the prospect of going head to head at the hustings. Can you imagine it, extreme rich kid verses extreme poor kid? At one end of the spectrum a story of a rich kid growing up to be a fat adulteress coward/bully Nazis buffoon, who became a failed MP, turned major of London, who wants to be a MP again, to the other end of a poor kid from a one parent family, who grew up be a family man with a plan to change the world, who became a failed MP, turner Shadow Sussex Polcie Crime Commissioner, who wants to be a MP again.”

The media would love it.

Check out Matt Taylor below at one of several hustings of the 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections, caught on camera at Sussex University.

Leaving the last word to the best political blog on the net, Vox Political.

“So when you see lovable cuddly Boris on your TV’s telling you he wants to become an MP once again after his first disastrous stint in parliament, also realize he now has one eye on the big prize and firmly believes he can one day make it all the way to number 10. So just take a minute to see what is just bubbling under that jolly tubby character he plays for the camera’s, if you were just to scratch the surface a tiny bit you would see an uncaring man with a lump of coal for a soul and a empty husk for his true character.. You have been warned.”

  • “I want to show what I can do,” says Boris as polls put him as clear favourite to be next Tory leader
  • Poll finds 34% of people believe London Mayor should be next Tory leader.
  • He says: ‘I know an awful lot about administration and public service now’. 
  • Boris Johnson supporters said to be plotting to install him as Tory leader.
  • Friends of Boris believe up to 100 MPs would vote against Queen’s Speech.
  • Supporters of Boris Johnson are said to be privately vowing to force Prime Minister David Cameron to quit if he tries to form a second Coalition with the Lib Dems.


Read Chris Spivey’s The Drummer Man.

Do not vote for any Nazis Conservative candidate ever again. They are a discredited breed of criminal perverts who will all be thrown in prison, treated with the same respect Royalty were afforded during the French Revolution.

At least Graham the Crook-Cox can sigh a breathe of relief, it would have been his constituency which Boris Johnson would have nicked from under his feet!

Read more: Graham the Cock-Crook-Cox.