Matt Taylor shoots himself squarely in the foot…again

We reported last month that Matt Taylor had been arrested in October, and charged with malicious communication.

Now a mysterious online “journalist” going by the name of “C. Spivvey” has reported further on Mr Taylor’s arrest, apparently his fourth so far this year:

Apparently Mr Taylor is now styling himself a “satirical political writer”, and a “well-known writer in the Truth Movement and editor of the influential Guerrilla Democracy News”. (Oi! You in back! Stop laughing!)

According to “C. Spivvey”, Mr Taylor’s most recent arrest followed a complaint by RD regarding a malicious video titled “Hampstead Revisited”. We won’t link to the video here, as it contains images of RD’s children, but as far as we are aware, it’s still up on YouTube.If Mr Taylor was “banned from ever mentioning Bourne and Streater again”, we guess it’s a good thing that this article was absolutely not written by Mr Taylor himself, but by the mysterious “C. Spivvey”, right? Because if Mr Taylor had written it, he could find himself in some very serious hot water with the law. So…thanks, “C. Spivvey”. You’re clearly helping Mr Taylor stay out of prison.

We had to stifle a chuckle at Mr Taylor’s claim that “all his videos are satire and parody, published to highlight controversial and taboo subjects such as satanic ritual abuse, child-abuse and false-flag events”. Because ritual abuse and child abuse are inherently hilarious subjects, highly appropriate topics for satire and parody. We’re glad that Mr Taylor understands this.

Also: is “C. Spivvey” claiming that both Mr Taylor and deputy PM Damien Green are innocent of downloading any illegal pornography? Just asking.We won’t even bother correcting “C. Spivvey” on his many errors here, except to note that he’s now saying that, contrary to his statement that he is a creator of satire and parody, Mr Taylor is claiming that Satanism (including, we presume, alleged “Satanic ritual abuse”)…

…is the most pressing danger facing society over and above terrorism, disease and global warming….This is about good versus evil, God versus Satan. I’ve been fighting and highlighting police corruption since 2012. The nightmare I now find myself in is a direct result of the corrupt police fighting back.

Actually, might we be so bold as to suggest that the nightmare in which Mr Taylor now finds himself is a direct result of the fact that he seems unable to control his insatiable desire for public attention?

We did wonder (okay, not really) who “C. Spivvey” might be, and so we clicked on his byline in the above article, and found the following:

To our utter shock and dismay, we discovered that the sole topic covered by “C. Spivvey” is…Matt Taylor!

Isn’t that an astonishing coincidence? We certainly think it is. And we suspect the Sussex police will share our opinion.

One last thing

Here’s a tip for “C. Spivvey”: when people are arrested for things like malicious communications, their bail conditions usually have a little something to say about discussing the people they’ve allegedly been maliciously communicating about. In general, it is extremely unwise to violate those bail conditions, lest one find that further charges might be added to the original, thus compounding the person’s problems.

As dear old Ma Coyote used to say, “When swimming in deep water, one ought to keep one’s mouth shut”.

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Matt Taylor Child Porn Trial Collapses

Accused of downloading child porn, controversial writer Matt Taylor has escaped a Crown Court trial after it’s collapse this week.


Set to commence on the week of 11 December 2017, Lewes Crown Court unexpectedly brought the trial forward to the 7 December, before withdrawing the trial completely for December.

Solicitor Mr. Steve Wedd from Bristow Wedd Solicitors warned Taylor following his fourth arrest of 2017, that “the Crown Court only fit in all the non-hopers into the week before Christmas.”

Equality lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis said, “The Crown Court have lost their confidence, with no more corrupt judges willing to service the fraud.”

£20 Million Story

With a bidding war between the leading newspapers The Mirror, Sun, Daily Mail and the Star erupting, no expense is being spared to secure the exclusive rights to what is being hailed as the biggest scandal in British history.

To secure a deal its rumoured Rupert Murdoch of the Sky Empire, has offered Taylor a £20 million four-year-deal, packaging a book deal, newspaper column and a TV show.

The State and Law Courts are unfit for purpose

Victim to Hampstead Heath trolls, Taylor has endured a year of harassment by the State and Law Courts, following a Harassment fraud against him by two particular Sussex based civil servants, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

With a Government D notice in place, these two particular individuals hit the headline this week.

Good verses Evil

In a year that saw Taylor accused of harassment, stalking, downloading child porn and maliciousness, he remains philosophical saying, “I feel honoured to have helped the Royal Commission end corruption and feel blessed to have gone through such an experience. I’ve been on the side of truth and truth has prevailed.”


Matt Taylor, Leader of the Moai King William IV Party, is set to become the next PM.

Matt Taylor, Leader of Britain’s newest political party, the Moai King William IV Party, has emerged as the leading candidate to take over from Theresa May as PM.

With the renewed resurgence of Jeremy Corbyn putting the spring back into Labour’s step and the demise of Theresa May in full public view, a recent survey has revealed Matt Taylor is the preferred choice of 33% of those questioned, to the best Prime Minister for Great Britain.


An unknown personality within Westminster circles, who came last in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election as an independent candidate, Taylor has built himself a reputation as a maverick politician, a political columnist and a campaigner against police corruption.

With the backing of Surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa from New Zealand, who himself has the backing of the Moai Paramount Chiefs; Taylor is set to bring about radical Moai change, which makes Labour’s radical policies seem tame in comparison.

Promising to inject the economy with £970 million trillion trillion, promoting tidal energy as the nation’s new power source and building new sustainable Earthships to address the nation’s shortage of homes; Taylor claims to have all the solutions to today’s problems.

A champion of King Arthur II, he says, “The hour has arrived for a new type of politician to make the change.”

A leading writer in the Alternative Media and a film-maker, Taylor is set to take the country by storm with his Moai type of radical and revolutionary politics.

He said, “The Corbyn cult has demonstrated the country’s appetite for a new type of Moai politics. Sadly Corbyn doesn’t go far enough and is perceived by two thirds of the voters to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The country is desperate for something new, something Moai and something unlike anything seen before. The Moai are coming. I am that something new. With the hand of King Arthur II of the ancient Britons on one shoulder, and the hand of Surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa from New Zealand on the other, I’m now favourite to take over from Theresa May as the next Prime Minister of Great Britain.”

contenders to be the next UK PM jeremy corbyn,borisjohnson, brian setchfield, vince cable, matt taylor

Meet the contenders

Jeremy Corbyn

Riding high on the end of the best ever Brighton Labour conference the party has ever had, there are still the Blairites lurking in the shadows, and some commentators loath him as much as the elderly die hard Conservatives, who fear those apocalyptic days of fuel shortages, 3 working days and 95% tax rates.

Boris Johnson

Collectively viewed as a buffoon by the world’s political elite, Boris has demonstrated his skill and experience of being nothing more than a pompous spoilt rich boy playing out his life-time fantasy of being Winston Churchill.

Brian Setchfield

Campaigning for a new contract between the public, Parliament and the Crown; Team Setchfield promise to deal with the immense corruption which is rampant at the heart of British politics, police and judiciary.

Vince Cable

The granddad of the line up, Vince is a well known and reassuring political personality, convenient to remind the public of their more liberal nature. While its unlikely Vince will become PM; in the event of a Hung Parliament, he may be the King Maker, as Nick Clegg was before him.

Matt Taylor

A talent about to be discovered, Taylor has been working hard for the last 20 years, standing up against war, poverty and child-abuse. Championing the memory of King Arthur II, and joining forces with the Moai Surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa; Taylor’s unexpected rise to power has taken everyone by surprise.


Matt Taylor speaks out…

Fake News at it's best - Fake News you can believe in.

I will not be silenced. I will not remain silent so criminals can remain comfortable.

its ordered that

I’ve been publicising Sussex police corruption since 2012, paying special attention to a certain civil servant tasked with holding Sussex police to account. (and may I add; is paid very handsomely for doing so – £85K a year, with a team of up to 17 people costing the taxpayer’s over a £1M a year.)

I have very good grounds to believe the civil servant in question, (whom I cannot name for legal reasons), allowed the then Chief Constable Tom Martinson (as he is referred to in crime writer Peter James –Roy Grace novels) to retire early to escape misconduct charges.

Through a Freedom of Information request, I learnt that there were 24 complaints of misconduct against Tom Martinson during the last year of service, and that all 24…

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Is Matt Taylor a nonce?

With his reputation set to be smashed to pieces; Matt Taylor finds himself in the position of his own making. Karma is a Bitch; and Taylor is its latest victim having accused a number of celebrities, (including Russell Brand, Prince Charles and the Queen of England), of being paedophiles and members of international paedophile rings.


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