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The Vatican has been exposed as an international paedophile ring. Can the Vatican survive? Calls for Pope Francis to resign become louder and louder everyday.

In other news, Hoaxtead Research blogger El Coyote, has been revealed to be Karen Irving, a self employed writer from Reading, UK.

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The shame of child-abuse paints all our hands red.

Child abuse is the vile crime which holds the perverse British Establishment together.

Nearly every day more and more evidence is coming to light that demonstrates the huge and monstrous scale of child abuse in modern day Britain.

Take for example the news story in the Daily Mail this week, “There are so many paedophiles in England and Wales that they cannot all be jailed, a police chief warned today.”

Even Queen Elizabeth II has been implicated in the disappearance of 10 native Canadian children in 1964.

Our nation’s best loved children presenters have been exposed as dangerous paedophiles, as have our best loved politicians and entertainers.

  • Jimmy Savile
  • Rolf Harris
  • Stewart Hall
  • Edward Heath
  • Cyril Smith
  • Anthony Blunt
  • Kenneth Clarke
  • Peter Morrison
  • Leon Brittan
  • Greville Janner
  • Gary Glitter
  • Jonathan King
  • Cliff Richard

Child-abuse is all around us, being committed by the world’s most prominent people, behind the shadows and within touching distance of us all.

According to the NSPCC there are currently over 57,000 children identified as being abused in the UK today. Though most alarmingly is that the NSPCC go further to admit that they don’t exactly know how many children in the UK are being abused, making 57,000 a conservative estimate.

Remember the then Home Secretary and now Prime Minister Theresa May, revealed that child-abuse is “woven, covertly, into the fabric” of British society and the then Prime Minister David Cameron said children in Britain have suffered sexual abuse on an “industrial scale”.

Do you remember when the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) reported the disturbing news that more than 1,433 suspects have been identified by police, including politicians and celebrities, probing historical child-abuse sex allegations?

Of the 1433 suspects, 216 are now dead, 261 as people classified as having public prominence, with 135 coming from TV, film and radio.

These perpetrators are still at large; free to do as they wilt to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Even the most skeptical observer must admit that a child-abuse cover-up is in full swing.

The then Home Secretary, Theresa May, set up a child-abuse enquiry to fail. Losing one Chairwoman is a mistake; losing two is a failure and losing three is a cover-up. – The Three Witches of Child-abuse Cover-up – Lady Butler-Sloss, Fiona Woolf and Lowell Goddard.

This is not with-standing the scandalous deletion of child sex abuse testimonies of thousands of victims. Blamed on a ‘glitch,’ all testimonies submitted through the government’s official inquiry website set up by Theresa May, were ‘instantly and permanently deleted’ before reaching staff.

smug witch

The level of incompetence and failure is criminal.

The world’s greatest whistleblower, Greg Hallett from New Zealand, tells us that the world is run on shame. Political leaders are put into positions of power by influential banking cartels, who are easily blackmailed due to their history of sexual perversions and child abuse crimes.

We must never forget that our Prime Ministers are given their position and power by the Queen. Meeting the Queen once a week, 52 weeks a year clearly demonstrates that Queen Elizabeth II is at the center of Government and knows exactly what’s going on in any given day.

Lets never forget what The Coleman Experience blog has to say about our illustrious Queen, Elizabeth II:

“Beloved monarch Bettie is what you might call the UK’s number one brothel ‘madame’, much like Cynthia Payne or Ghisele Maxwell.”

All evidence paints Buckingham Palace as the Den of Peadophila. You only need to look at the Queen’s Knighthood list, which more and more resembles a sex registers list.

We are taught that our nation’s secret services are the best equipped and intelligent in the world. Everyone who is put forward to a Knighthood is thoroughly vetted and investigated.

To imply MI5 and MI6 never knew Jimmy Savile was a dangerous paedophile is an insult to our intelligence.

Lets us never forget that Jimmy Savile was also Knighted by the Pope John Paul II.

This is what The Coleman Experience has to say about the Queen’s Privy Council:

“The Privy Council is actually a key component of this country’s vast and sordid VIP child-raping ring.”

Greg Hallett is vocal in his contention that the Windsor Royal family was infiltrated by a known paedophile in the guise of Lord Mountbatten. As uncle to Prince Phillip, it was he who placed a paedophile at the heart of the Royal family, a paedophile who since has gone on to spread his criminal perversion to his sons and daughters.

As The Coleman Experience is quick to remind us, “Her whole family is packed full of paedophiles and they love nothing better than raping, torturing and then murdering children in batshit rituals that add a little frisson to their dull lives.”

Now I don’t know about you, but from my point of view (as once a Royal Military Policeman, of whom I pledged an Oath of Allegiance to the Queen, to kill and die for country,) I am appalled and shocked that our Royal family are connected with known paedophiles and are accused of being Satanic cult members, who regularly commit abuse and murder of children.

These are the most gravest allegations which anyone can make to another. Being born into a Royal family brings no defence from the long arm of the Law.

Read more: Arrest Warrants issued against David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth for sexual crimes against children.

It seems to me that British society is living in a daydream in which everything is rosy and bright. That our Queen is a sweet old lady who loves her subjects and country and that our Parliamentarians are honourable fellows who bend over backwards in the interests of the electorate they represent.

Alas it is all a fraud because you only need to lift up the veil of deceit, and looking underneath realize there is a wealth of allegations and conjecture that not everything is what it seems.

The bottom line is that we, us, as a nation, every man and women calling ourselves a British citizen, are failing our children

Shame on all of us. All our hands are painted red with the blood of the victims of whom we turn our ears, eyes and backs to.


  • King Arthur
  • Matt Taylor: Man of the People
  • King John Wanoa
  • Queen Elizabeth-saxe Coburg-gothe

    Matt Taylor has been called out as the only man in the world to answer Moai Crown King William IV Federal State Court John Wanoa’s call of sovereignty to the British Throne.

    In this video you can listen to a conversation between John Wanoa and Philip Taylor from CIB New Zealand Police.

    Listen to the end and you have the story of the century.

    This is a public challenge to Latest TV Brighton and Bill Smith to run with this the story of the century as the opening story of their news team.

    Is their news-head Tim Ridgway up to the task?

    The story in brief- 

    A king of New Zealand, native from the people who sculptured the East Island Heads and one half of King William IV’s Trustee and Queen’s Victoria’s 750,000 tons of gold, (which in today’s prices is £970 million trillion trillion) is sacking Queen Elizabeth II from the Trustee and taking head on the ground that she has been found guilty of Crimes and Humanity by the International Common Law Court.


    Back-Ground to the Story of the Century.

  • On the Authority of King William IV, refer’s to Great Britain’s last great king, often over-shadowed by Queen Victoria.
    On the night he became King he rode into town and introduced himself to passer-by’s as their new King.
    “Hello I am William and I’m your King.”
    He even gave passer-by’s a lift in his coach to work.
    “Yeah it’s alright if you’re our King but you can’t get me to work can yer mate.”
    To which King WilliamIV is remembered as saying, “Please I’ll give you a lift.”

    King William IV trusted no one else expect The Moai with his legacy.

    “Its my title on the will,” John Wanao says in the video.

    John Wanoa lost £16M (MOAI INHERITANCE) to a London firm (who I will edit name later to include their names.) And I will be send down hail and fire upon your skies for doing so.

John Wanoa:

Thank you Matt Taylor. You can be assured this a all true and correct. So publish it as every Statement and Affidavit stands unrefuted unchallenged and justified as credible legal and lawful. When the QUEEN OF ENGLAND abandoned the KING OF ENGLAND FLAG SEAL SHIP of WESTMINSTER PARLIAMENT, his KING WILLIAM IV ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION TITLE DEFAULTED back to his Legal Commercial Trading Partner Successor CREDITOR MOAI CROWN RULER LONG LIVE THE KING OF ENGLAND! Now the QUEEN has gone to GERMANY EU Parliament Brussels.”


ImageFollowing a request from Kevin Annett to print off the Maastricht Proclamation and post it at my local catholic church, (as is being done in Rome and dozens of sites around the world,) and film it, I am happy to report that the St Francis Church in Moulsecoomb has been served.

As a confused Christian, who doesn’t really believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross and rose again, but who does believe in a Supreme power called God, I am happy to help Kevin Annett with his quest of bringing down the Roman Catholic church and the British Crown.

Like Kevin Annett, I have had to make a choice of aligning my loyalty with a governing body which evidently commits unspeakable crimes and atrocities in a daily basis. Kevin Annett choose to turn his back on the Church because he couldn’t standby and ignore the injustice towards innocent children and the Canadian indigenous people. I choose to align my loyalty to my mother rather than my Queen and as a result, turned my back on the Army to rescue my mother from a drug invested hell-hole in Brighton.

Buy the Book: Beyond the Call of Duty.

Once a Royal Military Policeman, always a Royal Military Policeman, my over-riding mission in life is to ensure justice is fulfilled and that the criminals are caught.

Discovering that many witnesses have come forward to testify in a legitimate Common Law court in Brussels, has convinced me that the Queen and Pope’s Benedict and Francis, are deceiving the world and who behind closed doors, commit acts of evil so grotesque that the average man and woman in the street just wouldn’t believe it.

St Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assisi in Moulsecoomb.

Named after an Italian Catholic friar and preacher, St Francis would have turned in his grave hearing what happened in the Church that bears his name.

Between the years of 1975 and 1982, Father Dermot Keaveney aged 72 at the time of his conviction, repeatedly sexually abused two young brothers in his congregation.

Lewes Crown Court was told one boy was aged between 11 and 15 when the abuse occurred and the other was about 14 and 15.

As anyone would hate to imagine, the abuse was so traumatic for the younger brother, that from the age of 11 to 15, he created a fictional character called Sharon who he became when he was being assaulted.

Pervert Dermot Keaveney

Perversely Father Keaveney encouraged the role play and sent off for women’s underwear from a catalogue and found the boy a wig to wear.

Having gained the trust of the deeply religious mother, with regular visits to the family home, the priest became a close friend of the family and ensured the abuse continued by making them feel like it was all their fault.

The prosecution told the Lewes Crown Court, “The little boy was told he was corrupting a priest. Unsurprisingly he didn’t tell anyone.”

The prosecution says the abuse continued after the priest left St Francis Church in Moulsecoomb, Brighton, and moved to Surrey in 1981. The priest became angry and upset when the boy tried to end the abuse and the child received telephone calls from the priest who was crying.

Read more: Priest jailed over boy sex abuse.

old-scroll2-copyAt the time, Kieran Conry the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, said: “I am appalled and saddened that a man who people entrusted to his care did not live up to the high standard we expect of a priest. I apologise most sincerely to the victims and to everyone else who has been affected by this shocking and horrific case.”

Sorry isn’t good enough.

Adding that the Catholic church now had a “strict child protection policy” under which victims were encouraged to come forward; 30 years on we learn that the only ‘protection policy’ that the Roman Catholic Church are interested in is the ‘protection of their priests’ against being exposed committing child-abuse.

Read more: Pope Francis Criminalize the Reporting of Sex Crimes.

I happy to have served notice on St Francis Church that:



(This Proclamation is issued and available in thirteen languages)

Invoking the Legal and Spiritual Disestablishment of the Church of Rome and its adjunct bodies, the Vatican and the “Holy See”


Issued as a Binding De Jure Annulment and Emancipation Order by The International Common Law Court of Justice and The Covenant of Free Congregational Christians on Easter Sunday the 20th Day of April in the year 2014


Let it Be Known and made effect by all men and women, persons and authorities that under the Supreme Law of God as embodied in the Common Law of Nature and Natural Right, as of this day, the institution and entity of the Church of Rome, its officers, clergy, adjunct and derivative bodies and corporate entirety, is now and forever abolished and disestablished as a corporate and a spiritual body. All people and powers formerly under its authority and influence and owing it allegiance are now and forever emancipated and freed from such obligatory servitude.

Having violated and waged unrelenting war on God and humanity through its history of crime, murder, apostasy, child sacrifice and idolatry, and thereby repudiated its covenanted requirement of duty to uphold the honor of Heaven and Earth, and the life and dignity of mankind, the Church of Rome has nullified its basis for existence and brought upon itself the status of a renegade transnational criminal organization in the eyes of God and man, and under the laws of both heaven and earth.

The ultimate authority of God as expressed in De Jure common law courts of judgment and in congregations of just, truthful men and women does therefore nullify the existence of the Church of Rome, the alleged “Apostolic Succession”, and its so-called “Canon Law”.

Therefore, as of this day, all such law, statutes, and all church offices and officials are declared to be forever abolished and possessing no effect or binding authority in heaven or on earth.

All Church of Rome officials and agents, commencing with Jorge Bergoglio, so-called Pontiff of the Church of Rome, every Cardinal of the Roman Curia, the heads of the Vatican Bank and Adolfo Pachon, chief “Superior” of the Jesuit Order, are hereby ordered to immediately stand down from and relinquish their offices.

The wealth, property and movable assets of the Church of Rome are hereby forfeited and declared to be under the common ownership of the People of the world, and may be peacefully seized and occupied by them.

Every member, employee and adherent of the Roman Catholic Church is hereby released from all of their vows, allegiance and obligations to the Church of Rome, and are freed to gather and worship in whatever congregational form that God and their conscience compels, separate from the disestablished Roman church.

The sheriffs and peace officers of lawful common law courts, assisted by the free people of the world, are henceforth authorized and encouraged to enact and enforce this Annulment and Emancipation Proclamation wherever possible, under the supreme and sovereign authority of God and the Law of Nations.

The people of God who have been lost and held in bondage within the spiritual captivity of the false church of Rome are now free to assemble in covenanted congregations which stand solely under the law of God and recognizing no other legitimate authority, for the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.

The long night of spiritual tyranny and Vatican crime is over. Let the free people of the Earth and all true servants of God and Christ cleanse their lands of the Lie and the Murder formerly enthroned in Rome.

Proclaimed and enacted as on this Resurrection Sunday by The International Common Law Court of Justice with the collaboration of the The Covenant of Free Congregational Christians (The Covenanters)

This Proclamation is accompanied by a third and final exorcism and spiritual reclamation ceremony in Rome and throughout the world, on this Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014

In Coram Deo: Invoked in God’s presence – As God wills it, it is accomplished

A Lawful and Binding Act made under the Divine and Common Law. The power to bind and free now resides in God alone and through God’s free, covenanted people. ,



kevin-annett-easter-proclaimKevin Annett, the Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), and the Queen’s and Pope’s arch Nemesis, has today announced he will be cancelling all his European engagements, due to death threats from members of the Ninth Circle.

Having exposed the Queen, ex-Pope Benedict and the present Pope Francis as members of an international child-trafficking ring and murderers, friends of Kevin Annett have taken his safety into their own hands, by taking the decision that for Kevin Annett to enter Britain, would have “real and dire dangers.”

Read more: Pope Francis raped, killed children; Witnesses testify, eyewitnesses confirm….

As George Dufort of the Public Information Agency of the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) said, “We have learned that Reverend Annett faces very real and dire dangers because of his exposure of Vatican child sacrifice rituals. Kevin is far too vulnerable and valuable to be traveling on his own right now, since he is pivotal to our case and to the work of the Court.”

Against his own Wishes.

Having cancelled a European tour in 2013, under similar circumstances, Kevin Annett is a marked man, targeted for ‘elimination’ by members of the Ninth Circle.

A Marked Man.

With the ITCCS proceedings in full session, recent evidence submitted by Kevin Annett to the trial against Pope Francis, has placed himself in the direct firing line of the murderous actions of a Jesuit-run child sacrificial cult known as the Ninth Circle.

Read more: Is a Satanic cult of global leaders murdering children?

Clearly worried about an imminent assassination attempt on his life, friends and supporters are insisting that a strong delegation accompany Kevin Annett to the Vatican and to London during a “Jubilee Week” set of actions from June 30 to July 6, 2014, to enforce the Easter Annulment Proclamation against the Church of Rome and of England.

Reported in an email and published in the; Politicians, Common Law court jurists, sheriffs, and a documentary film team will accompany Kevin Annett when he enters England and Rome, and that this delegation help him enforce the Easter Proclamation that nullifies the authority of the Vatican and the British Crown.

Read more: Its over for the Queen and the Pope.

ImageThe Maastricht Proclamation.

Stepping on the doorstep of the oldest Roman Catholic Church outside of Rome, Kevin Annett read out the Easter Proclamation to the world, while the Queen took refuge in Windsor Castle and the Pope lied to the faithful from his Papal office window.

Nullifying the authority of the Vatican and the British Crown, Kevin Annett has achieved what no-one else in history has achieved; namely saving every soul in the world from the tyranny and criminality of the Roman Catholic Church and British Crown.

Asking supporters to print off the Proclamation and to tape it on their local church door (see youtube video at the end), Kevin Annett, the ITCCS and ICLCJ have taken destiny into their own hands and exposed the Vatican and the British Crown for the criminals they really are.

Read more: The Queen in Stepping Down.

While these historic and earth shattering developments develop, people are being left scratching their heads as to why this news isn’t being reported on the mainstream news programmes such as BBC, Sky and ITV.

As Deborah Mahmoudieh makes clear on her facebook status up-date:

“It is despicable that mainstream media have completely ignored this news and all other news related to this horrific case, with even BBC feigning mystery over Ratzingers Papal resignation that happened within days of the sentence. It is heartbreaking that so many children suffered so dreadfully and the crimes they suffered remain unpunished while the abusers walk free and even are socially and politically revered. To say I am dismayed is an understatement, I am OUTRAGED and I am today, contacting all UK National medias to demand that they share this news and to warn them that failure to report on this LEGAL JUDGEMENT against our ‘Queen’ and her corrupt ‘Church’ renders them COMPLICIT as Agents of Treason.”

As the media blackout on this news continues, more and more people are questioning why the Queen hasn’t been arrested.

As Myles Tufts said in a comment, “Hi everyone, I’m new to all this but very interested. I’m doing research and just trying to figure out how legitimate the ITCCS and ICLCJ are. If the Pope and Queen were found guilty last year as the ITCCS states, why did they not have to go to jail?”

This is the Million Dollar Question, easily answered.

While some people like Jack Plant think, “The sentence will NEVER be enforced. Are you seriously that deluded to think that it ever would be? The ITCCS is a joke.”

Others are more optimistic and believe that the actions of Kevin Annett, the ITCCS and the ICLCJ, has already brought about the destruction of Church and State.

Kevin Annett and the ITCCS have demonstrated their authority, when the ex Pope Benedict retired after being found guilty of crimes against humanity in 2013.

While the mainstream media remain silent, the alternative media is ablaze with the news. It will only be through the afforts of people like Deborah Mahmoudieh, who’s contacting all UK National medias to demand that they share this news and by the actions of Kevin Annett to bring the world’s most dangerous criminals to justice.

The bottom line is that the reason this isn’t being reported in News at Ten is that the Queen is above the Law and enjoys complete control over the country, its news and it’s people.

The Queen is well aware that her empire is crumbling, but is hoping against hope that her subjects mental capacity to believe the allegations of child-trafficking and murder is just too fantastic to believe and act upon.

Time for War.

Booked to attend the King Arthur Pub in Glastonbury, expectations were high that Kevin Annett would attend a Truth Juice event first booked for the 29th April, and then changed to 6 May.

Inviting other prominent players in the Alternative Media, Kevin Annett planned a private meeting to discuss what to do next.

In light of the cancellation, Truth Juice now plan to show Kevin Annett’s documentary “Unrepentant,” in the event some may still show up.

Read more: Court witnesses testify, eyewitnesses confirm that Pope Francis raped, killed children.



David Bailey portrait of QueenEchoing the circumstances that brought about the sudden and unprecedented retirement of Pope Benedict in 2013, Bookmakers Coral has suspended betting on the Queen stepping down this year.

The leading bookmaker has suspended betting on the Queen announcing her abdication by the end of the year after a £200 gamble was placed in the Windsor area.

Read more from the Telegraph: Betting suspended on Queen stepping down.

The Queen, who recently turned 88, is a convicted criminal in the eyes of the International Tribunal into Crime of Church and State.

Read more: Its over for The Queen and The Pope.

Having merged her staff at Buckingham Palace, with The Prince of Wales’ press team, and having passed a number of responsibilities to younger members of the royal family in recent months including Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, speculation is strife that Queen Elizabeth II will abdicate this year.

On what is likely to be her last overseas engagement, Charles is set to accompany his mother to the Normandy beaches later this year to mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

signing death warrantA French government official was reported as saying: “We have been told this will probably be the Queen’s last official foreign visit.”

Following the examples of Pope Benedict, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the ex-Chief Constable of Sussex Police Martin Richards; Queen Elizabeth II hopes to evade justice by retiring too.

Read more: Why Martin Richards really retired early?

A Buckingham Palace spokesman declined to comment.



ImageThe popular phrase, “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings,” is doubly enforced when two fat ladies sing. You know it’s over then!

Thus as we celebrate the 88th birthday anniversary of our evil Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, we can all rest easy in our beds that in the 88th year since her birth, her reign will soon come to an end.

A portrait of the Queen was taken by the renowned British photographer David Bailey and has been released to mark her 88th birthday.

The photograph of the monarch, smiling, was taken at Buckingham Palace in March 2014 and was commissioned on behalf of the government’s Great Britain campaign. Matt Taylor has satirically added the speech bubble, “I’ve gotten away with it all my life and I’m going to keep getting away with it until the day I die. Why? Because one’s peasants are stupid creatures who swallow the bullshit I feed them. Kevin Annett, Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey and Matt Taylor. I don’t give one’s toss what you say, write or judge about me. I’M ABOVE THE LAW!, I’M ROYALTY.”

A Buckingham Palace source said: “Bailey’s name was suggested by No 10 and the Great campaign and the Queen agreed. The Queen agreed to sit for it in recognition of the work of the Great campaign.”

David Bailey said: “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Queen. She has very kind eyes with a mischievous glint. I’ve always liked strong women and she is a very strong woman.”


The first public comments to appear on the Guardian Newspaper site on which it was published, paints a different sentiment as shown by the peasants, as the Queen calls them.

Read more: David Bailey portrait of Queen released to mark her 88th birthday.

  • What a load of crap. A totally mediocre, philistine, mean woman, who despite her fantastic wealth has employees on income supplement and zero hour contracts, who went along with the use of her armed forces for an illegal war of aggression, who cannot think of anything better to do with her time than hunt pheasants, and who represents the apex of a class system that Britain needs like a hole in the head. Britain will never be a modern democratic state until the monarchy goes, or is cut down to Scandinavian size and influence, and the public school system is abolished. I do wish people would stop taking an interest in this totally uninteresting and undistinguished family.
  • Spot on. And don’t forget she is ultimately responsible for launching empty Dave’s career by penning his first reference – you are about to meet a remarkable young man. We are indeed – the man who destroyed the welfare system, the NHS and the Union in one term of parliament – while she watches malevolently from the sidelines. Her vassal sends a million people to the food banks, and all she can muster is a “mischievous smile”.
  • She is a very strong woman. Must take real strength to sail through life on a comfy cushion with your mouth wide open.
  • Big head, better teeth than her mother, not bad for eighty eight. I suppose when you’ve never done a days work in your life and have a shit load of servants one would look well.
    She’s an historical figure, the nations granny, when she’s gone lets get rid of the rest!
  • So thrilled to see my queen, parasite that she is, looking to hale and hearty at 88. If only other monarchs could follow her sterling example of tolerating wholesome criticism of herself and hers, they might also deserve such excellent health at such an age.
  • The Russian’s had the right idea with what to do with ‘royalty’..


The Queen’s greatest Nemesis, Kevin Annett, the Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, is coming to the UK.

While details are sketchy at the moment, information is trickling through the alternative media grape-vine that Kevin Annett will be making a visit to the legend of King Arthur’s heart-land in Glastonbury.

Publicized here on Glastonbury TruthJuice website, one Rev. Kevin Annett is set to appear at The King Arthur Pub in Glastonbury at 7.30 pm on date to be confirmed.

Read more: Rev Kevin Annett in Glastonbury

Once I have any more information on this historic visit, you’ll be the first to know.

“They’re fleeing for their lives!”

Living in a post-Goliath World by Kevin D. Annett
Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)

“At least 50,000 aboriginal children died in the residential schools between 1896 and 1973, according to the government’s own documented mortality rates …” – First press release of Kevin Annett announcing the publication of his book “Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust” on February 1, 2000

“The death records of tens of thousands of First Nations children who died during the time residential schools were operating in Canada have been handed over to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Several provincial governments gave up the records to the commission …” – West Coast Native News, March 30, 2014 (

Then David chose some smooth stones and put them in his bag, and he held his sling in readiness as he drew near to Goliath … – 1 Samuel 17:40

I definitely know the score now. But even as the Goliath of Rome and London is staggering from the blow and is going down, some lingering stupid part of me still finds it not quite believable that the miracle has happened, and the battle is won. Even in victory, our minds linger in the past.

And so that odd part of me found it strange last week that no reporters were calling me up to ask me how I felt for being right, all this time; or that the United Church of Canada wasn’t banging on my door with a formal “We’re sorry!” for needlessly destroying my life over something that was actually true: their own murder of little brown kids.

Well of course they’re not phoning, you dummy! I said to stupid me. They’re fleeing for their lives!

Those Philistines in Church and State are not the issue any more, after all; especially now that they’re in head long retreat after the fall of their Goliath-like Lie, as they spread the distractions and politically correct rhetoric they need to cover their withdrawal. But in their wake, the rest of you now have to decide how you’re going to live in the great void and brilliant light left by their absence.

I met an insider today who worked for decades as a senior RCMP official. He told me that every Mountie in Canada has been told that “under no circumstances” are they to harass or engage or even question me. Why? Because of the recent Stand Down Order that our Common Law Court issued to every agent of the English Crown, after the latter was found guilty of Genocide last year. The Mounties are, in short, afraid of that Order, because, to quote the official,

“We all know what we did”.

The news from Rome is even more revealing. Apparently even the Mafia isn’t using the Vatican Bank to launder their drug money anymore since “even the blind can see that the Church is on its knees, and not in prayer”, to quote an Italian Senator. And apparently, two more prominent Cardinals connected to the Bank are about to throw in the towel.

All of that looks to me like a Titan named Goliath lying prone in the dust, waiting only for one who is bold enough to slice off his head with his own sword.

That blow is coming, but first I want to share what really brought the Beast down.

I just turned fifty eight in February, and my hips don’t work so well these days, which comes from having to walk everywhere with my weighty bags of documents. It wasn’t so twenty two years ago, when I still had a driver’s license and a salary, and when I first heard about the Port Alberni Killing Fields as a young United Church clergyman there.

The particularly incurable kind of war weariness that comes from having fought for so long hadn’t taken hold of me back then. I was as blind as the rest of you in those days, and in that way, quite happy. And a lot of my Indian friends were still breathing then, too: folks who you’ll never hear about except through me, who knew all about the murdered children, and had even helped bury them. But those friends of mine are dead now too. All of them.

Ricky Lavallee was one of them: he with his two stringed guitar and wry grin who always bummed the same two bucks off me for pizza before setting out with a few other survivors and me to create a nuisance on Sundays in the downtown Vancouver churches that hated the sight of us and what we knew of their filth. Ricky and six of us once stopped all the traffic along Georgia street with our banner that cried, “All the Children Need a Proper Burial”, and he was smiling the entire time.

Last year, somebody whacked Ricky in the chest so hard he died, not too long after he spoke publicly about seeing another one of our buddies, Bingo Dawson, get beaten by Vancouver cops so badly that he died, too. But since Bingo “officially” expired from “alcohol poisoning” … well, Ricky quickly became just another inconvenient eyewitness.

Pictures of Ricky Lavallee and Bingo Dawson should hang in every classroom in our new, burgeoning Republic of Kanata, for they, and other fallen heroes, were the force that propelled the stone that brought the criminals down.

… and its Consequences

Well wishers who routinely urge me to “Be Safe” these days really haven’t caught up with events. It’s the bad guys who like to pretend they’re in charge who have to watch their collective ass nowadays, not me, because, like the Mountie said, they know what they’ve done.

As a homeless firebrand in Galilee used to say all the time, the kingdom of heaven is everywhere on earth, yet people do not see it. That about sums up our situation now, in the wake of the legal and soon to be spiritual disestablishment of the Vatican and the Crown of England, and all of the countries and corporations they’ve spawned. We are free to remake the world and ourselves now, but only if we stop seeing and believing the illusions spun in our head by fictitious entities, starting with the so-called courts and governments and churches that can seem so real.

A new friend of mine in the Canadian midwest is a farmer and a hell of an expert on the common law. He puts things this way,
“There was once only the Natural Law governing men and women, the de jure law of God, of equality and peace. But then de facto legal power subverted lawful power, and the de facto force was the unlawful power of self-appointed kings and popes who ruled arbitrarily and not from the natural law. But then Magna Carta came along to restore Natural Law to mankind, yet once again, the de facto power has chipped away at that until justice is effectively abolished in all the so-called courts.

“Today, there are no more de jure courts or governments anywhere: they’re all private contractors for the corporations that run our world. So we are now abolishing those de facto corporate powers with Magna Carta once more, through the common law courts. But this time, the see saw battle has to end. The People have to finally reclaim the law and the earth if they’re to have a future.”
Fine, so many of you awakening people are responding. But HOW?

Our work is showing all of you not only the why but the how of displacing criminal institutions, and not simply by exposing the crimes. For the past year, we have formed training workshops to teach people the common law and deputize them to be the sheriffs and peace officers and jury members who will replace the corrupt, private commercial courts of today. And starting in May, groups around the world will be systematically enforcing the Stand Down Orders issued against the existing criminal authorities, whether they be cops, priests, judges, politicians or popes.

And to give things a really nice push at the higher levels, during the upcoming Easter weekend of April 18-20, we will be spiritually converging on Rome to nullify the authority and rule of the Vatican and the entity that controls it.

The sword is lifted to finally sever Goliath’s head, O people. The problem isn’t the lack of a blade, but the cowardice and conditioning of the mass of people. And that’s why it’s only the remnant of called out warriors who will be able to create the example and spark the enlightenment that will rally the millions who can reshape our world. And so the clarity and will of that Remnant is now the decisive issue.

The consequences of a well aimed death blow: you’ve got to love them! So prove to yourself, to God, and to our descendents, that you are worthy of the freedom that you have been given now by the blood and the sacrifice of a few of us.

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