Blogger in Need – A Special Appeal by Matt Taylor

No one likes to be silenced, ignored and put into a corner!

I’ve been blogging since 2012 and across my three top blog platforms, I’ve attracted over 3 million views, having posted about 2,000 blogs. A top writer in the alternative media, I’m making my own contribution in bringing the sick and evil regime which controls our lives, to it’s knees.

Which brings me to my Blogger in Need Appeal

Sussex Police in conjunction with Katy Bourne, their Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) have banned my blog on grounds of harassment.


Nothing could be further from the truth

It all started when I called Katy Bourne a liar. Which is my God given right to do so, considering on the day before the 2016 PCC election she wrote on a sponsored Facebook post; that she’s never “claimed for expenses during her term in office.”

I know its a blatant lie because her office publicly published her expense claims which shows that she had indeed claimed expenses while during her term in office.

What would you have done?

Katy Bourne is paid £85,000 a year to hold the Chief Constable to account, to set the police priorities and to administer a £250 million budget. Can she be trusted with this immense responsibility while she lies about £385 worth of expenses?

According to the official definition of harassment, anyone can call another person a liar if;

  1. Its the truth

  2. Its a honest opinion

  3. Its exposing a crime

I tick all these boxes…

Its the truth, so much so that the Independent Police Complaint’s Commission (IPCC) have launched a criminal investigation into Katy Bourne, which is on-going and is expected to report it’s findings soon.

Its in my honest opinion because when I first discovered Katy Bourne had claimed expenses, (after promising the public she wouldn’t), I wrote her an email highlighting this error, to which she acknowledged her “error” and refunded a £322 train fare to Birmingham.

I’m exposing a crime, because as the IPCC investigation acknowledges; to make a false statement to influence a PCC election is a criminal breach of s106 of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983.

As I’ve made clear on many occasions. I have not harassed anyone. I have simply delivered an extra layer of public scrutiny, which Katy Bourne welcomed when she pledged her Oath of Office.

This isn’t about me, its about victims of police crime

Since taking on the mantle of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC) following the election of Katy Bourne in 2012, many people have approached me with their stories of police corruption; which have all been chronicled and reported on the SSPCC blog platform.

  • David Joe Neilson; who remains in hiding because he’s too scared to return home in fear he’s killed.
  • John Lenard Walson; whose historical child-abuse has been covered-up by Sussex Police, which means he cannot claim the compensation he’s rightly entitled to.
  • Julliette; who Sussex Police turned their back on, and lost her family home of 20 years, due to the fraudulent actions of her dead ex husband.
  • Brian Setchfield; who witnessed a possible murder at a Hasting police station, but who has since been ignored when making enquires into the police crimes committed on that day.
  • John Paterson; jailed for 6 weeks at Lewes Prison for exposing police brutality after being arrested, assaulted and jailed for no legal reason.


The fact that my blog has been banned, means that these stories have been banned too.

My SSPCC blog was originally banned in July 2016; but I successfully argued for it to be reinstated due to the IPCC investigation, which vindicated my claims Bourne lied to the public.

Now rather than approach me personally, Bourne, the Police and Mark Streater (her number one) prefer to complain about me behind my back, and use more devious means to silence me.


You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the 24 cases of misconduct Streater investigated in relation to Sussex Police; he found all 24 cases to be ‘unsubstantiated,’ requiring no further action.

I think he banned my SSPCC blog in July 2016 because he knew the IPCC were about to launch an investigation, and the publicity their announcement would bring, would entice the public to Google Katy Bourne, which would show up the hundreds of blogs I’ve written about her; and as a result would cut short her fledging career.
In-fact since the announcement was made by the IPCC, dozens of news outlets reported on it, including the BBC, Sky News and the Police Oracle; not including the dozens of Sussex based newspapers and on-line magazines.
Its interesting to note, that many of these articles have now been removed. As one member of the public points out:
All and any mention of Katy Bourne has been wiped clean from the UK Blasting News platform, leaving the BBC the only one whose article remains.
A complaint that the electorate was misled over the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner’s expenses is being investigated by the police watchdog.

Since getting my blog back up and running, I thought I’d won and that it’ll be the end of it…

Hence I posted a further three blogs calling into question the involvement of Sussex Police in the 2015 Shoreham air-show crash and the 2016 Camber Sands tragedy.


While some people, like Andy Morton for example thinks it’s best to ‘simply’ label me a ‘crackpot conspiracists’ and deny me the ‘oxygen of publicity’; the truth remains that I’m flagging up pertinent and important issues.

Using underhand techniques to silence me will back fire.

Sussex Police have banned a blog on grounds of harassment against Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC)
I need everyone who reads this to share it, please. We need to show Sussex Police that banning any blog (which criticises their actions) is not acceptable.
Once we lose our freedom of speech and expression, then we have lost our Soul. Our essence of being and our reason for being.
I blog about Katy Bourne and Sussex Police because I am seeing glaring discrepancies in what they do and say; which other journalists aren’t picking up on.
I still find it unbelievable that I’m the only person in Sussex to pick up on her expenses discrepancy.  The so-called Fourth Estate is failing in it’s duty to hold elected officials to account.
  • First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
  • Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
  • Then they came for the blogger, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a blogger.
  • Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.



John Paterson and Brian Setchfield on Andy Peacher’s Radio Show -Thurs 6 Oct 2016


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Appeal against the removal of SSPCC Blog.

Dear Google Blogger Team,

On the 12 July 2016 you removed my blog, from the internet, citing HARASSMENT as the reason for doing so.

I am unable to contact you directly concerning this matter because I can’t find an email in which I can contact you. I have decided to make this appeal public because I know representatives from Google regularly monitor my blogs and trust that this appeal reaches the appropriate person(s) and department.

Screenshot from Live Traffic Feed showing views from Mountain View, California


My blog has been active since 2012, in which I’ve written hundreds of articles about Sussex Police and the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, of which the blog was created to hold to account, adding an extra layer of public scrutiny and accountability. I am immensely proud of the work and effort I’ve put into this blog since 2012, I believe I am doing a worth while job which is in the public interest.

Once I discovered you had removed my blog I appealed your decision and on the 22 July received the reply as below:


But within moments, another message was delivered contrary to the above:


At no point has anyone in Google’s Blogger Team informed me of who or whom I have alleged to have HARASSED…

Google HQ/Mountain View, California

I can only assume that Mark Streater from the Office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (OSPCC) was the person who made the complaint and that the allegation of HARSSMENT was against the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC) Katy Bourne.


I assume this because following a Freedom of Information request to the OSPCC about certain Youtube videos being removed from public view, it was revealed that Mark Streater was the person who made the complaint.

Through the lack of information from The Google Blogger Team, I am left to assume the allegation of HARASSMENT was made based on the many articles in which I call Katy Bourne a liar.

Calling Katy Bourne a liar is not HARASSMENT; its the truth and in the public interest to do so.

Katy Bourne has provably been caught out lying during the 2016 PCC elections about her expenses claims, and this has been vindicated and confirmed by both Sussex Police and the Crime Panel, by referring my complaint against her to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for further investigation.

The following article, (which I would have published on BlogSpot, but am now forced to publish on your rival’s blog place,) confirms what I’ve written above.

News-Flash Katy Bourne SPCC in serious trouble with the IPCC

Calling Katy Bourne a liar is not HARASSMENT, as confirmed by Sussex Police and the Sussex Crime Panel (set up to hold Katy Bourne to account).

By law the exceptions of HARASSMENT are three-fold:
1; Honest opinion.
2; The truth.
3, A matter of public interest.

I have proved to the satisfaction of Sussex Police and the Sussex Crime Panel that I am exempt from any defamation and harassment laws, because I meet all three exceptions of the defamation and harassment Laws.

Whoever complained to you citing HARASSMENT did so to cover-up the FACT that Katy Bourne lied during the PCC elections about her expenses. In theory Google could be prosecuted for covering up a crime.

You have made a serious error in removing my blog and I appeal you to reinstate the blog, as you originally agreed to do on the 22 July 2016.

You can contact me over this matter by emailing me directly at

I look forward to a response by The Blogger Team…

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Taylor


Vendetta against Sussex Police


Brighton’s Chief Reporter from The Argus newspaper, Emily Walker, has launched a scathing attack against ex Royal Military Policeman and independent parliamentary candidate Matt Taylor, for waging a vendetta against Sussex Police.

Peter James & Rachel Millard – The Argus

Having reported on Katy Bourne and cases of police corruption since 2012, Matt Taylor has become Katy Bourne’s greatest critic, who claims to be adding an extra layer of public scrutiny and accountability to elected PCC’s.

With all criticism of Katy Bourne being systematically wiped clean from the internet, Mark Streater, Katy Bourne’s reported lover and Chief Monitoring Officer, has made harassment and defamation complaints to Youtube, Google and UK Blasting News.


From being called a ‘fake,’ to a ‘fraud’ to a ‘liar,’ Matt Taylor has publicly called Katy Bourne a variety of defamatory names, but says he has done so because “its in the public interest that this information is made public.”

Emily Walker writes in disagreement, “The majority of what you said is libellous and cannot be substantiated.”

Whilst libel is a civilian matter; neither Katy Bourne or Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York has ever commenced private civilian action against Matt Taylor for being publicly called ‘liars’ since 2012.

Having continuously and repeatedly made the claim that both Katy Bourne and Giles York have lied while in public office, Matt Taylor is under the impression that both Katy Bourne and Giles York acknowledge they have lied by not initiating libel proceedings against him.
Emily Walker continues, “As you now appear to be investigative journalist I am sure you  now understand libel law well enough to see the legal issues of your claims.”

Matt Taylor says in response, “I respect all libel and slander laws and always present serious allegations and claims, with its matching evidence. The truth is on my side and no one can agree with the truth.”

Katy Bourne has recently come under fire for lying about her expenses during the second Police and Crime Commissioner elections in 2016.


The latest scandal to hit Katy Bourne and Giles York is the very serious allegation that Sussex Police officers aided and abetted fake baliffs in evicting a disabled woman and her family from their family home of 20 years.

Read more:

Matt Taylor maintains he hasn’t broken any libel laws and has demonstrated evidence of his claims, by insisting his information has been sourced from the primary witness in the case.

He said, “The evidence is Juliette’s testimony. How can I be guilty of libel when she is happy to repeat her claims in a Court of Law.”
While Emily Walker counteracts, “Whilst I did feel that Juliet’s case warranted investigating to be sidetracked by your vendetta against Sussex Police without any evidence that they were complicit in this clouds the real issues affecting her.”
Accusing Matt Taylor of harassing The Argus staff, Emily Walker makes her distain of his unique investigative journalism,  “As you now appear to be investigative journalist I am sure you now understand libel law well enough to see the legal issues of your claims. In your role as a journalist  should I assume you are now dealing with Juliette’s story and we should stay out of it? There is no need for you to continue to harass other Argus staff about this story.”

Matt Taylor – Investigate Journalist – 

Matt Taylor responds to the claim of vendetta against Sussex Police, Giles York and Katy Bourne, “I dispute that all my claims against Sussex Police are libellous. I take great steps in substantiating everything I claim with evidence.”

Matt Taylor continues to plead for Juliette’s case.

“Please don’t stay out of this story… Juliette and her family need you.
I’m just an amateur journalist picking up stories which people can’t get help from anywhere else.
Please don’t let my involvement in this matter, stop your own investigation.
I will back off and will stop harassing your staff (though I dispute I’m harassing them; I only sent a couple of emails which can be deleted in a moment. To accuse me of harassing Argus staff is a bit strong and you have no evidence to substantiate this libellous claim against me!)
Lets remain friends and not enemies.”

To which Emily Walker kindly replied:

“Ha, okay matt.

Technically if I dont publish the claim that  you are harassing us then it can’t be libel. But the libel lecture’s over!

We can stay friends!”
Other claims by Matt Taylor include:

  • Sussex Police are guilty of a cover-up of the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder in Brighton
  • Ex Chief Constable Martin Richards was allowed to retire early to escape misconduct charges
  • That various staff within Sussex Police regularly use the services of prostitutes in light of the revelation that sacked Sussex Police Inspector often rang up to a dozen prostitutes in an hour on behalf of his colleagues, including Giles York
  • Katy Bourne knowingly lied about her expenses during the 2016 PCC election
  • Katy Bourne has broken her oath of office
  • Katy Bourne and mark Streater has colluded to abuse the Human Right’s of her political opponent
  • Sussex Police knowingly work with criminals for their own illegal and nefarious ends




The brainwashing techniques used by the Conservative government against the British people for the last 5 years has worked a treat.

Katy Bourne, the ex pole dancing instructor turned Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner is being praised for her “hard” and “thankless” task of being a Police and Crime Commissioner.


Admittedly the person who tweeted the remark also describes David Cameron’s performance at the dispatch box as “Phenomenal”, and as such cannot be considered of sound mind, but still his remark reveals a far more disturbing picture of the brainwashed Conservative voters of Sussex.


let-them-eat-cake-katy-bourneKaty Bourne is the first to admit the only reason she’s a Police and Crime Commissioner is because she’s the Conservative candidate. She admitted it on camera when she stopped an old lady in the street to tell her who she is.

The old lady asked what political party she represented and having answered “Conservative,” the old lady promised her her vote.

“Yes, that’s why I’m the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner,” Katy Bourne confirmed.

But to describe Katy Bourne’s job as the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner as “hard” and “thankless,” is dumb, stupid and sycophant all rolled into one.

It’s interesting Katy Bourne isn’t keen on correcting the numb skull who tweeted it. It’s all part of the brainwashing technique employed by the County’s Conservatives to perpetuate the myth that what they do is “hard” and “thankless”.

For example Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown never stops chanting the hypnotic mantra that he “works hard for the hard working people of Brighton.” In truth the only organisation he works hard for in the Conservative Party.

Let’s not forget that Katy Bourne is paid £85K a year for a three day a week job. That she has a team of 17 people costing a further £1 million a year to the tax payer to do the work for her and that she gets thousands of pounds in gifts and hospitalities.

Read more:

Hardly “hard” and “thankless”, wouldn’t you agree?

Now if you want to talk about a “hard” and “thankless” job, look no further at the role of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Just as the Shadow Prime Minister of Great Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, is told to “put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem” by the necrophile David Cameron; as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner I’m similarly treated with distain by being totally ignored by the people I’m working to help.

I’m as human as the next man and it hurts when I see prospective police and crime commissioner candidates being given free publicity in the local newspapers and on Latest TV, when I get nothing.

The latest candidate to put his hat into the SPCC ring is Labour Councillor Michael Jones.

He’s got his mention in the Crawley Observer newspaper:

Ben Duncan has had his mention in the Brighton and Hove newspaper and an appearance on The Latest TV’s The Vote Show hosted by Frank Le Duc:

The UKIP candidate Patrick Lowe is mentioned in the West Sussex Times:

The Lib Dem candidate James Walsh is mentioned in the Mid Sussex Times:

Not one mention about my candidacy anywhere???


Upon watching Frank Le Duc interview Ben Duncan on The Vote Show, I contacted the founder of Latest TV Bill Smith to ask him if I’d ever be given the same privilege as all the other candidates.

He replied saying I should email both Mike Mendoza and Tim Ridgway.

Mike Mendoza replied:

I am presenting the vote next Monday 29th, and of course on the daily news show. I will get back to you with a time etc.”

And Tim Ridgway tweeted in reply:


To be honest; I’ve given up asking Latest TV and the local newspapers to report on my PCC candidacy.

I got the same treatment during the Brighton Kemptown general election of 2015:

  • Mike Mendoza invited me onto his show AFTER the election, giving me the opportunity of introducing myself to the voters.
  • The Argus newspaper didn’t mention my name in their two page spread on the Brighton Kemptown candidates.
  • Mike Gibson, the editor of The Argus didn’t invite me to their Argus Hustings, in which all the other candidates were invited.
  • No one invited me to the Peacehaven College husting when every other candidate was invited.
  • Frank Le Duc didn’t invite me onto The Vote Show while every other candidate appeared.
  • My election campaign office was attacked by crooks and Sussex Police turned their backs calling it a civilian matter.

Its worthy of note that David Neilson remains in hiding too scared to return to his home.

Read more:

I could go on but even I’m getting bored now!

I’m convinced (having experienced democracy both as a voter and a parliamentary candidate) that corruption is dripping down from the very top of British society. When I say the very top, I’m not mincing my words, I mean Royalty.

The Crown is seeped in fraud, perversion and corruption. Any hope of a just and sound Britain can only happen with a British style revolution.

I thought I could change the system from working within the machine but I now realise how naive I’ve been. I’ve always been a outsider and I’ll remain on the outside looking in.

Suffice to say, its a thankless task but I will continue to serve the people of Sussex in my capacity as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (free of charge) for as long as victims of police corruption continue to contact me.

Take for example the latest request for assistance I received on Saturday 27 February 2016.

Dear Matt,

I would like you help if possible to expose Sussex police for what they have done to myself a disabled women and my children.

My ex-partner who abused all of us took out a fraudulent mortgage and Sussex police have done nothing.

They have wasted hours of my time and I have had to make complaints that aren’t dealt with and 1 has been going on for 2 years.

They took on a perjury crime and showed me the paperwork to state they had to deal with this crime then suddenly ignored my contact and then wrote to say they wouldn’t deal with this matter.

My ex-partner was a heavy drinker and smoker and died in August 2015 of lung cancer. Now the bank who know the mortgage my ex-partner took out is fraudulent are trying to take our home of 20 years away.

Solicitors say it is a criminal offence but I can’t deal with Sussex police as I feel that there is total corruption going on.

Please can you help myself and my children.”

Its a thankless task but someone has got to hold Sussex Police to account and expose the corruption which runs deeps in the heart of Sussex Police.

One thing is for sure; Katy Bourne (paid £85K a year plus perks) certainly isn’t going to do it…



Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner – Vote for Matt Taylor 2016.


matt taylor outside bevy
Matt Taylor SPCC Candidate 2016

My name is Matt Taylor and I’m the independent candidate for the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner elections on the 5th May 2016.


I’m the one candidate which Sussex Police is scared of and whom Katy Bourne fears the most.

I seem to be able to accuse Sussex Police of criminality with impunity.

I can say what I want against Sussex Police with impunity because I’m telling the Truth…

Both Sussex Police and Katy Bourne know that once my name is on the SPCC ballot paper, I will beat Katy Bourne hands down and be voted the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner with a landslide.

I’ve done more to hold Sussex Police than anyone else in Sussex.”
Just as in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 General Election, all the stops were pulled out to stop me from getting the coverage and exposure I deserved and was entitled to.

Under the editorial-ship of Mike Gibson, The Argus newspaper failed to mention me as a Parliamentary candidate and failed to invite me to their Argus Hustings to which every other parliamentary candidate was invited.

Read more:

The same is happening again now.

Patrick Lowe, the UKIP candidate declared his intention to stand and news is spread far and wide throughout Sussex:

The Lib Dems declared their candidate, James Walsh and news is spread far and wide throughout Sussex too.

The same with Ben Duncan, the Green Party candidate.

I declared my intention to stand over three months ago and nothing has been reported since.

Katy Bourne lied to @PPCWatch about my declaration to stand when in truth she knew very well I intend to stand.


The best I get is a heavily redacted BBC radio interview by political reporter Ben Weisz, in which he got his facts wrong by firstly saying one of my promotional SPCC Youtube videos had been removed due to its content material (when it hadn’t been) and that I was guilty of satirizing a minor (when the person in question was 19 years old – officially an adult.)

courier tweet

Is it cos I’m Black?”

If I never had such thick skin, I’d start to feel paranoid and believe in a conspiracy theory that everyone in Sussex were ganging up on me to keep my message suppressed and my chances of winning the SPCC to an absolute minimum.

Read more: I hate being a Conspiracy Theorist.

I’ve done more than anyone to hold Sussex Police to account than anyone in Sussex. Having spent the last four years writing more than anyone in Sussex about police corruption and the failings of Katy Bourne, which only now are The Argus newspaper waking up to.

Read more:

The figures tell the story themselves. Thousands of people are aware of the corruption in Sussex Police and the failings of Katy Bourne but no one seems to be bothered about it.


Take the sorrowful excuse of a journalist, Latest TV The Vote frontman Frank De Luc. When Katy Bourne was on his The Vote show, he brought up the subject that there had been a ‘trend’ of police officers retiring early to escape misconduct charges and keep their police pensions. Katy Bourne even agreed with his statement.

Any other journalist would have asked the obvious follow up question; Why did Martin Richards retire early then?


History is repeating itself.
As during the Brighton Kemptown 2015 General Election, all the stops are being pulled out to stop me getting the coverage and exposure I deserve and entitled to.

Read more:

Both Sussex Police and Katy Bourne are scared shitless of me becoming the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

And good reason too:
One of the first things I’d do as Sussex Police Crime Commissioner will be to sack Chief Constable Giles York and his deputy Olivia Pinkney.

Katy Bourne is suffering sleepless nights fearing she’ll lose the privileged position of SPCC, which will have the knock on effect of scuppering her plans of a higher political office, possibly even following in her role model Theresa May’s footsteps of becoming Home Secretary.

They are scared shitless of me being voted Sussex Police Crime Commissioner because I’m the only candidate who has proven to have the skills, passion and dedication to:

  • Hold Sussex Police to Account.
  • Set the Police Priorities.
  • Set the Police Precept.

I’ve demonstrated I am the REAL DEAL and have got what it takes to turn Sussex Police around.


Citizen on Patrol Units (C.O.P) based on US/Canadian models.

Made up of volunteers from the community, they will have the full support of Sussex Police but without the powers of arrest.

I will aim to create 70 units across Sussex, amounting to about 1800 volunteers, devoting 135,000 hours per year.

These police volunteers will be brought together from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. Each patrol will be identified by a simple uniform, made up of patrols of two. Training and equipment will be provided by Sussex police and the £30 criminal record search will be waived for all C.O.P volunteers.

Each volunteer will devote shifts of 2-3 hours once a week. They will be community minded, nice people, positive role models, keeping their families and neighbourhoods safe.

As a Police Chief from America told me, ’That’s a great deal of ”eyes and ears” time that can assist the police to solve problems, as well as freeing their time to work on more serious issues.’


I will create an Elite Anti-Corruption Unit (A.C.U), made up of the best police officers in Sussex and my old buddies from the Royal Military Police. The unit will be mandated to investigate corrupt MP’s, Council members and police officers. They will be armed if need be, and answer only to me. I will introduce Computer Stress Voice analysis (C.V.S.A) as a tool against corruption. I will commend good police officers, attracting them from across the nation.

I will not hesitate to sack the Chief Constable at the first whiff of corruption.


A new complaints system, called Complaints Against Sussex Police (C.A.S.P), it will be totally transparent and used to clean up the corruption in Sussex Police and Sussex Police Authority. The Sussex Police Professional Standards will be disbanded. Complaint forms will be accessible on-line and via police stations and council offices. All interviews with police officers and complainants will be videoed to ensure total transparency. People will still be able to log complaints via the I.P.C.C but considering their track record, I doubt if many people will.


As your Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner I’ll make Sussex Police the police force of choice for the best police officers in the country to join.

Sussex is a beautiful county offering a standard of living up there with the best places on Earth. Our police force must reflect this.

With a clean police force, corrupt free; the best police officers will be attracted to Sussex; to relocate their families; to build a life and career in a police force which rewards hard work, diligence and common-scene.

Brighton must now longer be the City of choice for Crime Lords to live and raise their families. We must retake what is ours and put it back into the hands of law-abiding citizens and brilliant police officers.

A quote from Peter James, Best selling Crime writer and friend of Sussex Police:
Three previous chief constables have told me that Brighton today is the favourite place to live for Premier League criminals.”

rachel-peter (1)


With me at the helm of holding the Chief Constable to account, setting the police priorities and setting the police precept, Sussex Police officers can get on with the job of serving and protecting the hardworking and law abiding residents of Sussex, doing what police officers do best.

By implementing the recommendations of the 2013 Drugs Commission Report, I can free the police’s responsibility of cleaning up the streets of beggars and drug/alcohol addicts by centralizing the distribution point of their drugs, and putting the care of these vulnerable people back into the hands of the professionals, charities and institutions who are better skilled and equipped in resolving their issues and problems.

This goes for prostitution too. Its an acknowledgement that the police are losing the war on prostitution in the same way they’ve lost the war on drugs. Its better to reprioritize the efforts of the police to concentrate on serious crime; assaults, rape, burglary, drink/drug driving, child-abuse, rather than interfering in a financial transaction between two consulting adults in the pursuit of financial reward and sexual gratification and satisfaction.

After-all its hypocrisy in the most extreme to arrest prostitutes when police officers within Sussex Police use their services on a regular basis.

Read more:

The choice is yours but if you want me to be your Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, you’ll have to donate the £5000 I need as a deposit to stand in the election.




Mr Matthew Taylor.

Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dear Sir.

With reference to the ongoing nightmare that you are attempting to expose and highlight to the citizens of Sussex and to the entire population of Uk.

We are appalled at the level of criminality that has been reported to “SUSSEX POLICE” through the disgraced coward and “Ex-CHIEF CONSTABLE” Mr Martin Richards, who ran away from Mr Setchfield, and, then followed swiftly on by the new “CHIEF CONSTABLE” of “SUSSEX POLICE” Mr Giles York, who is also a coward and who is living a life of pure fantasy by foolishly believing that the “SETCH-GATE” scandal, as it has now been named, will disappear without being dealt with.

It is a true fact, that in all of the very serious circumstances that do seriously still exist within the “SUSSEX POLICE SERVICE” which you will surely agree with us as a candidate in the forthcoming PCC elections of (2016), that the most serious circumstances (which are very far from ideal) have been fraudulently assisted by the (2) Sussex Police Chief Constables named above and also by the entire Governance team of Mrs Katy Bourne’s Police and Crime Commissioners Office. Mrs Katy Bourne has failed and let down every single citizen of Sussex and is herself expecting to face a Criminal Crown Court in the not to distant future.

We feel that we really must highlight to you Mr Taylor as the Shadow Sussex Police and crime Commissioner, and, we would also ask of you in that role, if you would please be kind enough to highlight to all of the citizens of Sussex through any outlets via media that is open and available to you, that in the normal course of events and considering the most precarious position that Richards, York, Bourne, Streater and all of the criminals who are protecting this total madness, it is our view that the citizens of Sussex and even the citizens of the entire Uk are placed into full knowledge of the most serious set-of circumstances that have been unearthed here, because, we do truly believe that the entire matter goes even higher and deeper than that of the above named individuals, where we believe that they are all being directed to remain silent and to ignore the very serious matter by the RT HON Theresa May and the Prime Minister himself, Mr David Cameron. This matter is being directed from the highest Public Servants who are sitting in the House of Commons.

We feel that the sooner the matter is opened up causing the most horrendous alarm bells to ring out loud, then the sooner the most horrendous collateral damage can be assessed by the citizens of Sussex and the citizens of the entire Uk. Once this has finally taken place then the sooner the massive hole that the citizens money is haemorrhaging out of at such an alarming rate, can be finally plugged to enable the Public Fund to hopefully flourish once again without being openly abused by these criminals.

Sir, we are more than happy for you to go Public with this email letter, because, this very serious matter really does have to now be finally drawn out into the open and cause an immediate cessation of the theft of Government Funding that is being stolen, which will in turn, initiate and cause those criminally involved to be dealt with in the most severe way publicly before a Criminal Crown Court.

We do hope that this open email letter has the desired affect, as it really should be highlighted for the benefit of every single citizen in the entire UK, that Sussex Police and its Commissioner have committed the most serious crimes against we the people by protecting such a vile and vulgar “ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS” who have fraudulently stolen from the citizens that they are employed to protect and serve by keeping us all safe from crime.

Finally, this type of criminality is deemed as the most serious crime that any Public Servant could engage themselves in whilst serving the citizens who contribute towards their wages.

Yours sincerely

Team Setchfield.