Suffer the Hampstead kids – A Special Report by Matt Taylor

We’ve always been taught to tell the truth; never lie and never fib.

hampstead kids

Crazy really because on one hand we are teaching our kids between right and wrong, telling them not to lie and tell tales, while on the other hand every Christmas we blatantly lie to them that Santa is real.

Lies, lies- all damns lies.

Most kids understand the difference between right and wrong, truth and lies, by the time they start primary school.

We drum it into our kids to tell the truth. Honesty is the best policy, that’s there’s nothing to be scared of if you tell the truth.

From Santa to Satan.

During 2013, an extraordinary video was posted on Youtube, in which two young children, a boy and a girl aged between 9-10 years old, recounted a story so horrific and disturbing that they were promptly labelled ‘liars’ and accused of being ‘coached’ by their mother and their mother’s boyfriend, to enact revenge against Ricky Dearman.

We teach our kids to tell the truth but when they do, we call them liars.

According to their testimony, an established satanic paedophile ring is operating out of Hampstead Christ Church and the adjacent primary school, in which many prominent people in the community are involved in the whole-scale murder, sacrifice and rape of young children and babies.

Their testimony is truly heinous and upsetting. How anyone, let alone two young kids could create such an elaborate story from scratch is beyond me. The authorities want us to believe that between the two kids, their mother Ella Draper and their mother’s boyfriend Abraham Christie; a fantastic story was scripted to ensure custody of the kids, from actor Ricky Dearman.

From being sodomized by their father, priests and school teachers, to drinking blood, cutting off babies heads, cannibalism and satanic sacrifice; the children tell a story so cruel and terrifying that its understandable that anyone who hears it should immediately disbelieve it.

Only by disbelieving it can you make sense of the world and carry on as before. No one wants to acknowledge a satanic paedophile ring operating from a leafy and well to do suburb of London.

Court judge Mrs Justice Pauffley, found the children had been “tortured” into making the claims by their own mother, Ella Draper, and partner, Abraham Christie, being punched, kicked and doused with water while semi-clothed.

She said, “The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetuate them are evil and/or foolish.”

Instead of protecting the children and the other victims of the satanic cult, the judge aided and abetted the perpetrators saying, “many of those individuals are now living in fear because they have been identified on the internet as abusers of children and their contact details including telephone numbers, home and email addresses have been published. Lives have been disrupted. Several of those implicated have received malicious, intimidating phone calls and emails at all hours of the day and night from all over the world.”

Without any conclusive police investigation, the Hampstead kid’s testimony was discarded as lies from the very outset.

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice is a daily occurrence across the world. The whistle-blowers and victims have told us their stories and their stories validate the story of the Hampstead kids.

Imagine a time traveler 20 years ago travelling to the future and coming back with tales that Jimmy Savile, the nation’s favourite and best loved children’s entertainer, was in fact the UK’s most prolific and evil serial paedophile?

People would laugh him off as a fool, but its true…

We know Jimmy Savile was part of a satanic ring in which he once beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a secret satanic ritual at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire.

Described as the Britain’s worst sex offender, evil Jimmy Savile was said to have worn a hooded robe and mask as he abused the terrified victim in a candle-lit basement chanting ‘Hail Satan’ in Latin, as other paedophile devil worshippers joined in and assaulted the girl.

Abandoned by the judiciary, police and the Alternative Media, the Hampstead kids were labeled ‘liars’, so that decent God fearing folk, didn’t have to deal with the extreme evil residing behind closed doors and down deep dark basements.

Even the Queen and members of the Windsor royal family have been accused of being satanic cult members of the Ninth Circle. Isn’t it any wonder that the Hampstead kid’s testimony has been swept under the carpet so quickly?

The British government under the leadership of the then Home Secretary Theresa May, proved to be incompetent at orchestrating a Royal Inquiry into historical child abuse within the British Establishment.

Losing one Chairwoman was bad enough, losing two was worrying, losing three was criminal and losing four is clearly a cover-up.

I find it crazy that anyone would believe what Mrs Justice Pauffley would say. After-all she is nothing but another clog in the Establishment machination.

Jimmy Savile spent Christmas with Margaret Thatcher and was a very close friend to the Royal Family. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together and paint a picture which isn’t being reported on the Ten O’Clock News.

We have all failed the Hampstead kids by not believing them and not acting on what they said. We drill it into our kids not to lie and to tell the truth. Then when kids do they the truth, we bash them up and call them liars.

We live in dark times. War, poverty and child-abuse are epidemic across the world. War and destruction is not a natural consequence of man living with man. War and destruction is directly influenced by the players who rule the world. The world is plagued by war, destruction, poverty and child-abuse because its intended to be.

We are all facing Judgment Day and our judgment’s will be scrutinized by a greater power. We will all have to explain ourselves. We must all justify our actions. May God help us all and may God protect the children.






i see false flagsWith the Paris terrorist attacks dominating the headlines, the conspiracy theorists are dominating the inside pages claiming the event to be a false flag operation, placing the blame firmly with Mossad (Israeli’s Secret Service). Some in the Alternative media are making the connection that France’s plans to acknowledge Palestine at the U.N results in their worst attack on French soil since the Second World War and Japan’s £100 million donation to improve Palestine’s infrastructure results in two Japanese citizens being kidnapped by ISIS and beheaded.

pray for parisIts more than common knowledge to the informed mind that what happens behind the scenes is rarely recounted in front of the cameras to the world’s public. The fact the Alternative Media have roundly renounced the Paris attacks as a false flag event should be testimony enough that ‘The Powers That Be’ are getting desperate and impatient to bring in their New World Order in all it’s glory and might. Let’s just hope that the truth of the matter shines through and the true perpetrators of this terrible event are duly identified and brought to justice.



Christopher Spivey is about to learn the hard way that the evil ones hate when you call them unpleasant names.
Christopher D Spivey

Revealed in Chris Spivey’s “No News Today” blog published on November 12th 2015, that the reason he hasn’t yet written about the Becky Watts murder (cut up into small pieces by her step brother Matthew Nathan) is that “I don’t believe the story,” infers the reason he hasn’t commented on the Hampstead satanic case is for the same reason; he doesn’t “believe the story.”


Revealed exclusively to me in an email dated 28th November 2015 Chris Spivey makes clear that a more “business like approach is needed.”

Referring to me as a Gay Clown he continues in reference to my perceived harassment of him to comment on the Hampstead satanic case, “Therefore my terms are as follows-”

“A straight yes or no answer………… £100. A detailed summary…………..£500. Terms are non-negotiable. Payment is in advance. Don’t thank me.”


John Wanoa

Having made headlines on the other side of the world, John Wanoa’s immortality has come home to haunt him following an incident that saw him rushed to the heart ward 34 in Auckland’s hospital cardia unit.

Finding himself in a New Zealand court as the ring leader of a gang of Moai natives who stormed an office in Cooke Street in Auckland claiming land rights over and above the authority of England’s Queen Elizabeth II, John Wanoa (self proclaimed surrogate King William IV Monarch) hit his head and broke two of his teeth in an accident on 7th November 2015.

Seen here in pictures posted to his Facebook page, the harsh reality of life is demonstrated painfully that we are all eternal Souls inhabiting fragile human bodies.