A snippet of truth about the Global Drug Trade

This essay explains why the ‘Bad Guys’ are petrified that drugs will be Legalised. All there Criminal Enterprises would come to an abrupt end. Our perception at RH has been vindicated as we believed No1 in Global Drugs Trafficking was MI6, with the CIA bringing up the rear. Although MI6 is not mentioned in this […]

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Robin Hood Revival: Mission Statement

ImageThe first step towards truth is to be informed. Our objective at Robin Hood is to tell the truth.  With the truth people can make informed choices. As a collective of human beings we have been continually lied to and mis-led as were our parents and their parents before them. Who for instance  is taught or aware of how money is created and where it actually comes from?

Countries hold elections and those voted in represent the people of the those nations. This however could not be further from the truth. Politicians are selected not elected. The world is run by an elitist cabal, the illuminati or the dark ones – whatever name you choose . We refer to them at Robin Hood as the Globalist Bankers, they are ruthless and evil establishment. They are directed by a shadowy presence that remains in the background.  This system must be dismantled from the top down, we must as a global community come together and change the system that perpetuates the greed, money, lies and criminal acts committed on a daily basis.  Many people worldwide have awoken to reality, the system that exists today is beyond repair.

We at Robin Hood owe no obligation to any church, company or political party.  We do however owe allegiance to every being on the planet.  We will prove to you that the world is not as it seems.  We will present truths to reinforce this and present alternatives for a world of love, light and truth for everyone – then we can all sit back and let the magic begin.

taylor-bitcoinThis is a site for the curious and those that know there is more to the world than they are being told.  This is a site for those who are interested in the truth and want to help change this dire situation.  Join us in our quest to bring the truth to light.  Please contribute by e-mail or comment to help humanity discover the truth.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”

– Alice Walker

Love and blessings,

The Robin Hood Revival