Moai making History.

More Videos to follow up on the Waitangi Day Celebrations of the Te Tii Marae native Court Inauguration day 6 February 2017 as Symbolic Spiritual and Cultural to the original true Hapu Whanau Identity and not the Maori Pakeha Invented Myth Title and the 1840 Treaty of Wiatangi Corrupted Fraud No End date Contract that has X as signatures just to confuse and deceive the Public of New Zealand the Maori Myth Crown Corporation of New Zealand fake Invented Tribe.


moai-energy-shareWith millions of people around the world praying for the evil New World Order to come crashing down; one man is raring ahead with his plans of global domination!

King John Wanoa to his loyal followers and simply John Wanoa to many more; The Moai Power House is standing rock solid in it’s determination to end the reign of the evil Queen Elizabeth Windsor and the equally evil Vatican rat infested pit led by the insidious Pope Francis.

As John up-dates us all on his Facebook update:

“We had our first Skype meet yesterday with Jeanne O’Dean and its was nice to talk to Matt Taylor (Britain UK Brighton, England) for the very first time. Awesome to have him join my PA in England Sue and myself and Jeanne our Media Journalist (American) Adopted into the Ngapuhi Hapu Tribe. I am sure they are going to watch these events unfold with a good organizer getting the Moai King William IV Concept Shares out there to the masses to go viral.”


Here is MOAI Share Offer Certificate completed and last to go is the Rules. That means when you press the share offer button it will lead you straight to the Mobile Phone Text payment System to join PayTag in 5 seconds. Then you are directed to Moai Share Page to select one of the £1, £5, £60, £1,000, £10,000, or £100,000 share purchase buttons. It will then ask you to fill out this Registration Certificate which is a financial Instrument of Values worth that you are placing writing on it. Your free gram of gold is now credited to your Gold BullionVault Account, [Approximately £35], which is recorded here on this Legal Financial Instrument! Press the Accept payment button and PayTag transfers payment and Moai e-mails your Certificate out later.


Many people are getting frustrated by time its taking to end the new World Order. Like James Mackie from the UK for example, who left me this message:

“Can you tell me when all this is going to happen m8 with the Queen and David Camermoron. it seems to me that whatever you and John Wanoa do it won’t be sorted with all the pedo perverts still going around like Cameron and Cliff Richard and MP’s.”

The only piece of advice I have for James is to stick in there and believe the end is nigh.

As John mentioned in his latest Facebook update, plans are being arranged for a live Skype talk show to be held on a regular basis for the public to direct any questions to him on any specific topic the public feels fit to raise.

John is the first to admit that Rome wasn’t built in a day; and its folly to think we (the People) will bring down the New World Order with ease.

I personally believe we are within touching distance of crashing down the House of Cards the likes of the Rothschild and Windsor’s have built. If I had to put it in percentage terms, I’d say we are 98% there. All that is needed now is a final push.


We all need to believe in a saviour. We all need to believe in something that will fill the vacuum once the evil New World Order has gone. One of the main points of contention in arguing for the status quo, is the argument of what would the New World Order be replaced with.

John Wanoa comprehensively answers this:

  • Moai Tidal Energy solves the world’s energy needs, doing away with fossil based fuels, fracking and Nuclear energy.
  • The Moai Pacific Bank solves the world’s financial crisis and world poverty by injecting a new £970 million trillion trillion economy based on the 750K tons of Gold bequeathed in Queen Victoria’s Trust by King William IV.
  • Moai Native King John Wanoa holds a valid claim to the British Crown.
  • The Laws of King William IV can be reinstated to over-rule all the evil laws put into place by the evil New World Order over the last few centuries.
  • Democracy can be given a new lease of life by every voter in the world being given a mobile phone, which acts as a direct line to the heart of Government, a direct voice to be acted upon and acknowledged as a valid vote.


Rome wasn’t built in a Day and John Wanoa cannot attain world domination without the help of the People of the World.

While I missed today’s daily conference call with John’s Executive Committee, I am committed to touching base with John, Jeanne, Sue and many others on a semi-daily basis.

I know I am making history by engaging with John Wanoa and I know I’m making history by writing and sharing this blog.

I am convinced John Wanoa provides us with the answer for all our world’s wants and needs.

As I said on more than one occasion; this is the story of the century. Read more:

Echoing Jeanne O’Dean’s press release:

We call upon the collective believers and supporters to join the join in on the journey by following King John both physically, virtually, and spiritually as he travels from the beginning point on Cook Street, Auckland to London and the Courts in England to rightfully reclaim Cook Street, which will set precedent to lawfully and rightfully reclaim

  • The Global Purposes of the Global MPH Operation Reclaim Cook Street:
  • The Outcomes of the Global MPH Operation Reclaim Cook Street:
  • The Mission Milestones & Dates for the Global MPH Operation Rightfully Reclaim Cook Street:
  • The Planned Budget for the Global MPH Operation Rightfully Reclaim Cook Street:
  • The Archived Documents & Videos of the Global MPH Operation Rightfully Reclaim Cook Street:

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John Wanoa needs your contributions. Remember any donation will be of-set as a share.

As John says, “If you help us, we’ll return the favour!”


“I called Sir Bernard Hogan Howe “Secretary” Bethan at 11 09 PM on 13/3/2015 now waiting for him to call me anytime now. I am staying up late again because they are 12 hours behind us exactly. So now when she reads my facebook site she can now see a clear picture of why I have to clear this end in New Zealand of the Kings “LORD HIGH ADMIRAL” Surrogate King William IV “King of England” Contract Fraud Business, then get to the Elections in England quick smart before the end of the month. You can hear what I am saying on the video that I need SCOTLAND YARD POLICE to ARREST my MOAI KINGS Land Property back off the Current Land Owners “Crown” Corporations FRAUD New Zealand LINZ Registered Mortgage Bank Lien Instruments to borrow money that is not in the BANK! So I am getting the Metropolitan Police to Reinstate the Original British UK Government 339 DEED TITLE and insert MOAI CROWN KING WILLIAM TRUST as the new British Land Title Holder. I will then go on my land with SCOTLAND YARD POLICE and SEIZE the Businesses operating there and Place the KING WILLIAM IV MOAI CROWN TITLES in Devonport England British UK Land Laws of England Land Titles Registration.”

John Wanoa