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PM Theresa May embroiled in SPCC scandal – Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD

Theresa May’s judgment has yet again been called into question, having urged the people of Sussex to vote for Katy Bourne, who is now being investigated for criminal charges, relating to making a ‘false statement’ during the 2016 PCC election.

This isn’t the first time the PM’s judgment has been called in question.

Her choice of the Chair-persons to lead the historical Child-abuse Commission, have all resigned. This implies Theresa May choose individuals she knew were compromised or that her judgment is plainly weak and flawed.

Her choice of Boris Johnson as the Foreign Secretary has also been called into question; plus her weakness towards the American administration in covering up the Trident nuclear malfunction and remaining silent about Donald Trump’s ban on movement of people, from countries deemed to harbor and nurture terrorists.

Not forgetting her readiness to kill 100,000’s of innocent men, women and children in the event of a premeditated nuclear strike.

10 Downing Street have yet to comment…

Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD

According to world businessman George Soros, Theresa May will not remain in power long; which raises the obvious question – Who will lead the country once the Witch is gone?

In a brave new world in which Trump Executive Orders are shaping a New World Order; who are you going to call to steady the ship and give the country the leadership it needs to sail these stormy waters?

The Queen had to scrap the bottom of the barrel as it was to get Theresa May, and no-one needs a wishy-washy pacifist Labour leader to go up against Trump do they?

There is only one man to save the day and that Brian Setchfield – TEAM SETCHFIELD ALL THE WAY.

Dedicated to negotiating a new contract between Crown and State, only Brian Setchfield can deliver the leadership Great Britain needs to succeed.


Team Setchfield includes the likes of Field McConnell, John Paterson, George Lees, Gordon Bower and many others. Having exposed the biggest fraud in British history – the 788-790 Finchley Road Fraud, these men (and many more) are waiting in the wings to fill the void, once all the criminal MP’s are processed and thrown in jail.

Who are you going to call? TEAM SETCHFIELD


John Paterson and Brian Setchfield on Andy Peacher’s Radio Show -Thurs 6 Oct 2016


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Mr Matthew Taylor.

Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dear Sir.

With reference to the ongoing nightmare that you are attempting to expose and highlight to the citizens of Sussex and to the entire population of Uk.

We are appalled at the level of criminality that has been reported to “SUSSEX POLICE” through the disgraced coward and “Ex-CHIEF CONSTABLE” Mr Martin Richards, who ran away from Mr Setchfield, and, then followed swiftly on by the new “CHIEF CONSTABLE” of “SUSSEX POLICE” Mr Giles York, who is also a coward and who is living a life of pure fantasy by foolishly believing that the “SETCH-GATE” scandal, as it has now been named, will disappear without being dealt with.

It is a true fact, that in all of the very serious circumstances that do seriously still exist within the “SUSSEX POLICE SERVICE” which you will surely agree with us as a candidate in the forthcoming PCC elections of (2016), that the most serious circumstances (which are very far from ideal) have been fraudulently assisted by the (2) Sussex Police Chief Constables named above and also by the entire Governance team of Mrs Katy Bourne’s Police and Crime Commissioners Office. Mrs Katy Bourne has failed and let down every single citizen of Sussex and is herself expecting to face a Criminal Crown Court in the not to distant future.

We feel that we really must highlight to you Mr Taylor as the Shadow Sussex Police and crime Commissioner, and, we would also ask of you in that role, if you would please be kind enough to highlight to all of the citizens of Sussex through any outlets via media that is open and available to you, that in the normal course of events and considering the most precarious position that Richards, York, Bourne, Streater and all of the criminals who are protecting this total madness, it is our view that the citizens of Sussex and even the citizens of the entire Uk are placed into full knowledge of the most serious set-of circumstances that have been unearthed here, because, we do truly believe that the entire matter goes even higher and deeper than that of the above named individuals, where we believe that they are all being directed to remain silent and to ignore the very serious matter by the RT HON Theresa May and the Prime Minister himself, Mr David Cameron. This matter is being directed from the highest Public Servants who are sitting in the House of Commons.

We feel that the sooner the matter is opened up causing the most horrendous alarm bells to ring out loud, then the sooner the most horrendous collateral damage can be assessed by the citizens of Sussex and the citizens of the entire Uk. Once this has finally taken place then the sooner the massive hole that the citizens money is haemorrhaging out of at such an alarming rate, can be finally plugged to enable the Public Fund to hopefully flourish once again without being openly abused by these criminals.

Sir, we are more than happy for you to go Public with this email letter, because, this very serious matter really does have to now be finally drawn out into the open and cause an immediate cessation of the theft of Government Funding that is being stolen, which will in turn, initiate and cause those criminally involved to be dealt with in the most severe way publicly before a Criminal Crown Court.

We do hope that this open email letter has the desired affect, as it really should be highlighted for the benefit of every single citizen in the entire UK, that Sussex Police and its Commissioner have committed the most serious crimes against we the people by protecting such a vile and vulgar “ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS” who have fraudulently stolen from the citizens that they are employed to protect and serve by keeping us all safe from crime.

Finally, this type of criminality is deemed as the most serious crime that any Public Servant could engage themselves in whilst serving the citizens who contribute towards their wages.

Yours sincerely

Team Setchfield.



Mr Matthew Taylor

Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dear Mr Taylor.

We are writing to you to thank you so very much for all of the hard work and care that you have taken whilst carrying out your duties as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

We do realise that some particular individuals find it hard to understand that to be in a position of the SSPCC, such as you are, and, where you have personally and constantly gone out of your way to hold the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Mrs Katy Bourne to account, is not only a very frustrating job to have taken on but an unpaid job that has little benefits or rewards. The amount of extra scrutiny and such a watchful eye that you have, highlights perfectly your commitment to the position. This makes clear the position on matters that involve the citizens of Sussex, which is of course a must.

We would like to offer you our continued support in the unpaid position that you have undertaken for yourself, and, we can confirm that the very difficult job that you have undertaken, is so very much appreciated by us, where you have repeatedly held the Commissioner Mrs Katy Bourne and her Crime Commissioners Office to account on behalf of the citizens of Sussex.

We will be looking forward to any new accountability confrontations that you may well take up with the Crime Commissioner, Mrs Katy Bourne and her Chief Governance Office, Mr Mark Streater. We do of course feel most confident that there will be old and new issues that you will pounce upon, that is to say, where you will hopefully continue to hold her to account, such as you have done so to date.

We can also advise you that we have also been attempting to hold Mrs Katy Bourne to account ourselves, over the very serious crimes that she is involved in with reference to but not limited to, the theft of the stolen Government money that has been stolen from the Uk Treasury by an “ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS. The involvement that Mrs Katy Bourne is involved in and embroiled in, is as you already know, in that she is “PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE” by “AIDING AND ABETTING” the most vile “ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS” who have deliberately and premeditatedly set-out to steal serious amounts of Government money, and, Government money, if you please, that is being held on trust by the UK Government for the Citizens of the UK.

Please feel free to use this email letter to assist you on your election campaign in the run up to the 2016 elections.

We wish you all the best in the run up to the 2016 Crime Commissioner elections, to which we will naturally be voting for you and do hope most sincerely, that you are awarded the position as the new Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, for which you so rightfully deserve, thank you.

Yours sincerely

Team Setchfield.



Ms K Bourne

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

Sackville House

Brooks Close


East Sussex

BN7 2FZ.




Dear Ms Bourne.

We would like to bring to your urgent attention that we have been in communication with the Acting Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Mr Giles York, over a very serious set-of circumstances, that do indeed, involve the premeditated and fraudulent theft of British Government money that has been stolen from the Public fund by an organised gang of criminals.

We have reported some very serious events that have taken place to the Acting Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Mr Giles York, and, by doing so, have placed the Acting Chief Constable Mr Giles York into a position where he is indeed, in “Full Receipt” and in “Full Knowledge” of all of the very serious events that have taken place at the venue known as the Bohemia Road Police Station in Hastings, East Sussex, on 12th February 2009.

The very serious events that have taken place that we have reported to the Acting Chief Constable, Mr Giles York, personally, via registered mail, include,

(1) “The Theft of Government Money” that has been premeditatedly stolen from the British Government by an “Organised Gang of Criminals” who have committed fraud and deception at the venue known as the Bohemia Road Police Station in Hastings, East Sussex, on the 12th February 2009.

(2) The very serious events also include a particularly nasty, violent, and brutal assault upon a member of the public whilst that particular member of the public was in the care of Sussex Police. It should also be noted “For The Record” and we really must insist that you do record it “For The Record” because, for the avoidance of absolutely any doubt whatsoever, this extremely serious and violent incident will be highlighted at a later stage and will most certainly and indeed, be dealt with through the “Criminal Courts” by the “CPS”. It should also be further noted and again placed “On The Record, that this particular member of the public was violently assaulted whilst not only in the care of Sussex Police, but, was violently assaulted whilst being stripped of his clothes and whilst he was laying naked on the cold floor where serious injuries were inflicted upon him by members of Sussex Police under the leadership and control of the confirmed “BULLY” Police Sergeant, Matthew Presland, Police number (CP806). This confirmed “BULLY” has since that particular violent assault upon a member of the public, has himself, been dismissed from Sussex Police with immediate effect for other offences, to which we do truly believe that you are yourself, in full knowledge and in full receipt of the very serious gross misconduct that this particular Officer had been involved in.

(3) The very serious events also include, Harassment, Intimidation, False Imprisonment, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Solicitor to enter a Police Station by False Representation, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Solicitor to commit Fraud whilst at the Police Station, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Solicitor to Steal Money from the Government, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Solicitor to fraudulently Dupe a Member of the Public, Failure to carry out Police Procedure Correctly and in an Honest and Truthful way, Knowingly Aiding and Abetting a Gang of Criminals who had previously Committed Fraud in the High Court, in fact, the list just goes on and on and will of course in its entirety, all be exposed and revealed to the General Public without any further notice, that is to say, if you fail to act as a Police and Crime Commissioner who is independent of Sussex Police, where you are duty bound by Law, to hold the Acting Chief Constable Mr Giles York to account, being that he has been placed in “Full Receipt” and is in “Full Knowledge” of all of the serious events that have been repeatedly reported to him as the Acting Chief Constable of Sussex Police.

We look forward to hearing from you by return please, with your intentions and with the method you intend to deal with the very serious matters that we have again, taken the time to report to you, and, bearing in mind of course, the very severity of the entire matter in quantum. Furthermore, we trust that this will all be dealt with long before the Acting Chief Constable Mr Giles York is promoted to the position as the new Chief Constable of Sussex Police.

Yours sincerely

Mr B Setchfield.