Madeleine McCann is dead.

Gerry and Kate McCann find themselves under the spotlight of guilt, following the release of Richard D Hall’s latest documentary “McCann’s Embedded Confessions,” in which he interviews renowned statement analyst Peter Hyatt, who in his professional opinion, concludes the McCann’s have lied about their daughter’s disappearance.

the truth will outkate-gerry-deny-everythingdigging up maddy headlinemccanns are lyingthe-truth-will-outclarence mitchellRIP Madeleine


US based Hyatt analysed a 2011 interview, which the McCann’s gave an Australian network in which an embedded confession reveals Madeleine accidentally died from a fall, that the McCann’s hid her body and that the possibility of sexual child-abuse must “be further explored.”

Having enjoyed an easy ride by British police and a compassionate UK Press, the McCann’s must now be fearing the worse with the release of this latest and most damaging documentary yet.

She fell and died

During the interview the Australian host asked Gerry, “Did you kill your daughter?” to which Gerry replied, “No, that’s an emphatic no. Why would we cover that up?”

To which Hyatt replied, “The answer is very simple. We are professional people, with two other children, unintentional death, you are going to lose custody of your children.”

Hyatt explains further, “When a guilty person asks questions, they’re floating out alibis. Looking to see what sounds plausible. Will it be ridiculed, be accepted, would it sound sane, would it help get them off the hook.”

Portuguese Police Know

Having refused to answer 48 questions by Portuguese detectives and never questioned by British police, the McCann’s are waking up to the reality that a highly respected and professional statement analyst, (who teaches other professionals and who assists law enforcement on criminal cases), has staked his career and reputation on the conclusion that the McCann’s covered up the accidental death of their daughter.

Hyatt said, “If you asked me, as a matter of public record your conclusion that the McCann’s are showing guilty knowledge in the death of Madeleine, how sure are you of that, I am able to answer that knowing that my career is looked at, and say, I’m certain.”

“I’m certain”

UFO researcher Richard D Hall has courted controversy with the McCann’s before, having braved the threat of libel action with his previous documentary ‘The True Story of Madeleine McCann. Buried by Mainstream Media;” which concentrated on the FBI sniffer dogs who alerted their handler to the presence of a cadaver in  the front room, in a cupboard and the boot of their hire car. The findings of the sniffer dogs collaborate Hyatt’s conclusion that Madeleine died in the flat.

Promoting his 2017 UK wide tour, Hall once had his own TV show, but was taken off the air-waves by Ofcom, following a complaint about its content. Hall has explored many areas of contention including the 7/7 terror attacks, the Didcot murders, the cover-up of ancient British history, animal mutilations, crop circles, free energy and the 9/11 Twin Tower’s collapse.


Many famous and prominent people now find themselves in the uncomfortable position of supporting a couple, who are alleged to have maliciously covered up the accidental death of their daughter.

Amongst many celebrities and politicians, David Beckham made a televised appeal for her safe return, Richard Branson donated £100,000 to kick start a legal fund to clear the McCann’s of being suspects in her disappearance, Prince Charles is on record supporting the McCann’s and Pope Benedict even gave them his Papal Blessing.

It’s only a matter of time before the McCann’s face justice and Madeleine can finally rest in peace.

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Kerry-Ann Howitt
Kerry-Ann Howitt

David Icke has been dumped off his throne and replaced with Kerry-Ann Howitt, an AV social commentator.

Like many in the AV movement who would agree, David Icke’s reputation has suffered chronically from the very public bust up with TPV anchor woman Sonia Poulton.

Accused of squandering hundreds of thousands of pounds of publicly funded money, David Icke made a televised appeal for a second chance. Back firing completely, the sight of a tired face grown fat and crooked on the hard earned money of others, ultimately caste him in the same light as the crooked politicians and celebrities which the AV movement works so hard exposing.

In response to a youtube comment by Amanda Barnes, which read:

“That would of been brilliant if you had not added Icke.”

The films makers Guerrilla Democracy News, decided to bow to Amanda’s wisdom and repost the video, (dedicated to Amanda Barnes,) without David Icke.


Posting over 250 videos over 6 years, Kerry-Ann has clocked up a loyal following of fans.  With a lot to say Kerry-Ann intends to keep on speaking her mind for a long time to come.


Bye Bye David Icke
Bye Bye David Icke


Who would you throw out and bring in?

In order of appearance:

  1. Greg Hallett
  2. Pippa King
  3. Kerry-Ann Howitt
  4. Greg Nikolettos
  5. Richard D Hall
  6. Ian R Crane
  7. Sonia Poulton
  8. Andy Thomas
  9. Olga Raffa and the UK Chemtrail Team
  10. The Outlaw
  11. John Harris
  12. Andrew Johnson
  13. Darren Deojee
  14. Jon King
  15. Matt Taylor
  16. Paul Bridger
  17. Mark McGowan
  18. Kevin Annett
  19. Bill Maloney
  20. Truth Juice UK
  21. Chris Spivey
  22. Joe Neilson
  23. Russell Brand
  24. Baram Blackett
  25. Alan Wilson
  26. Scott Chambers
  27. Fabrice Bardsley
  28. Dr Judy Wood
  29. Thomas Sheridan
  30. Roger Hayes
  31. Guy Taylor
  32. David Boyle
  33. Neil Sanders
  34. Michael Doherty
  35. Mike Mitcham
  36. Patrick Henningsen
  37. Alex: G
  38. Brian Gerrish
  39. Simon Welsh
  40. Bez
  41. Daisy Jones
  42. Pandora Sparks


Can you guess the other change to the line up? Who else got dumped and brought in?


Unable to give credit to everyone in the AV movement:

  • Slog the Blogger
  • The Tap Blogger
  • Mark Devlin
  • Tony Goslin
  • Miles Johnson
  • Mike Robinson
  • Lou Collins
  • Alex Jones
  • Adam the Man
  • John Paterson
  • Field McConnell
  • David Hawkins
  • And many others

Guerrilla Democracy News salutes you all.



There is a lot of talk about the Alternative media verses the Mainstream media, but what really is the difference?

Bill Maloney, the film director from Pie’n’Mash films and a prominent campaigner against institutionalized child abuse, says that the alternative media and mainstream media are working together to expose paedophiles in government, so what actually is the difference and how do they actually differ?

Until I become active in the alternative media after watching the Rich Planet TV show, I was a mainstream news junkie, religiously watching Channel 4 News at 7 pm and the BBC Newsnight 10.30 pm. I couldn’t get enough of the mainstream and soaked up everything they offered.

Read more: The Rich Planet Show is back on TV.

Slowly but surely, I began to realize that what I was hearing on the Rich Planet TV show and reading on such sites as Chris Spivey’s; weren’t being reported on either the Channel 4 news or the BBC.

I’ve since come to realise that what the alternative media reports, will never be screened on the mainstream media, for the simple reason that they are all in it together.

People may have the misconception that the infamous D Notices, which are spoken about in hushed tones, are a totalitarian tool to smother the truth, when in actual fact, it’s a gentlemen’s agreement between the government and news paper proprietors to mutually smother the truth, for both their benefit.

So, what is the Alternative Media reporting that the Mainstream isn’t?

Top of the list goes to 9/11 and 7/7.

While it’s commonly acknowledged in the alternative media that both the 9/11 and 7/7 atrocities were false flag events orchestrated by persons, other than the persons officially blamed, the mainstream are maintaining the opposite.

judy wood, where did the towers goDr Judy Wood, who wrote a book about 9/11 called ‘Where did the Towers go?’ points to a secret energy weapon, being used to literally turn the Twin Towers to dust, has never uttered a word on mainstream news.

terror on the tubeThe same applies to Nick Kollerstrom and his book, ‘Terror on the Tube.’ I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched him on Rich Planet TV, but can confidently state I’ve never seen him on mainstream news, except that one time when he was duped by the BBC to appear on one of their programs, only for them to discredit everything he had to say.

The Boston Bombing, has been picked apart by Chris Spivey in his frame by frame dissection of the event, and has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a false flag event, in which no-one got hurt.

Read more: Boston Bollocks Part 2 – The ‘victims’.

And while we are on the subject of Chris Spivey, he’s done the same for the Lee Rigby murder, the NSPCC, the Somerset floods and the Madeline McCann ongoing saga.

Read more: NSPCC is funding child sex abuse.
Read more: The Drummer Man.
Read more: Bloody Flooding Hell.
Read more: Digging for Madeleine

Check out for even more earth shattering stories that you won’t find on mainstream news.

Read more: Who the Fuck is Chris Spivey?

  • Everyone who reads the alternative media knows the most likely location of Madeline’s grave is under Robert Murat’s driveway.
  • Everyone who reads the alternative media knows Lee Rigby was never beheaded.
  • Everybody who reads the alternative media knows the royal family is a bunch of perverted sex-pests and paedophiles.

This is the chasm which divides the alternative from the mainstream.

The Queen of England and the Pope’s ex and present, have been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity by the international recognized International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. In fact the guilty verdict of 2013 against the then Pope Benedict was the reason why he suddenly retired.

Of-course, the alternative media was ablaze with news but the mainstream maintained the lie of ‘retirement due to exhaustion’ and moved swiftly onto the weather and the end of the show.

Nothing to see here Ladies and Gentleman, please move on.

The most recent allegations from Bill Maloney is that Prince Charles is a paedophile. Earth shattering as it seems, but not a whisper on mainstream.

Read more: Secrets of the Windsor’s blown Open.

To recap:

  • 9/11 & 7/7.
  • Lee Rigby.
  • Boston Bombing.
  • Madeline McCann.
  • Paedophile Royalty.
  • Institutionalized child-abuse.
  • Parliamentary perverts and paedophiles.
  • RSO cures Cancer.

And we haven’t even touched upon UFO’s and extraterrestrials.

The most recent news being the moon collision which NASA is covering-up.

Read more: NASA covers up Moon Collision.

To the ‘out-of-this-world’ allegations that UFO’s blew up the Columbia Space-shuttle, three years ago.

It isn’t so far fetched to followers of the alternative media, considering the latest film from Rich Planet TV, which alleges that not only are aliens mutilating cattle, they are also mutilating human beings and the government’s are cleaning up their mess to hide the truth.

Read more: Should we listen to Whistle-blowers?

paedo-ring-in-no-10In truth the Alternative media and the Mainstream media couldn’t be further apart, but there is hope in what Bill Maloney had to say.

The alternative media and the mainstream media are working together to expose parliamentary paedophiles and that’s a start.

Read more: Ken Clarke’s grab-a-cock shocker.

It’s getting embarrassing because what is being feed to us on the TV and in the newspapers, isn’t the same information and news being feed to us on the internet.

No wonder anyone new coming to the Truth Movement are getting confused. Sometimes you can even see the embarrassment on the mainstream news reader’s face when they say something, which has been ridiculed and proven to be incorrect else-where.

Everybody knows there is an alternative view, an alternative take on the world we have come to know. The challenge now is to take the credibility which the mainstream are abusing and use it wisely in the alternative media.

There is a difference between Alternative and Mainstream and its MASSIVE!



With less than 24 hours until the return of the best chat show on TV, The Rich Planet Show, here is an interview with Ben Emlyn-Jones, a prominent blogger since 2006, about the man of the hour, Kevin Annett.

Click on image to watch interview
Click on image to watch interview

Kevin Annett, who forced the retirement of Pope Benedict in 2013 and is presently bringing an end to the institutions of both the Vatican and the Crown of England, is discussed in this classic Rich Planet interview.

The Maastricht Proclamation.

Having effectively sliced off the heads of both the Vatican and the British Crown, after the guilty verdicts of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), of crimes against humanity, Kevin Annett made history on Easter Monday by stepping upon the steps of the oldest church outside of Rome and reading the Maastricht Proclamation.

Read more: Its over for Queen & Pope.

Ben Emlyn-Jones

In a classic interview of evidence based discussion, Richard D Hall demonstrates why he’s the favoured viewing choice of the alternative movement and why Ben Emlyn-Jones is an expert voice on anything to do with the New World Order.

Making no secret of his love and respect for Kevin Annett’s work, Ben Emlyn-Jones explains in expert detail Kevin’s story and his efforts to bring justice to the thousands of children killed and abused at the hands of the state and church.

‘Unrepentant,’ the most upsetting and disturbing films you’ll likely to see.

As Ben introduces it, “An hour and 40 minute feature documentary which is one of the most upsetting and disturbing films you will ever see. However, one thing that will be more upsetting and disturbing, if it wasn’t there was if people weren’t talking about it and it wasn’t exposed. Its definitely the lesser of two evils.”

Asked by Richard D Hall the obvious question of why? Ben answers in expert and informed style:

“To tell you the truth I don’t know why they are doing this to children, one of the reasons could be to mind control the next generation into? And somehow change the way of Humanity, there’s also the allegation that the aristocracy, the aristocrat blood lines of Europe, and the elite blood lines of the United States and Britain and the illuminati, are into the occult and black magic and satanic ritual, probably both those explanations are true. I think. Either way its the most horrific and saddest and most tragic things of the can happen on this world and needs exposing.”

Rumoured to be coming to the UK, and booked to appear at The King Arthur Pub in Glastonbury in May, Ben warns us, “The authorities always have their eye on Kevin Annett and continually work on ways to bring him down.”




ImageRichard D Hall, the host of his own TV show based in a Space craft orbiting the Earth, is back on TV after an agonizing 8 months off air, due to a single complaint against Of-com.


Bouncing back to secure himself the best slot on British Television, Richard D Hall has secured his place in history as the first evidence based chat show in a generation.

Reported at the time by Guerrilla Democracy News, Richard D Hall steered away from joining the hype of David Icke’s People’s TV, to instead show his shows via his website on the Blip viewing platform.


  • Control of TV, Search for Secret UK Bases featuring Richard D Hall trekking to distance and barren locations to plant cameras to catch UFO’s. (Alas all to no avail.)
  • News + Berwyn UFO Film featuring Scott Felton.
  • 7/7 London bombings, MP’s responses featuring a regular of the show, Dr. Nick Kollerstrom.
  • Military charities, UFO Truth Mag, Lloyd Pye, possibly featuring the last ever interview with Lloyd Pye before he died from Cancer.
  • Comets, Planet X, Electric Universe featuring another firm favourite and regular of his show, Andrew Johnson.
  • Object resembling a pyramid underground in Wales featuring Rev Anthony Williams, exposing a fantastic story of a pyramid under the ground in Wales.
  • Part One and Two of UFO’s & NATO a feature film by Richplanet TV which exposes for the first time in Human history, that aliens are abducting humans and discarding their dead bodies, only for subservient human recovery teams to come along and clean up the mess.
  • Evidence which shows planes were not used on 9/11, a radio show featuring Morgan Reynolds.


A firm and trusted favourite throughout the alternative movement’s viewing pleasure, Richard D Hall addresses subjects across the board, and limits himself to none.

  • Fabricated Terror such as 9/11 and 7/7.
  • The UFO Phenomena
  • Hidden History
  • Geo-Politics
  • Mind Control
  • The Debt based Monetary System
  • Free Energy Technology


The TV show airs on Saturday evenings at midnight on Sky Channel 192 and Free sat channel 402, and can be viewed on-line.

The show runs for 13 weeks starting at the end of April and following a 13 weeks break, will be back on TV for another 13 weeks.


Gutted I missed his recent talk in Hastings, Richard D Hall announces he will be embarking on a UK wide speak tour during the 13 weeks off-air.

Using the proceeds to fund the TV shows Richard D Hall has been sorely missed from our TV screens and will be gladly welcomed back with loving arms.


As Richard D Hall describes his show, “Rich Planet is a truly independent UK based website and TV show which specializes in researching and exposing subjects, not being covered correctly by main stream media. Our mission is to expose the lies in out media and get closer to the truth on many controversial issues.”


“And remember, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. I’m Richard D Hall, Goodbye.”